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  1. My link was for Canadians, your links is to Bestbuy.com for US residents.
  2. Sorry I didn't follow your link, so I had no idea.
  3. You could grab a Dell H310 on eBay and flash it to IT mode, just make sure it has a low profile bracket which you will probably need for your rackmount server.
  4. If you are talking about software firewalls, you will need a minimum of two nics, one for the internet and one for your local network, you could use one network card and an integrated network card if there is one built into the motherboard. Personally I prefer hardware based firewalls, I use the Ubiquity Edge router X and I love it.
  5. Been using unRAID since 2015 and I have four unRAID servers now. Very happy with it!
  6. I would suggest running Kodi if you can and adding your movie and tv show folders to Kodi, it might prove to be a better experience than plex.
  7. What is she using to stream? Smart TV or setup top box?
  8. It might help us if you explain what you use your unRAID server for? Simple file storage, media serving with something like plex etc.
  9. Right, I forgot about this, thanks Hoopster.
  10. I know hardware acceleration in Plex requires a supported video card, how does it work with Jellyfin? Is it purely CPU based?
  11. Are you going to be just streaming the media internally inside your house, or do you have plans to run something like Plex? If its just for internal use, it will be fine, however if you plan on running Plex check out the requirements below. You need to keep some CPU for unRAID as well. The passmark score for your CPU is 11650 Here are the requirements for a single stream for Plex Very roughly speaking, for a single full-transcode of a video, the following PassMark score requirements are a good guideline for the following average source file: 4K HDR (50Mbps, 10-bit HEVC) file: 17000 PassMark score (being transcoded to 10Mbps 1080p) 4K SDR (40Mbps, 8-bit HEVC) file: 12000 PassMark score (being transcoded to 10Mbps 1080p) 1080p (10Mbps, H.264) file: 2000 PassMark score 720p (4Mbps, H.264) file: 1500 PassMark score
  12. I know these are SMR drives and not everyone is a fan, but I have almost 20 of them and have had no issues. https://www.newegg.ca/black-seagate-backup-plus-hub-8tb/p/N82E16822184817?Description=8tb external hard drive&cm_re=8tb_external_hard_drive-_-22-184-817-_-Product
  13. You need to provide an exact model number of the server. I believe there are other users on here running unRAID on HP server, they can probably provide better feedback then I can. My only concern would be the RAID controller and whether it can do JBOD mode for unRAID.
  14. Also, what was the largest size drive you used with this?
  15. The specs don't say that this card does JBOD, is that how you used it with unRAID?