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  1. Yes, it it shows up with "mount" as an option.
  2. Just to add to the disks not spinning down issue. I had an unassigned thumb drive hooked to my server and the syslog was throwing "emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sde" notices every 15min. I unmounted the drive yesterday, however, to my surprise, syslog is still filing with "emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sde" every 15min. Anyone experiencing the same?
  3. I use Mullvad. Haven't had a single problem yet. As far as I can tell, then support port forwarding on all of their servers.
  4. Just throwing this out there is maybe there is someones else experiencing similar issues. I use Bromite on mobile, and everytime I visit unraid forums, the browser hangs and ask to force close. Sometimes it loads the forum homepage, and hangs in the next selected section or sometimes it hangs outright. And it only happens on this page (unraid webgui is fine). Haven't otherwise experienced a browser crash on mobile.
  5. I'm gonna ask my question here as it's somewhat related to this topic. I had 2 events with the thumb drive running unraid so far. Both times I copied the config folder over to the new thumb drive, and both times I was greeted by a rather old config (6 months ish), as the dockers listed were long gone and not installed anymore. The reason this baffles me is that both times I copied the config folder from a less then a week old thumb drive backup (I have weekly backups of my thumb drive using the excellent CA plugin). I was able to one click reinstall everything using the
  6. Do you see the docker you used if you go under "past apps" (or something like that - going off memory) in the community apps tab? The good thing about that awesome feature is that not only has your apps/docker install history, it also remembers the config you used with it. That basically means reinstalling everything is a one click affair.
  7. Hello guys, I recently changed my off the shelf router for a pfSense box, and since then when I try to connect to the nextcloud web UI, I get a 504 Gateway Time-out. I only ever use Nextcloud on the local network, I don't have any reverse proxies and other then changing the router, everything else remains the same. How should I go about troubleshooting it? EDIT: Fixed it. The issue was in www/nextcloud/config/config.php, pointing to an old address.
  8. Spaceinvader posted a video about event device passthrough. Have a look at that and see if that helps with the latency issues?
  9. I had a similar issue where everything would lock up and crash unraid. Started out of the blue too. For my case it turned out to be USB controller which wasn't resetting properly. Which device does this part of the XML correspond to? <controller type='pci' index='10' model='pcie-to-pci-bridge'> <model name='pcie-pci-bridge'/> <alias name='pci.10'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x02' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </controller> For my case, the template would always get edited to pcie-to-pci-bridge and the syst
  10. This is an issue described here in this topic. I decided to post it under here becase @jonp showed interest in debugging it. Basically, the reason the VM template hangs at updating is because, the template itself has a wrong path to the vdisk (always uses its VM namesake folder), and no matter how many times you correct it manually, upon next edit it will not remember the correct location.
  11. Just throwing this here; I had to make a new Unraid boot drive which used UEFI boot mode (the old one did not). That however resulted in all my linux VMs not booting up and Windows VM throwing the error code 43 error. Going back to legacy boot mode, fixed it all again. Hope this helps someone.
  12. TL;DR: Check vdisk path upon editing the template. I have a VM named Spynet, which has a correct vdisk path by /mnt/user/domains/Skynet/vdisk1.iso Whenever I edit the template, the template thinks the vdisk location is /mnt/user/domains/Spynet/vdisk1.iso which doesnt actually exist and results in the that dreaded Updating... The bug here would be, that the template does not remember the manual location and always reverts to auto which always looks from the vdisk inside the VMs namesake folder. Hope this helps someone.
  13. This is great! The backup is from this monday, the disk assignments are the same.
  14. Hello, Today, in the middle of troubleshooting my USB controller not resetting properly (that error 127 thing), my flash drive died. Most of the files on it are missing and corrupted. Chkdsk corrected a few things, but things still look the same. I have a backup of the flash drive on my array (lesson learned there) which obviously I couldn't get to when creating a new bootable flash drive. I had to replace to old key. Since I got to my backups with starting the array with correct disk assignments, my question is if I could just copy over all the files (excep