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Community Answers

  1. Just keep in mind each time you add a disk it has to re-built parity for the entire array. Which is completely normal.
  2. Everybody please understand this is not intended as a Tech Support thread. Nothing wrong with indicating you have a problem because of the install that will alert others they might as well. However please create a new topic in the General section so it can be looked at better and trouble shot more appropriately. This is literally the only time when we encourage cross posting. 😁
  3. kizer

    Making her sweat

    Hammer Time!!!! You better pet that thing and let it know its doing a good job.
  4. Could very well be. Or if the guys at limetech had a bit more info maybe they could shine a little more light on the subject as far as what a fix could be maybe even a tweak on your system. Problem not knowing what the problem is its hard to address. Does your logs show anything either on the app or unraid. I know you posted a screen shot, but is there anything else?
  5. The only thing I can think of right now is 6.11 uses a different version of Samba that 6.9.2 uses. I wonder if something needs to be placed in smb-extra to make it work.
  6. Now are we sure its passing the correct user name to unraid to allow file deletions? Permissions are tighter in 6.11
  7. While your working on things I'd also install the Dynamix File Manager. Must simpler than using the Krusader docker. Its also available on every page on the GUI.
  8. @Frank1940 Yep, I've seen a few people complain about the same thing on Reddit. Seems to be some kind of weird instance, but at least there is a fix changing it to 777
  10. You could install unraid on a USB and then use unassigned.devices to copy your data on to a new disk in the array.
  11. I just triple checked. That's exactly how mine sits. Nice Catch ls -ls 0 drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 173 Sep 20 11:14 user/
  12. Yep, Like said above. Download a USB Trial and unplug all your drives in your current machine. Plug in a single drive and take it for a spin.
  13. Id also recommend booting in and running a memory test with whatever you have installed. If its a memory problem its harder to tell while running, but the memory test would help isolate if its a Ram problem.
  14. That's just it. Since your asking it NOT to split beyond that everything is always going to the same drive. meaning if you tell it to store Movies on Disk 1 then it'll never go beyond disk 1. I used to be really bad at making sure all my seasons of a show are in the same Tv Folder. Now I'm just making sure all of the files from say Lucifer Season 1 remain together. I don't care about Season 2 or Season 3 as long as ALL episodes from a Season stay together. When you drill down to TV or Movie shares it displays them all together, because unraid is doing all the magic in the back end. Plus Plex, Emby or whatever you use don't care either.
  15. Mine is as follows Media/Movies/Movie-Title/Movie-File Media/TV/Season/TV-File Now I'm only running one Share called media and I have it set to split at the third level I could only Imagine if your Not running the Media Folder you could get a way with 2 on TV which would allow the Seasons to be split all over the array, but would keep all files for each season together. Here's a Link to the Manual about it.