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  1. You can do it in Plex. Not as Nifty as they are presenting it, but you can click the button that says "Play Version" I've only checked PC and on my iPhone, but I could only imagine that other devices would support it.
  2. kizer

    6.7RC coming? [PIC]

    We all know its in progress. To when it will be released is a mystery to us all. 😀
  3. kizer

    How to cleanup cache drive?

    Honestly the best way to figure out things is to click the help button while looking at your shares. They will really help you. Trust me when I say it. I use the help button all the time simply because I often forget which setting does what. 🤣
  4. kizer

    run scripts from phone home screen

    I’d talk to the Dev who made the ControlR Plugin and app. Sorry I’m on my phone and on the move otherwise I’d point you a bit better. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/47914-controlr-androidios-app-for-unraid/
  5. Personally I’d use the User.Scripts Plugin. You can use the option for when array starts or when stray stops. For instsnce I have one that creates a text file of all my drives every time I stop my array. Just Incase I do something stupid I can refer to what my drive assignments are. Lol
  6. This might be of some useful information to you. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57236-samba-extra-configuration/
  7. I'm assuming since its a docker on github we have to create all of the fields via the properties page. I attempted to install and didn't see any of the fields listed above.
  8. kizer

    Happy Holidays from Lime Technology

    You too!!!! All I have to say is unRAID has been a blessing all these years and along with some other apps on my server it has made the Holidays very Magical with the kids. Nothing like re-living the good times watching a good old Christmas movie with the family. Thank you for being there over the years to keep it going. 🤗
  9. I also noticed you have a system on Disc 1. Are you sure that Plex is installed on your SSD not Disc 1?
  10. kizer

    So unRAID then...

    Ive been using unRAID for many years and I've lost a few drives and done countless hardware updates and I still have every bit of data I started with. Things sometimes just happen beyond our control, but at least unRAID and the community here have always had my back. Even the occasional sarcastic ones. Lol Great thing about unRAID is you can use a Trial Key and see if it suits your needs. If it doesn't simply return your system back to whatever state it was and continue on. It is only a USB drive your booting off to look around. 😀
  11. kizer

    Equal Spread Loading of Data

    True, but its helped me many times when I had an issue or couldn't do something because its more or less baked into the OS. Krusader should do the job thou.
  12. kizer

    Equal Spread Loading of Data

    I personally just use MC (MidnightCommander) to move some stuff around.
  13. kizer

    650w or 750w power supply?

    Yep my Corsair AX760 fan has never been on. I had to literally turn on the switch to make sure it really works. I'm guessing with my Case fans blowing air across my PSU its never gotten warm enough to warrant auto turning on. Been running solid for a couple of years with no noticeable issues.
  14. kizer

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    I have all mine goto a Cache/SSD drive. No spin ups required. 😃 I have a few shares (Uploads) ../incoming ../outgoing (Movies) (Tv) When ever I rip a movie or tv show I always send it to my (Upload) share. Then unraid via user scripts checks that upload folder and rips thru handbrake and a few other processes and then it places it in outgoing folder which FileBot looks at and then renames things and places it either in a (TV) or (Movie) share. Mover runs in the AM when my Plex Docker spools up to check my drives for new stuff moves the files onto the Protected Array off the SSD drive. My scripts run every 30 minutes so I don't have to Babysit, but the final drop to my Array/Spinner drives are at 6AM along with Plex.
  15. I started my unRAID journey with the following. 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 4Gb Ram (1) 10Gb Drive (2) 8Gb Drives Over the course of many years I've swapped out every drive multiple times and the Processor/Ram/MotherBoard 3X until I'm at now which you can see in my Signature. 😀 I started small as you can from 16Gb to now 17.6TB just so I could beat up the OS some and see if it was what I really wanted. I wouldn't use anything else for a NAS now.