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Plex (in VM) - Not enough disk space to convert this item


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Hi Guys


I have an issue with Plex installed in a VM on UnRAID and was wondering if anyone can advise...


I had a 40Gb Ubuntu VM with Plex installed and then shares on my main array for movies, music etc. Usually everything is fine, but today I tried to play a movie and get an error...


Playback Terminated - Not enough disc space to convert this item.


My array has 1.4Tb of free space, confirmed using sudo df -h in an SSH terminal.


The main ubuntu disk showed as 40Gb in size with 19Gb of free space... but I assumed I was reading this wrong, so enlarged the disk to 50Gb in UnRAID and then expanded it in gParted to go from 40Gb to 50Gb. However when I restarted Plex I expected it to be able to play the movie, but still shows the same error!

I tried playing the same movie from my laptop using Plex app and it plays fine :(


The device which is coming up with this error is a ROKU stick - I have tried restarting this too!!


Can anyone offer any ideas how to fix this, or where to start?


Many thanks

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OK - an update...


I tried to update Plex using;


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade


When I tried before increasing the size of the partition I got a "not enough space" error - so, after I increased the disk size to 50Gb and expanded using Gparted, I ran the update again and it worked.


After it completed I tried playing the films which failed before and now they play - so am hoping this cures the problem ;-)

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  • SliMat changed the title to Plex (in VM) - Not enough disk space to convert this item

Thanks @JonathanM & @kizer


I always did run it in a docker and cant remember the reason why I changed it to a VM as it was so long ago... I think it might have been because Plex always showed an update was needed and the docker update was really flakey - but not 100% sure now ;-)


This machine is in a datacentre in London - so will remotely create a new Plex docker and see how it goes. Its a shame as its been running really well for ages.


It may take a few days, but I'll try to get it done this week.

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