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  1. Hi, I am running multiple Docker containers, including a few gameservers. I would like to give a few colleagues/friends access to this so they can start and stop the gameservers when needed. I do not want them to be able to access the other containers (I don't care if they can see them, but they shouldn't be able to start/stop them). How can I do this? Someone once suggested Portainer, but you need the business edition for this, and that is not available on the community applications.
  2. I realised 2 minutes ago that I am ineed mixing those 2 things up. Sorry.
  3. Hi, The console of all my Docker containers no longer shows any logs. Basically, I only see this screen: I have tried a different browser, incognito mode, and restarting the Docker service. Also rebooting the whole server did not help. The server was running 6.10.2, but because that broke a few Docker containers (permissions), I had to downgrade to 6.9.2. I did that by creating a 6.9.2 boot drive and copying all the bz files to the root of my 6.10.2 install. The server now says it is 6.9.2 and the permissions on Docker have been fixed. Could that have messed up the console? How would I fix this? Solved! I am just dumb and forgot that the logs are not shown there.
  4. I do not know how to troubleshoot this any further. Sorry, but I have very little experience with this. I can recommend to join the Ibracorp Discord server and post your problem in the "Docker" channel. That is the same channel where I posted my problems, and they were very helpfull. In my case I had permission issues on 6.10.2. Tried a testserver with the same Unraid version and had the same problems. Then tried a testserver with 6.9.2 and it worked first try.
  5. What Unraid version are you using? I had that problem in 6.10.2 because of wrong permissions. Also check the paths in your config
  6. Let me know if you need someone to test the container. I am not experienced when it comes to testing Docker, but I have a pretty heavy save for Space Engineers that could somewhat stresstest the performance. I have manged to get Space Engineers running in Pterodactyl today, but a Docker container would be much easier.
  7. I do not know how to do any of that, but maybe @Squid can help. It is times like this that I wish I had any programming knowledge.
  8. I have asked Ich777 a lot of questions and he has always answered quickly. I am running multiple gameservers and the support for them is great! A well deserved place in the spotlight!
  9. Thanks for your help. I have installed the container and let Unraid see what it could find in terms of paths. Here is the install that it made I now have it installed somewhere, but do not know where. Other containers show me that they are installed in the appdata share. Anyway I am adding a path to the appdata share and adding a port that I want it to run on Then I restarted the container and looked at the logs. I see that the container is looking for a path in Windows, but that doesn't exist on Unrai.d Does this mean that the container has to be modified to work on Unraid? I don't know how to do any of that, so that would make this a lot harder for me (and many others that want Space engineers running in a container on Linux)
  10. Hi all, My goal is to have a Space engineers Docker container running. It currently runs as a Steam dedicated server in a VM, but I don't like that the CPU cores can only be used by the VM and I simply do not have enough free cores. So I would like it to run as a contianer so it can use all the cores with little overhead. I found this container on Dockerhub: but I am not sure if that one works fine. I also found this one: and that person mentions the first link as a source for his conainer. I know that I can get Unraid to see the container, but don't know how to properly install it. Basically my problem is that I don't know how to install it to the appdata share. It installs itself somewhere, and I don't know where. I also do not have an option to add the port that it should run on. Could anyone help me figure out how to install this container?
  11. I am currently hosting it in a VM and it is wreaking havoc on my server. The VM only has 2 cores assigned to it since I can't spare any more, and the game lags and stutters like crazy. My hope was that with Pterodacty, I could give it more cores, since I wouldn't need to reserver a few cores for a VM. My plan is also to add other servers to Pterodactyl. I am currently running Wreckfest, Satisfactory, Terraria, OpenRCT2 and Valheim as Dockers. I know that Wreckfest might be a bit difficult to get working in Pterodactyl, but if that is the only that doesn't work in it, then it won't be a dealbreaker for me.
  12. I managed to fix it with the help of the Ibracorp discord. In my case, there were multiple wrong ports. I do not use a custom Docker network. I now have decided to use Cloudflare and Nginx as well. Unfortunately, my pterodactyl install won't install any servers. It just does nothing, and doesn't give an error message. Kind of frustrating to go trough all of this, since the only thing I want from it, is a working Space engineers install. I don't even know if that will work in pterodactyl on Unraid.
  13. Thanks a lot! I didn't see that video before, but will give it a shot later this week. I am already part of the Ibracorp Discord server, where I am asking for help with pterodactyl, so if I need help with this, then I know where to ask it.
  14. Hi, I wanted to ask if that is still the case. I have found this on Github and was wondering how to get that working on Unraid: I have no idea how to get a Docker image from Github on Unraid, or how to use Docker-compose. Could you please check if it is still not possible or if that container by Devidian might work? I am running a vm just for this game, and it is hogging resources, while all other games run in a container.
  15. I was looking for a way to get Space Engineers running on Unraid, and saw that this should be possible with Pterodactyl. I followed this video: and managed to install the database and other containers. I am now stuck at the point where I need to connect to my node. Instead of the green heart in the video, I get the red one and a message in the browser console that it can't connect. I have tried multiple different ports in the config.yml file, but do not know what it wrong. Could anyone please help me troubleshoot what went wrong and why I can't connect to the node? Please let me know what files/configurations you need a screenshot of.
  16. I have started using the plugin again after fixing the things happening in my previous posts. Now the plugin checks the integrity every first day of the month. There is 1 disk in my system that is very slow. It should be just as fast as the other (same type) disk in my system, but instead of taking about 16 to 18 hours to finish, it takes over 3 days to finish a check. How can I figure out why that drive is so much slower? Is has a lot of big files on it, just like all the other drives in the system. During my previous testing, this drive was just as fast as the other drives.
  17. Thanks for the update. I will play around with the container a little bit more and see if my friends on Discord will enjoy it.
  18. I just installed this container and am testing it out. Where does it get installed to? I do not see a folder in the appdata and can't find an install path in de container template.
  19. I let the integrity check finish and got some more results. All 11 of my drives got either hash mismatches or corruptions. And not just 1 file, but multiple files. One drive even has 9 corruptions. This would mean that all 11 of the drives have corrupted multiple files within 24 hours. This also happened with my previous testing. It could be that I am doing something wrong, but when I Google for "Unraid file integrity plugin false positives", I get a lot of search results for false positives. A lot of other people are having the same issue as I am right now. I also read about people thinking that the option to automatically update the hashes of new files does not work. I share that feeling since new files are mentioned as "corrupt" by the plugin, even though the option is turned on. I have uninstalled the plugin by first deleting the hash files, then removing the plugin and then removing the plugin folder from the boot drive. After doing some more reading online, I want to keep testing this plugin, so I decided to install it again (something about not being able to makeup my mind). I have added some exclusions. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct way of doing them?; I don't want any of the .xml, .srt or .log files to be protected, since they change a lot and I don't care if they break.
  20. I tried to test the functionality but think that I did something wrong. I started a build of a drive and let it complete. After the build was done, I exported the result. I then turned off the option to automatically update the hashfile when a file changes. Then I opened a picture file on the drive with Notepad. This gave me a garbled mess in Notepad and I delted a few characters. This corrupts the file itself. In the plugin settings menu I told it to start checking the drive every day and waited for the check to be completed, but never got a warning or error about the corrupted file. I have no idea why this didn't work. After this failed test, I turned on the auto file hash update option so all files would stay up to date. Then I started building all the drives and exported them. Today I let the system run an integrity check and got a few errors. But I think these were false positives. Here is one of the errors; I think this is a false positive because that file changes all the time. I also do not want to monitor .log files anymore. I will try to set a rule to not check .log files. Here is another false positive that I am sure of is a false positive; This file was being written to the disk while the integrity check was in progress. All 4 files being corrupt after sitting on the disk for a few minutes seems to unlikely for it to be true. Lastly I get a lot of these messages; I do not know where to find the that path since /tmp was the ram right? So the plugin seems to work and do the checks that it should do, but there are some false positives.
  21. Thanks. I will install it again and have it run the first check on all disks later this week. Can I manually brick a file to test the notification and functionality of the tool?
  22. Looks like I misread this topic. I am not looking for more cache pools. I need multiple storage pools. Let's hope that 6.11 will have that then.
  23. I would also like this option.