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  1. 1) Are you sure it's actually encrypted? 2) Do you have other drives in the array that are encrypted with the same passphrase/file? --- If yes, Unraid [most likely] automatically tries to mount the drive with the existing passphrase. You would need to start your array and then remove the passphrase/keyfile before mounting the UD.
  2. Honestly your best bet would be to use google photos for automatic backup, or amazon photos if you have prime. From either of those you could then download them for storage. Not quite an automatic process but without using nextcloud you're somewhat limited to the availability of mobile apps.
  3. How about from the Go file? Is it a passphrase? You could try echo -n "key" > /root/keyfile and see if that works.
  4. How is the keyfile getting to /root? There may be an issue there. I had endless problems using encryption and keyfiles. Decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
  5. Easiest way would be to just name the new docker the same as the old docker... so that the appdata folder is named the same. Nothing else would change in that case. Or you could use a script such as the one linked in my signature to back up essential plex data which you could then use to restore in the new appdata folder..
  6. Once again, this thread is originally 6 years old. HTTPS is already implemented. @SLNetworks look at thread dates before bumping for no reason.
  7. The root of your problem is here So as JorgeB said, your filesystem is corrupt. You can try to repair the BTFRS superblock but I'm not exactly sure what you'd want to do to try.. if you google " can't read superblock on /dev/mapper" or "btrfs repair superblock" or similar terms like that you may find some help.
  8. find * -maxdepth 9999 -mtime +5 -exec rm -vf {} \; -exec /bin/echo {} \; | wc -l | { read count; echo "Done. $count files deleted."; } Grabbed this syntax from a thread on stackoverflow, works good.
  9. So unfortunately you did not read the update notes... https://wiki.unraid.net/Unraid_OS_6.9.0#Linux_Kernel
  10. Does everyone's CPU max out while scanning for photos? This thing was maxing out all my cores/threads until I pinned it down to 2/2 ..
  11. Compute all simply calculates the total size of the data on each share. Unprotected means that there is data that is not protected by the parity array, meaning it hasn't been copied to the array for parity calculation.
  12. I got "hack attempts" from my desktop pc because of a network lan scanner so it really depends on what's connecting or why.
  13. So I don't know much about configuring domain names... I only just bought one last week, for the first time ever with Namecheap. Same type of setup, though. @ has to be an IP address and not a hostname. One work around would be if GoDaddy has any automated dynamic ip update api that you could use to update from a user script ... something apparently along the lines of: https://www.godaddy.com/community/Managing-Domains/Dynamic-DNS-Updates/td-p/7862 https://www.instructables.com/Quick-and-Dirty-Dynamic-DNS-Using-GoDaddy/ As for the photos.. I don't have anyth
  14. Did you create the keyfile from windows or from the console? (unix file type is required) Not sure if anyone can confirm whether or not a symlink can be used with a keyfile? You should eliminate any potential problem by just copying the file to /root Ultimately I was experiencing a number of problems with autostarting the array and ended up just using echo -n "key" > /root/keyfile in my go file... before I decrypted all my drives again because the encryption was a pain in the arse.
  15. Yes you need it.. that's default. Not sure about the port 8088 though, maybe at some point you specifically changed the WebUI port to 8088 instead of running on 80? (Should be in your settings though).