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Community Answers

  1. Same! Lol Litterally everything you said is the same. I was outside working with the younger crowd and I about died. lol
  2. Yep Old Hoopster. I've been beaten to countless posts by this guy. Sometimes I wonder does he sleep with a laptop on his chest? 😃
  3. I don't know of a solution for your sound, but you can schedule your conversions for times when your not using your Machine like when your sleeping or you can pin which cores are doing the conversion to leave some breathing room for your system.
  4. My 2GB Sandisk Cruiser has been error free since 2009. It only boots up from it and then it just sits idle for days on end.
  5. This is exactly what I did. Ran it as a NAS for a few days over the weekend while we was gone then went back to normal and turn on 1 thing at a time. We use Plex a lot so I turned on only Plex docker than each day I turned on another and another. Come to find out one of my dockers wasn't configured right and it was eating up resources and crashing. Sometimes the simplest things are the key to fixing things.
  6. Same. I got lucky that my Motherboard has an onboard USB port. Just plug it in and forget about it. I know its no help, but every time I do any major changes to my machine I always store a backup on my windows PC. Add a new drive, upgrade OS...... on and on........ I would store it on, but it appears I only have a 2GB stick and I don't have enough room to make a backup. Lol
  7. Everything is tied to your USB stick including My Servers.
  8. Some of us have been using unraid since 2009 or earlier. Trust me it works. It might be just a slight misunderstanding of how things work or how they are to be setup. Looking at your Split Level you have it set to first level only. That means only the main folder will be split.
  9. Not exactly the same, but I used a find command that checks a folder and it copies from A to B and moves to C. find /mnt/cache/uploads/incoming/* -iname "*.mkv" -type f -mmin +10 -exec cp {} /mnt/cache/uploads/2check/ \; -exec mv {} /mnt/cache/uploads/Tv-Incoming/ \; So it checks Incoming folder and copies to 2check then moves incoming to Tv-incoming So this kinda does what your asking, but not exactly. You could look for some code that utilizes inotifywait
  10. I know at one time unless its still active Plex added a feature that would save your viewing in the cloud. I don't know if its for all users or just the main account. Maybe your experiencing the cloud watched status. I don't think I personally opted in for the cloud watched status, maybe you did?
  11. I've never done it, but I probably would of copied my database from the VM install into the new docker which, should of captured your watched status, list of movies and tv shows. I've only really copied info from docker to docker which ideally is the same.
  12. I honestly would recommend that as well. Why run Plex via a VM when you can loose the overhead and just run Plex directly as a docker. If you really like your VM you can still use it for other things when you need to.
  13. Can't you use Direct Streaming? If the Playstation 4 is capable of playing 4K directly then it shouldn't need to transcode. I have 4 AppleTv's in my house and I use direct streaming so their is no need to Transcode anything. I don't use 4K since most of my content is ripped to 1080p so I can't truly comment on 4k content.
  14. Please note. This thread is for Announcing the newest release and mentioning any issues you might have. Please make another post in General requiring any technical support and link to it. This is one of the only times we are asking you to cross post. By doing this it reduces the amount of clutter that might happen and direct others that might have the same problem to the discussion.
  15. tdarr is nice if you need to convert some of your files