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  1. UnRAID 6.5.0 - Nextcloud 'backup' plan... Hi - hoping that this is the right place to ask for advice I have been playing with backup solutions for a few weeks (Duplicati / Cloudberry / etc) and have yet to find something I am happy with. I have two UnRAID servers - one at home and one in a datacenter... at home I have several large shares with personal documents, files, media, etc - and the machine in the DC has Nextcloud installed (in a Docker - 16.04) and I have two users in Nextcloud - one user is a copy of my work files from my machine in the office and the other user is my brother who is using it as an offsite copy of his business data... all good there. There is a site-to-site VPN between home and the DC, so I can access the remote server on a local IP. So the obvious backup solution for the data on my home UnRAID server involves replicating files on both servers... but I have yet to work out how to do this. I did think I could install the client on my home PC which has the shares mapped as SMB shares and then use it to synchronise changes, but this machine is not always on and people edit files from a variety of different machines. so my concern is if I add to, or amend, files on one of the SMB shares at home from a machine which doesnt have the Nextcloud client installed (e.g. my Macbook or someone else's PC), will the PC with the Nextcloud client installed spot the change/s, when its switched on, and update the server - or will it realise that the changes weren't made on the local machine, or on the Nextcloud server, and ask which version to keep? Or worse still, update the local copy with the one stored on the server? Or... do I need to install the client on every PC / Mac which accesses the local shares? I cant imagine the latter would be correct as it would be a nightmare managing 8 or 10 installations of Nextcloud client. The ideal solution, IMO, would be to have Nextcloud installed on both UnRAID servers and link them togather so if something changes on one, it updates the other! I did look at Federation, but it reads as though this is only to access files on a number of servers simultaneously rather than backing servers up? Does anyone have any thoughts as I am sure there must be a robust solution out there which I can set up? Thanks in advance SliMat
  2. OK... I am trying Cloudberry at the moment and it look(ed) quite promising. But... some of my shares are 600Gb+ in size and during the first initial full backup one share took about 36hrs to transfer 500Gb (ish) - however since then it seems to be transferring at about 2Gb per day... as I am on my first share and have another 2 big shares I am wondering why its so slow as I don't really want it to run for weeks for the first backup! My USB disk is plugged into a USB 3 port BTW. Any thoughts appreciated?
  3. I have had Duplicati running backups for a few days and already it has failed several times... one share has only 15 files and the first time I ran it it says "Found 22443 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair". So I deleted the configuration details and recreated it and it ran fine. It did this to all but the first backup profile created. During my media backup the WebUI stopped working, after 17hrs or so, so I ended up restarting the docker and then when I tried running the backup again it showed the same error. So I am still looking for another solution as this, sadly, seems too flaky to rely on. Its a shame as I really like the look and simplicity of it.
  4. OK... have decided to give Duplicati a go and it seems to be working fine at the moment. But, the one thing I can't work out, is whether in the event of a complete UnRAID failure, can the backups on my USB drive be restored on a different machine with different configuration? Or by plugging it in to a PC and running a version on the local machine? Thanks
  5. Hi all I was wondering what, if any, backup solutions people use on their array data? Like most, I have an array full of movies, music, photos and documents. Among all this data there are some bits which I cannot afford to lose. Typically my documents and photos. Whilst I'd be upset losing music or movies - it wouldn't be the end of the world. I typically backup my most important data to a USB disk on a PC connected to my LAN using an opensource solution called Areca. This is a bit clunky but does work effectively and I have, successfully, restored data which has been accidentally overwritten or deleted in the past... so I know it works! I would like to find a solution which would allow me to plug my 4Tb USB disk directly into my UnRAID server and then backup my most critical data to this USB disk. Ideally it should be incremental with versioning. I could create a Windows 7, or Ubuntu, VM on my UnRAID box and connect the USB drive so it can be seen by the VM and continue to use Areca Backup - but was wondering if anyone knew of any clever Dockers or other apps which already do this? Oh... I do have another UnRAID server hosted in a datacenter which has NextCloud running on it... but there is only 1.5Tb space on it - but if there is a docker which would allow me to backup directly to the remote server onto NextCloud then that might be a good solution to look at Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.
  6. Hi Nuhll As my later post said... no, it didnt work, even when I ran PLAN again. The issue seems to be that the 'Docker Safe New Permissions' command, ignores the /appdata share (for obvious reasons) and its in here that I have a load of folders and files which are not nobody:users... they are root:root - which is why UnBALANCE cant move them. So as I no longer use 'My Media For Alexa', I have manually deleted this directory and now all is working OK. Thanks for the help though.
  7. Thanks Nuhll - as per my original post... I did do this
  8. OK... another update - I Planned each share separately and found that the errors were coming from the /appdata share - I used to have an app called 'My Media For Alexa', which I dont use, or have installed now, so I will just delete this directory and that should fix this issue. Sorry to clog up the forum, but thought I'd post my findings in case anyone else ends up here with a similar issue. Thanks
  9. A quick update, I SSH'd to my UnRAID box and looked at the folder (share) permissions in /mnt/user/ and they are all showing nobody : users - all the folders show rwxrwxrwx (0777) and the files show rw-rw-rw (0666). So as far as I can see, this should all be OK?!?!?! I double checked this in WinSCP too and had a quick browse, but cant see any obvious problems. Thanks
  10. Hi - I'm hoping someone can put my mind at rest, or advise. I have only just installed unBALANCE and used it for the first time to try and move data about so I could free up disks to upgrade the file system from ReiserFS to XFS. So, first I added a pre-cleared disk to the array, copied all the data from one of the full (ish) disks to the new one - which left me an empty ReiserFS disk. When I did this it warned that there were 8 files/folders with an owner other than 'nobody' and STRONGLY suggested to run the Docker Safe New Permissions command - which I duly did. I re-planned the move and I was away from my machine, so didn't see any warning message (as this only seems to be shown for a few seconds then disappears!). So, I did the move and all looks OK... the ReiserFS disk only had a handful of empty folders left showing on it... so I formatted this into XFS and all looked good. I then set up unBALANCE to move the data from then next disk to the newly formatted, empty, XFS disk and hit PLAN. This time it came up with a whole list of 'errors' and recommended running the Docker Safe New Permissions command - which I duly did again. After this was complete I re-planned the move and still have the same list of 'errors'. I have attached a screen shot of the warning message. So, I am holding back on moving anything else in case I am doing something wrong - so some advice would be welcomed. Or the other option is to ignore this warning and move it anyway? Thanks
  11. OK, downloaded the image - mounted it on a local UnRAID server and it booted fine - VNC had correct characters so I could log in - changed password to something simpler with no special characters. But... given that the primary issue on my production server had no connectivity - when I mounted it locally it was assigned a DHCP address perfectly and worked - anyway I am uploading it back to the DC and fully expect no network - but I can login and start work on it
  12. Hi All I don't know if anyone else has had this problem and I am not sure how to fix it. I have had a lot of issues recently but have got my UnRAID server back in the datacenter... but I have an issue with one of my Ubuntu VMs. After the rebuild it has no network connectivity and I think its because of the MAC address of the Ubuntu image - but I can't start to look at it as I can't log in. I tried logging in with a keyboard & mouse plugged into the server at the DC and I tried from a VNC console and the issue is that my password for the Ubuntu VM contains a & symbol and but shift-7 (&) appears as "K" in the Ubuntu VM. This has been reported elsewhere; But I haven't been able to find a work around. It did see a suggestion about installing VNC on another VM on the server - but because I have no network connectivity on the VM I am trying to access, this won't work! I think I will end up downloading the .img file to my local UnRAID box so I can try to work something out... but does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Tony
  13. OK... all the array disks are rebuilt... mounted the cache disk with UD... copying data onto array via MC at the moment. Once done a 'quick' format on the cache disk and copy VMs back from array 👍 Many thanks for all your help - a pain having to do this... but total data loss = zero 😀
  14. I'm sure I know the answer to this... but I thought I'd ask... during the disk rebuild, does it matter which order you remove and re-assign the disks? I ask because given how long it takes I was hoping to get my 2Tb disk rebuilding overnight rather than starting another 500Gb one and have it finish at 2am and the machine sit idle for 8 hours. I assume that after disk 1 is done I could choose disk 4 to be the next re-build?