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  1. a quick question: I am in the progress of moving my VPN settings from my delugevpn to PFsense as this will resolve a few other issues I have on my network,. but I would like to ask: will delugevpn still working, if I just turn off the VPN part ' VPN_ENABLED = No ' ?
  2. This guinea pig like to report. I had issues when I update this morning with the latest version, as it crashed and created a orphan, which I had to resolve. downloaded the latest version of OVPN and now I have a connection with France. I am also getting 100% speed from my ISP. connected to all my Dockers with no issues thanks @binhex for a great job
  3. thanks for your help, I am glad to say that after a re-image of Unraid I got my CPU Statics, but once I copied over my Config File, I loss them. I will wait until the next release and then I will re-install all the app's and dockers.
  4. Reading back through the posts. And before u go ahead and do this. Is it as easyer as. Download the new opvn files. Unzip and choose you endpoint And copy over the endpoint and cerf. If so then i will try it later once i get home. And post the results
  5. I second this. and I also like to say that at the moment I have good connection with the old setup, I havn't changed anything, only the endpoint from USA to a europe location.
  6. Good Afternoon I have be experiencing issues with my unraid server for the past through weeks, for example ' parts of my dashboard not working, or add-ons no showing up’ So I am thinking about formatting my USB and re-installing it and setting up my raid, but before I go ahead, I want to make sure that I have all the bases covered. I understand that I will need to: keep my config directory and copy this over make sure that I match my drives up again in the right order. Is there anything else I need to keep in might, like the config files for my Dockers ? also I am not sure if my licecne key comes over, or do I need to do something ? ps. if someone can reminder me were to find them, encase I need them :-)
  7. I just tried to submit a ticket but it looks like there page is down. what a surprise.
  8. Which opn files did you download. Fourth version ?
  9. I have just gone to download the lastest files but I got confused. which one do I need to download ? form https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/kb/articles/where-can-i-find-your-ovpn-files
  10. I have gone through the list with port forwarding and none of then are working, is there any update on the openVPN files
  11. No i have no adblockers or anything like that. Last night i tried connection via my phone 'samsung' and i got the same issue. I am not over concern about it. If it is just just a DLL or a services that failed to stsrt and it only effect the dashboard. And if not then i would like to resolve it. UPDATE: 07/09/2020 did a bit more looking around and it looks like a few of my plugin's are not being shown like the corsairpsu , plexstreams and Unassigned Devices. Uploaded Diagnostics tower-diagnostics-20200907-1638.zip
  12. Which disk is it ? Have you check the properties for tbat disk, to see if tbe spin down function is set
  13. is this a problem ? as I have just looked at my server for the first time in about 2 weeks and I discovered that the dashboard is not showing any activity for the CPU. I have rebooted it and this didn't resolved the issue. so is there a command or a a solution to fix this ? the current version of Unraid installed is 6.8.3 2020-03-05