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  1. Ok, now I am confused. I have a external USB which I want to point my motioneye to, and I have read about setting disks to Slave. and I right that to do this all I have to do is the following then using the /mnt/cache to /mnt/disks/share UPDATE: ok I was being blond. I found the option after a lot of reading and looking around, if anyone is trying to find it, I found it by: Click on the Advance Tap, then choosing the Container Path I want to change to RW:SLAVE click on Edit and within here you will see the option to change it.
  2. this might have been answer, if so then I am sorry, but I am trying to do the following. I have Motion eye installed and then having the Video clips being saved to my RAID or Cache, I would like to point it to a external USB drive. so I have plug in my USB drive, (sdg) and when I go and try to point my Motion eye docker to the USB, I see that it is noting showing up, as all I can see is my raid Hard Drivers. so do I have to manual type in the path ?
  3. just update my system with no issues. Loving the new Dashboard.
  4. I have tried Open Files, and I personal find that does not show me what files are being access when my Disk 2 and Disk 4 are spinning up. I think I have tracked this down, and it is PLEX. I think it is when it does it automatic library scan. also was on the topic. my Open Files plugin, is no shown on the Main page, and I have to go into the plugins tab and click on the application which gives me the following information. this is normal
  5. I have the same issues that out of my raid 2 out of 5 spin up for no reason. In the hope to help. The dockers that i am running are. Plex, deluge, jackett, sonnar, Radarr. With my testing i am leaning towards plex.
  6. I have been having issues of late that out of my 4 Hard Drivers and one parity Drive that Disc 2 and 3 are allways spinning up for no reason. and sometimes the parity drive also. I have then check my Open Files plug in to see what is happening and in here I have no reference to the two drivers. which leaves me at a loss. if there anything else I can check as, I don't want my HD's spinning up for no reason. I have attached my diagnostics log in the hope someone can see the issue. tower-diagnostics-20190421-1020.zip
  7. I don't upload. Only download as i use public sites. Have you spoken to your upload site, aa they might be limiting the speed
  8. Have you check the PIA speed connection, as i have discoveres tha my UK connection is running at 3mbs when i am connection.
  9. thanks, if I go to the 8TB or 10TB then what would you recommend my MAX size RAID should I have,
  10. I am thinking head here and I would like some advice. at the moment I have one 4TB Parity Hard drive with 4 x 4TB Hard Drives in a RAID giving me a total of 16TB of storage. but as time go's on, I will have to think about expanding my storage again, within the next 6 mouths. so I am thinking the following add a fifth 4TB hard drive to expand my storage to 20TB, and at the same time I will also have to look at added a second parity drive. of 4TB or purchase a 8TB drive for my parity and re-use my current parity drive as my fifth.
  11. I have been looking at this docker as a working solution for myself as I am looking at installing some IP POE Security Camera. I have looked around and I can't see any suggests for what type of Camera are best for this docker. so can anyone suggest any good Outside IP POE Camera with will work Edit: would the following be a good ideal. UBIQUITI Networks UVC-G3 1080p UniFi Indoor/Outdoor IP Video Camera with Infrared NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE Switch (GS305P)
  12. Can you please give me an example as my level of coding in shell is zero. And the above code was giving to me.
  13. I have checked my code and it is the same as the above, but I am still getting that error :-(
  14. I have Plex Media Server by plexinc installed and all is working fine, but this morning I had a message that there is a update available for Plex. when I click on it I get a DEB file, but I am not sure what to do with it, can someone informed me on the right procedure to update my Plex.