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  1. We are looking for a Senior Node.js Developer to join our team to support mission-critical, cloud-scale applications. You will be joining our My Servers team, helping to develop new cloud-service offerings, and will have the opportunity to shape the future of this exciting new venture! This will be a contract position to start, with the possibility of evolving into a full-time role. Pay is competitive and commensurate with experience and this is a remote position. Our team is distributed across the US and beyond, so you can work from anywhere. That said, you will
  2. If you enjoyed this episode and are interested in setting up Home Assistant, consider checking out @JuanMTech's excellent videos and set up guides to get started: https://www.juanmtech.com/how-to-set-up-home-assistant-on-unraid/ https://www.juanmtech.com/guide-to-home-assistant/
  3. Wow, those are epic!!! I almost have to see a video of those 😂😂
  4. You can be lazy and automate those lights! Thanks for listening 🙂
  5. On episode 3 of the Uncast pod, join @jonp, Paulus Schoutsen (Founder, Home Assistant), and Doug Roberson (CTO, Allterco Robotics US) for an in-depth discussion on Home Automation. In this episode, you'll learn more about the movement to automate tedious tasks and how to monitor and be alerted to key events in your home. Let us know in the comments how you utilize Home Automation with Unraid!
  6. Unassigned Devices allows you to mount and share disk drives that are not managed as part of the array. Some users mount a drive specifically for Dockers and/or VMs rather than having them on a cache or array drive. You can also mount a UNC share on another system (SMB or NFS) and have it show in the Unraid shares when browsing the Unraid shares with Windows.
  7. You probably have some extra system resources on your Unraid NAS that you don't even know about. Why not use those extra resources to host some dedicated game servers for yourself and your friends or family? Learn all about it in the latest blog! https://unraid.net/blog/game-servers Copy of GameServers.mp4
  8. This guide was made using macOS High Sierra. Unfortunately, something changed in the ensuing Apply releases and I have been unable to track down what changed. I will reach out to Spaceinvader One to see if he has found a workaround as well. In the meantime, here is a workaround using an un assigned disk via Unassigned Devices:
  9. Sorry, need to redirect after a website change. Here you go: https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-server-to-server-backups-with-rsync-and-wireguard
  10. In episode 2 of the Uncast, Jon does a deep dive on VMs and passing through GPU devices. Get a complete history of how this feature got implemented, the other technologies that were considered, and some tips and tricks to getting the best gear and configuration for your VM and GPU passthrough needs. We hope you follow/subscribe to stay tuned on new episodes of the Uncast.
  11. 大家好! 我们很高兴地宣布,现在我们支持使用支付宝作为付款选项来购买 Unraid OS 了!在结账过程中,当您进入“付款方式”界面时,您将看到使用借记卡/信用卡、Paypal 和新增的支付宝付款选项。 除了对支付宝的支持,近日我们还将 Unraid 网站翻译为了中文,创建了中文在线社区,并实现了整个 Unraid OS 的中文化! 我们希望您能更轻松地购买和使用 Unraid 。如果您有任何问题或建议,欢迎随时在论坛上发表评论! 支付宝接入公告
  12. Due to popular demand, all of us at Lime Tech are pleased to announce that we now offer Alipay as a payment option for purchasing Unraid OS. During the checkout process via the Unraid webgui, when you get to the payment method screen, you will see an option to pay with a debit/credit card, Paypal, and now Alipay. If you have any questions or suggestions on additional payment options, please feel free to comment below!
  13. Should be back up. Please let me know if not....
  14. Thanks all. Looking into it ...
  15. Wir freuen uns, Unraid-Lizenzen für Bildungseinrichtungen bereitzustellen 🙂 https://unraid.net/de/blog/unraid-an-bildungseinrichtungen
  16. Hi, If you submit a PR here: https://github.com/unraid/lang-de_DE/blob/master/main.txt @ich777 will take a look and we will update it if agreed! Thanks in advance for your contribution. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  17. Hello, What email did you use to contact support as I am not seeing anything recently from you? Feel free to DM me. Thanks in advance, Spencer
  18. Hey there, I just replied to your email. Please reply via email as I'm not finding any completed orders with the info you provided. Thank you in advance!
  19. It will be available on Apple/Overcast soon. Currently available on Spotify/Stitcher/Amazon.
  20. Good Q for @jonp 😛
  21. Owning an Unraid server gives you peace of mind and reduces your dependence on The Cloud. Join Unraid CSO, Jon Panozzo, as he shares how to get the most out of owning your own server, discusses relevant news and topics with members of the Unraid community, and shows you how owning your own server has benefits that extend far beyond keeping your data safe. For the first episode of the Uncast, host @jonp covers the top 3 reasons you should own your own server. Personal data responsibility, reducing cloud dependence and discovering what's possible with modern hardware