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  1. I have a ideal that after a bit of playing around I have discovered that my AppData is eating through my SSD. so I am thinking about is moving my Appdata from the Cache and play it onto a Unassigned Device, and only have my personal shares on the cache, as I am not to concern about data transfer speed so what do you all think about this, and would it be as easy as stop all dockers / vm etc and copy data to third location Turn off Array copy data from third location to new location " Unassigned Device " re-point the links in all my dockers restart
  2. I know this works as.i have it working on mine. Did you follow all the steps and install the CA user support. And within here you create a bash file.
  3. Quick update. I have gone through and moved all the host path 2 for deluge from ssd and onto a differance HD. I have also modify plex to use the new ram folder. And lastly i have disable my handbrake docker for the time being. This hasn't stop the data usaged from clumbing but i feel that this has reduced the amouth that it was being used.
  4. Welcome to the fourm, and i hope that you get as much satifaction from unraid as i have.
  5. silly me, I have done that and I will see how that goes. thanks for your help
  6. thanks I have done the first part "The Script" but at the moment I can't reboot as my Unraid is being used but someone else. but I will do the second part later, and report back. thanks for your help @testdasi
  7. thanks @testdasi for the reply. but I have one question first with the Plex Trancoding I have just looked within my Plex settings, and I see for the Host Path 2, that it is pointing to /tmp is this the same as type of thing as your script ? if not then can you point me to how to add the Bash script at boot up/ and with in Plex
  8. I have a WD Black 250 GB High-Performance NVMe Internal SSD which is a about 6 months old at I have a few questions. whenI had a look at it this morning I discovered that I have used about 15% -Data units read180,339,340 [92.3 TB] -Data units written61,966,434 [31.7 TB] which is shocking as I only use it for my Unraid storage, plex, deluge etc. so my thinking is that some of my films / TVs are in MP4 or AVI format and not MVK which I think needs converting over to prevent transcoding with in Plex. so I have modify my Handbrack to point to two folders "Source, and Handbrack_out" and made both "Disk 1 Only with no Cache" if I do this, would it prevent and make my SSD live longer.
  9. Happy birthday Unraid. I am a home user. Whom is loving your OS. The best funtion of Unraid for me is the ease and simple disign of the OS that allow you to upgrade your storage or add docker funtions.
  10. I am playing around with Pop OS within a VM, and I would like to know if there is a package that supports generic drivers, as at the moment all my resources are using the VM drivers, and I would like to in large my screen from 800X600 to something bigger.
  11. yes I am. and when I look at it via Explorer I am gettign a grey screen. and for me, your fix " chrome://flags/#enable-lazy-image-loading " didn't work for me.
  12. I have been having a bit of an issues with MonitionEye that it is not showing the Stream from my IP Cam I have been able to set up my Unifi cam with no issues, and set it to standalone. fixing it's IP address then I when to monition Eye and install the Docker, using all the default, then I tried to add the Unifi Cam, but here is where I am getting the problem. as I have gone through the steps to step up the connection I have tried both EvonStream and each time I am getting this the pain in the ass is that I had this working, and then I packed it all away as I have builders around and I didn't want anything to get damage. here are my Cam settings before anyone say, I know that my Enable RTSP Authentication is turn off, this is for testing only and I will turn it back on, once I get a feed from the cam. can anyone help me work out why I am not getting a stream image within MonitionEye
  13. I havn't looked it it this week as i have been busy at work. But i will have a look at it this weekend.
  14. Dam. Then is there a way to make it headiless ?.
  15. Update: after a lot of headaces and not gettign very far with Proxmox, - I decided to look at the VM within Unraid. I was able to tranfer over all my hard drivers with easy and was up and running within 10 mins, the only thing I had to reminder is that I had to use the same hard drive and cache driver as before. ok, now I had a look at the VM, and discovered that my IOMMU groups need to be resovled so I when into the VM mananger and change for PCIE ACS Override to both. this resovle this with the groups, and allow me to choose my GPU. now I have a builded VM but at the moment I am not able to access it, when I choose the GPU.