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  1. So in this case, do I just let it finish the read-check and then will it automatically begin a party check if the drive passes the read-check? Or will I have to bring it back online? Can I cancel the read-check, stop and restart the array, hopefully brining the drive back online and starting a parity check?
  2. This morning I swapped out an 8TB drive for a 14TB drive. I did it the usual way. Stopped the array. Removed the 8TB drive from the list of drives in unraid. Started the array with no drive in its slot in unraid. Stopped the array, physically removed the disk Added the new 14TB drive Selected it from the available drives and added it to the slot where the 8TB drive had been. Started the arrray Now the 14TB drive is showing as disabled and for some reason unRAID is doing a read check? The 14TB drive is a brand new recently shucked dr
  3. Still getting permission denied when trying to download Big Sure option 2 ****************************************************************************** Have you tried the x11vnc '-ncache' VNC client-side pixel caching feature yet? The scheme stores pixel data offscreen on the VNC viewer side for faster retrieval. It should work with any VNC viewer. Try it by running: x11vnc -ncache 10 ... One can also add -ncache_cr for smooth 'copyrect' window motion. More info: [services.d] starting app... [app] sta
  4. It doesn't work for me at all, which is too bad as I'd like to try it. Jazz if you Google:macOS Product: 001-86606, you will see it is indeed Big Sur
  5. Hi Steve1977, did you install the macinabox docker in the past few days? I am unable to get it working at all.
  6. Still getting this error, this is under unRAID 6.82, I tried upgrading to 6.9RC2 but it broke my VM which I need. /Macinabox/ line 273: /Macinabox/tools/FetchMacOS/BaseSystem/SharedSupport.dmg: Permission denied
  7. No I am actually on unRAID 6.82 do you think that matters? Updated to 6.9RC2 - getting this error? /Macinabox/ line 273: /Macinabox/tools/FetchMacOS/BaseSystem/SharedSupport.dmg: Permission denied
  8. I think I figured it out, issue on my end, trying method 2 now. But now I see this in the docker log?: Macinabox/ line 273: /Macinabox/tools/FetchMacOS/BaseSystem/SharedSupport.dmg: Permission denied Tried again and got this: 2021-01-02 10:59:42,451 Network Request: Fetching 2021-01-02 10:59:43,091 Selected macOS Product: 001-86606 /Macinabox/ line 273: /Macinabox/tools/FetchMacOS
  9. I have tried installing both Catalina and Big Sur with the macinabox docker, each time it seems the install image that is downloaded stops at 2.15GB and does not increase in size. With the Catalina install, I left it overnight and the image file size was still 2.15GB. Tried Big Sur this morning and after about an hour and a half the install image file size is still 2.15GB. Am I doing something wrong? When I look at the macinabox docker log, it still indicating that it is downloading.....
  10. Just got back into creating VM's in unRAID and I have noticed (that I can see) that there doesn't seem to be a concise way to backup a vm? I saw JTok's beta script, but people seem to have issues with it. What is the recommended way to backup a full VM image? Do most people just not bother with backing up their vm's?
  11. In my experience, Marvell controllers can cause all kinds of other problems such as, drives dropping out of the array, drives displaying errors when there are in fact none, it's a headache you don't want to deal with. Look for a Dell HBA H200 or H310 either flashed to IT mode or you can do it yourself, it's easy enough and there is a guide on here somewhere with easy steps to follow.
  12. Are you trying to stick to a budget on this build? If you have some more flexibility with budget I might suggest you cruise eBay for a bare bones 24 bay rack mount Supermirco chassis. They are more money, but worth every cent, and will give you room to grow.
  13. Diagnostics
  14. I have a drive in my array that has some reported uncorrected errors. It passes an extended smart test and the value representing the errors has not changed in about a week. I have a parity check coming up in about a week and I am wondering what will happen. I assume the parity check will fail but will the drives data be emulated by the parity drive forcing me to replace it? I want to replace it but just don't have the $$ at the moment since being laid off since March due to covid.