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  1. Updated at lunch from to Myserver and I came back to work and I don't have access. Lol I'll investigate when I get home.
  2. Binhex Sent you another idea via PM if your wanting tinker more.
  3. Nice!!!!!! I was kinda wondering if there was a better way of insuring somebody couldn't just run chattr and remove the protection. Thank you for having the insight and willingness to do this. Just ran it across my media and seemed to work just fine. Was cool seeing the chattr binary in the logs being locked and unlocked too.
  4. Now that test mode is nice!!! I've been bumping up my days just to see if it'll move something and then restoring it to the days I want them to remain after I watched it move files. Meaning in English, thanks for the add. I wish I had it earlier, but now we have it.
  5. You could of done what I did. I installed another SSD of a smaller size for backing up my appdata and other small things and have been using an Rysnc script to back it up. I had an issue and instead of formatting my backup drive I erased my Cache/appdata drive. Needless to say some head scratching, complaining from the Family I restored it, but felt like an idiot for not double checking. Its not like I didn't have to unassign the drive, go into unassigned devices and click format. The size difference of 250GB vs 1TB or the fact that my 1TB isn't a Samsung. I WAS BLIND
  6. Do your self a favor and click on the Use cache pool (for new files/directories): on each share which should bring a help drop down or use the ? at the top right for a little explanation for future reference. I totally agree with JorgeB and itimpi you probably have your settings set to prefer which is doing exactly what your describing.
  7. Ok lets rewind here a bit. Lets say your ripping DVDs and they are typically in the 4-8GB file size. So I would set your Minimum free space for your Cache Drive in the cache Settings: to around 16GB ....... NOT your Share Settings that is different < --- I personally have a 1TB SSD so I'm not really worried about giving up that much space You have a share that is called Movies Now in your Share you have a few choices regarding Shares and the use of your Cache which also utilizes the settings mentioned above. - No Does not use Cache {Go straight to
  8. Personally I do mean personally. I think Podcasts should be a mixed bag of topics. Possibly reviews of Plugins, dockers, future content on and on. I think if you stick with one particular subject you might entertain some and bore others.
  9. Kinda solved this on my own just incase anybody else is ever looking for this solution. Not 100% how all the code worked, but tested and works. Lol find /mnt/cache/test -type f -name 'movie.jpg' | while read f; do mv -v "$f" "${f%.*}.tbn"; done
  10. With my Media I use Plex and an old Asrock ION 330 with XBMC installed. Long story short it works for my needs. When I rip a new disc and place it on my server Plex does its META Data thing, but I needed the extra files movie.nfo, movie.tbn, Fanart.jpg and obviously the Video file using a plugin called Lambda. The problem I'm having is I need to convert movie.jpg to movie.tbn, which isn't that hard. Lol I was tinkering with using find, but I'm kinda loosing my mind trying to determine some syntax and I was hoping somebody could lend me a hand. I used the following
  11. To be honest. I used to use Time Machine with unraid and then decided it didn't make sense overall for me. When my iMac 2011-2012 model had an issue it was looking for a USB drive of sorts and I couldn't get it to connect to the network to do a rebuild. Not blaming unraid because maybe I did it wrong when I was trying to restore and just opted for a fresh restore. So now I just use a USB drive and backup now and then and shelf the drive.
  12. @ich777 Thanks I'll give your suggestion a try soon. I don't like the extra whiring sound from the fans on this barrowed GTX 750. Built a silent server and the little out of balance, bad bearing sound is driving me a little batty. Lol I didn't try a dummy plug in the HDMI slot and I didn't know about the docker confiig change either. I have this in my advanced settings under extra parameters. --device=/dev/dri/renderD128 In my Bios I did enable dual video output I think it was in the GPU settings. It just never seemed to work until I dropped in this ot
  13. I tried to use quicksync perviously and I couldn't get it to work. Oddly enough while installing a GTX 750 for some trial and error. I had this in Plex docker setup. --device=/dev/dri/renderD128 Now when I tried useing HW transcoding I checked nvidia-smi it didn't show the card working, but in Plex it did show (HW) so apparently quick sync was working. I wasn't sure if it was installing the Nvidia plugin, clicking on who knows what got it to work. Lol I'll have to try it again sometime. Currently I have a GTX 750 installed and it has given my CPU a little br
  14. This is what I just found on Ebay. NVIDIA Quadro P620 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card PCI-E 3.0 x16 4x Mini DP Pre-Owned · NVIDIA · NVIDIA Quadro · 2 GB $145.00 or Best Offer +$12.22 shipping PNY VCQP400V2-PB NVIDIA Quadro P400 Graphic Card - 2 GB Brand New · PNY · Nvidia Quadro P400 · 2 GB $142.25 or Best Offer +$14.45 shipping
  15. I just remoted into my machine using Chrome Version 90.0.4430.85 (Official Build) (64-bit) and it worked just fine. Did 4 back to back searches. The below is the last one I searched for. Is there a possibility your running some adware or something that might be blocking the popup results?
  16. I used it this morning and I didn't experience any issues. Honestly I don't think I've ever noticed an issue with the search within the Apps section tab. Maybe your having a Chrome Cache issue.
  17. @squirrellydw Have you seen this script? I run it once a month on all my media shares and yes I've actually tried to modify my files to no avail. I even created a few User.Scripts so I can just click a button to launch them as needed. Will it shut down a script? Probably, but a well versed knowing what hes doing person might get around it pretty fast, but I'm not going to make it that easy on them. Security.Lock.Media #!/bin/bash #noParity=true #arrayStarted=true /mnt/cache/appdata/scripts/ --lock-files 'yes' --media-shares 'Movies,TV' --includ
  18. I would just consider everything on your system as possibly impacted. From your drives to your SSD and to your Flash Drive. Also who knows if anything else on your network could of been targeted or was the source in the first place.
  19. From what I've seen most of the time your paying to unlock your data since that's the fear they throw over your head. Pay or loose access to your data and then they normally throw a clock on it to scare you even more.
  20. I'm no expert, but it might appear you have some disc corruption on disk 5. Please do not do anything like I said I'm just poking around in your Diagnostics file and its kinda what I'm seeing.
  21. I'm seeing lots and lots of these in your system log I'm still digging around. I don't normally spend a lot of time in the Diagnostic files Syslog Apr 26 15:53:08 Tower kernel: REISERFS warning: reiserfs-5090 is_tree_node: node level 31252 does not match to the expected one 2 Apr 26 15:53:08 Tower kernel: REISERFS error (device md5): vs-5150 search_by_key: invalid format found in block 184245452. Fsck? Apr 26 15:53:08 Tower kernel: REISERFS error (device md5): vs-13070 reiserfs_read_locked_inode: i/o failure occurred trying to find stat data of [309310 319972 0x0 SD]
  22. Yep for my system I use 192.168.7.x simply because its a little different I set that up by assigning a Static IP to my Server and in my Router I enabled a reservation for it so it will not hand out the IP of my server to any other device. As well I have a few other devices in my house like my Nest Thermostat and my Neato robot vacuum that for some reason like to fall off the network and reconnect. When they fall off they often had issues reconnecting so I put reservations on them too so they always reconnected with the same IP which seems to fix their bizarre behavior.
  23. How many files are we talking about in a directory? I know at one time windows had issues viewing to many, but I haven't looked into that in a long time.
  24. Any opinions on the Quadro P400 vs Quadro P620? They both can be picked up pretty reasonibly and they both seem to be able to support H265 if needed.
  25. did Did you look in your appadata folder for that dazzling_panini on your SSD?