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  1. ashman70

    PLEX Server build.

    If you want to have plex make media available to external uses outside your home you need to follow this guide. The CPU you are proposing has a passmark score off 11620, the recommendations from Plex are: 4K HDR (50Mbps, 10-bit HEVC) file: 17000 PassMark score (being transcoded to 10Mbps 1080p) 4K SDR (40Mbps, 8-bit HEVC) file: 12000 PassMark score (being transcoded to 10Mbps 1080p) 1080p (10Mbps, H.264) file: 2000 PassMark score 720p (4Mbps, H.264) file: 1500 PassMark score So according to this guide, this CPU would not be able to even handle a single 4K stream, but it could certainly handle multiple 1080p and 720p streams. You must be direct playing your 4K streams inside your house with the same or similar setup, streaming to outside users is a different matter altogether. I do it but my Plex server has dual 8 core Xeon cpu's and I have had 5 concurrent users on my Plex server and it was not even pushing 50% utilization on the CPU.
  2. ashman70

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Medusa

    Sorry, I should have reread the thread. Cheers
  3. ashman70

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Medusa

    Fair enough, what is my best way to communicate this to them? Do I make post on Github?
  4. ashman70

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Medusa

    From time to time I go through my shows in Medusa to make sure an episode has not been missed, and from time to time I find that a few have. Today is the first time in quite awhile that I have found over half a dozen episodes that have been missed for different shows, some episodes going back months. I am trying to understand why this is happening. When I click manual search for the missing episode, it finds plenty in the chosen resolution, in my case 720p, so I am not sure why they aren't being downloaded. I am very careful about scene names, take for example a show called Power, it is called Power.2014 so I have the edited into the show under scene exceptions, and I do this for most of my shows if they have more than one word in their name. However this does not seem to have helped as an episode of Power got missed. Often I will find that in Medusa it says that an episode was 'snatched' but when I check I don't have it. I supposed it's possible there was an error downloading it but I wonder why if that was the case another attempt was not made, perhaps there is a setting I am missing? I have attached a few screen shots to illustrate what I am talking about. Even an episode of Vikings was missing, don't know why. I am running the latest version of Medusa on unRAID 6.6.1
  5. ashman70

    Plex...where to start?

    Well guess your stuck with Plex then.
  6. ashman70

    Plex...where to start?

    See if you can install Kodi on your TV, it is a better app for playing videos locally on your network whereas Plex really excels at viewing videos remotely. You can certainly use Plex locally too, but I think the experience might be better with Kodi and I think you could do it more easily with the hardware you have now.
  7. ashman70

    Any advice on this unit

    So you would need to replace the perc 6i, with something that can do JBOD, I don't believe the perc 6i is capable of JBOD. So get something like an H200, H310 and flash to IT mode to use with unRAID. The only other limiting factor is six drive bays, but if you are starting out and feel that is enough for now, then that is fine.
  8. ashman70

    6.7RC coming? [PIC]

  9. ashman70

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Medusa

    Hmm everything looks good, not sure then what the problem might be.
  10. ashman70

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Medusa

    Couple of questions: Are you up to date on Medusa? Are you allowing the Russian language and subtitles? From the error it looks like the TVDB is having trouble finding or adding the show, have you tried a different option when adding the show?
  11. Is there an application I can install on one of my unRAID servers that will scan shares for duplicate files?
  12. What I mean to say is every other month, I don't do it monthly.
  13. I do bi monthly on my big server as it takes a day and a half to complete as it is.
  14. I too always preclear before I shuck them, that way you can claim the warranty if they are bad.
  15. I have close to 20 of these drives amongst my servers, just bought two more, love them and they work no problems.