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  1. Nice I had sorta the same results when I switched out my card too. I more or less did exactly what you did just earlier. I had some bizarre speeds and then all of the sudden drives would drop and indicate bad. If your satisfied can you please mark the thread as solved please. Basically just change the topic title.
  2. You could easily copy all of your appdata to your array using the Backup/Restore plugin then proceed to using the upgrade tool and goto 6.9.1. If things don't work out, take out your SSD restore your OS to 6.8.3 and then rebuild your SSD and restore your appdata. For the tool to backup. I'd create a share somewhere on your array. Call it CacheBackup or whatever you like. I personally have mine setup like this. Cachebackup ...Appdata ...Misc Appdata = All my AppData obviously Misc = Everything else The reason I create a folder like
  3. Are you port forwarding to your unraid server? I've been running unraid since 2009 and I haven't had one successful attempt to login to my machine other than myself. I also find it very interesting that you using the user name of Port22_Login_root_ScanBot
  4. What you could do is simply update What version are you currently running? If your running 6.8.3 you can't go back once you goto 6.9 because its recommended that you format your SSD a specific way, but if your not running an SSD as a Cache drive you can easily go back to 6.8.3 using the update tool. < ----- This is my understanding of the formatting of the SSD to 1M, but I could be wrong. The reason I mention that is you can upgrade to 6.9.1 and see if its trouble free for you. I haven't had any issues and I've been updating since 4.7.
  5. You'll also notice a vast improvement with Plex using an SSD. If you browse your Media it will load a lot faster since SSD's never technically spin down so it will display your meta data much faster nearly instantly. I prefer it that way because often family members will check Plex to see what I've added and if nothing sparks their fancy they just leave the app. No drives are spun up browsing and my server just sits there idling with no drives spun up until they are needed. Just remember like Hoopster said. Make sure you set your appdata Share to Cache Only so its not
  6. Just like always. Post up a Diagnostics. I always ask myself. What have I done. Touch a Cable, move anything?
  7. I followed the video of the DisqueTV one and got it work. The only problem I'm having is I'm getting some buffering issues when I play from the listing. If I play directly from Plex no issue at all. I'll continue to tinker with it some more tonight. I disabled the use of FFMPEG and turned off Transcoding since all my media can direct play on all my devices. Just a note any changes you make you have to click the update button in the settings, which acts like an enter button.
  8. Also if there is any thought you have something installed you didn't install change your Admin Password, because if you didn't install it who did? Id take a second look at all your dockers and open ports maybe you opened up something and didn't realize it.
  9. When you click the stop array button unraid spins up all drives first then disconnects/unsyncs them. Its just part of my mental preparedness procedure when I shut things down. Is it needed? Probably not, but its part of my OCD.
  10. I also found this. Says to "Make sure to enable "Docker Hub" in your CA settings"
  11. Seems to be something here. This is kinda interesting too. So if I'm understanding this I could pile a show into a listing and just let it go. Kinda like having regular TV, but in a Marathon view.
  12. Just keep this in mind. Over the years here I have seen 100's of posts from people asking how do I remote into my Server and countless times they have been advised not to do so because of one risk or another. This potentially could be piled on top of that same list of problems, but at the same time LimeTech has given us a more secure way than all of the other homebrew methods and is willing to work with users to constantly improve this method. This just like every other feature in unraid. If you do not feel comfortable using it or anything else its a choice just the same. I have
  13. Is this that Patreon thing you guys are talking about in Private? Tom is a lot Hotter than his photos lead him to be. Rawrrrrrrrr
  14. Yes Wrong Thread I'm sorry. Thank you for the answer thou. I'd move it, but last time I did that I ended up deleting an entire post.
  15. If I remove the GPU do I just simply Disable Hardware Transcoding in Plex, remove the plugin and shut off and pull card and reboot? I have a 1050TI in my unraid machine now and I might have to use it in another project. Sadly with all the Bit Coin mining its getting nearly impossible to buy GPU's anymore at a reasonable price.
  16. Yep, You need to select Only if you want data to stay Only on the Cache. like itimpi said. If you click on the text with your cursor it should provide you with a floating ? and give you a drop down help dialog so you can be more informed. Also if I recall if you select Only and then click on the Mover button it should move it back automatically. Just remember any other setting than Only will use your Cache as a temp spot before moving it to the array. Obviously if you choose NO it will bypass the Cache and go directly to the array, which of course isn't your obj
  17. Came from 6.9-beta-35 I had some issues where my drives wouldn't spin down using 6.9.0 with Auto Fan. Updated to 6.9.1 and I haven't had any issues that I can notice. I made sure all my dockers and plugins are up to date along with the Nvidia plugin and shut everything down, rebooted and so far everything is green or spun down just like I like it.
  18. Welcome to the Club!!!! Other than a few Hardware issues I've been running unraid since 2009. I've seen many many changes. lol
  19. What do they have in common? Controller? Drive Cage?
  20. Personally and I do mean personally I always do the following: Stop all Dockers Spin up all Drives (below does it anyways, but......) Stop the Array Shutdown/Reboot I do that simply because if a docker hangs I can wait for it to shutdown vs wondering what's hung and why my machine isn't shutting down. So I assume control of each step because I don't like unclean shutdowns and having to wait for a parity check to fire up if something goes sideways. I've not done that a few times and had good results, but there was a few times in the past when I had
  21. I'm still running 6.9-Beta35 and I don't have any drive spin down issues and I'm still running Autofan. I did try a few past, but I really need my Fans too.
  22. I've not tried removing it to be honest. When I was tinkering with RC2 and Beta-35 the only difference on my end was installing the RC2 so whatever changed I can only "assume" was the culprit and I saw a post on the forum from somebody else who noticed the same thing. Not putting any blame on anything, I'll give Final an install soon and take a look before removing the plugin to see if it changes anything.
  23. From my Observations I noticed if I had Dynamix Fan Control installed it would keep my drives spun up. I rely a lot on that plugin so I had to drop back down to 6.9 Beta-35 which appears to have no problems with the drives or my fans.
  24. Does 6.9 come with Trim support baked in for btrfs?
  25. Yep known issue with Safari. I use Chrome to get around that issue personally.