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  1. Try running the "docker safe new perms" tool under the tools menu in unraid. Good place to start when you run into any permissions issues.
  2. Cool, it was surprisingly hard to find this info on google.
  3. Thanks! That did it. The steps and all the drivers needed for this to work should REALLY be included in the notes for the share in the VM setup or something. Even better the winfsp drivers could be a downloadable ISO that can be inserted as well.
  4. That did it! I saw the copypaste = no and wondered why that was there but figured there must be a reason lol.
  5. How are people even getting the vitrioFS share to show up in windows 10??? I have the share setup in unraid, I have the latest vitrio drivers installed yet I can not figure out any method for getting the share to show up?? After a lot fo searching the issue seems to be that the virtio-FS service will not start. If I try to manually start it, it just gives an error "service did not start in a timely fashion". https://github.com/virtio-win/kvm-guest-drivers-windows/issues/550 This seems to indicate that it needs the WinFsp.Launcher and the VirtioFsDrv driver to work but I can not find these services installed? I am lost, this is a fresh clean VM install with the latest virtIO drivers and guest agent installed and not much else. Edit: Just installed 2 fresh clean windows 10 VM's and same issue on both of them as well.
  6. Tried it on both the windows and Ubuntu VM and sadly it is not working on either of them? I added the XML code near the bottom of the XML where there were other channel entrys. I installed the spice guest tools for windows and seems that ubuntu already had it installed for some reason. Could something of changed between 6.11.3 and 6.11.5?
  7. Thanks, this will help a lot, I need to copy links back and forth and have to run teamviewer just to do that right now, this will make things a lot simpler! This is for VNC correct? I seeing the app that it is installing is spice? Do they just use the same package?
  8. Very nice, so even on 11.5 you need to add that code or is it only for earlier versions? I am on 11.2 right now. Also using ubuntu primarily on the VM's that I need the clipboard for. Any idea if the command would be the same for them? The VM's are working on a job right now, I will try shutting them down and adding those commands when they finish.
  9. So one docker I think is sorely missing from unraid is a GUI archive handling docker. VM's have a lot of overhead and CLI archive handling is a pain. Krusader supposedly supports archive handling and it works ok for small archives but once you get into larger ones it seems to read the entire archive into memory before even opening it up. So if you have a 20gb+ archive well it crashes most of the time or takes a LOOOOOOONG time to open. I go out of my way to not interact with archives in krusader now since clicking the wrong thing will crash the docker or at least lock it up for a long time. A dedicated docker for Archive management would be great. 7zip would be cool, peazip is another one that seems to work well. Bonus points for batch archive handling. Just an idea.
  10. Those are the same servers I use, also what I was worried about with this tunnel implementation and leakage etc. Also no way to handle port forwarding it seems so guess I am stuck using the dockers with built in VPN's if on PIA.
  11. Very similar question, let us know who you go with and how they work. I like PIA since there are no limits on how or how much you use the service and the price is good as well. When you say you have the change the servers on PIA a lot, why is that?
  12. 1: How is it possible to leak the DNS to your ISP if the tunnel is exclusive? That is what is confusing me, it should not be possible to leak DNS if it truly has a "kill switch" since all traffic would be coming from the other end of the tunnel and it would never even see your local network, or am I misunderstanding? 2: So the tunnel will only be used if you set the docker to use it? It will not funnel all internet traffic from the server through it by default? 3: The issue with sending a docker though a custom tunnel is won't webguis/vnc not work since they will not have an open port for local IP access?
  13. Far as I can tell there is no kill switch or other safety mechinisum to block the internet if the VPN goes down for some reason. If that happened it would just keep using the internet under your real IP without interruptions and you would have no idea.
  14. Is the built in wireguard implementation as good as the ones built into binhex containers? I am guessing not. Is there anyway to "upgrade" the built into wireguard VPN to be as good as the binhex. Aka no worries about leaking a real IP / DNS leak etc? It would be a lot simpler to just have everything routed though the vpn vs trying to setup each container.
  15. I can understand that, maybe add a "settings" section and allow the conversion process to be enabled as an advanced feature with a warning? Cool, seems like it would be fairly simple and make it a lot easier to take a snapshot of everything before doing maintenance / backups etc. I think this is an easier way to view them then each share having it's own snapshot folder so you have to scroll through all the shares when looking for a date. This way you have all the snapshot dates listing and under each date folder are all the shares that were snapshotted at that time. /mnt/cache/.snapshots/daily snapshot 11-12-22/share 1 /mnt/cache/.snapshots/daily snapshot 11-12-22/share 2 /mnt/cache/.snapshots/daily snapshot 11-12-22/share 3 Then you have the next day snapshot folder and under it all the shares /mnt/cache/.snapshots/daily snapshot 11-13-22/share 1 /mnt/cache/.snapshots/daily snapshot 11-13-22/share 2 /mnt/cache/.snapshots/daily snapshot 11-13-22/share 3 Yeah, I knew this was possible but never looked into how to actually use it. It would be really cool it have a seprate section for backups that would automate the process somewhat. For example in my server I keep all my backup drives in a fire safe and only plug them in when I am doing the backup, extends the life of the drives and protects them, I have a feeling that many home users do it similar with external drives they plug in etc. So the backup section could 1: find the matching volume on the backup, ideally by the drive/volume ID so that all you have to do it mount the drive via UD 2: compare the data to make sure you are sending it to the right drive. 3: let you know how much will be transferred 4: automate taking snapshots of the backup drives before updating the data 5: If using a remote backup over the network, handle all that setup and run the same checks as above. I do not know how it works, so can't really give much in the way of detailed suggestions lol. Yeah, I saw it was still beta, thats why I figured some opinions from a new user might be helpful, you can only have a first impression once lol. I used to do some beta testing back in the day so I got in the habit of jotting down notes when first looking at a new piece of software. The scripts I use are posted here, I tweaked the OP script some further down the thread, pretty sure I have not changed them since then. I did see the simple guide, it answered most of the basic questions but didn't go into any detail on how the send snapshot works, having never used it in any form I have no idea how it would work in any form. Guessing on a local system I would just input another volume and it would send it over there but I am sure there is more to it then that. Particularly for remote backups. Overall it is a really really good start! A few tweaks here and there and I can see this being the missing piece I have been looking for with my unraid experience. Right now the biggest issue is being able to set settings in bulk, I just don't have the metal fortitude to go setup each and every share on each drive individually. That would be hundreds of cases of entering the same data over and over and what if I needed to change something, oh the horror! lol. Having the option to edit each sub-volume on each drive individually is fantastic! I am going to guess that 95% of users will be just fine using the same relative settings for everything though. Having a system to apply settings in bulk with check boxes for all that they will apply to and relative paths would be much easier. GREAT work so far!