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  1. Type root in as the user name. Password is blank but you can go into settings and change it once you are in.
  2. Moved to Docker Containers forum.
  3. Quick update: We received our first "royalty" check from Zazzle, our merch shop and have donated the proceeds to The Ocean Cleanup. Full details are in our blog. https://unraid.net/blog/merch-shop Thanks again to all who participated in our license giveaway and to all reppin' Unraid with some merch. Cheers
  4. Thank you to all who participated and asked Tom questions. I'm going to lock this thread for now to give @limetech a chance to answer them! Cheers
  5. Part two of the New Users Blog series is a continuation of some more common and popular apps, plugins and docker containers. Let us know some of your favorites here!
  6. Here’s a link to our first newsletter for those who are curious and haven’t signed up yet: https://mailchi.mp/db4aba468043/unraid-monthly-digest-for-june
  7. Thanks for the feedback! At this time, we’ve decided to just link to all new blogs in the monthly digest in lieu of RSS. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the kind words Mike and welcome back!
  9. Do you want to stay informed about all things Unraid? Sign up for our monthly newsletter and you'll receive a concise digest of new blog posts, popular forum posts, product/company announcements, videos and more! https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-monthly-digest Cheers
  10. OK, in lieu of an RSS feed, sign up for our monthly newsletter and you'll receive a concise digest of new blog posts, videos, popular forum posts, announcements and more! http://eepurl.com/grLHDn Thanks to everyone for voting! Cheers
  11. For blog #2 in our New Users Series, we dive into the topics of: Setting a Root Password USB Flash Backups Common and Popular Apps, Plugins and Docker Containers Check it out here and let us know what you think here! https://unraid.net/blog/new-users-blog-2
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Will investigate....
  13. In Unraid, data isn’t striped so if you had a 3 TB parity drive and 2 3TB data drives, you would be protected from one HD failure and could reconstruct from the parity drive. If somehow you had simultaneous double hard drive failure then you would be in trouble. If you want all of your data mirrored, you would need dual parity meaning you would need 4 total 3TB drives. 2 parity/2 normal hard drives. Or- have a secondary backup solution in lieu of dual parity. This is a pretty good video describing the parity drive and how it works:
  14. I haven’t ever used this calculator but in your situation I believe you would just need 3- 3 TB drives. Parity drive just needs to be as big as your largest drive on the array.
  15. Hello there, I will follow up on this internally and get back to you shortly. Cheers, Spencer
  16. THREAD LOCKED- Stay tuned for a blog with Tom's answer's! For an upcoming blog, we’ll be publishing a Q&A with Tom Mortensen, the Founder and CEO of Lime Technology and creator of Unraid. This is where you, the Unraid community come in: For the coming weeks, we’re opening up the floor to you all to ask Tom (@limetech) a question. Anything and everything is fair game-- just drop your question into this forum thread and he’ll do his best to get as many answered as possible (can't guarantee every question will be answered). The floor is yours! Here’s a little more info about Tom from our website: Tom began his career in enterprise-storage at a start-up company called Maxstrat. Maxstrat was one of the first companies to offer disk array products and was ultimately purchased by Sun Microsystems in 1999. After the Sun Microsystems acquisition, Tom worked in their Network Storage Division as a system architect, and later for other start-up companies before starting Lime Technology. With his passion for electronic media and background in storage, he knew there had to be a better way to store and stream media content throughout his home, so in 2005 he invented Unraid to protect and manage his media files. Unraid was a new twist on an older technology that didn’t require all the devices in an array to be continually spun up, thereby reducing power consumption, and increasing the lives of the drives. Tom is very excited about what the future holds for Lime Technology as we continue to be on the forefront of digital media storage innovation. On a more personal note, one of Tom’s favorite hobbies is brewing beer.
  17. Ok- the key has been resent to the requested email. Please confirm receipt of it. Cheers, Spencer
  18. I’ll pass this info along to the key management team and follow up with you tomorrow. Cheers
  19. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.