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  1. The motherboard you have selected has six onboard SATA ports that you can use, currently you have nine drives, are all your drives full? If you are unable to consolidate your current system, in other words reduce the amount of physical drives, then you will need a HBA. I would suggest looking on eBay for a Dell H310 flashed to IT mode, or you can flash it yourself, it's pretty easy and their are guides on this board on how to do it. You will need two breakout cables and the card can support up to eight drives and has no issues with unRAID. The CPU you have chosen is entry level, if you want to explore dockers and virtualization you will need more cores and so a bigger CPU. If your budget can withstand it, you may want to look at something like an Intel i5-8600. I would also suggest reducing the number of smaller drives you have in favor of larger ones, so consider getting perhaps a 6 or 8TB drive for parity and eliminating the 2TB drives, replacing them with 4TB drives. The 2TB drives will be the bottleneck in your system as they are the slowest drives. Also consider an 500GB SSD as a cache drive, this is necessary if you want to play around with virtualization and handy for dockers too. Consider a UPS for your system, unRAID has native UPS management, something like an APC, something like this is all you need ( https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16842301701) otherwise your parts list looks good.
  2. I found this thread which might be a good place to start, seems others have done it, so I would leverage their experience.
  3. The folder structure is like this: Completed====> TV Incomplete Movies Within Movies, I can create, rename and delete a folder. So perhaps it has something to do with the dockers that are putting files there, namely SABNZB?
  4. I have tried SMB or AFP, it does not matter. These are folders I created myself, however SABNZB and RADARR dumb files into sub folders within this directory.
  5. I created them I believe, where can I find the answer?
  6. Ever since upgrading to 6.7 I have encountered issues connecting to shares on one of my unRAID servers on my MAC. It used to be, prior to 6.7 I could connect to my unRAID server in Finder, go into a share, and be able to change file names. Now, I get a popup asking for a user name password, and no matter what I type in it is rejected. This is when the share set to public, so I change that to secure, or private, the registered users have full read/write, nope still doesn't work. Doesn't matter if I connect via SMB or AFP, I make the same changes to the shares in unRAID for both, doesn't work. I am on 10.14 no updates yet.
  7. Just email supermicro support, that's what I did when I bought a 36 Bay case, they were very helpful. Support@supermicro.com
  8. I am having an issue with Plex, yesterday I added some new movies, normally Plex regularly scans and updates shows and movies, I can then alter the cover art. It has added only 11 movies, of those 11, three or four I am unable to even edit, the rest won't update cover art, plex says it is downloading meta data for them, I can edit them, select match, select the right match for the movie but nothing happens. I am on unRAID 6.7 and plex version is the latest. It looks like I might have corruption in my plex database, how can I remove plex, the database, everything, and add it back and start over?
  9. Well you want to a lot of things, so you have to scale accordingly. If you go with an i7-8700 that is only six cores. You want to run a VM for work and gaming, so lets say that should at least be four cores, that leaves you with two to run unRAID and whatever else you want to do. You could probably get away with running your VM with only two cores, that leaves you with four, my point is, you are limited here, no room for growth. You want to run Plex, you will need CPU cores for transcoding, is it only for internal use or to server external users too? I understand your physical concerns, rack mount chassis are loud for sure, you can get by with a quiet tower more easily but you have to be smart about planning for future growth, so maybe consider a tower that you can use 5 in 1 hot swap bays with. If you went AMD a Ryzen 7 2700 has 8 cores and 16 threads, that would give you a lot more room to do what you want and grow, but it's not a cheap CPU. How much storage space do you want to start with and then have to grow into and then have room to grow to?
  10. I would suggest you look into a dual CPU motherboard but consider your budget, a board will run you around $200 on the low end and they go up from there, your CPU choices are many and you could start off with an 8 core XEON and add another one down the road. Now Xeon's are not great for gaming, but they can provide enough horse power for your needs, and with an 8 core CPU you would have a total of 16 threads, add a second one and you are up to 16 cores and 32 threads. unRAID doesn't do some of the fancy stuff that stablebit does in terms of migrating data around etc, unRAID is simple, you have a failed or failing drive, the data is simulated until you replace the drive, done. I run four unRAID servers, two have 30 drives in them and the other two are smaller. Once of my large servers have dual 8 core Xeons and runs Plex along with a bunch of other dockers. I seldom have to do anything to it, it just does it's thing and hums along. You can certainly build an all in one unRAID server and run a Windows vm and have the server be a media/storage/file server, you just needs to decide what kind of case you want, if you want hot swap drives, how many you want etc, but it's totally doable.
  11. You can always roll back to the previous RC you were running. Updated all of my servers, a couple from 6.6.1 no issues.
  12. Quick search finds this, might work? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157582
  13. Need to know what kind case you have so as to recommend a board that will fit. How many SATA ports do you need? What kind of fan do you have space for inside your case? Are you going to try and stick with your current CPU or upgrade? Budget?
  14. Drives will fail, it's not if, but when. I like to have at least one spare of a few different sizes on hand that I have already pre cleared ready to go just in case.
  15. I won't buy anything smaller than 6TB these days, simply not worth it for me. I also won't buy refurbed drives, while you can get lucky and get a deal, they usually come with limited warranties and I'd rather spend the extra few $$ to get the two or three year warranty. When the 8TB Seagate externals are on sale for $179 CAD then they are a deal and I'll buy a bunch, but I haven't see that price in awhile now so I am waiting. I have 17 of the 8TB Seagate's deployed between three of my unRAID servers, no issues in over three years.