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  1. I have been dealing with similar issues for months, it will just randomly lock up and require a hard reset. Sometimes multiple times in a single day, others it will go weeks between. I can not seem to narrow down the issue but it happens more when it is actively doing something. It never saves diagnostics or logs which makes it a real pain as well. Only started happening after updating to 6.9.2, although it was not right away after updating.
  2. I seem to be having general PIA wireguard VPN issues in addition to the prioxy issues above as well. Takes a long time for the qbittorrent to start up and it seems to be during the VPN setup. Then the connection seems really unstable with downloads sometimes not starting at all, others going very slow and other working normally. Once it starts working normally, it seems to stay that way as long as I don't touch anything. Very inconsistent though.
  3. For the last few weeks I have had issues with the privoxy HTTP proxy in qbittorrent. the *arr's can't seem to connect to anything through it most of the time. I tried using the binhex dedicated privoxy container that supported Socks5 proxy and they work fine through that but that is another VPN connection I have running. Does anyone know why the HTTP proxy in qbittorrent stopped working? Or does anyone know how to enable a socks5 proxy in it? I have not changed any settings in months and it was working fine.
  4. Yeah, this is why I went with the more dedicated docker setup since it was designed for this use case. /tmp works fine for a lot of things but not everything. If it works, great go ahead and use it. If not then swap to the dedicated docker tmp.
  5. Just wanted to report that I got the title and icon changed. Ended up deciding it would be easier to just map the whole /usr/share/novnc/app/ to appdata then edit the files in there so they are persistent. Only issue I ran into is that firefox seems to pull the 192x192 icon image where chrome pulls the 144x144. So that threw me for a loop for a bit. After mapping it and clearing cookies etc it is working great!
  6. Great, that should get me going. I mostly had no idea where to start looking for the files. I will mess around with it later and see what I can come up with. Should be able to get it working with this info. Thanks
  7. Cool, that doesn't sound that bad, was considering coping the container and customizing it internally if there was not an option like this. Currently have 2 containers running but I am liking this setup so thinking about using another one or 2 if these pan out. For my work it makes life a lot easier. Is there a way to use that script to update the icon for the container as well? Where is the icon stored in the container?
  8. I am using your firefox image and it is working good to be able to stay logged into the same site under multiple accounts easily and from multiple machines. I was curious, is it possible to edit the icon/title that it shows in the VNC window? Is it stored someplace I could replace it? Or is there a variable that can be edited? It gets kinda confusing having multiple windows with the same icons next to each other.
  9. Depends on if he is talking packet sniffing reconnects or something larger. IIRC when some packet sniffing was done there was something like reconnects/timeouts happening at the protocol level in this thread but that was some time ago and might not remember correctly.
  10. I ended up moving everything to a VM on unraid and it has been a lot more stable since then. Although I also can't get a few to re-sync. Almost made it to 1 chia farmed, at this point really thinking about calling it quits once I reach that point. Already killed one SSD due to chia. With all the forks running, I am seeing ~400gb/day of writes ONLY farming. Total profit after 6 months of farming it like $250 with all the forks combined. VS mining on a single 3070 making $150 a month. Chia farming is just not making a lot of sense, all things considered it is hardly paying for the power usage in my case (~500w all combined)
  11. I am embarrassed that I didn't include this in the OP lol. Don't feel too bad, I setup a new docker the other day and forgot to do this as well and took me longer then it should have to figure out the issue.
  12. Was doing some more troubleshooting but since I have no idea how or why this works I am out of my depth. I did find this error in the syslog when clicking on the cpu power button though. nginx: 2021/10/22 13:11:56 [error] 15209#15209: *138612 open() "/usr/local/emhttp/script" failed (2: No such file or directory) while sending to client, client: 192.168.x.xxx, server: xxx, request: "GET /script HTTP/2.0", host: "xxxxxxx.xxxxx", referrer: "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" I added the XXX's, the IP's and addresses were correct though. It seems to be looking for the script in "/usr/local/emhttp/script" instead of /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/myscript/script.page? No idea where to go from here.
  13. Ok, here is the script.page file: Menu="Tasks:94" Name="CPU Power" Type="xmenu" Tabs="true" Code="e942" and the cpu-power-switch.page file Menu="script" --- <? echo "<h1>Changing CPU Governer</h1><br><br>"; passthru("/bin/bash /boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/Power\ Governer\ switcher/script"); ?> <script>history.back();</script> I noticed that the 404 error just adds /script to the server address. aka, unraid.local/script Just confused since this all worked yesterday.
  14. While trying to track down a random kernel panic issue I am dealing with, I decided to upgrade to 6.10. After doing this the above script method does not seem to be working anymore? The tab is still there but when I click it I just get a 404 error? I checked and the files are still copied to the same location on array start and the script is unchanged from what was working yesterday? Any ideas why it is not working today after the update? I use this all the time, it is VERY handy. Cuts as much as 150-200w off the power draw when it is not doing anything time sensitive and I can crank it back up when I am working with it directly.
  15. Well, just setup my VM to farm from the machine in the garage over the very subpar wifi just to see how things go. Seems my bandwidth is limited to ~60mbit/s and it keeps that pegged most of the time. Only a few of the GUI's show the proof time but they seem to be hovering in the ~10 seconds range with 475 plots and 32 forks running. Gonna see how it goes as things settle in. Hoping that adding the mesh node closer to the garage will boost bandwidth out there to at least 100mb+. Worst case it is possible to run a cat6 cable out there but a lot more work.