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  1. OK I see the problem I was getting my VPN IP Address and not my ISP external IP address. I found the course - it was my kill switch within PFSENSE that was the problem, I had it before my plex Alias all ways the little things
  2. I just upgraded my plex docker to the latest version, and I discovered the following. that remote access is no longer working that when I go in to have a look it has the right external IP address, but the word internet is greyed out and I have a red cross. I have rechecked all my settings and all looks right. Update: I have just rolled back and I am still getting the same issue: linuxserver/plex:version- it looks like it connect's and then loss the connection. I have attach my log files in the h
  3. I have gotten to start again, but uninstalling it and reinstalling it but I am still now able to webGUI onto it deluge settings jdownloader settings logs
  4. no the " IP leakage under certain circumstances " which @binhex has modify delugevpn
  5. a little bit of topic: I have my Sonarr, Jacket, and Radarr all going through delugevpn with no issues, using the new method. but I have been trying to get my JDownloader to go through the delugeVPN, but to no joy as I am using the same procedure I used for the other dockers. by placing the ports within deluge and adding the Extra Parameters but when I fire up the docker I am getting the ' New page can be found '
  6. Hi @binhex I didn't want to employ it was your fault, but or your dockers - as I feel that you are doing a fantastic job, as I mentioned I looked around and I was not able to find anything and yes I will be changing my VPN France to something else and re-testing. and also ' I didn't realise ' that the docker is complete independent from unraid so I will no long post my unraid version. UPDATE: I just tried England and Israel and both are doing the same thing. I will leave it for a few days to see if it sorts itself out.
  7. I just tryied to access my delugeVPN and I am getting ' This site can’t be reached ' I am still on very 6.9.1 for Unraid but deluge is update on version. I haven't done anything to it, but this morning when I log on. I discovered that I was not able to WebGui onit it, but when go into the console I see that I am getting the right VPN IP address I have tried agin running the following command to see if this is the issue which it is not, I also turn off the VPN within deluge and then I was able to access the WEBGUI but once I turn it back
  8. thanks again, this resolved the issue again.
  9. hi @Roudy as I stated the reason for the two VPN's is that at the moment I can't rely on my pfsense VPN, as I have two connections to the outside world. I have one VPN for my deluge and the dockers which point to one location and I have another VPN for my country so that I can surf the internet in my language. and yes I have to agree the deulgevpn is a great docker which has a build in kill switch which provents any unwanted downloading without the VPN. yes I do have a proxy settings for Radarr but I would also like to point out that my Sonarr also have the
  10. at the moment I havn't got the kill switch to work on pfsense for when the VPN gos down, also I don't want deluge to jump over to the none connection, if or when the VPN is down, so at the moment I have deluge on a VPN connection and all my other traffic goes through my other VPN. @Roudy any ideals on why my Radarr is no seeing my deluge or jacket when all the settings are the same as Sonarr ? Radarr Log files
  11. I think this might have been the problem as I am now have sonarr confirmation that it can see deluge. but Radarr can't see deluge but I am using the same information. apart from that I have jacket and sonarr and deulge talking and working at the moment. UPDATE: just discovered this that the delugeVPN don't like being turned on - behind a PFSENSE VPN. I have to turn both off, and then turn on the deluge, and then PFSense would this be down to the IPTables ?
  12. @Roudy many thanks I have my deluge back, now onto the next issue, is that Sonarr and Radarr are not able to see deluge, looking at Q24, Q25. fun times 😞 over I have looked at How to route any docker container through a VPN container and added the two which he mentions in the video and I then tested in a terminal to make sure that the VPN is working and in both I am getting a different IP then my ISP. but when I try and access my Sonarr I am getting ' This site can’t be reached ' any ideals ?
  13. thanks @Roudy ok before I do this as the last thing I want to f*&^ my server reading Q2 it reference - access the deluge from outside my LAN, which is I don't want to do - only from my lan, but I am guesting that this covers both LAN and external connecting ? also it takes about SSH onto the unraid server, and running the comments, I am guesting this a basic SSH into a terminal and running ? and I can also confirm that my LAN_NETWORK is right
  14. Thanks for letting me know I didn't realise my password would be shown in there, and now I have changed it.
  15. I am also having issues with my deluge I just check it and it looks like it hasn't been running for the pass few days. I am using this version: binhex/arch-delugevpn:latest my VPN still works webGUI = This site can't be reached can anyone see why this has started to happen or do I need to look at the first sticker post about IP Leakage Update: . I just look at the IP Table Q&A and I am loss I route my Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett through delugeVPN so I am guesting that I need to look at Q27 and as I am using delugevpn I will need to