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  1. Jorgen

    Load VM from Command Line?

    What you really want is this though
  2. Restarting AFP on unRAID should resolve it, quicker and less intrusive then a reboot. See this post for instructions and speculation on why it’s happening:
  3. Sorry not sure what to suggest next then. Maybe ensure you’re using the exact clover version from the video (I’ve had no luck with most recent release and high sierra), or try with osx key instead of FakeSMC. Or wait for the real experts to chime in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Try with two CPUs, and adjust the topology accordingly. I don’t think Mac OS likes a single cpu. And you are using FakeSMC in clover, right?
  5. Also check out this thread for some more thoughts on building in that case:
  6. I know this is too late, but I recommend a SFX PSU in that case. Nothing wrong with the seasonic, I have the exact same model. But it takes up more room than necessary and it doesn’t have a silent mode, the fan is always spinning. Space is at a premium in the node 304 especially when you have 4+ drives. You will discover this soon when trying to wrangle all the cables into submission... The standard case fans are pretty good too, I wasn’t able to justify the noctua cost when I was trying to make my server as silent as possible. Please post build logs! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Yes, latest stable version: https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    If you want Handbrake 1.1.0 I think you need to use docker tag 1.14.1: https://github.com/jlesage/docker-handbrake/releases
  9. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    You should be able to specify an older release by adding the correct tag to the Repository setting in the unRAID docker template. E.g. jlesage/handbrake:v1.13.5 For available tags, see https://hub.docker.com/r/jlesage/handbrake/tags/ I don't know which tag correspond to 1.1.0 though. Edit: if you specify a particular tag you will be stuck on that version forever and won't be notified of updates. Remove the tag to get back on the "latest" releases.
  10. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Ok, thanks for pointing this out. I had (wrongly) assumed that QSV only added hardware acceleration to the normal h264 encoder, but after somme googling I now realise it's a completely different implementation of h264 encoding with different parameters and tradeoffs between quality/speed/file size. For other's benefit, QSV is really intended for real time streaming conversions where speed is more important than quality. If you care about quality, sacrifice raw speed and use the normal CPU powered encoders in Handbrake instead and you'll get better quality in smaller file sizes. Apparently, the best quality you can hope for using QSV is on par with the Veryfast preset for normal h264, but the file size will be larger. There are some tuning parameters you can add to QSV to improve things somewhat, but don't expect miracles: https://handbrake.fr/docs/en/latest/technical/video-qsv-options.html
  11. Go to the settings page for your TM share, and set AFP Security Settings/Volume dbpath to a directory that will persist on your cache drive (assuming you have a cache drive). TM constantly (well, every 10 minutes) checks info stored in some TM database files. If these are located on your array disk, the disk will spin up. By configuring the share as above, those files are actually stored on the cache drive. Not only does that prevent the array disk to spin up, the whole operation is also much faster. In fact, I recommend you do the same for ALL your AFP shares as it greatly improves general file browsing performance (ever waited 5 minutes for a share directory listing to be displayed in Finder?) This is from the unRAID help for Volume dbpath:
  12. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Aha. I’ve got a Haswell, will do some quality comparisons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    What do you mean about the quality not being there? Do you see a difference in actual output quality when using QS? Or am I misreading your comment?
  14. Jorgen

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    Happy to confirm this is working with the watch folder now! Thanks again!
  15. Jorgen

    [Support] binhex - NZBGet

    Spoke too soon, problem has come back overnight. Deleting the Radarr container+image and re-installing fixed it again.