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  1. PSA: this is NOT a general support thread. If you’re experiencing an issue that involves a back and forth, please download your diagnostics and create a new thread here: https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/
  2. Now through midnight of Cyber Monday (11/27): Save 10% off all Unraid licenses 15% off Paid Support Sessions Enjoy 20% off all License Upgrades LincStation N1 Giveaway Alongside our Cyber Weekend sale, we're also giving away a Lincplus LincStation N1 NAS, powered by Unraid! This all-SSD unit is a great option if you've been interested in spinning up a ZFS system! See our announcement for full system specs. How to Enter the Giveaway To enter to win the LincStation N1, buy an Unraid license, upgrade, or Paid Support session between now and November 27th to be randomly entered to win! See the announcement for full giveaway details.
  3. Whoops- yea that doesn't seem intuitive. I would think merging to another URL would retain the topic's info being merged into....
  4. Yes, I just tested both Move and Merge as a Mod
  5. Should be good now but please let me know if other permissions need to be adjusted.
  6. Will do. I’m traveling today but will adjust tomorrow am.
  7. Good idea, thanks. Here you go! https://forums.unraid.net/forum/109-completed/
  8. Great news. For others that end up here in the future, please contact support! A support ticket will be created and the issue will be promptly addressed.
  9. We now offer Apple and Google Pay 🤘
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  11. please contact support
  12. 📣 Unraid's annual Cyber Weekend Sale is coming soon on November 23rd-27th. Get ready to save on Unraid licenses, upgrades, and paid support sessions! Alongside our Cyber Weekend sale, we're also giving away a Lincplus LincStation N1 NAS, powered by Unraid! The Lincstation N1 features a Celeron N5105 CPU, 16GB RAM, 2.5 Gbps Network adapter, and has room for 4 NVMe slots and 2, 2.5" SSD slots. It also comes pre-loaded with an Unraid Basic license. This all-SSD unit is a great option if you've been interested in spinning up a ZFS system! Please see the giveaway blog for details on how to enter.
  13. You appear to be using a pirated version of Unraid. These cracked versions often have hidden boot loaders and other nefarious things. I would recommend buying a legitimate copy of unraid first and foremost.
  14. Just to rule this out, can you confirm you are not a Vampire running a legacy version?
  15. Hey there, Can you try to log in again and let us know if the issue persists?
  16. Coming soon on an upcoming episode of the Uncast Show: Nextcloud's Co-founder and Director of Marketing Jos Poortvliet joins us for a discussion all about Nextcloud (recent releases, AI, and what's coming next from Nextcloud), self-hosting, starting and running an open-source business and much more! If you have a question for Jos, drop them below, or better yet, leave a voicemail and we'll do a Q&A on the show!
  17. campaign here: https://t.co/sqY3pN69s5 New video from NasCompares https://x.com/nascompares/status/1716820809896104437?s=46&t=Rg00m4Gg7piJGyOIFVVfEQ
  18. Campaign is live https://t.co/sqY3pN69s5
  19. Please help in welcoming Lime Technology's newest hire: Adam Morales @Adam-M 👏 👏 Adam has been hired as our VP of Global Support and works on all facets of support for Unraid both internally and with the community, with a constant drive to provide an excellent customer support experience. Here is Adam's full bio: Welcome to the team Adam!
  20. Hey there, It's sounding like they will be opening up pre-orders soon via indiegogo and depending on how that goes, production should ramp in early to mid next year.
  21. hey there, Sorry to hear about this. Please contact support to get help here.
  22. Definitely some deceptive marketing and/or a language barrier here. I've reached out to CWWK for some clarification because AFAIK, the units are pre-loaded with an Unraid trial but there is no purchased license that comes with the units:
  23. hay un servidor de discord Unraid en español dirigido por los mantenedores de Nerdtools donde pueden ayudar https://discord.com/channels/1027094884764614736/1082277899308122203 cc @EUGENI_CAT