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  1. I've not tried removing it to be honest. When I was tinkering with RC2 and Beta-35 the only difference on my end was installing the RC2 so whatever changed I can only "assume" was the culprit and I saw a post on the forum from somebody else who noticed the same thing. Not putting any blame on anything, I'll give Final an install soon and take a look before removing the plugin to see if it changes anything.
  2. From my Observations I noticed if I had Dynamix Fan Control installed it would keep my drives spun up. I rely a lot on that plugin so I had to drop back down to 6.9 Beta-35 which appears to have no problems with the drives or my fans.
  3. Does 6.9 come with Trim support baked in for btrfs?
  4. Yep known issue with Safari. I use Chrome to get around that issue personally.
  5. I run a few dockers like Plex and plugins on mine. I don't run any VM's at all.
  6. You think a LSI- Card would fix this? or something in the same relm?
  7. kizer

    Happy Birthday!

    He probably got one for unraid's Birthday.
  8. I also think we should unpin it too so its not bringing so much attention. At least until its resolved to work again.
  9. I just use User.Scripts. Everything is in one place and its super easy to plugin cron jobs. I've been playing with one flavor or another of Linux since 1999 or a bit earlier. I have forgotten more than I'd like to admit, but lets face it unraid is super easy to use and its very attractive to those with very limited Linux experience. We are using it for mass storage and it does it very well.
  10. Now I'm really curious. Lol It is what it is, but that's crazy. Totally could be plater density for the win on this one. I just assumed when I looked up Western Digital White they was 7200. I wonder if its your controller card. I'm running mine directly off my Motherboard. I do have that same card, but I'm currently not using it. Might be a time to experiment.
  11. Interesting. So your running 7200rpm drives. Much larger as well. None scientific numbers based on info in topic which does not account for drive size miss matches, controllers or age. Just rpms noted: 5400 = 80MB/s 5900 = 120MB/s 7200 5400 10TB = 150MB/s Sure none of this is new at all and is rather old news since people have been running faster drives for years. Just food for thought and since I've been running power sipping gear for years I've slowly embraced the I have the power lets go faster and more powerful.
  12. Never thought about that honestly for Checking. Totally makes since with regards to rebuilding. That I did know about. I just assumed newer Tech and Caching would help in a lot of cases. All I know for sure is I'm rather impressed with swapping out the older drives. Seems to bring in new life to "The Old Server"
  13. I recently swapped out my WD Greens that normally ran in the 5400rpm range to Iron Wolves that run around 5900rpm. In my Array I have a 10 Sata Port Motherboard so I'm direct plugged in. My reasoning for doing some drive swapping was simply my drives where dated. 2TB's, 3TBs and lots and lots of hours. I was on a quest to find something that I felt was at a really reasonable price point, reliable and available during this Covid Pandemic. So out with the older drives and I spent some time Swapping out 2's and 3's with some 4TB Iron Wolves across the board. During
  14. In the past did you add a new drive into the and rebuild a new drive at the same time? I'm only asking because I can't think of any other situation where it would of worked in the past. As for feeling silly? Meh, we all do things now and then that are questionable. Lol
  15. I'm going to go out on a limb and say its capable of Streaming 5, but its locked to only allow 3.
  16. Yep a lot of 3Streams listed.
  17. it might be something as simple as using "Direct Play" if your device supports it. I only mention this because my house has a lot of IOS devices and simply by switching to Direct Play my video's nearly never needs to transcoded. AppleTV, Iphone, Ipad. I think the only thing that ever needs to Transcode is some older .AVI files that I have that I never delt with. I also rip all my content to MKV, H264, DD5.1 with a windows machine and simply import into my unraid machine. I do have a GTX1050TI installed and hardly ever is in use because of Direct Play except with some of the older
  18. Told my son I'd build him a rig for Christmas and with Covid and supply chains being a bit slow I finally grabbed a Ryzen 5 5600X for him. He's coming from a slower Ryzen FX Processor that scores around 5000 on the CPU bench mark, which does ok with his 1660TI GPU. This really isn't unraid specific, but I'm trying to pair it with a decent, but affordable Motherboard that supports the AM4 Processor. Currently I do not have anything in the house that uses the AM4 socket so I would have to either hope and pray its Bios will support the 5600X out of the box or I'll have to pickup a che
  19. I know from Experience Corsair has a bad habit of changing power on their connectors and me/you having the burden of figuring that out at our expense. So I always make it a habit of never re-using power cables from the PSU to the device. I know you already learned this and know this and I'm sorry for your loss. Man that's rather devastating actually.
  20. I'd start from the basics and ask myself. What do all these drives have in common? Do they all share the same PSU, are they all on the same power cable? Molex to Sata Adapter? Are they all using the same controller like an extended Sata Card or plugged directly into the Motherboard? Are these the only drives in the Case or are there others that check out fine?
  21. I guess it really depends on how your using your Cache drive. Are you seriously moving so much data that you need to empty it so much or do you have so much simply siting on your Cache for instant access that you aren't moving it? You might just need to rethink how your using your Cache drive settings per share. Because you do have options. You can use your Share set to Cache only so no data leaves it. You can use your Share set to Prefer so it keeps it on it and when its full starts dumping to Array until your cache is empty enough then returns back. You can
  22. Over the years I've seen countless security suggestions/items brought up by @NAS and honestly half the time I don't even understand what he is talking about. I'd easily say he's a the biggest champion for security around here. Not that we all aren't, but he's always all over it and the discussions he has brought forward have been pretty lengthy in his findings. Honestly if any member sees a problem with Security on the system I'd highly recommend reaching out to a Admin/Moderator immediately so we can push it up and have it reviewed/addressed. If you feel your not being heard the
  23. You can also click and assign how long a delay between each docker starts. I have Plex my primary docker start 30seconds after boot and each docker after that 15seconds too. I figure it allows the system to come up a little more graceful and allow things to even out and reduce the hammering due to everything starting at once.
  24. Your run times honestly are very low. I'm in the process of swapping out some Drives that are 10years old.