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  1. AFAIK, it will be available on stable, possibly on a RC before that (not RC1 though).
  2. More info on TPM and Windows 11 for 6.10 :
  3. This is a Tdarr issue, you have better chance of getting answer on the support thread of your container. It is easily accessible from the docker tab, click the container, then Support.
  4. I think that formatting a disk in UD before adding it to the Array removes the signature. The proper procedure with drive from preclear is to simply put them in the Array, then Unraid knows it is all 0s and it will then propose to format the drive to the appropriate FS. @loady is there a question about format at the bottom of the Main page ? (you can post a screenshot if unsure)
  5. Probably better to stay on your own topic. This one is quite old, the software changed a lot and I doubt your hardware is similar to the OP.
  6. Stop the Array, you should have a ADD POOL button. Check that the FileSystem is in line with what you want, add the drive and start the Array. Unraid should propose to format the drive. Check that it is indeed the drive you have to format. And you should then have a pool. More details in the manual.
  7. I am not sure that the 10 ports SATA card is recommended for Unraid. I suspect that it uses port multipliers. The data sheet is not super clear on that but 2 PCIE lanes for 10 SATA is suspicious and the PCB picture seems to confirm that. The recommended controllers are there :
  8. Your diagnostics could provide details on the issue. Ideally, grab them before any reboot.
  9. Not exactly. You backup your old flash drive Format and recreate it fresh Copy your /config directory from your backup to the flash drive (overwrite the already existing files) Try it on your server and see if it is better
  10. It's not exactly what it says. SATA2 should be deactivated if your M.2 SSD is a SATA one, if you use a NVME SSD in M2_2, you should be fine. For M2_3 however, there is no such subtleties.
  11. Except it's not ; on a third gen Ryzen, the controller is only rated for 2933 for 4 single rank DIMM, you are running at 3000. Also, the FAQ entry is not only about RAM but also about C-States / Power Control.
  12. If you have time to provide more details, it might help other users in the future. Unless you managed simply by adding shares of server1 to server2 with Unassigned Devices and vice versa.
  13. How did you install it ? If you tried manually, try to install the plugin : Nerdpack. If you tried with the plugin and failed, ask for support on the plugin support thread.
  14. I saw that too, looks like it's the same width for both. (because why hide it under a fake link ? 😁 )
  15. This possibilty is covered in the link provided, the third sentence: Connect via SSH and type the command. To recover the file: either your flash drive is shared on the network and you can recover it directly or you can type poweroff to shut down the server and recover the file on another machine
  16. Do you download/transfer files to a share using a SSD as cache ? (Yes or Prefer) If transfering to a HDDs on the Array, the speed is not great, but not awful either.
  17. Before committing to blacklist your old flash drive and transfer the licence to the new one, you should probably use a trial licence on the new flash drive. So don't transfer the .key file just now. You should probably copy the super.dat file though as it holds your disk assignments.
  18. Not a SMART expert, but I don't think it is only connection related. From what I understand, Realocated sectors means that the disk determined that a sector was bad and stopped using it, it use some of the spare sectors availables.
  19. You will have better chance to receive an answer on the support thread for this docker : It might be normal that there is no appdata since no path is present in the template.