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  1. yeah that^. Most people either do not use dockers or if they do do not keep track of the writes to the SSD's until they have an issue.
  2. Still wish this could be turned into a plugin, would make things so much simpler and is a prime candidate IMHO.
  3. While I agree with the rest (although had mixed results with adding more ram, I now have 256gb of ram and had to limit wrtitecache to ~2gb or it would have lockups). I did extensive testing with encryption and btrfs / XFS and noticed no difference with either of these on SMB performance at all. While they can technically slow down the drive speed SMB with small files is limited by the SMB bottleneck, not the drive speed. Even on windows with small files getting more then a few MB/s of writes was good, 10mb/s was really good. You are well below drive bottlenecks at those speeds.* You would have to have a REALLY slow CPU for either of these to make a noticeable difference in my testing. Even locking my CPU to 1200mhz didn't noticeably slow down speed tests to the drives when I was testing raw drive speed. I was only using an I5 2500 at the time as well. *obviously there are edge cases that could not be the case but practically with hardware from the last half decade, it is highly unlikely
  4. Unraid fixed their side of the issue, the rest of the issue seems to be a linux/windows issue. I have found that a faster CPU on the unraid machine helps some. Also use direct disk share access and not the user share, this also improves things. It is still much slower then when I was using windows but the other features of unraid make the switch well worth it. Docker alone is worth the hassle in my case, I have like 20+ of them running and they are just so nice. BTRFS file system is also Super nice to have. Already caught a few corrupted files here and there that windows would not of (or other linux file systems outside of ZFS). If you are just setting things up, highly recomend using BTRFS for the file system on all drives, easy to do now, hard later. Also recommend disk encryption, just good peace of mind. If you ever have to RMA a drive, you don't have to worry about wiping it first.
  5. What bug is this? I just had to rebuild all my dockers and my qbittorrent lost all of it's settings, it is like it is not even reading the conf file since all the settings are correct in it. Also if I update the settings, the .conf file is not updated yet the settings seem to stick? Is it using a new conf file that is not mapped to appdata now? Edit: Can confirm that the .conf seems to be the issue, reverted to that version and all my settings showed back up and it is using the correct conf again. Seems the new version is using a differnt conf location or something.
  6. I would also like to see this option added. Been trying to figure out how to do it manually but have yet to find any good writeups. Can't tell if I manually mount a drive with compression if it will "stick" after a reboot, doesn't seem like it.
  7. No worries, was just not sure if I missed it.
  8. I was not sure if you had time to look at this yet? No big deal, didn't see an update so far. No worries if you have not had time. To refresh your memory:
  9. Yeah no worries, sounded like you had it sorted so was not sure if it was an issue with it being pushed or just had not done it yet.
  10. Cool, band-aids are perfectly acceptable. lol. I tried updating the docker but it did not pull anything, guess you have not pushed the update yet?
  11. the makmkv docker is complaining that it is too old and must be updated to be used?
  12. No, just a standard bridge network setup. It seems to be something about how it interacts with the drives since it always complains about sync issues when it does crash.
  13. No worries, luckily I was getting a head start on this project so I have some time to spare. Thanks!
  14. Trying to setup your Debian-APT-Mirror docker but having an odd issue. ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Adding user: debian to www-data--- The user `debian' is already a member of `www-data'. ---Setting umask to 0000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--- ---No optional script found, continuing--- ---Starting cron--- ---Starting apache2--- ---Starting...--- ---Something went horribly wrong, can't find the mirror directory!--- I have checked things over and over, I have the folder mapped to valid paths, if I manually create files in these folders, either inside the docker or on the server side, it is visible and editable from both ends. I also manually created the mirror dir under the data folder but didn't help. It is like it is using another folder tree entirely. I manually started apt-mirror and it ran but started filling up my docker image but I could not figure out where the files were going. It is using all default settings in the mirror.list file for now. The download itself seemed to be working fine.