Unraid Community Rockstars: JorgeB and ich777

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In this blog series, we want to put a spotlight on key community members to get to know them a little better and recognize them for all that they've done for the Unraid community over the years.

This next blog features two outstanding community members who have helped out countless new Unraid users over the years:

@JorgeB and @ich777




If either have helped you out over the years here, please consider buying them a beer or lunch!


JorgeB                                                         ich777

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I picked up a QNAP to run unRAID on last month, within days @ich777 gave me a test plugin to try based off a github project that fell behind due to unRAID compilation issues and just like that I had fan control (through scripts) and mobo temperatures reporting. Now, there's a regularly compiled plugin that I can expect to use thanks to his work on making it available. The service @ich777 provides to the community is substantial and valued. Thanks for all you do!

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Posted (edited)

@JorgeB is who even other very helpful forum members refer questions to when it comes to disks and controllers.  He is like the experts expert for many things (probably not just disks and controllers).


I have seen @ich777 go out of his way to try and find solutions to issues raised in this forum. 


They are among several members of this forum that answer the bulk of all the posted questions.  The others being @trurl, @JonathanM, @Squid, @itimpi, @ChatNoir, @SimonF, @bonienl, @Frank1940.  Unfortunately, I have probably left a few off that list unintentionally


Others such as @dlandon, @binhex, @Djoss, the gang at @linuxserver.io and many others are very active in supporting their plugins and docker containers which are a great addition to the unRAID ecosystem.  @ich777 belongs on that list as well.


As has been mentioned several times, the community is one of the best things about unRAID thanks to those (and others) mentioned above.

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