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  1. Here is what happens if I try to setup a zfs pool in 6.12.RC5 this is without the ZFS Master plugin. I setup the pool, change the ZFS settings on the first disk, then it asks me if I want to format the drives, if I tick the fox and click format a warning box pops up, I click ok, it tries to format something, then the first zfs disk has a red x next to it and we are back at the beginning, with it asking me if I want to format the disk with the box I can tick off and the button to format. So, do we need the ZFS master plugin and if so, how do we create a share to a ZFS data set? If we don't need the ZFS master plugin, how do we create a pool. so we can create a share in a ZFS data set, and can it be done through the GUI all or partially, and if not, what commands do we need to run to get it to work?
  2. So do I not use the ZFS master plugin then and just create a ZFS pool? Or do I use the plugin and create a pool?
  3. I already have a pool setup using the zfs master plugin, and I have two data sets in my ZFS pool, I am simply trying to setup a share to one of my data sets.
  4. So I have upgraded to RC5, I still don't see where I can add a ZFS share in the gui, when I go to shares I still only get 'array' as an option for adding a share.
  5. I can't seem to figure it out. I managed to create a symlink, data_data1_link, I think but the share doesn't show up: You can see my data sets And the folder for the share data1 inside the data set data.
  6. Those only seem to be share on the array, not the zfs pool
  7. I can't to figure out how to create a share that is not part of the array. Where is the setting to set the pool as primary or secondary? Or is is command line command?
  8. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question, if not please direct me to the appropriate place. I have created a zpool and two data sets. How can I share the data sets out so they are available like shares would be? Some research leads me to believe I need to edit a .conf file to instruct unraid to mount the data sets on boot, is this correct?
  9. Right so if I use ZFS as I intend to, convert all my disks to ZFS and just have them operate independently, with no vdevs then I will get the detection and self healing features of ZFS?
  10. RIght but my understanding is the difference between BTRFS and ZFS is BTRFS will alert you to disk corruption but you have to take action to fix it, whereas ZFS does it automatically? Am I correct in this?
  11. Because all the drives are different sizes, I don't want to create pools to lose disk space.
  12. I have a backup server running the latest RC of unRAID 6.12. I am contemplating wiping all the disks and formatting them in ZFS so each dis is running ZFS on its own. Would I still get the data protection from bit rot from ZFS by doing this?
  13. Resolved issue by stopping parity check, taking array offline then re mounting the array, all fixed, everything is back to normal.
  14. I'd prefer not to stop the parity check and rescue the server some how without rebooting if possible, but if the only way is to reboot, then that's what I'll have to do.
  15. I am now able to access the GUI, but its jumping around, only showing a portion of my drives in the array and the rest as unassigned devices.