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  1. It was removed by choice of the creator.
  2. I compared your build to mine. I have the I7-4790K Asrock Extreme 6 97 GTX 1050TI You have a slightly higher CpuBench mark than I do. Id normally recommend Cpu bench mark of 2000 per transcode and you are sitting at 8139 I can easily Transcode 4 Videos with no issues. I just recently added my VideoCard to add in GPU Transcoding too. Before I relied on the Processor to do all the work and it did just fine. Worked it pretty good, but it did fine. The
  3. I know on my AsRock Extreme 6 if I add a M2.5 it uses two of my Sata Ports. Keep in mind my board has 10 onboard Sata ports. Is there a chance your board might be suffering the same issue? Just throwing out ideas of course.
  4. Bleeding edge hardware in every OS I’ve ever encountered has often been a problem. Linux has always trailed in support not just unRAID. Heck often people running what the hardware was designed for aka windows often have issues waiting for driver updates and until they do often use old versions and don’t see the hardwares full potential. Seeing that Limetech is constantly adding more features and I might add people to its staff I wouldn’t say “at their end”. 😃 Most of us have ran their Betas just fine. You know it’s just as simple as downloading an update trying it
  5. When I did mine I copied everything that isn't in the appdata folder to a share and used the CA Backup/Restore plugin and used it to create a backup of all my appdata to a share. Swapped out my SSD and then used the restore feature of the CA Backup/Restore plugin. Even if you are a little nervous you can easily just copy everything to a share on your network, but for me using the Backup/Restore of the of plugin made it super easy.
  6. That's exactly my setup. I have 4TB Parity and a Mix between 2-4TB drives in my System. Why so small? Well I build my system on a pretty strict budget and I started with the idea of I can always add another drive if I need to vs I can always buy a larger drive. Now with 8 drives in play and a SSD and a Parity I'm full on bays. So when I need more space I just upgrade a drive at a time since drives in the lower capacity have been pretty cheap. Also Id rather loose 2-4TB of data vs 10-14TB of data at a time. My thought process might not be agreeable with everybody, but so far so good. 😃
  7. The code for this project is in the first few posts to this thread. I wouldn't mind just me because I'm selfish too Lol. However if would could cover all users it would round out the code very nicely.
  8. For me it’s ease of replacement. I have 1 Parity and 8 data drives. If a drive goes down I simply replace the drive and hit rebuild. No worrying about copying data around or where are my files so I can put them back. Also not only because of failure, but because of upgrading. In the days of 2TB being largest and now 12TB being very common it makes upgrading drives easier. Take out a smaller drive and then hit rebuild. Done. 😃
  9. I had typed and re-read and re-typed what I said below because I wanted to make sure I said what I meant. I’d like to 100% agree with you on this, but I can’t completely, but I do to a point. You have to remember unRAID is partially open source which allows the community to add on to it. Those addons make unRAID very appealing and more popular than most mass storage options and at one time addons were mostly considered hacks. @limetech has spent 1000’s of hours improving security, improving the interface and implementing many many requests alongside what the community has don
  10. This is a great idea on so many levels, but this list in all fairness would be HUGE and I know for a fact people would get left out simply by accident. Use me for example. I’ve requested features that have been made into plugins and then later became a standard function of unRAID. Who gets the credit? Me, the plug-in author or limetech for making it a standard feature? I don’t want anything personally 😃 Not to sound corny because it does. I feel like WE ARE ALL unRAID. The simple reason we come here daily to check on things, post up bug reports or simply thank somebody brings somethin
  11. That would be neat to have too. Any consideration if you have multiple users on your Plex Server unless Plex just sees all on deck files?
  12. Ooooops. Sorry didn't catch the fact your running Rsync with this and what you said up above is true. I use chattr myself as a just incase and its saved me a few times when I was cleaning up things and tried to delete something that shouldn't of been deleted. Lol
  13. Have you tried tinkering with chatter +i on files? That's what I use to keep my files locked.
  14. I’ve not seen a DRM message either.
  15. No problem. I can honestly say I use User.Scripts nearly every day automating my system. I'm glad it helped you out.
  16. Nothing is better than welcoming somebody who has already given so much time/effort to what we use everyday and enjoy. Congrats Larry. 😃
  17. Simply uninstall the current and then look for it in the app section and reinstall it. That’s all I did.
  18. Congrats. We all love unraid here just as you do. I'm sure their would be 1000's of similar stories of what you just said amongst us. 😁
  19. I checked the file listing and it shows the Modified date as 2018 vs 2038. I’m basically changing the attributes not the actual file name. I’ll do my thing and report back. Or actually I’ll test it again and see if the priority has shifted first before doing more. update******** Every file I’ve changed the modified date is not being scanned. So it’s doing exactly what I hoped it would accomplish. Just have to do some house cleaning on my end. Thanks so much for this script. I can verify it does work on 6.9 RC-30.
  20. I have found a Bulk renamer and have begun changing the messed up files from 2038 to 2018. Not sure what happened, but I think I have a plan of attack. Thank you for the offer/idea. It’s only a 100-200 or so files and I’m 1/4 of the way done.