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  1. I didn't feel safe using the wireguard tunnel so I just stuck with the individual docker VPN's. Have not had any issues with those.
  2. Yes it is, that is why I would prefer to use ZFS but until that add it in to the stable release that is not really an option in this case.
  3. Ok, guess I will see where things stand once the hardware is ordered.
  4. Thanks for that, I didn't read the whole thread but looks like it is getting close? Is there any indication when it would be put into a stable release? month? 6 months? A year? If it is semi-soon I think I will just have his collect the hardware and wait on actually setting things up until ZFS is supported. That will work a lot better.
  5. Long story short, someone wants me to build them a killer NAS with all the fixins. The issue I am running into is that this server will be a VERY high end system, having more then the 30 drives that unraid allows in the array is highly likely. They also plan to have many users using it at once (plex), so the normal array will not be ideal from a bandwidth perspective either. This leaves me with using BTRFS raid 5 pools or the ZFS plugin (which I have not done a tone of research on). Raid1 is not practical at this scale. Is there any indication of when official ZFS support will be added to unraid? Suggestions for the best option?
  6. It always checks for the keyfile before starting the array, if it is there it tries it first and complains if it doesn't work. If it is missing it prompts for you to enter the password
  7. Taking snapshots of each disk is simple. They will also be combined together just like unraid does to everything else if viewing remotely. You are saying you want them exported to windows so you can see them under the previous versions? That can be done but sadly I have not been able to get it to work personally. If someone knows how it would be FANTASTIC if this plugin could make the necessary config changes automatically.
  8. I can understand the reasoning, same reason I made it optional on one of the scripts I posted sometime back. I think that under some kind of advanced menu with a warning it should be ok though.
  9. Why is that? You con convert shares into sub volumes so they can be snapshotted indivdually quite easily. IMHO it should be added to the plugin but it can be done manually with a few basic commands.
  10. Opps, my bad, that is my custom path for my server, I have a separate cache pool just for the dockers and my normal cache is on raid5 15k drives. Yes, just swap it to whatever your cache path is. Although I don't actually use the write cache for the array to be honest. I like controlling which disk the data is put on so I move most data to the array manually using the disk paths. Most of the network usage is either reading or directly to the cache. The stuff that is not are generally backups and that is limited by SMB due to small files, so no reason to use cache.
  11. Are you using a "stop" script like in that guide? I do not have any issues when using that, it stops all the dockers and then syncs the ramdisk back to appdata before the rest of the shutdown process is started. I did have to extend the total shutdown timeout for the server some to make sure everything finished (think the setting is settings > disk settings > shutdown timeout). That said I have not paid attention to is all the dockers are shut down nicely, never really noticed that one.
  12. So I got the vitrioFS working on windows, I am trying to get it working on ubuntu now (of the 9p version, never could get that to work either) but can't figure out what I need to install to get it working?
  13. Try running the "docker safe new perms" tool under the tools menu in unraid. Good place to start when you run into any permissions issues.
  14. Cool, it was surprisingly hard to find this info on google.
  15. Thanks! That did it. The steps and all the drivers needed for this to work should REALLY be included in the notes for the share in the VM setup or something. Even better the winfsp drivers could be a downloadable ISO that can be inserted as well.