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  1. kizer

    Squid is 50!

    I'm slow...... But I'm turning 50 in September myself. Any advice since you're 50 now? Are parts going to fall off or what do I need to do to prepare? 😃
  2. Yes. Problem with it, its converting my audio from AC3 to Stereo MP3 or maybe it was Stereo AAC. I forget. Lol I just want to convert all non h264 to mkv or mp4 and retain audio. I don't need anything audio wise converted. I also have a plugin running that takes multi channel Audio that isn't AC3 and converts it to AC3. I can't run Multi channel AAC on my reciever. I really don't have to convert my non h264 files, but it would greatly reduce the file usage on my drives.
  3. I noticed this on my screen. Says off for my Libraries. Does this mean its not currently running or does it mean they are disabled. I only have two Libraries and I checked both Libraries neither have indications of being turned off and I can't find any settings anywhere to disable any operations. Just checking since this is a rather new Docker to me. I'm thinking its because my schedule was set to 1AM and its not 1AM. I rescanned my Libraries and then checked every hour and The OFF indicator went away. LOL
  4. Is there anyway to convert .avi files to h264 in mkv container? I looked thru the Plugins and didn't see anything of the sort. I did see a lot of h265 stuff thou. I'm basically converting my entire library into mkv Ac3 if in Multiple channels I tried to create a plugin using the Plugin Creator and it said it created the plugin and added it to local. However when I view local it does't show up. **************************update********************** Took a few refreshes of the screen and it showed up. Its obvious I don't really know what I'm doing. Lol
  5. @darkreeper Thanks for the Clarification. I meant is when it deletes the original. I'm good thou. I just have to let the docker do its thing and stop being so paranoid. lol
  6. I have a HUGE library full of Videos and I'm a littler leary about releasing this Docker on it. So of course for testing I created a Dummy folder for it to play in In the past I put a flag on my files so they couldn't be deleted unless I unflag them I'm assuming Tdarr can't delete my files either so it would more than likely scan, copy to temp folder, transcode and put back into the directory my files reside. Is it going to continue to process the files it can't delete or will it flag them in the database as done and move on?
  7. If you write it’s on and during a parity check. For me I do the following. Upload all files to my shares which live on a SSD and using the Mover Tuner they are moved on the 2nd and 15th of the month to the array. So ideally my Parity is spun up 3x a month on the 2nd, 15th and when my system does a parity check on the 1st. That doesn’t account for rebuilds thou. That requires reading from the Parity. I’m not shy to spin up my parity to move files I just figured I’d get a lot faster access from things I access more often from the SSD, but gamble the fact they are not protected for a week or two.
  8. @z0ki I use Filebot and it creates folders just fine for me. This is the format for mine. Transformers(2007)(720p) /Transformers.mkv
  9. Also get @bonienl attention. Hes pretty nifty at doing this kind of stuff.
  10. My 2GB Cruzer has been kicking strong for the last 9-10 years. With all the changes to unRAID over the years, files accessed off the USB has dropped dramatically. It more or less loads the OS off the USB into ram and then your USB just sits there nearly in an idle state until you reboot it again.
  11. Just remember. Everything you install on your machine to allow remote access somebody else could attempt to use it as well.
  12. Honestly its totally up to you that's the awesomeness of unRAID. Everything TV related goes on my TV drives and everything Movie related goes on my Movie drives. Currently I have 8 data drives installed so I use Disk 7 for Backups of things in my house such as my Music, Photos, PC backups and home videos that I don't currently keep in Plex. Disk 8 is Basically the whatever else drive. More or less the Misses Dump Drive for her stuff. The reason I keep things separated like this is so its easier to do disc to disc off the network backups. Meaning I copy Disc 7 and Disc 8 to Portable USB drives and keep on a shelf. Some might use unRAID like a Jumbo drive and who cares where everything goes, but I'm kinda OCD like and I can't do that. Lol However the system will do whatever you want, but I like to keep a bit more order to things so its why I do what I described.
  13. This is why forever I've always created a folder with the same name as the video file to greatly reduce this "possible" windows issue. Example Transformers/Transformers.mkv I prefer Transformers(720)(2007)/Transformers.mkv but This is a bit of code I pieced together forever ago to create folders from File Names. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/48707-additional-scripts-for-userscripts-plugin/?do=findComment&comment=573858
  14. Personally I use this Train of thought using Plex Shares: TV, Movies Tv Shows Disc 1,2,3 Movies on Disc 4,5,6 I don't allow TV shows to Split seasons simply because I don't want to have to wait for discs to spin up to watch the next episode, but I'm guessing 3-5 seconds really isn't that big of a deal if I did. Lol
  15. I personally believe in the Doughnut theory. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/mbyak8/apparently-some-people-believe-the-earth-is-shaped-like-a-donut-1