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  1. Since I am about to fill up my Movie server (24 - 6TB drives) I am building a second server for Movies. Once that is built and running how do I combine the folders from both servers to appear as one? All movies are Blu-ray rips so data speed is important. Should I run something like Plex on a 3rd system to pull from both servers? Looking for guidance. Norco 24 drive case Unraid 6.2.4 XFS file system
  2. How I missed that I don't know! Tried that and this is as far as I can get
  3. No because I still can't remember how to get to different drives in MC. Can see all the files in the USB but for the life of me can't remember how to navigate to other drives so I can move things. Hate getting old.
  4. disk 1 8 plus has the movie folder in it and it contains the 4.4tb I have my movies sorted by rating on each drive
  5. Without parity the files move faster from Windows and I have all of those files on other drives Did a screenshot with the commands you requested What happened is I added shares where I didn't need to so I could map each individual drive. Now I am just trying to move those files off of each drive into a non shared drive so I can delete the share and clean up my mess. Been too long since I fooled with Unraid so don't remember what I used to do. And never good at command line anyway. Tks
  6. I have one folder on that drive "Movies" then each movie is in its own folder within that top level folder. Nothing else.
  7. Zonediver - when I SSH via Putty into my server I get a connection error - connection refused Rob - when I used the cp -r command it created an image rather that moving the files. I don't want a disk image, I just want to move the files What I end up with on the disk that I am coping the files to is disk1\system\docker\docker.img So I am still stuck
  8. Yes, I know this should be easy but I am stumped. Haven't ran my server for a few years so I decided to upgrade with new 6TB drives and rerip all movies (over 4K). Upgraded to 6.2.4 and started fresh with the new xfs file system. Now I have data on one drive I want to move to another, Windows is slow and I am trying to use Linux or MC. When I telnet into MC via Putty all I see is the usb drive that Unraid is on. Cannot remember for the life of me how to get to another drive in MC When I copy the files via cp -r /mnt/disk1 /mnt/disk10 it moves the files into an disc image rather that just the files as they are Something simple is driving me nuts so any help is appreciated
  9. I use a HP N36L Microserver with 1gb memory for preclearing using 32bit unraid. Here are my results while preclearing 4 - 6tb WD Red drives at the same time. These results were of the first pass preclear using Joe's standard preclear and the second pass preclear using the faster preclear. As you can see it cut the Post Read time by 18 hours or almost 50%.
  10. http://www.rakuten.com/prod/seagate-expansion-stbv4000100-4-tb-3-5-external-hard-drive-desktop/247665800.html Use coupon code "SEAGATE20" to get the $139.99/delivered price
  11. Ships free too! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008DW976A/ref=nosim/?ascsubtag=FWblpuem&tag=fatwalletcom&linkCode=as1 Limit 5
  12. Code was good only up to $100 discount. Got 3 so thanks.
  13. I sent 4 2tb WD20EARS drives in for warranty and got 4 Recertified 3tb WD30EZRX drives back all under the same 3 year warranty. Nice since I was getting ready to start buying my first 3tb drives.
  14. I am running the following system: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO 2GB memory Corsair TX650W PSU SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 controllers - controlling 16 drives Parity drive: Hitachi HDS72202 - connected to motherboard Drives: mix 6 - Hitachi HDS72202, 9 - WD EARS , and 3 - Samsung HD203WI All WD EARS drives are jumpered All 2TB drives Norco 4224 case unRaid version 4.5.6 The first 16 drives in the system are connected to the SuperMicro controllers. The spaces for the last 4 data drives and the parity drive are hooked up to the motherboard. I started having issues when I added the first WD EARS drive to the motherboard. System started having little issues and would no longer preclear drives. I could write and read that last drive with no issues. When I precleared another WD EARS drive on my other server and put it in this server then my write speeds to the data drive on the motherboard went down to 5 - 10 MB/sec where it had been 35 to 40 MB/sec before. I was also having issues getting a clean power down and the unit would run a parity check on reboot many times. I also started seeing sync issues and had one drive reported as bad yet when I ran a preclear on the bad drive it had no issues. I changed motherboards, Norco cases, and reverse breakout cables trying to figure out why my system was acting strange and why my write speeds went down so far. I replaced the two WD drives connected to the motherboard with Hitachi drives and all has returned to normal. No more sync errors, write speed it back up to almost 40 MB/sec and the system seems to be booting up and powering down without issue anymore. I have checked the AHCI setting and that is correct. My question is why would the WD drives only give me issues when they are hooked directly to the motherboard and not to the controllers. I had no issues at all until I added these drives to the motherboard. What could be the conflict? I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and only when I replaced those WD drives on the motherboard did things go back to normal. Any help or opinions are appreciated. syslog-2011-06-17_tower2.txt