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  1. I have installed this docker but I am having issues logging into it, what is the default username and password ? OK I was being dumb as I didn't see the information within the template. ok I am now able to log into the super admin page, but when I try and create a user account, all it is doing is flashing, but not saving the account details. is there any prefix to the password ? or user account name ?
  2. just update with no issue with the OS, the only problem I got is with my new Cache Drive and an Unassigned Drive, that for some reasson it didn't like to resolve this I unplug the SATA cables from my motherboard - rebooted with the two unplug and once Unraid was up and running again, I pluged them back in.
  3. thanks. here is my results: as you can see my speed has drop over time and here is my current hard drivers at the moment I don't have a cache drive. but this is schedule to my installed this mouth.
  4. I am glad that I am not the only one who is experiencing slowness in there Parity. looking at the about results - can you please inform me on what package you are using, and I would like start to record the information, and share my results with the group.
  5. quick question about PlexPass. if I purchase a PlexPass and added to my server under, then would my guest users "friends to whom I am sharing my plex with and access it via the WebApp" will get all the benefits of the pass or will they have to go out and purchase they own copy ?
  6. I have been trying to get this to work on and off, but so far I haven't got all the parts to play together. my setup at the moment is router at with DHCP Enable PIHole at delugeVPN at within PIHole I have enter in the Condition forwarding to my router looking at my network overview it is showing all my devices. when I do a IPconfig, I get all the right information for the DHCP = and my DNS points to my VPN DNS 194.*.*.* so my question is, that when I go and have a look at at PiHole it only shows me this after 2 weeks running, is this normal and if so when is there a way to test it ? but if I enable my PiHole DHCP then the numbers in above will be much higher. this makes me think that someone is not talking or sending the traffic to the right location. any ideals ?
  7. I have been usimg unraid for about 1 year, and i love the simple interface, that allows you.to navagate around unraid. What i would like to be added to the OS is a better interface to allow users to set up schedule tasks, as at the moment i feel this area is lacking at the moment.
  8. Just upgrade to the new version. And it when on with no issues. Keep up the great work.
  9. I would wait until the preclear is finished Nd then upgrade. As.i just finishes precleari g a 10tb and it take 4 days to run.
  10. I have just discovered this function, and I am doing a lot of reading. I feel the same as @marshalleq that I also like to have a area that I can place my important data, but I don't like the ideal of relaying on a plugin to do the work, as I feel that this should be a core element. To to ZFS users can you please tell me how you have found the ZFS environment and setting up. and also did you find any good reference "Step by step Guide"
  11. would it be possible for this function to be main a Core Element of UNRAID as this would give the users more functions. as I have seen and read about the ZFS plugin, which looks great but the only problem for me is that every time UNRAID is update - you have to then update the ZFS plugin, which makes me a bit concern as this might damage my data.
  12. I hope someone can help me. I would lile to redirect all my traffic through a VPN.' DelugeVPN '. But i can't see how i can do this. Can someone please point me to the right documention so that i can read up on it and set mine up.
  13. is it just me or is this docker asking to update on a daily / hourly bases ?