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  1. this might be nothing but I was poking around my deluge and Sonarr connections and I came upon the following that if I run curl ifconfig.me with the console of delugevpn then I get my VPN IP Address "France" but if I run the same command on sonar or my unraid then I get my external IP Address. I have check my Sonarr and other dockers with this video to make sure that my proxy is right, but I am not a 100% that all my traffic is going through the VPN, when I am searching for films or TV.s or am I just being paranoid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MNqonB86ec
  2. Have yoy tried your vpn via your desktop application VPN ?
  3. I would take two. How are you going to deal with international shipping as i live in the UK
  4. quick question. I have my montioneye running now for about 4 weeks and so far it is working as I would like it to do, but there is on thing that I haven't worked out and I don't know if it is design thing. that when it captors something it is only saving it in 9 sec chucks, or less which is a pain, I have copy a screen shot of my settings in the hope that someone can see my mistake. any ideals on why ?
  5. great video and I did enjoy the "Disc 3 is Broken is Think" keep up the great work
  6. What happens if you turn off your VM. Do you still have the same issue ?
  7. opps my mistake 😞 I will go and remove it now. was that the course of the my problem ?
  8. @aartr thanks for the link, at long last I have a working monition eye
  9. this might be nothing but for the pass through weeks, after I have moved my AppData onto a Unassigned HD, I have experience the following that after a few days that my Unraid has going into standby mode, without me asking it to. I have no sleep plugins or anything within my bios to tell my system to go to sleep, and when I look at the diagnostics logs, I see that the log only starts, when I press the reset button to wake up my unraid. so is there anything I can to do look deeper into my logs to see why it is powering down and going to sleep, as I don't want to keep on waking it up ever 5 mins. I have attach my diagnostics logs in the hope that someone might see something I missed. tower-diagnostics-20190824-1527.zip
  10. I just tried that am I got the following error PS. I have moved my config files off from the cache as I found this was eating through my SSD. so at the moment I am testing moment as slow working out the best solution to move them back, to prevent the SSD being eating through.
  11. Thanks for the update. I would just like to confirm that all i have to do is open a terminal and cut and paste in the command, reminding to change the repoaitory. Update: Ok I take a chance and I run the following command within a terminal docker pull aartr/docker-monitioneye which gave me this but I am still getting the spinning icon, when I go within monition eye and not a Cam Feed
  12. what version of Dev are you using as i see that there is a update to 78.0.3887.7
  13. I have a ideal that after a bit of playing around I have discovered that my AppData is eating through my SSD. so I am thinking about is moving my Appdata from the Cache and play it onto a Unassigned Device, and only have my personal shares on the cache, as I am not to concern about data transfer speed so what do you all think about this, and would it be as easy as stop all dockers / vm etc and copy data to third location Turn off Array copy data from third location to new location " Unassigned Device " re-point the links in all my dockers restart Update. I think i found a solution https://forums.sudo.fail/t/unraid-guide-advanced-unassigned-appdata/67
  14. I know this works as.i have it working on mine. Did you follow all the steps and install the CA user support. And within here you create a bash file.
  15. Quick update. I have gone through and moved all the host path 2 for deluge from ssd and onto a differance HD. I have also modify plex to use the new ram folder. And lastly i have disable my handbrake docker for the time being. This hasn't stop the data usaged from clumbing but i feel that this has reduced the amouth that it was being used.