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  1. Yes, simply click on the name of the first member of the pool to access the pool settings. Scroll down to the Balance status section, select 'Convert to raid1 mode' in the drop down menu and hit the Balance button. You should be good in a few minutes.
  2. This forum is for the Unraid OS where RAID controllers are NOT recommended. I am not sure you can find some support here.
  3. I didn't do that for quite some time but you should try the manual method:
  4. If the card is plugged in the first PCIe slot (generally used for Graphics Cards) I wouldn't know why it would not link at full speed.
  5. Same thing on Chrome, it could be indicated more clearly on the site. Does not seem right as the downloaded file includes the bz* files (+400MB).
  6. The spec sheet on Jonsbo website states : PSU Support: SFX≤105mm
  7. Possibly if you already have an extension card using x16 (graphics card maybe), your motherboard wouldn't or couldn't provide you x8 but only x4 ?
  8. Are you also on an old V5 Unraid or older like the OP ? If not, you would be better off asking in the current General support subforum :
  9. This would be part of the Community Applications plugin, not Unraid itself. You should probably ask there :
  10. It seems there are a number of Jumpers on your motherboard. You should check if they are on the appropriate position. If that doesn't help, you might try to Clear CMOS ?
  11. Limetech never provides ETA and Soon™ has often the answer provided in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way by the team. It has rubbed on many long time users.
  12. Could be the trick of 1 random USB Flashdrive to have something in the array and all the other drives in Pool(s) with BTRFS/ZFS Raid. However, it's a decision that is OK to do for a end user understanding the OS and the limitations & requirements of doing that. Doing that out of the box on that kind of system seems risky. OR They except that by then, the Array requirement will be lifted as already hinted at. (6.13 ?) As for your question on the other thread about Limetech information / involvement, they could plan for using the OEM option, maybe ? But from the video it does not look super serious so everything is possible.
  13. that is true for 6.12. It is planned to have Unraid's parity protected Array to be one pool type among others. If it is confirmed, you would have the possibility to add several Arrays. When would this be available, I do not know.
  14. If memory serves, the license's validity is only checked at Array start, so you should be fine as long as you don't stop it, reboot, etc.
  15. The issue is only for some users on some specific use case. It works fine for most people. It sucks when you are among the people having the issue but I am not sure it is a reason to pull 6.12 altogether.
  16. Hi @brdje, for this kind of issues, there is not much the volunteers of the forum can do. You should contact support from the email used for the purchase and as much details as possible. They should help you out quickly.
  17. Probably not as the support is only available on kernel 6.2+ from what I understand.
  18. Hi @madmanpierre I think that there is a way to change the keyboard language (so perhaps DVORAK is among the choice). While I cannot help you on that, I sure that someone can. I've moved the thread to the appropriate section as I doubt that you are using v5 or older but v6 given your post history.
  19. If you plan to plug the drives directly to the HBA without any backplane or extender, you will need 'Forward breakout cables' from the appropriate SFF connector from you HBA (probably SFF-8087 in you case ?) to SATA.
  20. Then I would say that it is a Unassigned Devices bug, not an Unraid bug. You should report that in the plugin's thread.