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  1. In the next installment of our New Users Blog Series, we take a look at the top forum and support questions we get about Unraid on a regular basis. This is a great place to link people to get answers on questions like: How Do I Transfer My License Key to a New USB? How Do I Extend My Unraid Trial? Do You Run Specials on Licenses? Can One License Key be Used for Multiple Servers? Do You Offer Student, Non-Profit or Military Discounts Do "Unassigned Devices" Count Toward Basic and Plus License's Max Device Count? How Many Devices are Supported By Unraid? https://unraid.net/blog/top-support-and-forum-questions-answered Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have other questions here in the comments!
  2. Based on our latest blog, how do you balance data privacy concerns, convenience and reliability with Unraid? https://unraid.net/blog/data-privacy-concerns Let us know in the comments below!
  3. All of us at Lime Technology Inc. are excited to announce the hiring of Zack Spear as a full-time web developer. Please help us give @zspearmint a warm welcome to the Unraid forums! Zack has a diverse skill set and is an all around great guy. Learn more about Zack from his website bio: Please feel free to ask Zack all about his digital nomad travels, Borussia Dortmund banter, love of old school analog film photography, or just drop in below to say "Hey". Welcome aboard Zack!
  4. What are your favorite tech-related podcasts?
  5. thanks for the comment and ideas. If you would, could you post this to Feature Requests and we will put it on the board. Thanks again!
  6. No other security tips?! https://giphy.com/explore/i-dont-believe-you
  7. So I can go ahead and mark you down as a no for for multiple pools?
  8. Check out the highlights of 2019 for Lime Technology and Unraid OS! https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-year-in-review What was your favorite new feature? What are you most excited about for Unraid in 2020?
  9. FYI: We've released a security tips and best practices blog alongside this release. TIA for reading!
  10. Unraid 6.8.2 is now available! Along with the new release, we've published a blog on some general security tips and best practices to follow to keep your Unraid server safe and secure. What else do you do to keep your Unraid server safe? Let us know in the comments here!
  11. Simply copy all the bz* files to your flash drive and reboot. No effect on the license
  12. https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.7.2-x86_64.zip There is the 6.7.2 zip^^ from the Unraid website.
  13. Thank you all for playing! Winners have been drawn, contacted and prizes have been mailed out! The following list of members won case badges: hotio juan11perez wreave Scorpionhl Mr.Meeseeks Fiala06 BrettS HonkyTonk Rob- sausuke deepthought JKY 2FA Trembler ManlyJack jrdnlc dtctechs cgi2099 joshstrange mattgob86 Exa Coolamasta lemus89 Moussekateer revilo951 Splatter21 Ectropian nas_nerd Kasper56 Mmr8cmh Em poh ping dgriff yendi mikekim4x Morphed ghost82 korotkov VTX1800Rider what? Joey0live TRAVMO justinwebb egut125 Konijntjes Bespin iurab normtodd sikedsyko glennv TRaSH Bjorn1902 klipp01 none_really madelectron nuhll niko7 ikkuranus vektor unrateable bigsing Sander0542 nacat78 Fuoman eggman9713 twistedsanity thomas Raad ElectricBadger couscous_anonym0us RecycledBits FranciumF jj9987 eXtremeSHOK Dave-M JKChapman PigNib macattack erax0r Twinsen sharpfork intertet unabletoconnect DJ Callyman julianhj makesh86 mlapaglia busa1 FMG O_M_R snazz The following list of members won case badges and gift cards to the Unraid merch store: willk danman Notsure cyndor1 tr3bjockey jpowell8672 braydencw1 MarkRMonaco ilmadrya The following member won case badges a gift card to the Unraid merch store AND an Unraid Pro License: vagrantprodigy Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thanks to you all for being a part of our 100,000+ strong online community!
  14. Thank you all for entering our giveaway! At 1/9/2020 at approximately 11:55 AM Pacific, we hit 100,000 forum members! Entries are now closed, winners have been contacted and prizes have been mailed out. A sincere thank you to you all for being a part of this 100,000 strong community! The Unraid forum is about to hit a major milestone: 100,000 members! As of Christmas time, 2019, we're sitting at approximately 99,000 forum members. To commemorate this awesome community achievement, let's do another giveaway! What's at stake? 90 winners will receive limited-edition Unraid case badges! These 2x2 inch domed, polyurethane server badges will look great on your own home lab (badges not for sale, sorry)! 9 winners will receive an Unraid case badge AND a $25 gift card to the Unraid merch store. 1 Grand Prize Winner: receives a case badge, a $25 gift card AND an Unraid pro license! Pretty sweet huh!? See the linked blog post for pics and additional info! How to Enter: Simply tell us: one thing you like most about Unraid and one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020 That's it! Winners will be drawn at random from the forum entrants here. At our current rate, we will likely hit 100,000 members late January or early February 2020. Follow the Unraid twitter account for periodic forum # updates! Entries will close as soon as we hit 100,000 forum members so don't delay in entering! Good luck. https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-forum-100k-giveaway
  15. Thank you all for the input. While we don’t anticipate offering discounts at this time, allow me to say that we do have a surprise coming down the pike. I can’t say anything more right now but an announcement will be coming Soon™️. As always, feel free to reach out to me directly with any suggestions, comments or concerns at spencerj@unraid.net.
  16. Welcome to the Setting Up WireGuard® on Unraid discussion thread. A big thank you is owed to @T0rqueWr3nch for writing this guest blog guide and agreeing to answer questions and comments related to this blog. FYI: He also runs an excellent blog over at https://engineerworkshop.com/. Definitely check it out! For more info related to WireGuard and Unraid set up, be sure to also check out @ljm42's excellent quick start guide or comment here on any questions or interesting use cases.
  17. Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!
  18. Great- thanks for trying us out. Feel free to check back in with any Q's.