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  1. Thanks for the info on the Thumbnails. Cache Pool aka 1 drive currently 1TB Evo 970 Cache/Appdata, shares and little scratch pad things I tinker with ssdBackup Pool aka 1 drive currently I believe its a Sandisk Pro 240GB Backup of my Cache/Appdata with Daily Snap Shots using a Rysync script Just keep in mind a lot of External Controller cards do not support Trim unless you do some research and know if your Firmware supports it. I have my two SSD's plugged directly into my Motherboard because my Particular board supports 10 Sata connections.
  2. Ok, I'm not nuts then. Lol Like I said I'm not complaining I just wanted to bring it up unless I'm the only one seeing this. My setup isn't anything special and Im pointing everything at the Cache Pool. I'm running two pools, but this was happening before I added the second SSD pool of 1 drive with 6.9.1 aka ssdBackup SSD. I don't recall this happening at all when I was running 6.8.3, but I noticed it when I installed it on 6.9.1 and I thought it was a bug, but nobody else mentioned it so I uninstalled it thinking it was possibly something new in the OS and just waited t
  3. Because I thought its supposed to be looking at the age of the files just on my SSD. Maybe I've gone a little bonkers lol. Unless your telling me its evaluating the files on the share not the files on the SSD which would cause drive spin up. If that is the case then I should set this plugin to check when I know my drives are already spun up say during a Plex Maintenance check. Normally that check is Daily 6AM-8AM. If it is looking at files from the "Share" not the Cache/SSD that would make total since of what is going on. However its spinning up my Parity for no reason if it isn't
  4. This is kinda interesting. I've toyed with the idea of using thumbnails many many times and just haven't ever pulled the trigger because I have zero idea on how much space it would actually need. I'm just shy of your Movie Collection, but I'm easily at your TV Collection or more and wondered how much space I'd need too. I'm running a 1TB 870evo for everything, but I have a spare 240 that I use for a this and that drive. Sorry I'm not really adding anything constructive, but I'm here to see where this goes too. I might consider going with thumbnails for Mov
  5. I'm not sure if its just me or what. Running 6.9.1, but I also noticed this at 6.9 too. I set my Mover Schedule to hourly and hourly my drives spin up and nothing happens since my Settings for Mover Tuning are set to 10% at 20Days. Of course my files are not 20days old so they shouldn't be moved, but why spin up some drives? I decided maybe its just a fluke. So I set my mover to move at 21:35. I waited and sure enough my drives spun up and still nothing moved because it shouldn't be moved since my files are not 20days old. This is what is in my Logs at tha
  6. Keep in mind he's probably sleeping.
  7. I would ask for help in its own Support Forum. You might get more eyes and replies there.
  8. Is there a command line or can there be to enable/disable remote connection? This is why I ask. If I can schedule remote access while at work and disable while I’m home it would be really nice. it’s a personal feeling, but I’d like to be able to schedule a turn on/off when I’m using remote access vs leaving it on all the time. I could use a cron script via User.Scripts or a built in scheduler via Plugin. I have other ways of logging in to enable/disable if this isn’t a possibility or doesn’t make sense. Just a future feature request of sorts.
  9. Yeas it is. I was just playing with the USB Restore last night. Did you see the video I posted in the Announcement thread? SpaceInvaderOne did a pretty cool video on it.
  10. @SpencerJ Make sure you check your Spam folder/Junk Folder. Sometimes things get sent there.
  11. Check this out. You can register a new USB to your account if you loose your old from your backup, by clicking a button.
  12. Basically its backing up your USB stick. I see my docker xml's in it along with my Plugin's and Config files. I personally back up my Cache/system/appdata to another smaller SSD in its own pool. Why do I do that? I backup my appdata once a week and I Figure if there is a BIG change to my appadata I could easily restore it from a daily snap shot. I don't run VM's as of now so I couldn't tell you if any of that data would be on the Flash of course if you run User.Scripts those are on their too. Has anybody else tried using it? Backup and Restore? I'd guess this is
  13. Just tried the USB Backup portion of MyServer's. I've made several changes over the past few weeks and it looks like the USB Backup has been keeping up just fine. I just grabbed a copy of my USB stick and I'm pretty confident I could restore and start it right up. I even included a txt file of my drive assignment using a script I found in User.Scripts so if I had a problem I could easily figure out which drives are where.
  14. YES!!!! You want to always leave the maximum amount of battery you can on your UPS. Draining a UPS can shorten its life, but if you have 25minutess in reserve and decide to wait until you have a few minutes left, what happens if your machine hangs on shutdown and doesn't make it entirely and dumps. I think I have 25minutes in reserve too. I probably should look at how much time I have with all drives spinning. Lol I have mine set if I loose power for 5minutes begin shut down. I have another UPS with a 3D Printer connected to it and I have it set that
  15. You can use the Unassigned Device Plugin to manage your devices, but that's getting kinda sketchy in my opinion to rely on USB for all that. Personally I'd get a case and drop in a LSI controller card and run it in IT Mode. unraid doesn't like RAID cards very much because they can cause problems.
  16. Ok.... this is something I requested over 5 years ago. This is nice!!!!!!!! Thank you @Squid
  17. Deleted the folder and walla. Everything seems just fine.
  18. Thank you. I'll backup the folder and give it a deleting and see if things come back. Sounds like I have some homework tonight.
  19. Thanks. I'll copy that folder, delete it and give the plex server a reboot. I figured I could just search the Plex folder. I just didn't want to over delete things and drive the family crazy. lol
  20. Interesting. I've been having issues all of the sudden playing direct playing anything that is EAC3 on my AppleTv. So to get around that I've been using Tdarr to convert things to AC3 which my receiver supports very well. Sure I'm guessing my AppleTV or Plex has been converting EAC3 to AAC on the fly, but recently it just sits there and does nothing. Lol Maybe it is a Codec thing even on my end too. So are you simply deleting the entire codec folder or specific files? My issues might not be the same as yours too, but I figure since I've stumbled onto this topic I might
  21. That thing just screams. "I'M HEAVY!!!!!!!" Nice build. What's with the Temp monitor? Its totally got my interest peaked.
  22. The plugin allows for remote connection to your server. It uses the form via SSL to connect to your machine so you can admin it remotely.
  23. @Squid Did you happen to format your SSD to work with 6.9? I know I had to wipe and reformat my SSD to enable 1M blocks on my SSD. Which of course really helped in slowing down the writes to my SSD.
  24. Is there a particular reason you don't want to use 6.9.1?