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  1. Was using a Totovin card in my Supermicro which worked until last update round - - - now the machine refuses to stay powered down. It uses both an ASM1142 and ASM1543. B074QK68XS Just ordered a Qnine to replace it with as it only uses a asm1142. Gosh I hope this solves the issue. B07BJ2HVD2
  2. thank you @Djoss for keeping this alive and well!
  3. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    V6.6.1 to .6 - so far, all looks OK. Crashplan & MakeMkv_rdp dockers. Win m10 with dual GPU, sata controller, & usb 3.1 passtgrough (with Steamlink host). Win 7 vnc, no passtgrough. Preclear, cache dir, user scripts, etc.
  4. landS

    [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    Good day @saarg I have the "/Unraid" path (host path 2) set to "/mnt/user/Media/MakeMKV/" however in the GUI when I go to convert a video it attempts to save to "/nobody/Videos/nameofvid" and gives no way to navigate to any useful looking location. Anything ideas on this one? Best NM.... I was reading backwards through the forum... on the second page I found the answer... One must browse from Nobody, up a directory to UnRaid folder in the web gui
  5. landS

    X7SPA-HF-D525 Build

    (it was around 9w diff if memory serves).
  6. landS

    X7SPA-HF-D525 Build

    @garycase power draw at idle is 36w with the replacement mobo/cpu/ram. The D525 with the same supporting hardware was in the upper 20s. This is with fans that do not slow down, ssd cache, and an IBM 8 port SAS card. At load is higher, however parity check is halfed and file transfer speeds are increased so, based on my usage of this machine, is not material.
  7. landS

    Notifications - Gmail then NMA dead?

    Thank you much
  8. landS

    Notifications - Gmail then NMA dead?

    Thank you both☺️
  9. Good day folks 1 - A year or so back Gmail moved to 2 factor authentication... Which (at the time at least) did not work with unraid 2 - NMA stopped working a few months back and looking at their website it appears they shutdown support in May What are folks using to receive notifications to either email or Android as of Fall 2018?
  10. landS

    Preclear plugin

    @gfjardim good day! I've had need of this wonderful tool once again and have found on the latest and greatest (6.6.3) access of any disk unassigned and the preclear itself fails then requiring a full reboot before disks are visible / usable once again under UD and PC. Uninstalling unassigned devices (temporary) resolved the issue. Would it be possible to include a toggle which disables all hooks into unassigned devices? Thanks for the fantastic work!
  11. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available

    Pauven - that tool was wonderful!
  12. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available

    Check your neighborhood homes, preferably when they are out for the day. Kidding! Buddy wanted me to build a ryzen/2080 overkill vr gaming rig. He was going to litterally throw away his old machine.
  13. landS

    X7SPA-HF-D525 Build

    Sorry @garycase - - I measured the power draw difference via my UPS and while I no longer remember the watt difference the dollar difference is under $10/year. I did disable all unused board features and hyperthreading. But... Nearly 3x passmark on a single core x 4 vs D525. Win. The disk temp 'issue' is odd indeed.
  14. landS

    Unraid OS version 6.6.3 available

    @garycase. Extensive D525 speed tests in different configs here / in my sig: Up until last update I could still access the D525 gui/ssh during a parity check - but file access would fail. Significant performance gains were had via windows tweaks, the fantastic depreciated disk tunables, cetc. I'd still be tweaking this great low power 2012? board... But the free high power board/ram/CPU doesn't draw much more at idle... So it is off to testers heaven for the atom