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  1. I don't have Flower Hawaiian shirts, but I do have a few T's that say Hawaii on them. Does that count?
  2. I'm kind of old school and often just take things into my own hands. Sure unraid is supposed to do this and that, but sometimes you just have to say "I got this." I've had to many lock ups and other things over the years so I just do it my way and sure it adds an additional layer of patience. I'd rather take 20 seconds out of my time than worry about the system glitching out and having to wait for a parity check because of an unclean shutdown or something else.
  3. Had the exact problem bite me this morning running 6.11.5 and a reboot brought my system back up. I wasn't able to capture any logs, but I did see the Oct 4 04:40:16 NAS-UNRAID-2 shfs: shfs: ../lib/fuse.c:1450: unlink_node: Assertion `node->nlookup > 1' failed.
  4. I'm running the same OS version. I'm believing its the newest update to the Plugin. However, I think my version is working I"m not 100% sure. Lol I haven't checked my files in a while. Interesting. I set my mover-turner to move files that are older than 5 days. Then I enabled logs and test mode. I made sure plugin was set to use plugin rules when mover was pressed. I got this in my logs. Sep 8 13:15:13 Tower root: mover: started Sep 8 13:15:27 Tower root: mover: finished Moved nothing lol. I disabled Test Mode and now it appears to be moving files.
  5. Running 2023.08.22 Is this solely a 6.12 problem or does it affect 6.11.5 as well? Some of us are still on older releases. 😃 I just clicked move in 6.11.5 and it seems to be moving files. Then again some how my Move Now button follows plug-in filters: got changed to NO So I don't know if that is helpful or not helpful at all. Grrrrr, now files I purposely delayed are being moved to the array. Lol Next time I'll check my settings before clicking a button.
  6. Personally and I do mean personally. I've been using unraid since 2009 and I have had 3 builds using the same USB. The only thing I have 2 of is cases. Everything else has been swapped in and out of 1 case. Motherboard, ram, yadda yadda. So what I did I picked through my pile of goodies and slapped together a second system and purchased 3 x 12TB drives and I'm still using my 6 x 4TB drives in my primary because I can swap them in and out as I need and expand their sizes when ever I need. That doesn't benefit my Backup server stuck at 24TB, but none the less I'm not full yet so I'll have to deal later. Every day my some files on my Cache are backed up to another SSD in the same machine with a script I wrote which is nothing fancy, but it does what I need to it to. Also every day at 8AM when I know Plex is done doing all of its normal stuff my backup server connects via unassigned Devices to my Primary, backups all my media and other various files then disconnects. Its been running flawlessly for months. I've been meaning to change up the code some so when I turn on the Backup server it performs the backup and shuts its self off, but I keep forgetting. I intend to relocate my backup else where out of the house possibly into the garage hence the turning it on so it doesn't sweat to death or freeze or I might take it out to the shed we are building and insulating. I'm guessing it will end up in the shed honestly since it will be in a better environment temperature wise. None the less save those old builds. You don't need lots of horsepower to do a backup especially if your primary is your media server or whatever its doing for you.
  7. I just look at it as in my case with 7 total drives 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 6 When a drive is lost it knows that 1 + 1 + ? + 1 + 1 + 1 = 6 so it slots in 1 during the rebuild. Sure its way more complicated than that, but I like to think simple and let the powers that be worry about how much Mayo is added to the Special Sauce.
  8. Darn Spammer. Nice Job and I'm sure the entire unraid Family thanks you for your tireless help and advice.
  9. Feel free to post up requests here. If you don't ask you might not ever see it.
  10. He's talking about the Appdata Backup/Restore Plugin. Its highly recommended for backing up your dockers or other things stored there.
  11. The easiest thing is to click on the little ? near the top right of the tool bar and you can get a popup menu on each line in the Share settings to give you an idea of what each setting does and how it effects your cache.
  13. kizer

    Parity or not

    I've lost 3 drives since 2009, but it was super easy to swap out another drive and hit rebuild. Just keep that in mind. Ironically I lost 2 data drives and 1 parity drive. They was not at the same time, but it does happen.
  14. Do a search for Dynamix Smart Fan. I use it to control the same exact drive cages on my system.
  15. Looks like your on to something. 😃 I don't use those arrs myself so I couldn't explain, but I'm glad you get it.