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  1. Yes, I still can not get TMM to work on anything, it refuses to write to anything even though I can happily write to the folders from the docker console. It just suddenly broke one day and I can't figure out why.
  2. No, I was hoping to avoid having to re setup all the settings but that might be needed lol
  3. Yes, I tried that as well, I am out of ideas as well.
  4. Yeah I considered that as well which is why I tried editing/writing/moving files from the docker console, so inside the TMM instance. It all works fine in there so the docker instance itself is not the issue, it has to be something with TMM it would seem. I also ran the docker safe permissions script from the unraid tools menu as well to make sure permissions were not an issue. The strange part is it used to work fine, it just stopped working for some reason.
  5. So I am trying to use this version of TMM but anytime I try to do anything with it, it just throws errors complaining about not being able to rename/move files. Seems like it does not have write permission? Yet if I go into the console for the container I can write, move, rename etc into the folders perfectly fine?
  6. Yeah, I was surprised by this as well, seems like one of the more vital things I would want to monitor, all I really look at in netdata are temps, fan speeds and then the basic cpu/ram/disk etc
  7. I have no idea but I am interested in what you find out. I used hddtemp for awhile and it works but I found it broke drive spinddown. I would like to get drive temps back into netdata. The better place to ask about this type of stuff is the github, they have been real good when I have had questions over there.
  8. Interesting, was not aware of that catch. I will just remove the snapshots before I suppose.
  9. Thanks, at one point I messed with manual compression and found that you can run a "defragment" operation to force the compression of existing data, I suppose unraid is just not using that option? Maybe it could be added before 6.12 official? If not I suppose I could run the defrag manually and it would not hurt anything? I guess I can just move all the data off and then move it back, just seems like a lot of wasted effort lol.
  10. Ok thanks, as long as there is something to control my fans that is all I am worried about and I need some of the nerdpack tools. 6000rpm fans and the living room do not mix lol.
  11. I am waiting until the stable release comes out to try this myself but noticed that the ipmi plugin seems to not be working with 6.12? Anyone know if it will be fixed? I got to have it to control my fans. It also seems that nerdpack is broken this time? Anyone know if it will be updated? Lastly, will BTRFS compression be able to be applied to existing shares/drives?
  12. I didn't feel safe using the wireguard tunnel so I just stuck with the individual docker VPN's. Have not had any issues with those.