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    Notes about Supermicro X11SCA-F

    Has that always been the case with Supermicro boards with IPMI or just this one? Fortunately, both of my past and current ASRock boards that have IPMI have allowed both; remote console via BMC AND transcoding with iGPU. That is certainly something I will be checking on with the board manufacturer before my next upgrade. I have seen your comments about HDR transcoding with iGPUs/Plex and hope that gets fixed, or; alternatively, I hope the efforts to include nVidia GPU drivers in unRAID so discrete GPUs can be used for Plex transcoding are successful. I prefer to run Plex as a docker and don't want a full-time VM just for Plex transcoding.
  2. Motherboard SATA ports are best for SSDs as most HBAs don't support TRIM. The performance of motherboard SATA III ports and HBAs with SAS/SATA III is the same. I recently moved some hard drives from motherboard SATA ports to an LSI 9211-8i and saw no difference at all in performance. This was most evident in parity checks in which all drives are involved. You can mix and match between onboard and HBA SATA ports without issue with HDDs. As long as you are upgrading, I would ditch the Syba SI-PEX40064. That card is based on a Marvell chipset and unRAID, FreeNAS and other recent Linux distributions are experiencing problems with Marvell controllers. Even if you have noticed no issues, they can just randomly drop disks after working without issue for months. Get something LSI based. They are many specific recommendations in the forums, but, anything based on an LSI 2008/2308/3008 chipset will work well.
  3. Hoopster

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    You have to switch from the Stable branch to the Next branch. This new release is an RC.
  4. Hoopster

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc1 available

    Updated without issue on backup/test server. I'll add my thumbs up for the new dashboard as well; really nice. 👍 Obviously, plugin authors (dockers as well?) will need to update their plugins with the new icon style. Until that happens, the mixture of old and new icon styles on the settings and plugin pages is a bit of a visual jumble. I am sure that will all get sorted in time.
  5. Hoopster

    unable to passthrough primary gpu

    Because the unRAID OS loads in and runs from RAM. Any changes you make work fine until you reboot and then are lost since the changes were only made in RAM. Anything you want to be permanent and survive a reboot must be in the go file on the flash drive or run as a script through the User Scripts plugin.
  6. Hoopster

    Review: MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S+RM 10gbe switch

    Oh, I completely agree. I am always 'birching' because of autocorrect! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birching
  7. Hoopster

    Review: MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S+RM 10gbe switch

    You have an 'unpaid' server and an 'unsaid' server (is this the server which shall not be named?)? You might get better results if you actually paid for the first server and dared to speak the name of the second (sorry, I also paid my forum sassiness fee). 😉
  8. Hoopster

    Disks in unraid

    In a cache pool, there is redundancy. You see 480GB because 2x240GB is available to be used and 2x240GB is the backup in a RAID1 mirror. How are you trying to use the 'sdd' disk" As an array data drive?
  9. Agreed on the tall/heavy CPU cooler. Mine was a low-profile 65mm cooler, so, I left it installed on the CPU.
  10. I moved my server from the U.S. to Mexico for three years and then back again. I removed all drives form the server and wrapped them individually in bubble wrap and then had extra padding between the drives as I stacked them in a shipping box. It is probably not a good idea to leave them in the server, especially if you will not be moving the server yourself. It was four weeks in transit each way and I was taking no chances. Without intact data and functioning drives, you have no server. Before removing the drives, I labelled them with the slot number and the took a screenshot of the disk assignments so they could be returned to the same physical location. It is not vitally important they be placed in the same hot-swap bay/cage slot as unRAID tracks drives by serial number, I also removed the boot/license USB drive and the RAM and carried that with me in my laptop bag during the move. Perhaps none of this is necessary in your case if you are moving it yourself and you are very careful. I just don't like moving my server any distance with the drives still in it.
  11. Hoopster

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    No, DelugeVPN is simply Deluge with a built-in VPN capability. It does not function as a VPN server. There are a couple of excellent OpenVPN Access Server dockers for unRAID and you can certainly use one of them to enable connections to your server via an Open VPN client. I use both DelugeVPN and OpenVPN-AS on my server.
  12. Hoopster

    Pricing tiers are outdated.

    Not too many people in the forums into Polish science fiction. The whole Trurl/Constructor thing is a mystery. Should have made your descriptor Klapaucius. Trurl would then be the easy one to type. Have you built any interesting robots lately? 😀
  13. OK, your drives are SAS, not SATA. I should have looked at your earlier posts. I assumed SATA.
  14. The first troubleshooting step is to make sure the disks attached to the HBA show up in the motherboard BIOS. If they do not, there is no chance unRAID will see them. It is possible for the LSI BIOS to see them where the MB BIOS does not. On some boards it also matters which PCIe slot the card is in. Did you use forward breakout cables to attach the disks to the HBA? Reverse breakout cables look the same, but, the disks won't be available if you use those.
  15. Hoopster

    Smart Data - Drive Errors

    You can get good server pulls from eBay. There are many models of LSI chipset-based cards that work well with unRAID. LSI-9211-8i, LSI 9207-8i, LSI 930x-8i (anything based on the 2008/2308/3008 chipsets) and clones of the 9211-8i such as the Dell H310 and IBM M1015 are popular choices with unRAID users. The clones need to be flashed with IT firmware. I just bought a Dell H310 on eBay for $30 and flashed it to 9211-8i IT firmware. You can also find pre-flashed cards for a bit more.
  16. Good explanation.
  17. Hoopster

    What size parity drive

    I depends on what you will use it for. Will you cache writes to the array? Store your docker applications in appdata on the cache drive? Save downloads to cache? You need to decide what you will use the cache drive for and size it appropriately for those needs. Most have cache drives (if they are SSDs which is recommended) between 250GB to 1TB in size. You may also have more than one cache drive in a cache pool.
  18. Hoopster

    What size parity drive

    Parity disk(s) protect against disk failures, They DO NOT contain a backup of the data. If you have two parity disks and three data disks in your array, two of the three data disks (or one parity and one data disk) could fail at the same time and the data will be rebuilt on replacement disks when they are added to the array. You still need to make backups of your important data to storage outside of the array such as external drive(s) a backup server, the cloud, etc.
  19. Hoopster

    9207-8i VS 9211-8i

    PCIe 3.0 provides double the bandwidth per PCIe lane of PCIe 2.0; however, PCIe 2.0 bandwidth is more than you will ever need with SATA III HDDs. If you are attaching SSDs to the HBA, you will appreciate extra bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 but most do not support TRIM, so it is recommended to attach SSDs to motherboard SATA ports.
  20. He mentioned it is the cpu shares flag. From the linked document: --cpu-shares Set this flag to a value greater or less than the default of 1024 to increase or reduce the container’s weight, and give it access to a greater or lesser proportion of the host machine’s CPU cycles. This is only enforced when CPU cycles are constrained. When plenty of CPU cycles are available, all containers use as much CPU as they need. In that way, this is a soft limit. --cpu-shares does not prevent containers from being scheduled in swarm mode. It prioritizes container CPU resources for the available CPU cycles. It does not guarantee or reserve any specific CPU access. So, putting together the information from his post, perhaps @nuhll is saying you should add '--cpu-shares=xxx' to the Extra Parameters: (you'll need to enable Advanced View in the docker edit page) in the docker(s) for which you want to control CPU usage.
  21. Hoopster

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    I don't see anything unusual in your docker run command. Everything looks to be normal. I wish I could tell you why the WebUI is not finding your Plex Media Server. As I said, I run a different docker app for Plex, so, perhaps someone also running Binhex Plex has seen something similar and can help. It almost appears as if somehow the webUI and the PMS/docker are not communicating because of some networking issue. It is possible with docker VLANs to isolate dockers from the unRAID host such that they do not communicate, but, that does not appear to be an issue here. Your Plex docker is in host mode on unRAID.
  22. Hoopster


    This could have an impact although I doubt it is the sole cause of your CPU usage issues. Check the settings and make sure appdata and any other shares that don't need to be cached are excluded. I also exclude domains, isos. system, my backups share, etc. Caching appdata, in particular, is going to result in higher and spiking CPU usage.
  23. Check out the thread linked below. In the post I referenced, I linked to a few Mini-ITX boards supporting the C246 or C242 chipset as one user was particularly interested in that form factor. The manufacturers I mentioned also have mATX and ATX boards for the C246 with ASRock having the biggest selection. The whole thread is a discussion of Tybio's saga trying to get a Xeon E-2176G processor but along the way there are also discussions of motherboards that support it.
  24. Hoopster

    COMRESET failed (errno=-32)

    I would have suggested the second one. Its deep enough and has a narrow opening which is good for working in a PC case.
  25. There are motherboards from Supermicro, ASUS and ASRock that also support the C246 chipset. Supermicro and some ASRock boards support IPMI if that is of interest. It all depends on what you need as they all have slightly different configurations and features.