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  1. UPDATE: I got rid of the files. Turns out that Windows couldn't change anything about the files, but with the Krusader container, I could change the group owner. It was set to USERS and then I changed it to NOBODY. Then I could delete the files. Maybe Unraid and Windows were reporting an owner that was not the owner? I don't fully understand it, but the files and folders are now gone.
  2. This is an old directory. I changed the backup location in Syncthing and can see that it uses the new directory (it is backing up data there now). The old one is not in use by anything anymore. I have also tried to stop all my Docker containers, and I still can't delete them. When I run a plugin that shows file activity, then it does not show anything when I try to delete those files.
  3. I have looked at a few directories in there. Here is what I found when running the comman again, but deep inside the folder: I can delete the folders called "Dropbox.cache" and "Schermafdrukken" in Windows but they come back after a few moments. I can't delete them using the Krusader Docker, so I think this is just Windows being weird. I am seeing some weird permissions, but the folders and files that have the correct permissions (and are part of either the Nobody or Users group) still can't be deleted. What would the next step be? I could copy over all the relevant data and format the drive, but that does not seems like the correct solution.
  4. That might have been it. The container runs now. I used a long string made by a password manager that contained lot's of characters. I have now tested with a more reasonable password and now it starts.
  5. Hi, Sorry to ask another question after my Wreckfest issues earlier this week, but I have a problem with the Valheim container now. The issue is that I can't seem to get it started when a value is changed. When I download the container, and don't change anything, then I can connect to it in game. But when I download the container and change the world name and password, then the container does not want to start. I think it is stuck in a loop. I can see the CPU usage and ram usage ramp up, then drop down all the way to almost zero, then ramp up again. This keeps going and going. The logfile also seems to keep repeating the same steps. I have only changed the world name and given it a password: (the password field is not the password of that server. I only changed it to show what field I am editing) Here is a piece of the logfle. It seems to keep repeating the same steps at the bottom. valheim.txt
  6. Hi, Sorry to revive an old topic, but the problem has returned a few times and now seems to be here for good. I had to click on the Docker new params option a couple of times in the last few months since a few (different ones each time) files kept becomming inaccesible. Usually this fixed it for me, but now I have a few files that I can't seem to delete. I need to delete an old backup folder. I can rename the folder but not delete it in Windows or the Krusader container. Windows tells me that I need permission and the Krusader container seems to do nothing. Here is what I get when running your command: Could you please help me figure out why this folder is not removable?
  7. I got everything working! Took more time and effort than I want to admit, but that is not because of the Docker container, but because Wreckfest is picky about when it decides to work. I won't post all the troubleshooting I did that didn't work, but I tried reinstalling the container multiple times (sometimes it would find a mod and run fine after a reinstall where I didn't delete the old container), trying every mod just one at a time (got only 1 of my 6 mods to run, and when I disabled all mods, the server kept saying that mods were still active), tried a combination of the above, and eventually gave up. Then I wanted to just get the server running again and decided to boot the VM that I used to host the servers before I found your container. The modded server in the VM also wouldn't start. That made me believe that the conainter not working, might just be Wreckfest itself being picky. I also thought that maybe there is something wrong with the mods themselves. I download the mods again in Steam and then copied them to the container. Still no working server. I then rebooted the container by shutting it down first. Still nothing. Then I tried restarting the container and that worked! I had something similar with the VM once, where rebooting the Wreckfest server with a command would work, but not by shutting it down first. So now the server is running. I am not 100% sure what fixed it, but everytime I reboot it, it works. To anyone wanting to run mods on this container; Download the container Run the container and let it run for a few minutes. It will download some data. I found that if the CPU usage is higher than 1%, then it is busy doing something. Just wait. While you wait, you should forward the ports that you need. The ports are by default 27015-27016 and 33540. The protocol used is UDP but you could set it to "both". Stop the container Create a mods folder in the Wreckfest container. The container is located in you appdata share. Name the mods folder "mods" Find a mod you like on the Steam workshop Subscribe to that mod and let Steam download it (Optional) play with that mod in your game to see if you still like it. Navigate to your Steam workshop folder. Default in Windows is at; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content. I am not sure if the folders in there are the same for everybody, but my Wreckfest mods are in the folder called "228380" Copy the mods that you want on the server from this folder to your mods folder in the Wreckfest container(those folders also consist of number, but if you open one, there tends to be an image in there that shows you what mod it is. What it looks like; Identifying a mod by looking at the image in the workshop mod folder and comparing it to Steam: (Optional) rename the mod folder in the container. I shorted mine to just a few letters. "The very track pack" becomes "tvtp" etc; Go to the root directory of the container and open the server_config Scroll down until you the mods section Remove the "#" and put the names of the mods you want to run on your server there: Save the changes to this file and close it Start the container. Wait a few minutes. Basically repeat step 2 Start the game. Enable the mods you have running on your server in the game as well Restart the game Navigate to the multiplayer section Select "Server browser" Search for the server. The fastest way to test if you can connect to it, would be to search for it in the LAN section The server with mods should show up. If you can connect to it, then the server will show an image in color and a lock sign in the "Ping" column. If not then it will be a grey image and an X in the "Ping" column. If you can connect, then go to the next step. If not then restart the container by using the restart option, not stopping it first and then starting it again. This should get your server up and running Search for the server in the ONLINE section. Add it to your favorites to connect faster in te future. If your server does not show up in the LAN section in Wreckfest, then there is something wrong. Even wrong ports should show you a server here. If this happens, then I have no idea why. If your server does shop up in the LAN section but not in the INTERNET section, then there is a problem with your ports. Note: The containers show some information and errors in the Webui. I don't know why but it doesn't seem to be a problem. Maybe @ich777 can explain them: Please keep in mind that mods can be updated. If this happens, then your game will have the latest version, but the server will not. This can cause the message in game that tells you that the server and client data do not match. You could also try not renaming the mod folders and have a synchronisation program sync the workshop mod folders with the ones in the container. Then your mods will always be up to date. But this is not a valid option for everyone. Even with all of the above, keep in mind that Wreckfest can be very troublesome to run modded. This isn't the first time where I had a hard time getting it to run, and even a server that had been running for weeks just stopped working. But in the end, I am very happy to have this container.
  8. I feel like an idiot but to my defense, I never had to do anything like that before and assumed that I had to do something else. I will never make that mistake again. I am now trying to get the mods to work. You suggested that some mods might not be compatible with WINE. I have managed to get 1 of my 6 mods to work and am now trying multiple things to get the others to work as well. Mods are a bit weird though. Sometimes the container suddenly downloads a lot of extra stuff or takes a long time to come online. I will report back here with my findings.
  9. Have you forwarded the ports to the correct IP address? I made that mistake once. Had the ports forwarded to my VM that hosted the servers before, but forgot to change the forwarding rules to the IP of Unraid itself.
  10. I just tested a few more things. The non modded server is online and can be played on. The modded one only works when I disable the mods and rename the mod folder. Just disableing the mods in the server.config does not work since Wreckfest keeps telling me that there are still mods active. Could it be that mods are not working because the container is in beta? Here is a screenshot that shows where the mod folder is placed, how it is named, that mods are turned off in the server.config and that the game still says that the server has active mods; Turning on the mods in the server.config and trying to connect; Both the mods folder and server.config are copied from the VM that hosted the servers before. I know this combination works.
  11. That's it! I thought that I only needed to change the port, but you have to delete the whole line and then add it again. I assumed that deleting the entry meant that I had to delete the port that was already there and just put another port in there. Both servers now show up in LAN. Not online. I will try a few things and see if I can get it working. Most likely something wrong with the ports. I also can't connect to the modded server because it keeps telling me that it is a different version, but I had the same issues in the VM. I will ask for help again if I can't get it working.
  12. Hi, I did a search on here for the term "Wreckfest" but could not find any relevant hits. I saw that you have created a Wreckfest container. This is awesome! I was running a VM specifically for this game, but a Docker would be much better. Anyway, I am having issues getting a server to run on different ports. I downloaded the container and gave it a different name: Then I copied the server.config from my VM to the container. None of the ports have changed for this server. It starts and I can connect in game to this server. Everything works fine. But I also want to run a second server with a few added track mods. I got that to work on the VM but not the container. Here is the second container: I have changed the server.config accordingly; This server does not seem to come online. I can't find it in game. Not online and not in the lan section. Both servers use the same ports (that are forwarded) as the servers running in the VM. I tried only running the modded server only, but it doesn't come online. Do you know why a server with changed ports won't come online? Keep up the good work! I love your containers.
  13. Everytime I get an permission error, I run the "Docker new safe params" command. You can run that here: I don't know why that fixed it for me and have no idea why the permission keep going wonky.
  14. Hi, My main goal is to have the HDD's in the array spun down most of the time. However, some of my containers keep starting the drives back up. Mostly for small tasks. I want to chang when some containers run. Containers like Radarr, Sonarr, Bazarr etc will only have to run a few hours a week. Something like every sunday to monday night at 02:00 to 06:00. I have found a few threads on this forum that show me how I can create a shedule to start and stop those containers, but I want to also be able to start them whenever I need them to. I know that this can be done by logging into the webui of Unraid, but I would like shortcuts to do this. Logging in just to start a container is a bit of a chore. Is it possible to create a desktop shortcut on my Windows machine that enables me to start and stop Dockers on the Unraid server? If so, how do I make something like that? I searched a bit but couldn't find any info on this.
  15. Just made the post and now figured it out. I needed to run the Docker Safe New Params option. Turned out the the "k" folder was not deleted but Windows just showed it gone. After running the Docker command (why is it called Docker Safe New Params if this had nothing to do with Docker), I could delete it and the share is gone. Still don't know why the share was even there.
  16. Hi all, Like the title says, I have suddenly got a new share that I did not create. I can't seem to delete it either. My server has been down for a few days and today, I transfered it to my new hardware. I also decided to have an Unraid machine and a separete gaming rig. After booting up the new Unraid machine and making sure that the virtual machines and Dockers were working, I went to the shares tab and saw this: At the bottom there is a new share called "unRaidLars". I did not create that one and do not know why it is there. Here is more share info: I set the share to export so I could delete the data in there from my gaming rig and then delete the share, but there are 2 folders on that share. One is called "Download" and in there is another folder called "k". I can delete the "k" folder, but it comes back after a while. I can only rename the "Download" folder, not delete it. So the share keeps containing data. I also tried deleting the folders with the Krusader app, but the "Download" folder just can't be deleted. Could anyone help me figure out why this share is there and why I can't delete it?
  17. It took some time for it to happen again since I was trying to get SAM working on my server. It just happened again. I tried it and it then showed me all the shares. Why could that be? Do I need to change a setting somehwere?
  18. Hi, I got a new problem. Terraria on Steam got an update last week. I have restarted the Terraria docker multiple times this week but it doesn't find a new update. The docker is running version Steam has version Do you know why the docker container will not find the new update? I am not awake today. Just found that I am supposed to set the preffered version in the docker container. Sorry.
  19. It happened again. The shares have gone invisible: But Unraid is still the master browser. I think that means that there is another problem going on in my system. I also don't understand why there are 2 displays mentioned there while I do not know them. But They have been there for months.
  20. Thanks for the link. That is a big page so I will read most of it later. I checked all computers in the house and they are all part of the default workgroup. I never set anything up and they just found everything that was on the network. So I assume that all computers / virtual machines are just looking at everything available on the network. Unraid says: and all computers also say they are part of "WORKGROUP". I also found Yoda so my Unraid system is the local master. I will check that next time when it goes offline. That could take a few hours or a day. It is always random. If this problem is related to the local master thing, then the next time my shares go invisible, the Yoda logo should be gone.
  21. My server is always online. It runs multiple virtual machines. The only physical machines in the house, are 2 laptops from work. Would that cause problems? I have never heard of a "Master" server. I have downloaded the plugin you mentioned. The plugin says that it will display a Yoda logo if my server is the local master. I can't find that logo anywhere. Does that mean that something else on my network is fighting with Unraid?
  22. Bump. I still have this problem and need to either restart the whole server or the shares services. I have attached new diagnostics as it is happening right now again.
  23. Unfortunately, It shows the same behavior when I do a read check.
  24. I was thinking that maybe there were some weird files on there that got corrupted which caused the slow reads. I have never seen a drive not work correctly without any SMART errors or weird sounds.