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  1. I'm a little sus that your GitHub does not exist anymore... Where did it go?
  2. You are quite right. I should update the instructions removing that warning as I highly doubt anyone is still running the older version of Unraid and so there is no need to keep those instructions. Just follow the instructions in the template adding the --runtime=nvidia option and the other things that it says to.
  3. I'll need all the logs. There are items in your Post-Processor queue that are either taking a long time or are throwing exceptions and staying in cache.
  4. No worries. To make Unmanic rerun a file, remove the failure from your historic tasks list then rerun the scan.
  5. I cannot be more clear to you that this is a PICNIC. You need to modify your template to remove the /library/tv and /library/movies directories. This has absolutely nothing to do with Unmanic nor the template being an issue, only your configuration of the Unraid template. Look very carefully at my screenshots of the template below and do that!
  6. The legendary @Cpt. Chaz has released another video showcasing Unmanic and goes into details of the initial setup process for Unraid. Check it out: This video has also been added to the first post.
  7. Not a problem at all. The plugin flow is the most important part of the configuration. It is what adds so many custom options and I need people to understand how it works... In that video you have pinned, about 35:35 the way through it I start working on the plugin flow. (Just as a follow alone reference) There are currently no tests which will return either a false or a true state. They all at this point in time are written to produce a false/none or true/none. You have been correct about putting the file extension test first. That plugin returns a false or none result. It is not testing if a file IS in the list of extensions. It is testing if it IS NOT in that list. If the file IS NOT in that list, it returns false. So if it is in that list of extensions, that plugin runner is returning none, which I just explained in the last post will result in the next test being carried out. Any of the plugins which say "ignore" or "limit" are as described above. Does that make sense?
  8. The file test flow is carried out in order - top to bottom. Each plugin has a function that is called as a file tester to see if the file should be added to the pending tasks. When a single plugin completes its file test run, it returns one of three values: 1. True - that plugin found the file was needing to be added. 2. False - that plugin found the file should not be added. 3. None - this plugin did not care about this file. Only in the situation where a plugin returns "none" does it move onto the next file test plugin in the flow list. If a file test runner returns either true or false, it stops all further tests. There are then 3 overall "states" that can be the results of the file test after the plugins have run: 1. "True" - The file tests were run. At least one of these said the file should be added. No subsequent plugin tests were run after receiving that particular plugin's result. 2. "False" - A single file test stated that the file should not be added. Once one test returns False, no other tests are run and the file is ignored (fails fast). 3. "None" - All file tests completed and none of them stated that the file should or should not be added. The only time above when a file is added to the task list is when state No. 1 above is met. So to answer your question, yes. The flow order for tests matters a lot.
  9. I do not think you are smelling what I'm stepping in... I was being sarcastic, sorry. You have posted a screenshot of a bunch of completed tasks, possibly in the hopes that someone can help you. However you may not realise that no one here can see your logs or your application configuration and therefore no one can help you. The only reason you may wish to share such a screen shot on its own is if you do not want any help and are just showing the fruits of your own doing. Maybe this was what you were doing? Hence I would ask, "why would you configure the application to do that?" Or did you just forget to add the required context such as logs and screenshots of your setup and the add something to the post asking for assistance?
  10. That's interesting... I've updated staging to be more forgiving for you if you would like to test it out?
  11. Why would you configure Unmanic to do that?
  12. Do you have any proxies or firewall configurations that would prevent Unmanic from communicating with the Auth server every few hours? I have not checked the Auth server before, but I have seen in the past where someone was running a firewall or VPN and it was blocking half the data so the Auth server was receiving incomplete data and logging the user out.
  13. Yes. But there will still be dragons. If you want to do that it would be really helpful. There will likely be issues with the container compatibility that is configured. I did my best, but I'm not an expert when it comes to what codecs are supported by what containers. What I decided to do with this plugin was create a compatibility file for the containers: If you remux from mkv to mp4, the mp4 container does not list subrip as a compatible subtitle in "codec_names", so it will convert with the default encoder (for mp4 that is mov_text). This will still cause issues with image based subtitles and i'm not sure what else at this point. So I would live feedback if people are getting errors in the ffmpeg command, that will help me build this JSON file and form a better compatibility list.
  14. I've pushed an update to the "Remux Video Files" plugin - this is now improved to handle transcoding streams that are not compatible with the destination container. For example, if you have a wmv and you want it converted to an mp4, this will need to be transcoded. It will default to h264/aac. If the stream type is not compatible, then it will just be removed. This will only affect people coming from unique video containers, if you have a mkv file in h265/ac3 and you run it with this plugin to remux to mp4, it will not transcode the video stream as the plugin knows that mp4 files can handle h265, so that stream will be simply copied. For people running into issues with a codec not being compatible with the container they are wanting to move to, can you add this plugin in your plugin flow BEFORE any other FFmpeg tasks - eg, before audio sorting, h265 encoding, etc. cc: @Aerodb @EdwinZelf
  15. The lower-case 'tv' and 'movies' directories are created by the docker template. It has nothing to do with Unmanic itself. Unmanic has no code that is specific to "Movies" or "TVShows" - it is a library optimiser and is completely agnostic of what type of file library you have. So the only way this is possibly happening is because your template is not correct or another container is creating these folders. Take note of the docker create/run command that is executed when you apply the template: Make sure your template has the mount removed in the "Container Path:" section - not just the description...
  16. Yes, you are doing that wrong. Did you go to the link and read the file as it explains how to install the repo. The README links to these instructions:
  17. This plugin is read for testing in my development plugin repo... It works by reading the tags to detect if a stream is a stereo clone of a another stream. The tags generated will be "[Stereo]" if there is not title for that stream, or "English [Stereo]" if there was a title for the stream. This plugin should also be compatible with detecting if a file was already processed by the legacy version of Unmanic. You can configure options like bitrate etc in the advanced options (just like all the other ffmpeg plugins). I have added an example of how to do this. Let me know if you have any issues.
  18. Can you show me your docker template config?
  19. I'll look into is. Really not sure why mimetype is not detected.
  20. The old version of unmanic only picked up files my extension. This one, the plugins detect the mimetype from the extension to decide what it is. It may be worh looking into why a m4v file is not detectable and not considered a video by python... Is it officially a video file?
  21. Yea, there is log entries for each file with debugging enabled. If the m4v file is already h265, it will be ignored with that config.
  22. I don't have any m4v files. So can't test anything for you, but I can say that I'm confident you are missing something . Unmanic does not skip any files. It scans everything unless configured not to. What plugins are you running?
  23. Honestly then I would recommend purging the subs. They will cause you issues when switching between containers. You are better off DL your own subs.
  24. Yes and no. MKV has better support for a wider range of stream codecs (as far as I am aware). But you will still have the exact same issue if you, for example, then had to convert a MP4 with mov_text subtitles into a MKV (which does not support mov_text subtitles). I think there are a few fringe cases where a plugin that handles all 3 - video, audio and subtitle - streams would be worth having. For example, someone mentioned this week that WMV is not supported in the new version of Unmanic. And they are right. WMV has it's own set of codecs not compatible with the real world. So to transcode and remux that, we need to do audio and video at the same time. I think that having a "AIO - MP4 (X264 | X265 - AAC)" Plugin (with some config to limit by file extension) is worth creating for exactly these cases. Because it is specific to remux to MP4, it can be written to encode all text subs to mov_text if it detects them.
  25. Install the "Path Ignore" plugin. That can be configured to ignore any number of paths/files containing matching regex. The plugin has a few regex examples to get you started.