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  1. The great thing about unRAID is you can spend as much or as little as you want to get started. I had dreams of a Rack in my Office and a bunch of gear in it. I literally picked up a full rack and had it in my office. 3Months later that rack sits in my garage and I can't get rid of it. I built a single core Sempron 140 which lasted me for a couple of years costing me $300 which includes case, PSU and Ram - (700CpuBenchMmark) Then I upgraded the CPU to an Athlon Dual core which lasted me a couple of years costing me $35 - (2000CPUBenchMark) Now I'm running a Single Xeon QuadCore which does everything I need, but I had to buy a new motherboard and the processor. I think I paid $60 for the Processor, $180 for the 10 Port Sata Motherboard and $80 for the Ram. - (7000CpuBenchMark) Sure that's money I'm throwing in the wind, but hey its been 9Years on what I have now and upgrades here and there aren't to bad and when I need a new drive I just pop it in. My Family has never cared about anything seeing everything has always worked and sitting in my Game Room my machine is literally silent serving up 17TB. I could easily get 12 Drives in my Case or 18 with an LSI Sata Card Expander, but it would be a mess. Lol
  2. My personally. I have my machine setup to do well what it does. Runs some Basic Dockers, Plex and various others and I'll be adding Zoneminder so I can run a cheap security system. I would of gone the route of having my machine do everything. But I thought about it this way. Its the same reason I didn't ever by one of those TVS long time ago that had a Built in DVD player / VCR. I figured if one of them stopped working then the TV would only function half way. Of course its totally up to you to have an all in one box, but the level of complexity grows and grows and honestly my Octacore gaming rig does just fine sitting here in the office while my kids beat up the server which sits in another room. I've upgraded both now and then and neither affects the other. 🤣
  3. 4. Say you have the following. 1 TB Parity 1 TB Data 1 TB Data and loose one of your Data drives unRAID simulates the data on the fly so you can use it. I've even written to a down drive and unRAID did its magic behind the curtain. When you replace the down drive it rebuilds the down drive and upon completion you have all your data back physically. (NOTE) You can only loose one drive at a time unless you are running Dual Parity. When I first started using unRAID I did a test. I threw some data on some drives and reached in and unplugged a drive while the system was running. The video I was watching on the newly unplugged drive Glitched and then I hit play again and it continued on. 😀 Shortly afterwards I rebuilt the drive and watched the same video while it was rebuilding. After that I bought my license and 9years later here I am. You could have a Spare ready to go. Actually I'd kinda advise you to do so, but I've had a failure in the past and simply drove to the store and picked up another. Just keep in mind whatever drives you use the Parity has to be the largest or equal to your largest Data drive.
  4. My 2GB has been working fine for 9years 😆
  5. I’ve been using Wyze V1 since release and I’ve very impressed with them. My only beef is I want local storage so the RTSP seems like a pretty good idea. “As long as it works” lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wyze Cameras now Support RTSP on their V2 line. For $20 to $25 per Camera I think I might give this a try fun.
  7. I've used this very Plugin for the past two monthly Parity Checks and it has worked exactly as I filled in the options. Other than filling in the options and launching its been literally setup-and-forget. If it hadn't of been for the Notifications I wouldn't of even noticed an impact on the way I normally use my server. I highly encourage it and would recommend it to everybody. Parity Tuner and Mover Tuner work flawlessly together and if you want even more Icing on your Cake run User.Scripts with the Do not run while parity is active for total control of your scheduled events. From the Hours of 12AM-6AM nothing but Parity runs 1st, 2nd and 3rd day of the month and nobody in my house even notices a thing since everybody is asleep.
  8. Just swap your drives around to any port you want. As long as when you look in the GUI the Disk serial number matches the Device identified in the GUI your good to go. As for which card to use these guys are all over it.
  9. Ideally you want to set the minimum to the largest file size that you would send to the share. For example lets say my average files range from 5-10GB a Piece. I would set the Minimum to at least 10GB so I know that if I was to get close to filling the last file I could simply send the 10GB to another drive. Setting your Minimum to high could more or less just waste "Reserved" space unless you want to hold it that high for some particular reason.
  10. I use Parity Tuner to Only run from 12AM-6AM which normally takes 2.25 Days from start to finish I use Mover Tuner set to NOT move files while Parity check is running I have CA Backup set to run on the 5th of every month I have SSD Trim setup to run Daily at 3AM I have all my scripts set to run whenever they are scheduled, but not during Parity check I have Plex set to scan my drives at 6:30AM-8:00AM
  11. I subscribe to this Method. https://www.ostechnix.com/prevent-files-folders-accidental-deletion-modification-linux/ you can protect an entire drive, but can not protect shares. Meaning run it drive by drive not share by share. I’ll post up an example of what I did when I have access to my PC again. I’m mobile right not and can’t see my Screen. I more ore or less use User.Scripts that runs monthly and have several lines of this in a bit of code. chattr -R +i /mnt/disk1 chattr -R +i /mnt/disk2 To reverse you use the -I I do not use this on my Cache drive so I can write and delete multiple items all I want and I also have the mover setup to move every two weeks so I have plenty of time to do what I need to all my files before they are on the Array and get locked down.
  12. According to my UPS Draw via the unRAID dashboard I'm only using 38 Watts with my current setup and all of my drives Sleeping. 81-91 Watts with my current setup and all of my drives Spinning. I'm using all Green Drives well Blue or whatever Western Digital calls them anymore. Plex and various other Dockers running too However that doesn't account for however much power my UPS is pulling out of the wall or my Switches/Modem/Router or whatever else that supports my machine. My Build: unRAID 6.7.0 Pro, Xeon 1225-v3, AsRock Z97 Extreme 6, 16GB DDR3, 16TB all WD Green/Blue, Cooler Master 590, Corsair AX760, 240 GB SSD and lots of Sata Cables
  13. Maybe write directly to Array since your all spun up anyways and avoid the Cache?
  14. Mine does this too. That is why I have my Mover moving 2x a month so when it moves data it moves A LOT. Normally I have my mover running at 6AM so I don't notice it and then Plex Scans every day at 6:30AM to 8:00AM. Yes I know it doesn't make a difference where the files are SSD vs HDD, but that is when I have my scans setup because I don't like my drives on and off all day. I literally try and schedule everything on my machine when I'm not using it simply because I can't be bothered when I am using it. 😀 Same reason I use the Parity Tuner Plugin so it scans my Parity as well before 6:00 so I can't be bothered.