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  1. I have just discovered this function, and I am doing a lot of reading. I feel the same as @marshalleq that I also like to have a area that I can place my important data, but I don't like the ideal of relaying on a plugin to do the work, as I feel that this should be a core element. To to ZFS users can you please tell me how you have found the ZFS environment and setting up. and also did you find any good reference "Step by step Guide"
  2. would it be possible for this function to be main a Core Element of UNRAID as this would give the users more functions. as I have seen and read about the ZFS plugin, which looks great but the only problem for me is that every time UNRAID is update - you have to then update the ZFS plugin, which makes me a bit concern as this might damage my data.
  3. Thanks. I will give it a try tonight.
  4. I hope someone can help me. I would lile to redirect all my traffic through a VPN.' DelugeVPN '. But i can't see how i can do this. Can someone please point me to the right documention so that i can read up on it and set mine up.
  5. is it just me or is this docker asking to update on a daily / hourly bases ?
  6. as before I also like the ideal of mutli Arrays but for me it is Disk usage and not size, in my example I would like to put MotionEye onto the my raid storage but I have discovered that in doing so, it will keep the Parity and one of the disks active 24/7 which is not a good use of the array. so I have resulted using a Unassigned drive to store my motioneye data, which is not a ideal way to keep it safe.
  7. @oliverRC. Thanks for the info about DLNA services. The funny things is that i turned this off myself last night. I will also update the call in a few days, if all is ok. Update. I can also confirm that after turning off the DLNA services, my plex now only use 25% of my RAM and has not craahed one this week.
  8. I have the same issue and it drivers me mad, as in the morning the ram is around 25mb and then during the day / evening the ram raises to 100% and the next thing i know i, plex has hanged. I also like to know of there is a way to provent the ram raising to 100%
  9. thanks BinHEx I think that at the moment I have it as Sonnarr / Radarr / Jackett >> DeulgeVPN >> ( out ) I will recheck and post back.
  10. Then which sites do you use. As i am thinking about moving my vpn target to a differance location and re try
  11. So i am guesting that you also don't use sonarr or radarr.
  12. The problem is that i got through delugeVPN.
  13. I just had a look at my Jackett and I discovered that at the torrent sites that I have linked to are Error out with the following error. Request to https://corsaro.red/api/latests failed (Error Forbidden) - The page is protected by an Cloudflare reCaptcha. The page is in aggressive DDoS mitigation mode or your IP might be blacklisted (e.g. in case of shared VPN IPs). There's no easy way of making it usable with Jackett. is there a way to resolve this ?
  14. this might be nothing but I was poking around my deluge and Sonarr connections and I came upon the following that if I run curl ifconfig.me with the console of delugevpn then I get my VPN IP Address "France" but if I run the same command on sonar or my unraid then I get my external IP Address. I have check my Sonarr and other dockers with this video to make sure that my proxy is right, but I am not a 100% that all my traffic is going through the VPN, when I am searching for films or TV.s or am I just being paranoid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MNqonB86ec
  15. Have yoy tried your vpn via your desktop application VPN ?