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  1. I think that there are a LOT smarter people here who can guide you. however, because of the holidays, their response may be a bit delayed. In the meantime, try to find the file that you are looking for manually on your server. Your data should not be affected by the troubles with NC docker.
  2. Sorry, I was assuming that you have backup/restore plugin. Do you? If yes, and you have been regularly backing up the dockers... you will have the option to "go back" or restore to an earlier version of the apps/dockers. I am not a techie and my explanation is I am sure lacking. Look under Setting/User Utilities tab to see if you have Backup/Restore Appdata option. If you do not, then I am at loss of what to do next. If you do, restoring will not affect your credentialing.
  3. You data is unaffected, even if you completely remove the NC. You can probably just browse to that folder on your server and retrieve the file that you are looking for manually. So, if you know where your files are stored, such a networked PC, and you have access to it, just browse and find the folder/file to download manually.
  4. I just restored my dockers to a few days ago, and the console is back up and running. If you don't have any other option, try restoring it as well until someone can perhaps shine some light on the "proper" fix.
  5. This morning I am also getting this exact message. Any thoughts on what this is all about and how to go about fixing it? My latest NC is 19.0.6 The Nextcloud.log is HUGE, over 310 MB, and growing all the time!
  6. Is there a way to run a DICOM server on an unRaid, accessible from outside through something like Radiant? I know that there is an app for Nextcloud, but it is a very week solution. Something like Orthanc can run on Windows, but I would like the data to live in an unRaid. Running a VM which is running an Orthanc is a very tedious and slow process. Something native to unRaid would work a lot better. In 2015 there was a thread on this topic but it seemed to end with no true solution. Any guidance would be great. Lev
  7. I just noticed on my server that the letsencrypt is being deprecated and SWAG is the way to go. I know that this maybe a noob question, but is there an easy to follow set of instructions for the migration, hopefully without breaking anything? I hate to mess with something that is working well. Thanks, Lev
  8. I want to update this so that if anyone else is or has been struggling as I have to get the letsencrypt / nextcloud to play nice together can perhaps try these steps. They worked for me to finally get SSL recognized in my browsers. I changed the following value in the nextcloud.subdomain.conf from: proxy_max_temp_file_size 2048m; to proxy_max_temp_file_size 1024m; That seemed to do the trick. I am not sure why that would work but it did. Props go to @Agricola who suggested it here : https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php/Th
  9. keep getting the same error while running letsencrypt. I've wiped and reinstalled the docker half a dozen times with the same exact result. The values I am currently using are the same that I used for the last year or two, yet now they do not work. Can someone please shed some light on this. Very frustrating. I was able to generate correct SSL certificate. For some reason I had to reset my port forwarding on the FIOS gateway. Strange that I had to do that as it was working before with no issues. Letsencrypt is all good, with no more errors reporting a valid new ce
  10. So, I reinstalled the mariadb and nextcloud and cannot log into the dns unless I change the following line to include the port. Also, I do not see the SSL certificate anymore. No errors in the letsencrypt log, that I can see. 'overwritehost' => 'mysite.duckdns.org:444', nextcloud.txt
  11. I was reinstalling my letsencrypt, mariadb and nextcloud due to the fact that for some reason I lost all connection to my nextcloud and now, when I install letsencrypt following spaceinvader's tutorial, the log files for the container report that both of my subdomains fail challenges. I have used the same duckdns.org and subdomains for several years with no problem and have installed letsencrypt the exact same way several times. This is the first time I see this error. Am I missing something? letsencryptlog.txt
  12. I ran in MariaDB the following: mysqlcheck -u root -p --all-databases and there were no warning. I think that that means that the MariaDB is OK.
  13. I tried through the backup restore to the one from a week ago. Same error. Is there another way to check the database?
  14. 6.8.0 of unRaid MariaDB log is showing : I just downgraded to 6.8.0 and still the same error message. However, the log files are now "clean", with no repeating loops. MariaDB log