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  1. I do not have a 4TB drive to confirm but I doubt it's that much. I have 6 and 14TB drive almost empty and they sit at 43 and 99GB respectively. Probably a bit of FS and some units difference.
  2. Is it possible that it is a TB vs TiB "issue" ?
  3. Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum. Je te conseille d'installer le plugin: Une fois que c'est fait, va dans l'onglet Apps, recherche ton application et plus qu'à configurer l'installation. N'hésite pas si tu as d'autres questions.
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  5. Then go for XFS for the Array. If you are using one or several pools, are they single or multiple disks ?
  6. Changed Priority to Other
  7. Bonsoir @duch et bienvenue. N'hésite pas à poser tes questions, on répondra au mieux de nos connaissances.
  8. Then either do it manually on the command line, or use Midnight Commander (mc on the console). Personally, I use MC all the time for my manual drive operations.
  9. Looks OK to me No SMART error except for UDMA_CRC and Num Test_Description Status Remaining LifeTime(hours) LBA_of_first_error # 1 Extended offline Completed without error 00% 8368 -
  10. You need to have an Array to start Docker or VM services. But you don't have to actually use the Array. If one (or several) Pool(s) suits you better, you add a cheap USB flash drive as the only data drive in the Array and only run of the Pools. You could use your 2 12TB HDDs in one BTRFS RAID1 pool. Note that you cannot use one Pool as 'cache' for another Pool used as 'storage'. But you could use one as data and the other as fast storage for dockers, VMs, etc. Those limitations might change in the future though, the current multiple Pools and the future multiple Arrays will require changes in the Mover behavior. Not much details or deadline for the moment.
  11. You should start by understanding what is the memory issue and fix that. At least remove the problematic DIMMs if that is the issue. I would not run any computer with memory issues, much less a server or something I use for work. EVERYTHING goes through RAM.
  12. Attach your diagnostics to your next post.
  13. syslog extracts are good, but your diagnostics could provide more information.
  14. From my understanding it works. As hinted by @rachid596, it seems that HDR tone mapping might be an issue, but maybe not on Unraid side, most probably from Plex.
  15. Not the diagnostics file. Unraid generates a zip, please attach it directly. It will be easier to look at for the people that are used to that.
  16. Your diagnostics could provide more informations.
  17. New diagnostics with the changes would be a good point to start.
  18. Nothing, the touch command will create an empty file. Unraid checks on startup if a file is present or not. The content is irrelevant.
  19. Your diagnostics could provide more information.
  20. On the Unraid console, type diagnostics Then when the export is done, recover the file in the logs folder on the flashdrive and post it there.