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  1. kizer

    Plex Media Server - Upgrade

    Make sure you do your updates via the Docker Tab not via the Plex Interface its self.
  2. kizer

    Corsair Modular Sata Cable

    I have a Corsair AX760 and I have an open slot on the Modular PSU. Basically I would like to purchase a 6Pin to Sata Cable that supports a few Drives. I believe my Current setup plugs into the PSU with 2 cables and gives me 5 or 6 Sata connections per cable. I have two cables connected and have room for another cable. I'm just having issues finding a good quality cable that doesn't look cheap or have bad reviews. Also I'd like some insurance just incase one of my already installed cables ever fails. Does anybody have a source or has done this before? I have an available slot on my PSU and I'd like to get 3 or 4 more drives connected. I have a 12Bay setup, 10 Satas on my MotherBoard and a LSI 9207-8i fresh out of the Box flashed in IT mode. I'm thinking I'll do some Cable swapping around and make sure my SSD's are on the MotherBoard and relocate a couple of my drives to the LSI and leave myself a couple of spots so I can have some future Expansion either in the array or simply to use Unassigned Devices.
  3. Just remember you don’t have to start over with your Data like like mentioned above. Basically if your getting a new stick to avoid license issues. Copy the Config folder from your old stick to your new stick and contacting Limetech for your new license and your good to go. Well that and any other little things you might want to do. Boot and your off and running.
  4. kizer

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    I just launched TimeMachine via the GUI at the top of my screen and clicked on my share. Off it went.
  5. kizer

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    I have two machines backing up to Time Machine using 6.7.0 RC5 just fine. Make sure you start a Brand new backup and share with the above settings and it "should work". There are several reports of people attempting to change settings after the first backup and it's failing. I basically have two shares on the same drive. TimeMachineLaptop set at 300GB TimeMachineDesktop set at 1TB I used the above settings and simply pointed each machine to its own Share and let it go. Its been going pretty smoothly for at least 5days.
  6. kizer

    [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    @Squid Just wanted to say thanks again for this Plugin. I'm having an issue with a SSD drive and did a quick backup from the questionable SSD to a Portable Drive and restore to the Known Good SSD and I'm off and running in less than an hour. I'm sure I've thank'd you in the past, but hey just wanted to thank you again. Lol
  7. Nice Build you have there. Welcome aboard. 😁
  8. kizer

    [Plugin] Parity Check Tuning

    Not sure why, but the image for the Plugin isn't loading in my install. Not sure if its a glitch on my end or simply a missing image. I'm aware you don't click on it because you go into settings and use the schedule feature, but just thought it was kinda odd.
  9. kizer

    [Plugin] Parity Check Tuning

    In this case I would run Parity when its at the coolest part of the day. Maybe early hours of the morning. I know here where I live its normally the coolest time of the day just before Sunrise. You could set your server up to run a couple of hours for a few days at that time frame.
  10. kizer

    Organizing Data, Drives & Shares Advice

    With shares you can pick specific drives to which files are going to be placed on and later you can simply change your share settings to include other drives if you decide you want to spread the files more or simply need more space. This might help or might even confuse you some, but this was helpful for me in setting up my Allocation Methods across drives. https://wiki.unraid.net/Un-Official_UnRAID_Manual#Split_level
  11. kizer

    Parity swap

    Pretty much. You just have to remember take a screen shot of your drive layout. Trust me I know its something so simple, but its easy to accidentally assign the wrong drive in the wrong spot. unRAID is pretty good at remembering, but its cheap insurance. Your plan is pretty much spot on to the order of what you need to do. unRAID doesn't care which ports which drives are connected to. So if its on your LSI card or your Motherboard it simply sees a serial number and an assignment in the unRAID GUI. You could literally unplug all your drives and swap all the cables around. As long as your drive assignments in the GUI are right it will be completely fine.
  12. kizer

    Unraid Webcast Guest Appearance

    @jonp Nice Video. Sounds like a bunch of old Buddies just chatting it up. You guys did a really good job of talking about unRAID and it speaks volumes to those who have never experienced what unRAID really is and how simple and how "Nuts" you would be if you don't at least give it a try. 😀 Wow I just realized I've been using it for nearly 9years. Wow time really does fly.
  13. kizer

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc5 available

    Is this a new feature to 6.7? The ability to click on the drive and have it popup a Disk Log? If it is this is super useful. I had a drive give me an error and I had an idea it was my new SSD, but I wasn't 100% sure. Clicked on the image and confirmed what I thought. If this is new NICE!!!!!! If this is old News I feel kinda dumb now. Lol Either way thanks for this. 🤣
  14. kizer

    Spin Down Delay Time?

    I have mine set to 30Minutes. I've had it set that way for years. Honestly I couldn't tell you why I picked it, but that's what I have it set to. 😁
  15. kizer

    Missing Dockers

    Unless your not aware. The Docker Image is where all of your Dockers lives. Typically its not the Docker Data or the configuration files its the initial install files. Most of us use 20GB.