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  1. I started my unRAID journey with the following. 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 4Gb Ram (1) 10Gb Drive (2) 8Gb Drives Over the course of many years I've swapped out every drive multiple times and the Processor/Ram/MotherBoard 3X until I'm at now which you can see in my Signature. 😀 I started small as you can from 16Gb to now 17.6TB just so I could beat up the OS some and see if it was what I really wanted. I wouldn't use anything else for a NAS now.
  2. kizer

    Stein. Franken Stein....

    OMG. I thought I've seen it all, but good grief man. You could of at least used matching Fans. Lol
  3. kizer

    (Solved) 6.6.4 cron not working

    Bahaha I love this site so much!!!
  4. kizer

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    unRAID 6.6.6 powered by 4.20 I'd actually wear that T-shirt and see how many Stares I get. Lol
  5. kizer

    Random Reboots

    I don't recall which Plugin it is, but there is a plugin that will record System Logs to USB for this very reason, but you appear to have something in place to do the same thing. I had the same issue and it ended up being I had a bad Motherboard. I discovered it when I would loose my USB stick when I was trying to write to it. I discovered in so many words I was loosing my USB header and I guess unRAID doesn't like it when it can't read/write to the USB when it wants to. Swapped out Motherboard and it worked well for another couple of years. Now I'm on a different setup, but that's what I learned it to be.
  6. Personally I backup everything in /system/appdata/ However if I ever need to reload a Docker I just re-install it from the Apps tab and use the previously installed apps function which I'm guessing might be that path you listed with the saved settings. I never honestly looked for it since I have my USB back'd up offline.
  7. kizer

    Plex Server

    Have you tried running the Plex Docker as is and see if it suits your needs without over complicating it with VM's and using Hardware Transcoding? Everybody has different needs of course, but just thought I'd throw that out there. Even with my simple Hardware I'm able to serve multiple devices on my network pretty effortlessly.
  8. kizer

    Welcome to Unraid.net

    Honestly I always look for Help in the GUI first simply because I often treat it as a Frequently asked question and its way easier to put the answer there first before any other location. Nice Job on keeping those up bonienl.
  9. kizer

    FFMPEG and unRAID works

    Yes I use it too for other things. However I wanted to simply convert AAC to AC3 and copy the video stream. HandBrake doesn't like to do that. I wants to encode everything and honestly I just wanted a quick 30second audio conversion. What I'm doing honestly is really easy there just didn't appear to be a way to get FFMPEG to work or at least I couldn't and now I have an easy solution that fits every need I have. Between FFMPEG and HandBrake I can do about everything I need.
  10. kizer

    [Support] Djoss - MediaInfo

    Nice Job. Works perfectly.
  11. I have/had a need to do some converting of Movies from AAC to AC3 because my Receiver doesn't support AAC and I didn't want to run any dockers or fancy apps. I just wanted to do some basic coding and have some magic work for me. I couldn't really find a solution until I found this discussion yesterday. https://askubuntu.com/questions/700896/how-do-i-transcode-all-files-in-a-directory-with-ffmpeg Great now the above gave me an idea on how to convert a bunch of files, but I still need FFMPEG to work and I never could find a build that didn't cause any issues. Then I found this on accident. https://gist.github.com/spookyUnknownUser/dd8c75319ec581c1028310cedaea786c#file-install_ffmpeg-sh I ended up simply downloading the FFMPEG he had in his script via a browser and dropping it on to my cache drive and following his tar command into a ffmpeg folder. I didn't do any of the symlinking since I planned on calling FFMPEG directly. So far I've converted at least 20 or so MP4's to MKV's converting the AAC to AC3. This is the little script I use from the first URL. loop.sh for file in *.mp4; do ffmpeg -i "$file" -vcodec copy -acodec ac3 /Location.to.move.converted.Files/"${file%}".mkv; mv "$file" /Place.to.Put.Originals.for.Checking/; done Basically I run ./loop.sh directly from the FFMPEG folder with the to be processed files. I'm sure I'll eventually make it a bit more elegant, but for now it works just fine. It scans the files looking for MP4's. When it finds MP4's it coverts them from AAC to AC3 to a new location then it moves the original file to a folder named Originals so I can make sure the converted file plays fine. The only issue I've had which I'm sure is a code issue, but it takes Transformers.(2007).(720p).mp4 to Transformers.(2007).(720p).mp4.mkv. I just remove the .mp4 via FileBot and its all good to go. If this is useful for somebody great. If not I just wanted to share what I found. 😉 you can customize any of the commands for ffmpeg for your liking of course. I just kept it simple.
  12. kizer

    Plex (OEM) docker

    I personally use the Official Docker, but I'm sure it doesn't really matter. What I did was create all my mount points for my TV Shows, Movies and in Plex then I created 1 folder for Shows and 1 for Movies which Plex could see. I used Plex Movies I believe, but not super important I think I then moved a few movies into the Folder I created for Movies in Plex. I moved a few Tv Shows into the folder I created for Tv for Plex. Watched them grab the Meta Data and images. I slowly moved more and more until I felt comfortable that everything was working as intended then I mass dumped everything in HUGE groups and its been working fine ever since. Sometimes there is a little glich reguarding a Movie since sometimes there are remakes, but I just use the "Fix Match" option and correct it. All my Movies are Labeled as such. Transformers.(2007).(720P).(AC3) ../Transformers.(2007).(720P).mkv All my TvShows are Labeled as such. Breaking.Bad ../Season 1 ../Breaking.Bad.-.S01E01.mkv ../Breaking.Bad.-.S01E02.mkv
  13. Personally I'd like to be able to drop some files into a folder and type whatever command and have it convert some of my files from AAC to AC3 using FFMPEG and simply copying the video file, but so far I'm not able to. Can this be modified to do such a thing with or without integration? Keep in mind I do not have FFMPEG installed. I found a solution for my issue. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/75301-ffmpeg-and-unraid/
  14. kizer

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Medusa

    Not sure why, but after I updated my server to a newer version of OS and updated Medusa when I goto add a new show the drop down for Language isn't available right when your attempting to do a search and I'm not able to search for a new show. Anybody else seeing this and is there a way to fix this? I have no intentions of changing the Language, but it seems to be missing and when I click next or Add Show it acts as if there is nothing to search for since it never performed a search. I oringinally deleted the Docker and re-installed it which appeared to fix it, but I had to go thru the task of adding back shows, which takes forever. Now all of the sudden its doing it again. The only thing I changed was enabling the Post Processing, but I've restarted the docker, and lord knows what else attempting to figure out why I can't add more shows. ******************************************update************************************ I switched to Safari and it works just fine. Now I'm really confused. I tried to use Chrome and IE 11 and it wouldn't allow me to search/add new shows.
  15. kizer

    Unraid OS version 6.6.1 available

    Not sure what happened, but went from 6.6 rc1 to 6.6.1 and it totally blew out my SSD drive. I had corruption errors out the gazoooo and many many many Read-only messages when I attempted to delete files. Luckily I was able to simply unassigned my SSD drive, fire up Unassigned Devices, format my drive to BTRS then bring it back online. I re-loaded a previous backup from Squids Backup/Restore app and did some App installing to get back to where I was. Normally on every update I manually shutdown all my dockers and then shut down the array then simply hit reboot or shutdown and watch the screen as it comes up. I'm guessing maybe the docker hung and went crazy on my files. I didn't save any logs or pull a diagnostic file. However who knows what happened, but just want others to know shut things down and play it smart and back things up before leaping each time.