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  1. Hello fine folks - looks like cod42 is back to nagging about the latest update being available... cheers
  2. landS

    [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    @saarg I have the /UNRAID path set to mnt/user/ShareName/Folder & the program outputs videos wonderfully to thus location. The only 'minor' issue is that when the container is started, from within the container, for each new ODD the default output folder is within the container itself and I must change this to /UNRAID if I want access to the MKV (and not blow up my Docker image space).
  3. landS

    [support] MakeMKV-RDP container

    @mdipinto I spent a great amount of time attempting to pass a USB Odd to the makemkv container and failed. Installed this makemkv-rdp container and had it working with the USB ODD within 5 minutes. Note that when you select the output folder from within the program, each time you must select 'UNRAID'
  4. If, over time, the drive bay slowly vibrates out of the case (or worse, into it!) you'll have wished for it to have been properly screwed... Rather than finding that it has screwed you.
  5. C clamps make life so much easier (no metal shards, super easy, non violent). If your going to be removing metal, I would remove EVERYTHING from the case first. FYI, my local Menards, Ace, and autoparts store all stock deep c clamps.
  6. The forum is rife with folks rockn both the Icydock I linked and the iStar trayless unit. I've had experience with both. Note that the iStar has better cable layout, but only uses (if memory serves) 2 power hookups. This is ok, unless you try to force higher performance (power hungry) hdds into the chasis. If your PSU allows for it, use 2 seperate power cables (high quality PSU can get away with using 1 cable). If using the LSI SAS card, will need a SAS to SATA breakout cable. Buy an unused, high quality cable. If using mobo sata ports, still buy new, high quality cables. Do NOT bundle your sata/SAS cables - leave them loose - unless you want to deal with random and highly irritating crosstalk issues
  7. If you care not about easy disk swapping, and 1disk:1 5.25 bay is acceptable, then a simple bracket is sufficient : https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16817994163 Or https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16816215435 But you can fit 5 HDD in 3 5.25 slots : https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16817994155
  8. landS

    Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    I run into the same issue with backups from my wife's machine. The trigger is her Mac backups and one of her pc work apps saves updates pre-existing data without properly modifying acces/modify datetime stamps. No issue, but glad this catches it.
  9. landS

    CPU thread pegged at 100%

    Spoke too soon. 1 thread stuck again at 100%. Any ideas from the prior logs folks? Thanks for taking a gander.
  10. landS

    CPU thread pegged at 100%

    Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but originally passed through a Logitech unified usb receiver to a VM. This usb device has failed and no longer shows up on the list - when attempting the VM start it gave a USB failure message and device id. Inserted a new Logitech unified receiver and it has the same device ID as the original. Since doing this, no more pegged CPU.
  11. landS

    IP/Main Powerdown results in reboot

    Solved. The issue is that newer OS versions cause a reboot rather than powerdown command when a stubbed out PCIe card which uses both an ASM1142 and ASM1543 is installed. Swapping (and re-stubbing) out a card that only uses a asm1142 has proved fruitful.
  12. landS

    CPU thread pegged at 100%

    Rebooted server after first post. Happened again within the last 24 hours - 1 thread is stuck at 100% (kworker/6:3+pm). Fresh logs attached. Any help would be appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20181229-0602.zip
  13. Thanks @Jerky_san - only reason I wanted to reach out to the community before setting a Static IP in Windows (VM) Network settings was to avoid a potentially ignorant decision resulting in the VMs internal network choice conflicting with whatever magic Unraid assigns during the bridging process. Glad to hear that is not a likely concern. . My router is set to reboot weekly, and reboots of machines with dynamic IPs after it's scheduled bump oft results in a shifting IP landscape