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  1. The same for me is happening with Firefox (latest update). But, if I try to open with Chrome, it doesn't.
  2. I'm on 6.10.3, and it's happening the same for me as well. I will try to downgrade to the suggested older version a post back and I will report it.
  3. Hi, check the documentation. All is there. In your case, seems you have changed the port but didn't adjust the internal port accordingly: LINK. In other words, if you want to use another port other than the default one for the internal one, you must declare it with the DASHDOT_PORT variable. After that, you can use your own port.
  4. UPDATE 1.2 (2023-03-04) - Other: Full cleanup of variables included in the template. Added the main ones from 'UI Feature' category (only). - Other: Changed the path from which Dash. collects the required data for the dashboard. - Other: Updated first post links. * The dev of Dash. has managed to fix the issue where some drives were not displaying the correct usage data in the dashboard for unRAID (non-zfs).
  5. VERSION v1.5 (2023-02-25) - New: Added variable 'DISABLE_EDIT_MODE' that was introduced in the latest v0.11.5 Homarr release. - Other: Updated first post links for website and docs.
  6. Hi, I'm using NPM for the reverse proxy part, and it works fine. Sorry, but I don't use unRAID's certificates.
  7. Are you saying that you executed the lines from the 'OpenKM.cfg' file witin the container's terminal? If yes, wrong. These are config files, not lines to be executed from the terminal window. I added a note telling the user to configure the files according to your setup: - Both, 'OpenKM.cfg' and 'server.xml' files, MUST be present and properly configured before creating the container, if you decide to go ahead by this way. So, after downloading the files to the corresponding location (this is done by the 'curl' cmd), and also configuring the DB container/server, you will have to open both files and adjust them according to your setup. Check this page as an example: There's no code to run from terminal, apart from configuring the files. But, you can use the terminal to install dependices and make changes to OpenKM, but this is another discussion.
  8. Please, check the official documentation for this. I didn't include these variables because not all people will find it useful the 100% of times. You will just need to fill in all the variables for SMTP.
  9. VERSION v1.1 (2022-09-05) - New: Added official doc link in the support thread. - New: Added 'AUTHENTICATION_GUARD' and 'WEBAUTHN_USER_VERIFICATION' variables. - Fix: 'LOG_LEVEL' variable not working. - Other: Redis server settings were taken out from the template, because it's not really necessary at all. (check official doc if you want to use it) - Other: Updated info about how to restore your QR codes when re-installing the container. - Other: Other minor changes.
  10. First of all, sorry to all of you about not updating the template. I was having an issue with my email client days ago, and I was not checking the forums for changes. Now it's updated with the latest changes. @bobby @RyanServer711 @spamenigma @kri kri The Docker Socket path is now added to the unRAID template. The template will be updated in a couple of hours since right now. @jaylo123 It's a very good suggestion. I include myself on this. I know that I have many docker templates that are not updated since I have published them, but I try to find some time to work on them, even very slowly. Sorry about that.
  11. VERSION v1.4 (2022-08-14) - New: Added Docker Socket path to allow restart, stop, start, refresh and remove containers as well as add them to the dashboard (Homarr v0.8.0). - Other: Added official website and documentation links to the support thread.
  12. Yes, it seems that it's currently possible (I didn't tried it yet) with the latest 3.2.0 release. I will try to change the template or add some additional information to make it easier. I will update the template on 2022/07/23, sorry for the late update.
  13. Did you delete the content of the 2Fauth dir under 'appdata'? If not, extract the DB file (SQLite) an try to read it with an external program, such as: SQLite Expert Professional (windows). If the file is not fully corrupted, and you did not enabled encryption for the data to be stored, the data related to all your Google codes will remain in text plain. So, you will be able to restore them in a new instance (one by one).
  14. Sorry for the late reply. You have the following variables available: DATABASE_DRIVER, DATABASE_URL, DATABASE_USER, DATABASE_PASSWORD and DATABASE_DIALECT. I didn't add them to the template because... A: The 'hibernate.hbm2ddl' property needs to be changed manually to 'update' when upgrading OpenKM. So, it will be easier if you have your own file browser (ie.: FileBrowser), than installing 'nano' inside the container. Just from my point of view. B: I don't have any problem on adding all possible variations of DATABASE_DRIVER, DATABASE_URL and DATABASE_DIALECT to be selectable from inside the template, but the user will have to edit the string manually (copy, paste, edit). So, I think it's more convenient to include that on both config files, as comments.