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  1. I would just consider everything on your system as possibly impacted. From your drives to your SSD and to your Flash Drive. Also who knows if anything else on your network could of been targeted or was the source in the first place.
  2. From what I've seen most of the time your paying to unlock your data since that's the fear they throw over your head. Pay or loose access to your data and then they normally throw a clock on it to scare you even more.
  3. I'm no expert, but it might appear you have some disc corruption on disk 5. Please do not do anything like I said I'm just poking around in your Diagnostics file and its kinda what I'm seeing.
  4. I'm seeing lots and lots of these in your system log I'm still digging around. I don't normally spend a lot of time in the Diagnostic files Syslog Apr 26 15:53:08 Tower kernel: REISERFS warning: reiserfs-5090 is_tree_node: node level 31252 does not match to the expected one 2 Apr 26 15:53:08 Tower kernel: REISERFS error (device md5): vs-5150 search_by_key: invalid format found in block 184245452. Fsck? Apr 26 15:53:08 Tower kernel: REISERFS error (device md5): vs-13070 reiserfs_read_locked_inode: i/o failure occurred trying to find stat data of [309310 319972 0x0 SD]
  5. Yep for my system I use 192.168.7.x simply because its a little different I set that up by assigning a Static IP to my Server and in my Router I enabled a reservation for it so it will not hand out the IP of my server to any other device. As well I have a few other devices in my house like my Nest Thermostat and my Neato robot vacuum that for some reason like to fall off the network and reconnect. When they fall off they often had issues reconnecting so I put reservations on them too so they always reconnected with the same IP which seems to fix their bizarre behavior.
  6. How many files are we talking about in a directory? I know at one time windows had issues viewing to many, but I haven't looked into that in a long time.
  7. Any opinions on the Quadro P400 vs Quadro P620? They both can be picked up pretty reasonibly and they both seem to be able to support H265 if needed.
  8. did Did you look in your appadata folder for that dazzling_panini on your SSD?
  9. @hugenbdd Thanks for the break down. I thought I had it figured out and you more than covered it. So it looks like if you cancel the mover cron you could literally build a script and move individual shares using something as simple as User.Scripts if you need custom shares moved more or less frequently vs using this script to blanket move everything which may or may not work for people based on their needs. Personally Mover.Tuner does exactly what I need and thank you for keeping it going. I know one person asked this very question in another forum topic and now I'm g
  10. Could I trouble you to break that command down just a bit? I'm looking at share1 and then I see /move -d 1 I'm assuming share1 is just a place holder and could be anything TV Movies?
  11. I was playing with Plex last night and I decided to sync a few videos to my phone for travel purposes. I Qued up a TV show and I couldn't figure out why my unraid machine was acting so weird. Most of my content is MKV/MP4 and I checked my dash board and my processor is hammered. I mean spiking from 80-88% and I thought what is going on. So I checked the show I qued up for syncing and it was converting them from AVI to MP4 AAC. I do plan on requiring some of my content in disc format and re-ripping them to a H264 container to get away from the Xvid AVI that I have in some really ol
  12. Currently the mover only moves when you tell it too. All Cache drives Squid no longer maintains the Mover Tuner. That is done by somebody else. @hugenbdd does. Worst case create a user script that moves your files on a Cron from /mnt/2ndCacheDrive to /mnt/user0/ShareName /mnt/user0 doesn't take in account for the cache drive. Just an idea of course.
  13. Plex runs natively as a Docker very well. I think adding Plex to a VM is just unnecessary overhead.
  14. Are you setting a static Ip in unraid settings and as well setting a reservation in your router. I've done that for years and have never had an issue.
  15. Install and your good. The plugin uses the built in scheduler from the old method. So yes you need to make sure you keep the old schedule so the new method plug-in knows how often to run or in this case how often to run/check for whatever settings you have enabled in the mover tuner. The old version is part of the OS so there isn’t a safe method to remove it unless you command prompt in and delete it. Not recommended because this plugin uses the scheduler and allows for returning back to default mover by simply removing the plugin if you choose to later. For example. I have
  16. Perfect place to post it.
  17. @SpencerJ @jonp @eschultz Thats a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ those guys kind of question.
  18. You could use a Find command in Linux or simply use windows Search against the share like Squid said and when they all show up click delete. For find Windows Search in File Explorer Depending on your level of Linux I would highly encourage the Windows search just to make sure you don't wipe out things that you didn't want to. I honestly use Windows search a lot unless its something I delete often then I have a few find co
  19. Is it showing up in your router at all? Your router should give you a clue to what devices are connected and their Ip addresses. Don't worry we are not going to leave you High and Dry. You should really make sure you can hook up a monitor at all times. I know headless is the way to go, but as a just in case.
  20. Personally if your running more than 11 or 12 drives I would seriously install a second parity drive. Gives you a chance to survive two disk failures at the same time. I was pushing 12 drives and thought I have two choices. A) Install a second Parity B) Pull out some of these older drives and go bigger I picked B and updated all my drives since some had 7-9years of use. eeeekkkkkkkkkkk
  21. Have you tried using a USB cable to SATA adapter and plugging it in and seeing if Unassigned.Devices can read it? I know there are tools for windows. I personally have never tried or have ever had a reason to try.
  22. Uninstalled and then reinstalled and I don't seem to be seeing any more USB righting or uploads to constantly.
  23. I just literally had an issue with one of my mapped drives 10minutes ago. I'm guessing some how My credentials for that drive got wacked, but deleting, rebooting and then remapping fixed it right up for me. Doesn't explain why the other 2 mappings worked fine, but none the less I'm golden now. All 3 of my mapped drives have been error free for 3 or so years now. Today I guess was my turn to have a problem.