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Community Answers

  1. The only thing I'm doing differently is including the Resolution and the Audio. We all know Plex scans the video for Resolution and Audio. I'm including the extra for my benefit not Plex's. I'm grateful for your concern and mentioning it to me, but I'm not worried at all.
  2. All my Files are in the following format Movies Folder - Transformers-(2007)-(1080p)-(DTS) File - Transformers-(2007)-(1080p).mkv Tv Shows Folder Breaking.Bad-(2008) Breaking.Bad-_-S01E01.mkv I've never had an issue with Plex ever.
  3. As for the Can I swap out hardware. I'm on my 3rd Motherboard, 3rd processor, different RAM speeds/types and countless drives later after upgrading or simply loosing a drive because of hardware failure. I'm still using my 2Gig Cruzer drive that I installed unraid on 9years ago. Or maybe its 10 I don't really remember. Lol Oh yeah I'm still using the same Case too.
  4. I'm not as diverse as some here, but on your expander just make sure you shy away from MARVEL chip sets since they have been very known to be problematic with unraid.
  5. I'm running Mover Tuner Plugin, which tells my SSD (Cache) when to move my files onto my Array. So I have my files sit on my SSD for instant access for 2weeks or if my SSD hits 50% usage which ever comes first. Normally the mover triggers daily and moves cache files, but using Mover Tuner it bypasses the daily moving and will move when ever you tell it to. Why do I do this? Well I add a movie and my kids beat it up for a few days and after 2 weeks they seem to barely touch it. So in theory only when Plex scans my files looking for changes at 6AM daily my system pretty much is idling other than the SSD and moving of files now and then.
  6. I've been using unraid for 10years 12years. Now keep in mind your experience can very on how robust you try to make your server. If your using it for simple file storage and something like Plex Media server it works great. If you start throwing all kinds of custom configs running all kinds of crazy VM's and other things it could get really complicated. Just grab the trail and see how it goes. 😁
  7. You could request it in the Request section of the forum and see if it picks up any traction.
  8. MovieMatch Is there a way to sort the movies by last added vs Random? I ask this because when I add new movies to Plex the 4 of us normally have a little argument to which movie we want to watch that was recently added.
  9. Nice.... Lol I only suggested it Many years ago because it gave the Original Poster some power to say "My problem was solved and if anybody else needs the same info here it is."
  10. Many years ago I did a search on google for "Batch ISO to MKV" and found a command line script to run in windows and converted 50-60 files in a loop. Sadly I don't recall exactly what I used.
  11. Just tried the mover button per share. Worked great. The Amazing thing I was wanting to move some data, but I didn't want to move everything just today. Glad I checked the forum to see this.
  12. There was an update recently that added some additional settings along the bottom of the settings page. To Move files if the source is above 10%. Just set it to NO should fix it right up. Or you could adjust the settings to 60% or something else as a fall back. I personally just set it to NO for now. I might tweak it later.
  13. Well if that is new then I had files bigger than 10% of my drive so it moved them per the settings. I changed them to NO for the future and I'll see what happens. Not a big deal I just didn't know those settings existed and moved files off my Cache. Lol Is it possible to add new features and have them default to NO just to avoid future questions/issues. I'm not mad or anything, it just perplexed me when I fired up a Movie I ripped earlier and my drive spun up when it normally doesn't for 15 days. Looking at my Logs it looks like it did what was intended, I just didn't know about it. Lol
  14. Something change recently? I have my Mover set to move everything 15days old. Everything Moved. I haven't changed a setting in months. Is this New? Move All from Cache-Yes shares when disk is above a certain percentage: Yes Move All from Cache-yes shares pool percentage: 10%
  15. This is what I always do and I've not had any issues for a while. 1. Stop dockers 2. Stop array 3. Shut down machine