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  1. That's why I keep a screenshot of Main on my phone. Sometimes, low-tech is the simplest solution. If your back up and running, that's the most important.
  2. Ok, donc tu fais le ménage dans to Array avant d'installer un disque de Parité. C'est mieux que l'inverse, ce sera moins de travail. Pour moi, la nouvelle configuration ne touche pas aux données. Je ne fais du Unraid que depuis 4 mois, donc je n'ai pas non plus la vérité absolue. Une autre personne pourrait confirmer ça à noaccess ?
  3. On the screenshot you mention, do you have the drives serial number visible ? If so just use this to assign your drives. As you said, Parity 2 will be the last remaining drive.
  4. While I agree that the terms used can be interpreted different ways and could be clearer, the details given in the UI are quite clear once you take your time looking at it. Clicking on the text shows a clear explaination AND the result of the selected choice is stated on the right.
  5. Bonjour, déjà pour bien comprendre ta situation, tu n'utilises pas de Parité, donc tu ne comptes pas reconstruire les données en reconstruisant les disques. C'est bon pour toi, soit tu as déjà récupéré les données, soit tu les copiera après coup ? Pour le reste, vu que tu n'utilises pas la protection par parité, le plus simple serait de faire une nouvelle configuration par Outils / Nouvelle configuration. Si ce n'est pas clair, redemande plutôt que de risquer de perdre des données. A titre personnel, ça me fait un peu peur d'avoir des données non protégées, mais ça dépend de leur niveau d'importance.
  6. First step would be to share your diagnostics in the next post. (Tools/Diagnostics)
  7. Hi, you should attach the diagnostics of both server during the process so someone can look at it. Tools / Diagnostics
  8. Yes, for the initial data transfer, it is advised not to use Parity and to turn off cache.
  9. The ideal would be to have the diagnostics with the error happening. But if this is not possible, the diagnostics after rebooting might provide some kind of clues.
  10. If a programmer was interested, I think that he would have released something by now. Unless you are willing to do it.
  11. I did a little bit of googling. It seems to be an error linked to your nvidia card and I found this: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/resource-sanity-check/129788 I don't use a GPU so I cannot help much more than that. If what I found does not work, you might want to check on the specific topic for the addon that allow you to install the Nvidia driver.
  12. The cable on your picture looks like 8087 to SATA, the Amazon link is a 8087 to 8087. The second one is used to connect HBA to backplanes, expanders and the like, not disks.
  13. If your last parity check corrected errors, you should run a non correcting check to be sure that you have 0 errors.
  14. @Gnomuz made a quite detailed report of the steps he took over there:
  15. And I would suppose that a short push on the power button of your server should launch a clean shutdown of a computer. I would depend on how the BIOS is setup probably.
  16. @Decto you are mixing up SRA and SLA. Despite the close name, it is a completely different product. The SLA is a board with a C222 chipset for E3 Xeons on LGA 1150 and only supports DDR3 Unbuffered ECC UDIMM https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/X10SLA-F The SRA is a board with a C226 chipset for E5 Xeons on LGA-2011-3 and supports DDR4 Buffered ECC UDIMM https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/X10SRA-F
  17. I have the same behavior. Does not work either on bottom left but does work on top left. With the same gap mentioned by @cybrnook.
  18. While testing my beta35 issue with the "close all notifications" button, I saw something with Fix Common Problems. (the extended test generate two notifications, it is quite practical ) The extended scan does not find errors (on the page), but the notification of the end of the tests says there is a problem. Same for the email: Hitting View Results does list some errors though. Few naming stuff and permissions on stuff I don't care so much about. Fixed the former, I'll bother with the later maybe some day. Anyhow, the No errors / warning found is a bit counter intuitive.