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  1. This has been causing me major problems for over a year, so I have updated them all to the latest versions, but I dont have all the details of the previous versions... HP Microserver/s: Current system ROM = J06 05/21/2018 (previous system ROM = J06 11/02/2015) Current ILO = ILO4 - ILO Firmware 2.70 May 07 2019 (cant remember the previous version - but it was the latest version without HTML5 console) DL380s (G8): Current System ROM = P70 05/21/2018 (previous system ROM = P70 07/01/2015) Current ILO = ILO4 - ILO Firmware 2.70 May 07 2019 (cant remember the previous version - but it was the latest version without HTML5 console) I dont have the ML30 (G9) details here but can get them tomorrow. Perhaps @matto2494 can confirm his ILO/ROM versions too?
  2. Fair enough - downgraded as far as I can. I just thought as HP is one of the biggest server and PC manufacturers there may be a fair few people running their kit... Sorry for the trouble. I'll just pop back occasionally to see if a fix is released. Thanks.
  3. Urgent seemed appropriate as Urgent shows "Server crash, data loss, or other showstopper" and this problem causes servers to crash and is a show stopper because it introduces unreliability... granted the tests I've done today do mean that it is possible to recover a 'crashed' machine remotely - just a shame I didn't work this out a year, or so, ago when it caused me a major outage and I am still running 6.5.0 in the datacentre as I couldn't trust any later versions 😞 Not being a programmer, developer or engineer I am still not confident to remotely upgrade my DL380, until I can book a slot in the DC when I can pop in if a remote upgrade fails as some of the information on this machine is mission-critical to my business and if it goes down again its a pain switching data across to a backup machine! OK... we'll meet in the middle - "Minor" it is!
  4. The 'workaround' was only discovered a few minutes ago... but I have changed to "annoyance" if its not deemed important that peoples machines can be left unusable 😐
  5. Hi Jonathanm... I flagged it as urgent because it renders the machine unable to boot to the internal USB port saying that there is no bootable device. When my DL380 did this in the datacenter over a year ago I had a 160 mile round trip on a Saturday to recover it - then another 160 mile round trip to re-install it plus I paid for a replacement server - So as it can render the machine unusable I deemed it to be urgent... if you think its a minor inconvenience I will change the flag!
  6. Another update - in case anyone is locked out of their remote HP server saying "No Boot Device Found"... I have tested and successfully recovered from this on a remote server by using the "reset ILO" feature then power cycling the machine and from ILO remote console make sure "UnRAID with no GUI" is selected from the blue option screen - then it boots, recognises USB key and you can get control of the server again. REMEMBER TO CHANGE DEFAULT BOOT MODE TO "WITHOUT GUI" IF YOU HAVE CHANGED IT TO BOOT WITH GUI MODE (AS I HAD!!)
  7. Yes... Only when machine is booted into "UnRAID with GUI" mode
  8. Just had it confirmed by another user that doing this enabled him to clear the fault and reboot his Microserver into UnRAID successfully 😄
  9. Another update... In case anyone gets to this point because they have an HP server with this critical error showing in BIOS and no keyboard/mouse/USB port - I have just tested this on my ML30 G9 and if you reboot the server and before it boots into UnRAID do an ILO reset, it clears the critical error from the ILO console
  10. OK, quite a lengthy summary here, which has been going on for over a year and today I am confident that I have got to the bottom of it. I have previously posted several threads which provide a lot of details for each occasion; But in summary... I have had some serious issues with all versions of UnRAID after 6.5.0 with reliability... The servers concerned are 2 x HP MicroServer G8's, 2 x HP DL380p G8's and today 1 x ML30 G9. Yes... I have replaced two servers thinking it was a hardware issue 😞 The machines are configured to boot in legacy mode and the USB key with UnRAID is installed on the internal USB port. However when the machine boots it sometimes shows a critical BIOS error in the HP ILO and once this error shows, you have no keyboard/mouse control in the ILO remote console screen - so all you can do is to force the machine to reboot by using the hold power option in the ILO. Then in most cases after the machine boots, it fails to recognise the USB key in the internal USB port and the only way I'd found to reboot the machine into UnRAID was to remove the USB key to an external port and reboot. As I had never managed to sort this out, I bought a new ML30 G9 over Christmas and just built it with a trial key using v6.8.1 today. As soon as it booted I selected UnRAID with GUI option and it booted into UnRAID. Immediately the server showed a critical PCI-Express error and from the ILO remote console the keybpard/mouse wouldnt work... So I logged into UnRAID from the LAN GUI (which worked OK) and shut down the machine. It wouldnt shut down, so I had to foce it with a 'hold-power button' from ILO. When the machine was powered down it still showed the Critical BIOS PCI-Express error, so I removed the power cord and pressed the power button to discharge everything and when I reconnected power and got on the ILO, the error had cleared. I then rebooted the machine and forgot to change into 'UnRAID with GUI' boot option, which I always have as default so I can get into UnRAID from ILO. I noticed the error didn't apear, so I rebooted and chose 'UnRAID with GUI' option and immediately the critical error flashed up! I have a friend who runs UnRAID 6.8.0 on another Microserver G8 which is completely remote from me. He switched his to 'UnRAID with GUI' mode and also found he has lost ILO keyboard/mouse - so he rebooted and its now stuck in a 'boot device not found' error as it would seem it cant recognise the internal USB port at the moment. When he gets home he will cold boot it and I know it will be fine again! I have attached two diagnistic.zip files from my ML30 G9 today - one was generated when the machine DIDN'T have the critical BIOS error and one when it was in Critical condition - in case they are different! The one generated at 11:46 is in normal condition and the 11:55 one is in critical condition. So far I have replaced my Microserver with another Microserver and then bought this ML30 G9 as I thought it was a compatibility issue with the Microserver and I replaced my DL380 G8 in the datacentre as I thought there was a problem with the original machine... so all in all its been quite costly for me to get to this point, so it would be nice to know that this IS the cause and whether it can be fixed. I have the virgin ML30 G9 with a trial key and no data or config - so if you want anything done on this to try and find the cause please let me know. Hope to hear back soon! hector2-diagnostics-20200117-1146.zip hector2-diagnostics-20200117-1155.zip
  11. Do let me know what happens as I can confirm this is an issue with DL380p G8's, Microserver G8's and now ML30 G9's!. I'd be interested to know that I have actually been able to help with something constructive rather than just take-take-take from the forum 😄
  12. Hi @1812 - I linked you in this post as I thought you would be interested... I am confident that this is a confirmed bug now (even though I have bought 3 different servers to prove!) as I asked a friend who is miles away to boot his Microserver into GUI mode to prove the fault and he has lost keyboard/mouse and his machine is stuck in a "no boot device found" loop until he gets home. I am just posting the bug now and will link the post URL here shortly in case anyone in future has this problem and can use this information. I found the 'cure' by chance and am so pleased as this has caused me real conserns for sometime! Thanks
  13. Will do as I am confident that this is the issue as I have bought 2 Microservers, 2 DL380s and an ML30 in the last year trying to sort this out LOL - thanks