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  1. Array Operation Format all unmountable disks Everything is working Thank,
  2. I have a parity drive I did exactly 1 to 6. 7- Unraid has pre-cleared my hard drive but it didn't seem to have been formatted 8- ok 9-10-11 ... to be continued but now, Unraid rebuild the drive. 88,8%
  3. I added the hard drive to the array Unraid clearing the disk I received the message "Unmountable", because the file system type was on "auto" I changed the file system type was to "xfs" Remove the disk from the array I did not get a message to format the hard drive In unassigned devices, Mount appeared and I was able to format it to xfs. I added the hard drive to the array... I went there There's the new diagnotics file. Thank,
  4. In Unassigned devices I was able to mount the disk and format it to xfs (after 10min...) I added it to my array Data-rebuild is in progress... but in the array devices, still "Unmountable: Wrong or no file sysem" (sysem or system ?) Thank,
  5. Hi, I just tried to add the sdj to my array. It was written "Unmountable". I remove it from of the array. In Unassigned Devices, I can't mount or format the disk I have attached the diagnostic file. Thank,
  6. I started a copy on the array
  7. Hi, I found the AHCI parameter, but not the one for Enabling write cache. I have a Asus Strix Z270E. Thank,
  8. Hi, My server has an i7-7700k CPU, with 32gb of DDR4, 1 SSD for the cache, and WDC_WD40E for the array. I also added a sata III controller card for my hard drives. I use several applications including Krusader and JDownloader. My problems are mainly... - When this downloads, I lose access to Krusader. - When I download, copying from array to array is very slow. Is there a way to speed it all up ? or do I have settings to improve ? Thank,
  9. How can we update the unraid version to Hoobs 4 ?
  10. Exactly What I find. In the customize section of the USB Tool. I don’t know why, on my USB key it was EFI- thank,
  11. I used the tool to recreate my usb stick. When I start, the bios appears.
  12. Hello, I don't know why, but I stopped my server, and since then it restarts without stopping in a loop. I have checked the boot disk, UEFI looks good. It still does not work.
  13. When I open the Trash bin, I see nothing... How I configure that ? Thank,