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  1. I thought that would probably be the reason. Unassigned, replaced, assigned and formatted - all good, thanks 👍
  2. Hi All I am about to replace my single cache disk.... so I set shares which were using it to 'use cache disk - yes', invoked mover and all my VMs and appdata are now in the protected array. But on the main screen it says the 500gb cache disk is using 68Mb. So I thought I would check with Midnight Commander that the root of the cache disk was empty and it is... there is nothing on it at all. So, why does the main screen show its using 68Mb, when its empty? I just want to make sure I am not missing something and about to inflict some data loss on my server. Thanks
  3. Many thanks - I thought this would be the case, but in the back of my mind I wondered if it should show the size of the link or the size of the media file... 🙂
  4. Hi All A quick question, which I am hoping someone can answer... I am just starting to organise my Plex media and decided to have /mnt/user/Plex/Movies/ and /mnt/user/Plex/Kids-Movies/... rather than duplicating media I am planning on just creating hardlinks in the /mnt/user/Plex/Kids-Movies/ directory as I know Plex doesnt play with symlinks... so I created one and it was perfect - the added media was acailable in the Kids-Movies section in Plex. But, my question is this - when I look at the filesize (WinSCP) of the hardlink it shows the same size as the file its linking to... i.e. approx 2Gb - is this normal as I would have expected it to show something in the region of 1k! I just want to make sure that I am not burning my free space by creating a load of hardlinks. Thanks in advance
  5. Many thanks Binhex - that makes a lot more sense... previously I was using DelugeVPN and within that docker's console curl https://ipconfig.co did show the VPN endpoint IP - now I am using Privoxyvpn on my local UnRaid machine as I have rTorrent on a seedbox... so thats why DelugeVPN showed the VPN endpoint... becuase the VPN docker was integrated. Thanks 🙂
  6. Can anyone help with why my Sonarr, Jackett and Radarr dockers don't seem to be passing traffic through PrivoxyVPN? I have binhex-privoxyvpn configured to use PIA (Frankfurt) and it seems to be configured OK as when I use 'curl https://ipinfo.io' in its console it tells me that the IP is in Germany, which is what I expected... My dockers are set to proxy via the local server IP and port 8118 (and they have been restarted since configuring)... But when I try the same check from the Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett consoles it gives me my genuine static IP address... However, when I proxy one of my Windows 10 VMs, to use privoxyvpn, it correctly identifies, in a web browser, that the endpoint is Germany, i.e. routing through PIA... But when I visit https://www.privoxy.org/config/ it says that Privoxy is NOT being used (I have cleared cache)... Am I missing something, there seems to be lots of conflicting information... are the dockers correctly routing through pivoxyvpn and mis-reporting their endpoints? If so, is there another way to prove all is working well? Thanks in advance
  7. Stopped and started the array and sure enough the phantom share wasnt there when it restarted 👍
  8. Thanks - the odd thing is that the phantom share (/downloads\files) is showing exactly the same files as exist in the proper share (/downloads/files)... which made me wonder if it was some sort of link to the proper share.
  9. Thanks - I realised what I'd done and corrected the setting in the application - thanks, I'll restart the array when I can take it offline and see what happens.
  10. Hi All I have a 'phantom' share on my UnRAID shares list which I cant get rid of. It all started when I mis-configured Syncthing to sync files between two servers. I wanted to link /downloads/files on my local server - but accidentally entered the share as /dlownloads\files and it seems to have created a new share called "downloads\files"... so I have one share called "downloads" and one called "downloads\files" I deleted /downloads\files in MC and it now only shows the single "downloads" share - it is also not visible in the shares tab in UnRAID. But in network neighbourhood from my windows machine... it is still there. If I open \\\ (the UnRAID IP) I get a list of shares which can be mapped and here I have "downloads" and "downloads\files". When I browse inside "downloads\files" there are folders which look like they contain synced files from the remote server running Syncthing! Has anyone had this before and know how to get rid of it? I did wonder whether it has created some sort of link in the O/S so it is displaying whats in "/downloads/files". Any help appreciated 🙂
  11. OK, just in case anyone else see's this - I just used force-update on one of my dockers and now it shows as up-to-date... so will force update on all the others too.
  12. Thanks @bonienl No, the only VPN I am using is in delugeVPN / rtorrentVPN - not using a VPN or proxy server. I'll roll back to 6.8.2 and see if it clears then post as a possible bug - just thought someone else may have seen this and found a fix.
  13. Tried that - it says "checking..." in blue but just spins forever - when I refresh the page it goes back to "not available"...
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or not... so thought I'd ask... Just upgraded from 6.8.2 to 6.8.3 on a production server and everything seems to be working but the docker containers all show "version: not available"; When I first noticed this only a couple of containers showed not available, so I rebooted the machine again and now they all show this. The machine definitely has internet access as it is remote and I am connecting over the internet. Also, it hosts some webservers which are working OK... or at least the websites are showing OK. Thanks