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  1. Ok, so I'm preparing to convert my daily driver to Unriad and took the time to test the rig with NTP problems with a fresh config. With the new (default 6.9.2) config NTP works just fine. Ntpd will correct a clock that is off promptly. Going back to my old config and I'm back to the exact same problem. So, the problem is not HW it seems - it's my config... 😐 treebeard-diagnostics-20210601-1047.zip
  2. No problem, I'm fumbling around here also :-$ And take my rumblings with a grain of salt. I have no truth claims here at all. My knowledge profile is probably an outlier here. I have been on IT leave for 20 years when raising kids which means I know Unix and some networking, but are really lost when it comes to the actual apps. Ok, you have one PIA VPN tunnel set up on your router, but only certain WAN IPs and/or services are using that tunnel? Do you have VPN enabled in the container? If you have, and it's configured correctly, you will have a VPN tunnel from tha
  3. Maybe I missunderstand what you mean or I don't understand how this container work, but why would NAT on your router have anything to do with this container? The VPN function of the container punch a hole through the router, to the service you use on the outside. The resulting VPN tunnel have all ports open until some of them are closed by the iptables stuff configured within the container. Because the session is initiated from the LAN side of your router there is no need to configure any port forwarding rules - right? Edit: I now see further up that you made a reference to
  4. The distinction between VPN_INPUT and OUTPUT wasn't clear to me either, and I'm still not sure I understand this correctly :-$ But, what I empirically understood was that, at first when I only had jackett routed through delugevpn, I only needed to define input ports so that I could reach the jacket GUI. At that point I didn't need any defined output ports. Then, when I added nzbhydra to the mix, I kinda worked also with only adding the the vpn input port. But, for nzbhydra to work as intended nzbhydra also need access to the arrs (and not only the other way around) and that di
  5. Thank you for caring! No, the socket error went away when I changed NTP servers. Regarding the test with a temp licens, I will try that when I have a good amount of time. I have never done anything like that befor and is a little hesitant. I'm afraid to F something up :-$
  6. Well, it doesn't help as such, but it definitely points to a difference. I think that points out that your server calculate a drift of a little over 10 PPM and will use that to adjust your clock. My system on the other hand does, according to syslog, notice that that the clock is wrong, but the drift is calculated to 0 (zero). If it is this that that makes the system not set the clock I don't know? I can see that ntpd is started with "-g" so ntpd should be able to do the initial clock adjustment even if if the first jump is over the sanity value (1000s?) I can see that if
  7. Ahh, ok, I read you as you had made a customization. That seems to bee correct root@treebeard:/boot/config# ls -l /boot/config/drift -rw------- 1 root root 6 May 7 10:45 /boot/config/drift root@treebeard:/boot/config# ls -l /var/lib/ntp/drift -rw-r--r-- 1 ntp ntp 6 May 7 16:58 /var/lib/ntp/drift ntpd service restart - checking syslog root@treebeard:/boot/config# cat /var/log/syslog |grep ntpd May 11 09:24:49 treebeard emhttpd: shcmd (682): /etc/rc.d/rc.ntpd stop May 11 09:24:49 treebeard ntpd[16360]: ntpd exiting on signal 1 (Hangup) May 11 09:24:49 t
  8. By giving the example "emby.mydomain.com" I guess that he ha set up Swag to work with subdomains? What service have you used to point mydomain.com to your WAN address? I think we need a little more information on how you have set this up to be able to give good advice. You should not need to give a port number in the URL ("synology.mydomain.com:5000"). You either need a nginx subdomain config file configured for you synology server pointing to that resource (<synologyLAN-IP>:5000) or you skip Swag and let you NAT point port 5000 to your synology. But, again,
  9. Thank you for answering (Y) So does that mean that you have changed /etc/ntp.conf to point to your drift file? And does it mean that /var/lib/ntp/drift and /var/lib/ntp/stats would be overwritten at a reboot (if they exists)? And yet again, does your server write /var/lib/ntp/drift and /var/lib/ntp/stats and just wanted to change the behavior, or do you not get those files either?
  10. I know, there isn't much, and I see that I fucked up the servers I had chosen when sending my config. I had tried so many. And yes, getting rid of the wrong one did help with the syslog messages - thank you. But, ntpd still don't set the time? With servers set to the four suggested I have stopped/started the service and stopped/started the server. Originally the server was ca. 10 minutes ahead and I waited 24 hours. It never changed a second. Then I thought that maybe the gap is to wide, but I see that ntpd is started with -g so it should work? Anyway, I cha
  11. Got an answer from @ados in another thread. ...and this container show deluge as being om 2.0.4? Now, I have never handled plugins for Deluge befor so it could very well be me who is doing something stupid (again). There the plugin is, but I can't Enable it and I do not know how to remove it.
  12. Ok, just my 5 cents here, because I'm no expert at this. But, shouldn't the Deluge port be added to VPN_INPUT? And, I don't think that you should have the same port in VPN_output - I'm sure that is adding confusion See my config here: Now, I don't have the same setup as you, but before I got NZBHydra added I only had Jacket routed through Deluge and Jacket do not need to access to any containers (except Deluge), it's just the arrs that need access to Jacket. Configured like that I didn't need any port configured for VPN_OUTPUT When I added NZBHydra, that cont
  13. I had the same issue and I think, if I remember correctly, that Spaceinwader's video didn't mention that you had to turn of proxy for the subdomain CNAME record. Maybe this worked differently before at Cloudflare? But when I turn on "proxied" for any CNAME that URL will no longer point to my server, it will point to a cloudflare server. How this proxy via Cloudflare is supposed to work I do not know. I can keep "proxied" on for my A records though
  14. 90% of my syslog is ntpd. I get this every 5 minutes: May 6 15:12:34 treebeard ntpd[27360]: bind(19) AF_INET flags 0x5 failed: Address already in use May 6 15:12:34 treebeard ntpd[27360]: unable to create socket on lo (3628) for May 6 15:12:34 treebeard ntpd[27360]: failed to init interface for address May 6 15:12:34 treebeard ntpd[27360]: bind(19) AF_INET6 ::1#123 flags 0x5 failed: Address already in use May 6 15:12:34 treebeard ntpd[27360]: unable to create socket on lo (3629) for ::1#123 May 6 15:12:34 treebeard ntpd[27360]: failed to init int