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  1. When you encode a MKV -> MP4, there's a way to keep the forced subtitle ? I don't see the option. I try to set it like a defaut one, but in Plex it won't load. In the same time, why Handbrake don't keep the tracks name. In VLC, I see French Forced and after it's just French. Thank,
  2. The problem is that the HH3000 is the modem of my ISP. I can't change the IP address. but even without internet, my computer ( should see the server ( When I restart the server everything works, but for how long?
  3. Sometime it ask the username/password but I got a 504 Gateway Time-out nginx
  4. I have an HH3000 ( with Bell, where is connected my Asus RT-AC3100 ( an receive a external IP address from it. My asus router connects to PPPoE to internet. My server IP address is My MAC is When I reboot my server, all works.
  5. Yes....
  6. The https is already disable.
  7. HI, I can't connect to the GUI. I need to restart the server. I can ping it. My docker work. I need help. Thank, serveur-diagnostics-20190317-1956.zip
  8. Sorry I erase it, I post my message too fast.
  9. Yes, but it worked before with 5.1 sound, I don't want stereo sound.
  10. Still unresolved after Plex Media Server ( and Plex iOS (5.10) updates All my newly converted files don't start on my iPad Mini 4.
  11. I think I found the problem I try "Apple 1080p60 Surround, the level is set at 4.2" and the file works (with stereo audio) If I modify the audio transcoding for AAC 5.1, it does't work. I don't know what has changed in the new version of Handbrake. All my others files with AAC 5.1 works but not the new ones.
  12. When I use the preset Apple 1080p60 Surround, the level is set at 4.2. I will try with this preset instead of mine...
  13. I just converted it to level 4.1 and it does't work anymore.
  14. Yes, in Plex ! Look these images. The first one work, and the second not.
  15. Ok, I'll try, but why old movies, work in level 4.2?