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  1. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available

    Lime'N'Chill. I really love my unRaind
  2. landS

    Update your BIOS

    @limetech on 'slightly' older hardware where it is unlikely the manufacturer is going to provide an bios update - does disabling the various VM settings and hyperthreading (Intel) within bios provide adequate protection from spectre and meltdown?
  3. landS

    X7SPA-HF-D525 Build

    2018.10.82 At the 6.5.3+ updates the web Gui / SSH / etc becomes fully inaccessible during the 20 hour dual disk parity check. Attempting server use results now in a crashed system. Dropping to single parity / dropping plug-ins (cache dir, etc) allows the system to continue to function as a pure Nas. Swapped in an unused Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe with 16 GB of ram, the latest 2014 bios, and a i7-3770K with hyperthreading disabled (spectre/meltdown) - and a single thread passmark of 2083... Cuts the dual parity check down to 8 hours, everything remains super responsive, and transfer speeds to the shares has skyrocketed. As an interesting aside, disk Temps have plummeted
  4. landS

    IP/Main Powerdown results in reboot

    Delarius - thank you for that. the response is the same as if I issue the powerdown command via the powerdown button on the Main webgui screen... it reboots. Sadly the bios settings are not available via IPMI so I will need to delay poking around the bios for a short bit.
  5. landS

    General Windows VM issues (SOLVED)

    You do not need to pass through entire usb controller for a few static devices. Add the *libvert hotplug usb* plugin and you can mount individual peripherals to the VM with no impact to host addressing.
  6. Is a Scrub automated by dynamix trim for SSDs? If not, would you recommend setting up a user scripts automatic Scrub every few months?
  7. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.1 available

    WOW - That was wicket fast! My main server is now updated. Initial look, very happy. Nice work! I have not yet confirmed NFS functionality, but the VMs are working great, docker pinning is fantastic And you guys have made rolling back so easy that if NFS isn't working, no big deal for the short term, so not at all worried if it has an issue atm. What is Compute All under Shares? Minor notes for the work in progress at some point... Grey is - impossible to read on my laptop screen (contrast issue) Black is damn near flawless. Super great to look at. Would like ability to change the top all whiteish header to something darker as 99% of my viewtime in the gui is very late at night in a dark room. Even that burnt burgendy on the left hand side of the command box outlines would be stellar.
  8. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Updated the work Dell - zero issues. 1vm win 10 with gpu and Intel nic pass through. Still using the saslp Supermicro (marvel) disk controller. Web Gui is very pretty and feels snappier. Nice job.
  9. Good day crew, If I give my server a single press of the physical powerdown button it shuts down cleanly. If the UPS triggers a powerdown at a certain remaining battery life it shuts down cleanly. If via the IP.Address/Main I stop the array and then select power down this initiates the same results as selecting reboot - the machine reboots Any hints on the first steps of troubleshooting this? Here is the rig: I am on 6.5.3 until the 6.6 NFS issue is cleared up on this rig. Thanks crew! Chris
  10. 2 different items may be flashed for this supermicro board These must be flashed separately The Bios The IPMI/Redfish. Note that the redfish version is always in sync with the latest IPMI firmware. In other words, you only need to update the IPMI/Redfish when the IPMI version increments from your currently listed version. You may view the current Bios reversion and the current IPMI revision via the IPMI web browser address. Method 1: Method 2: Remote update via IPMI interface/web portal OOB / Out of Band Firmware manage node license is required. You need to obtain the BMC MAC address from the IPMI portal and reach out to an authorized vendor for this key. I used https://www.wiredzone.com/supermicro-software-management-sft-oob-lic-10024441 which took about 3 days and $25 to obtain Bios changelogs are generally not available on their website - however reaching out to technical support is usually responsive. For example 2.0a (6/23/2016) to version R2.1 (3/29/2018) 1. The ETA of next official realesed BIOS which can patch the (spectre/meltdown) security issue will be the end of October [2018]. The below R 2.1 release note is for your reference. 1. [Enhancements] Update BIOS version to 2.1. 2. [Enhancements] Update MCU of Haswell-EP C-0/C-1/M-1, Haswell-E M-0/R-2 to 000003C and Broadwell-E/EP B-0/M-0/R-0 to 0B00002A. 3. [Fixes] Fix Product minor version display incorrect in FID table. 4. [Enhancements] Add "SMBIOS Preservation" Enabled/Disabled item for flash recovery. (Refer to Purley) 5. [Enhancements] Add SUM Getsatainfo function. 6. [Enhancements] Reduce POST time.
  11. Last Update 2018 Sep 26 First post = Compulsive Design Second post = Supermicro Bios / IPMI firmware updates Version 6.5.3 Original Build Jan 2015 System "Name" - tower Case - fractal design define R3 CPU - E5-1650 v3 Motherboard- X10SRA-F RAM- Supermicro certified 32 GB Multi-bit ECC PSU - SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold HBA / SAS Card - Not applicable - the board contains 10 sata 1x 4 TB HGST RAID NAS 7200 rpm drive 5x 4 TB ST4000DM000 transfered from 2013 machine 1x 250 GB SSD PRO Cache/VM Windows 10 VM GPU- Zotac 1080 GPU- Zotac 1060 3GB mini PCIe ASM1142 USB 3.1 PCIe ASM1062 Serial ATA for BD ODD 3 Core/6 threads, 8 GB ram, i440fx-2.11, OVMF Windows 7 VM GPU-VNC/qxl 1 Core/2 threads, 4 GB ram, i440fx-2.11, SeaBios Docker Crashplan PRO Plugins preclear disks user scripts recycle bin libvirt hotplug usb fix common problems dynamic cache dir dynamix ssd trim dynamix system temp dynamix system info dynamix file integrity community apps ca cleanup appdata ca backup/restore ca auto update
  12. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Nice! Can this be one without removing the Unraid usb by chance?
  13. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    I am awaiting 2 items before this upgrade 1 - NFS file share functionality 2 - bios update on my Supermicro X10SRA-F - which requires a paid for Out Of Band node license key (purchased from WiredZone - delivery pending). Supermicro's bios update 'policy' is oddly hostile.
  14. landS

    Preclear plugin

    A huge thanks to @gfjardim & co for keeping this alive and kicking. The ability to preclear - postclear - and stress check (new and antiquated drives alike) is, in my opinion, the most critical tool this platform provides. This plugin (which usually works :) ) is far easier to implement than the old Joe script (which requires a patch command and manual terminal commands to use).
  15. landS

    Windows 10 VM crash BSOD

    Thanks @rookie for this followup post as i just ran into the exact same issue on what had been a stable system. Turns out I had a GUI session open in my Android phones Chrome beta tab. We had storms which triggered my ups to shutdown the server When it came back up, I too kept getting the windows failed to boot message when passing though the GPU. Restarting my phone actually allowed the VM to startup as it has for --- well over a year --- trouble free.