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  1. Do you have a rack to put a 24 bay chassis into? If so, make sure whatever you buy comes with rails. These chassis usually come with dual power supplies and the standard ones are quite noisy. You can find the Q version of the power supplies that are a lot quieter. Inside the chassis they sometimes do not have molex connectors which can be a pain if you want to hook up power to a video card, so check for that. If you can, make sure the chassis comes with drive caddys, you can find them on eBay if it doesn't. SAS2 backplane is a must if you want to use larger than 3TB drives.
  2. I can tell you from experience, IMO there is nothing wrong with shucking external drives. I have over 25 drives between four unRAID servers that were shucked in the past three years, all running just fine, no issues. Oh and 98% of them are Seagate. I am in Canada and once we crack open a drive we void the warranty, although I thought if you are in the US you can still return a shucked drive for warranty support?
  3. The short answer is no, unRAID is perfectly happy on consumer grade hardware. However there are advantages to using 'server grade' hardware such as: The ability to use more than one processor The ability to use ECC RAM The availability of more expansion slots and memory slots The availability of IPMI which can allow you to remote into your system when powered off and power it on or off. There are also some downsides, such as: Physical motherboard sizes that don't fit in off the shelf cases, meaning you can put many server motherboards in a standard case because the mother boards are larger than standard ATX boards. CPU selection can be limiting depending on the age of the board you choose and sourcing CPU's can often lead to eBay which is fine, but takes some work. Heat and noise, you often have to have a large case, in some cases rack mount with any fans to keep the system cool and they can be loud. Physical space, the cases are often larger than standard PC cases, so you have to plan that out. So there are definitely some considerations to be made for going with server grade hardware.
  4. I have never used Freenas so I can't speak to that. unRAID uses parity protection, so if you lose a drive, you can reconstruct the data from the missing drive. There is a recycle bin plugin that would allow you to restore the accidentally deleted file, however it would depend on the setting of the plugin, whether you empty it manually or on a schedule. Other than that I am not aware of a rollback feature. The safest way to protect your data is to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule. unRAID is great, but I would not want it to contain the only copy of my data.
  5. 138TB UnRaid Server 6.7, Supermicro 36 Bay Chassis,ASRock - EP2C602 Dual Xeon 8 core E5-2650, 32GB ECC RAM, Dell Perc H310 Flashed with Dell IT firmware, various HDD totalling 138TB. My cache drive is a Seagate Firecuda 2TB drive. I don't run any VM's, just dockers.
  6. I have a 36 bay version of this chassis and they are fantastic, I think they are a steal at the price.
  7. This may be a stupid question, but assuming I throw an 1060 in my server, I assume I have to connect power to the card for it to work?
  8. What would your recommendation be with respect to the parity sync?
  9. I am currently doing a parity sync after replacing a parity disk on a server that has been offline for quite awhile. It seems one of the disks is throwing errors. Should I let the parity sync finish, it still has another 16 hours to go, or should I stop it, replace the drive and start again? Diganostics are attached. Thank you Sep 17 13:03:23 Backup-Tower kernel: sd 13:0:7:0: [sdae] tag#4 CDB: opcode=0x85 85 06 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 e0 00 Sep 17 13:03:23 Backup-Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk25: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 Sep 17 13:03:24 Backup-Tower emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2640: Input/output error (5): write Sep 17 13:03:24 Backup-Tower kernel: mdcmd (1698): spindown 25 Sep 17 13:03:24 Backup-Tower kernel: sd 13:0:7:0: [sdae] tag#0 UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x04 driverbyte=0x00 Sep 17 13:03:24 Backup-Tower kernel: sd 13:0:7:0: [sdae] tag#0 CDB: opcode=0x85 85 06 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 e0 00 Sep 17 13:03:24 Backup-Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk25: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 backup_tower-diagnostics-20190917-1605.zip
  10. Thank you. I really shouldn't be mucking around with this before I've had my coffee.
  11. I can do that: Not sure why this is showing two paths now, the one I want to use is: /mnt/user/downloads/completed/movies You can see in the screen shot when I try to add the path, it won't accept it.
  12. I am trying to use the container path inside the application but it keeps saying the path does not exist and wont accept it.
  13. You mean inside the docker settings itself, or inside the application?
  14. Ever since I recently changed my cache drive and didn't follow the guide properly, Radarr has been complaining that the path to my root folder is inaccessible or does not exist. I have dropped into the shell and manually navigated to the folder so I know the path is correct, however I am unable to change it in movie editor, select all, change root folder, Radarr just says 'path does not exist' when I put in the path. The path I am trying to enter is: /mnt/user/downloads/completed/movies I have addded the screen shot to the docker settings, but I can't change it inside radarr, why?