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  1. As well, I had an old Power Supply that was a little wonky and dieing I guess. I replaced it and all has been well for the past 5 or so years. 😃
  2. Try running this command in console. unraid-api restart It will turn off your connection and attempt to restart the deamon and connect again. Another way I found was to logout of the MyServer plugin, which is in the same area as the "Can't connect to Mothership" area.
  3. Just realized how old this post is. Lol Oh well. I have my system setup to run Parity every 1st of the month starting at Midnight and it normally runs until 9AM. I have (5) 4TB drives so its pretty quick and done normally without me even noticing other than a message I get via my email or via the webgui that it started and when its finished. I used to use the Parity Tuning Plugin because I was running some slower WD drives and I had it set start at Midnight and stop at 6AM and then restart the next day at Midnight and continue this repeat process until until it was do
  4. I restarted using unraid-api restart since I shut it down remotely and it seems to be working just fine. Thanks for the quick fix again.
  5. No worries. Funny thing thou is the last time I reported it which was several weeks ago you guys put out something and it fixed it. Unless you put out another release and forgot to put the patch back into the newest. Lol I mean crazier things have happened when your dealing with 1000's of lines of code. I did run unraid-api stop and now my drives are not coming up by themselves. Weird I'm still remoted in too. Must be the deamon that makes the connection, but doesn't actually control keeping the connection. Just another tid bit of info if that helps at all.
  6. I'm the one that reported it when it happened the first time and then it was patched. This is the version I'm running and yes I did click the check for updates 2021.06.07.1845
  7. I just came here to mention it too. @ljm42 I tried this earlier. Logged into my server and watched a drive spin up, hit refresh and one by one my drives spun up again. Jun 30 13:30:07 Tower webGUI: Successful login user root from Jun 30 13:30:17 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdb Jun 30 13:30:24 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc Jun 30 13:30:31 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd Jun 30 13:30:39 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sde Jun 30 13:30:46 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdf Jun 30 13:30:54 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdg Other than hitt
  8. Re-installed and no drive spin ups anymore. Success!!!!! Great job everybody. I did have a little glitch where I re-installed and it seemed to take forever for MyServers on unraid to turn green. Could literally be anything I'm sure, but I was worried I messed something up. After making a cup of coffee and returning it was sitting there green. I do wish I had of waited for your patch to see if it would of fixed its self like intended, but I'm often impatient.
  9. I uninstalled, but I’ll reinstall soon. No problem on the letting you know. Problems arise and we are all in this together in the end.
  10. I knew you guys would figure it out. I figured a little *poke*poke*poke* would help. Removed plugin and now my drives are sleeping and refresh isn't spinning them back up. So its very related and thank you for reaching out to me. Well all of us.
  11. Hmmm, another odd thing. My drives was all spun down until I hit refresh on the Main page then I heard all my drives spin up. Uninstalled plugin and now my drives are not starting up from the refresh and are not spinning up on their own all of the sudden.
  12. Ah Ahhhh, Thanks.. Here I am shutting down all my dockers so I can do some testing. Lol Thanks for the heads up. Can we get a roll back to stop that? I shut off auto Flash backup and used a script to turn it on and off daily, but I can't live with my drives spinning up and down all day for no reason at all. My OCD will drive me crazy. I suppose I could temporarily uninstall the plugin and re-install it later when its updated.
  13. So I just updated to the newest Plugin and all my drives spin up? Whats up with that? Jun 10 14:42:32 Tower flash_backup: adding task: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ update Jun 10 14:42:33 Tower root: No PID found in cache for unraid-api Jun 10 14:42:34 Tower root: Loading state paths Jun 10 14:42:34 Tower root: Daemonizing process. Jun 10 14:42:34 Tower root: Daemonized successfully! Jun 10 14:43:19 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdb Jun 10 14:43:26 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc Jun 10 14:43:33 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdd Jun
  14. You can have an Array which is a parity protected grouping of devices. You can have pools which are either mirrored devices in either SSD, NVME or HDD, but not protected by a Parity drive. - You can have multiple pools which you are calling arrays up above. Now if you want to have different folders say -TV -Movies -Security Which are known as Shares and each share in the array will have its own security and access settings. You can also attach drives such as USB and use a Plugin called Unassigned.Devices so you can connect
  15. Normally You do not want to restore a backup of docker.img Normally you want to recreate it via the dockers page and then reinstall your dockers which will fill the docker.img file. That docker.img can easily get corrupted from a backup/restore.
  16. Yes in MY experience when ever I've encountered an unclean shut down it has always fired off a Parity Check. Like I said if I know what the problem was I've often just said cancel and haven't felt any repercussions as long as I know I wasn't performing a write.
  17. I always look at it this way personally. Was I writing any data to the array when I shut down my machine? If not then the Difference between the Data Drives and the Parity should be the same and it shouldn't throw up an error when you run it again. If your not sure it doesn't hurt to let it go, but often I just cancel and move on.
  18. More food for thought during your build: You can view your data on the Unassigned.Devices Plugin, but anything you put in the array will be erased and prepped for unraids use. Expansion Card. 4 Sata Connections + whatever your adding via your expansion card. Make sure its running in IT Mode not Raid mode. Sata Drives already allocated: - 1 Parity - 1 SSD if you plan on running Dockers. You don't have to run SSD if you simply don't care that a drive will be spun up all the time, but Plex and other Dockers run so much better on an SSD o
  19. Not to coin a phrase I've heard before, but............. It'll be released when its ready.
  20. Totally fair. I was just going to manually rename my chattr file from what it is now and set the new name in the script so it could function and change to whatever I set it to. I knew you couldn't be held accountable for every name change simply because you can't read our minds. I honestly didn't expect you to enable a name change via command line. I just figured we would plug it in via the script.
  21. @Opawesome Actually looks like there already is. lol readonly defaultSecureChattrRename="rttahc" Looks like he's updated the script from v1.0.2 to v1.0.3 and included it. Yahoo Thanks for the add binhex.
  22. I didn't want to clog up his Support Thread, but anyways this is what I suggested. ************************************************************************ One idea I just had. Currently your renaming chattr and changing its permission. Absolutely brilliant, however maybe include a variable so the user could change the rename so everybody has a totally different binary and really screw up bots/script kiddies? Say default is "rchatt" and everybody that uses it will have that as their default. Anybody who knows unraid and knows how to beat it will just bake t
  23. My Brain hurts trying to figure this out. Lol I'll just leave it to Daily for now. 😃
  24. I do see my drives being read at 682k, which is typically Plex looking for Drive changes. I can't look at Plex from work because I know I have it set to periodically check for changes, but I know it looks for changes when the drives are spun up. I'll disable that. Heck I'll shut down Plex all together for the heck of it and try it again.
  25. This is what a Typical log looks like for me. Why it does its thing and then at the end it always does a read Smart is beyond me. I'm guessing thats what is trigger the drive spin up or its reading it after its spun up. I'm not 100% sure. I just know its annoying. May 25 11:34:26 Tower root: mvlogger: Adding Age May 25 11:34:26 Tower root: mvlogger: Age 15 May 25 11:34:26 Tower root: mvlogger: Skipfiletypes string: find "/mnt/cache/Plex-Photos-Hunters" -depth -mtime +15 May 25 11:34:26 Tower root: mvlogger: Not in Test mode May 25 11:34:26 Tower root: mvlogger: Complete Mover Comman