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  1. You can use the Unassigned Device Plugin to manage your devices, but that's getting kinda sketchy in my opinion to rely on USB for all that. Personally I'd get a case and drop in a LSI controller card and run it in IT Mode. unraid doesn't like RAID cards very much because they can cause problems.
  2. Ok.... this is something I requested over 5 years ago. This is nice!!!!!!!! Thank you @Squid
  3. Deleted the folder and walla. Everything seems just fine.
  4. Thank you. I'll backup the folder and give it a deleting and see if things come back. Sounds like I have some homework tonight.
  5. Thanks. I'll copy that folder, delete it and give the plex server a reboot. I figured I could just search the Plex folder. I just didn't want to over delete things and drive the family crazy. lol
  6. Interesting. I've been having issues all of the sudden playing direct playing anything that is EAC3 on my AppleTv. So to get around that I've been using Tdarr to convert things to AC3 which my receiver supports very well. Sure I'm guessing my AppleTV or Plex has been converting EAC3 to AAC on the fly, but recently it just sits there and does nothing. Lol Maybe it is a Codec thing even on my end too. So are you simply deleting the entire codec folder or specific files? My issues might not be the same as yours too, but I figure since I've stumbled onto this topic I might
  7. That thing just screams. "I'M HEAVY!!!!!!!" Nice build. What's with the Temp monitor? Its totally got my interest peaked.
  8. The plugin allows for remote connection to your server. It uses the form via SSL to connect to your machine so you can admin it remotely.
  9. @Squid Did you happen to format your SSD to work with 6.9? I know I had to wipe and reformat my SSD to enable 1M blocks on my SSD. Which of course really helped in slowing down the writes to my SSD.
  10. Is there a particular reason you don't want to use 6.9.1?
  11. @Touchy Have you put your server in the DMZ or have you allowed outside access to your machine?
  12. I'm running Plex's Offical Docker and it works just fine as well.
  13. My best for a Linux machine was 4years. We moved and I thought it was safer for me to shut it all down than to carry the UPS and pray the drive didn't get bumped in the back of my car for the 15minute drive. lol
  14. I Agree!!!!! 40TB is impressive to have, but loosing 10TB is a HUGE amount to loose.
  15. I'm seriously impressed how fast this plugin finds/displays things.
  16. Figured out a solution for my monitor. Apparently somebody messed with it and reduced the screen resolution. So everything works just fine now. 😃 Yes the plugin is extremely useful. I was just asking you if the user could adjust the size some how or maybe hack the plugin themselves if need be not talking down your work. I like it and I do plan on keeping it. As for one of them. I prefer the simplicity of My laptop while surfing, I use windows a lot at work and do generally do all my hacking/tinkering with things on my windows laptop. I'd like to think I use a little bit of ev
  17. Seeing I'm running a MacBook Pro I can't exactly swap out the screen, but thank you for your response just the same.
  18. is there any way to adjust the search length box? It totally blows my laptop screen out. Meaning If there was a way to limit the size of the box It would fit my screen. I did remove a couple of custom tabs that fixed my issue, but............. would be nice to be able to add or remove a few from the search box just incase we'd like to.
  19. I would at least run this on your IP for starters. It's very useful to at least see what the rest of the world might see. Does it solve every problem? NO, but it will at least show you what somebody else might see if they do a port scan of your IP.
  20. Currently it does not support IPv6
  21. What @trurl is talking about your system/appdata is on your array not on your SSD aka what most of us refer to as your Cache drive. By keeping your dockers and VM's on your SSD/Cache drive set to Only it will keep your VM's, Docker files on your SSD/Cache so it doesn't spin up your drives when it checks and does things. It will also increase your load speeds of Plex by a HUGE margin because it doesn't have to spin up drives to display thumbnails and other data. You mentioned that you have Plex installed on Drives 3 and 5. Are you talking about your Media or the actual
  22. Always Always Always set a secure password. How secure should the password be? Well honestly I'd make it good enough knowing that some day it might be put to the test by somebody trying to get in and erase your data.
  23. Worst Case.. Plugin a monitor and your ip should be displayed right on your screen. Even with the long URL you should be able to always type in your ip in a browser if your on the same network.
  24. Not Dongle Specific, but there is a discussion here talking about advising using Intel. Is it relevant? Well.......