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  1. Okay, nothing was working. I ended up backing up the USB drive and re-ran the USB creator. Restored my configs and now it's working. I'm really at a loss here though. I hadn't been on the server for a month, no changes I mean. It was just happily sharing out media to Plex and them bam, one reboot and it was all toast. Very odd. I'll add dockers back one at a time to see if anything triggers it again.
  2. I can't see any user scripts that are applying anything or run automatically except the change login screen script. Are you seeing something that makes you think it's being run somewhere? Thank you!
  3. I'm so sorry, I'm an idiot and thought that was what I had attached. Thank you!
  4. Additional info, the cache drive is not full either. That seems to come up a lot. I've deleted the docker.img file multiple times, rebooted multiple times, those aren't resolving it.
  5. Good Evening, My unRaid server was running slow and I'm getting ready to swap some smaller disks for larger ones. I rebooted and after reboot, Docker failed to start. I couldn't find anything that was a smoking gun, so some diagnosis steps suggested to delete the docker.img and recreate. I can't create any new dockers, they always fail at the Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed. I've attached my log files, not sure what is going on. Has anyone seen this before? Searching the forum it recommends removing a line from the "go" file, but I don't have that line (related to a Binhex container). Appreciate any help anyone can offer!
  6. So yes, I've run New Permissions but not on the Appdata folder. In fact I haven't run that in a long time and this just started. I used to have a problem filling the docker image, and upped it. I long since figured out what was causing it and fixed it and just never dropped the size back down, I'll do that now. Those are NFS exports to my Plex box which runs on a stand alone Intel box for quicksync capabilities. Thanks for reading through the log files, I appreciate the time that took. I guess I should back everything up, blow away the appdata directory and do a restore. Thoughts? EDIT: That didn't work. What should the permissions be in the appdata folder?
  7. Please see attached, thank you!
  8. Good morning! Something strange has happened and all of my dockers can't write to their own files. My Sonarr, Deluge, Krusader, etc. all of them show that their config files are locked or can't delete a temp file, etc. Is there a way to apply the correct permissions for my dockers across the appdata folder? Thanks!
  9. Thank you! It was the modprobe: FATAL: Module iptable_mangle not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.107-Unraid error. That made me re-look at my configs. When I had restored this container it was from a previous backup that had the wrong LAN_NETWORK defined. Interestingly though, if I manually ran the modprobe iptable_mangle command, I could access the WebUI even though I had the wrong LAN_NETWORK defined. But I corrected it the proper way. Thanks!
  10. Same for this and DelugeVPN. Working but can't access the WebUI. Logs aren't showing anything unusual that I can see, just started happening. I've restarted the Docker service as well as the UnRaid server. Thanks!
  11. Good evening! I'm trying to fix something that's been bothering me for a while now. I have some shares in unRaid that are exported via NFS all using the same settings. General setup is: unRaid - movies - music - tv - games Plex Box using autofs mounts the NFS shares: - movies --> movies - tv --> tv (here's where it gets weird) - music --> games I've verified the autofs script is right, and when I log in locally to unRaid if I browse to /mnt/user/music it lists the right directories, but on the plex box which is mapped to /mnt/user/music on unRaid, it shows the contents of the /mnt/user/games share! I've used NFS Share settings to copy the configs from working shares (movies & tv), I've line by line verified the plex config is correct, but even after multiple reboots it's as if unRaid is exporting the games share when other systems request the music share. Any ideas?
  12. I know with VMware you can take a .vdsk and use qeum (think that was the name) tools to transfer the image to a physical drive and just run it. Is it possible to do the same with a KVM image? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. This is my number 1 feature request too. Especially given the latest Nvidia plugin, the drivers are all installed. Thank you!
  14. Question: After this container converts a file, does it delete the original? Or will I have two copies in my library after the conversion is done? Thanks!