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  1. yes and the SMART test came back OK, but I do have I/O errors. I had to reinstall all my dockers and relink my VM's. and I have also just order a new Hard Disc.
  2. no I am able to access the drive with no issues, I also through at the beginning that I had a drive issue, but as I am able to access it and browse through the file structure I ruled this out. I have attached a screenshot of my drivers
  3. Sorry I forgot to add the file. I had a quick look in the log file for Dockers and it looks empty
  4. I hope someone can help me. I just powered down my server and moved it a few feet, and powered it back up, but when I when in to have a look at the conduction of all the dockers and VM, I discovered that I have no longer have any dockers or VMs running. I have checked my Appdata folder and I still have full access to it, via SMB and via the unraid website, I have this on a un-assigned drive, but I have full access to this. I have checked the logs and I can't see anything in there that says disk error or no reachable I have also ran Fix Common Problems, and this shows no issues. I also checked the main page and I can see all my HD's running with no issues. any ideals on why I can not able to see my dockers ?
  5. I have just finished watching doing a test conversion after watching Spareinvaders video but I have a question which I can't find within the app. when I use Handbrake I have the following settings for TV Shows = 480 NTSC H265 p30 - duel sound. Films = HQ 1090 Full HD H265 p30 = surround sound but when I look in Tdarr I can't find the option to choose which profile I want to use, as my last test only convert the formatted from 254 to 265 and nothing else. is there a way to do this ?
  6. ok after some more reading, and googling I found this. that help Here to get to it, you will need to stop the array, then go to the settings, change it and then restart and then you will see the Br0
  7. being doing some reading and tried the following but so far no joy. I have also tried this Restart the Unraid, dont initialize the array just yet.... go to SETTINGS, Network Settings, change the desired MTU: to 1500( you have to put in 1500, what shows in the box is just a place-holder and not the actual number 1500) Click on APPLY. you will lose network connectivity, so go to the server and restart it there.
  8. ok now I am confused. I only have one NIC on the server and that is build to the motherboard when I go and have a look at Network settings within the VM, I am not offer the option to changed to a br0 so are you saying that I will need a second card in the server to allow me to create a br0 ? and if no how to do go about creating one, as at the moment I have no VM's within my environment.
  9. Sorry I am trying to get a VM Guest to run on my Unraid server UPDATE: I have been able to get a Linux guest to up and running, but now I have a second question, my default IP address is 192.168.1.* but when I do a ifconfig I am getting a 192.168.122.* IP address I am able to ping out from my Linux VM Guest but as the IP address is different from my main IP range I am not able to ping the VM Guest. how do I resolve this ?
  10. I am trying to build a VM machine within unraid and I am running into muiti issues and I can't see why. for starts when I create a VM for Windows or Linux and it get's to the formatting and installing the OS, but for some reason it informs me that it can't see the HD. I also see that when I create the VM template I am not able to choose BR01 for my Nic ? is there a reason why. I have attach a few screen shots of my Linux build template in the hope that you are can help me resolve this issue. I have also downloaded and tried a pre imaged machine " Home Assistant " this finfs the Hard drive and loads but at the end, when I try and connect to it, I discover that I have no network. Note: my IP range is 192.168.1.* and not 182.168.122.* can someone please help
  11. bit confused as this used to work. for the past year I have mounted a remote share to a local folder on my QNAP and then ran a rsync command to sync my data from my unraid to my QNAP with no issues, but for some reason it has stopped and now I am getting the following I have checked the permissions on unraid and at the moment I have set them to public I also check the username and password to which I will be using and they look fine. the commands I am using are: and this used to sync my Unraid Person folder to Qnap. any ideals on why this has started to play up ?
  12. good morning, I just tried your advice amd no joy. what ever I did to get a network card to work, I was just not able to do it, so I have looking at using my Windows PC and VMware Workstation. just so that I can learn Vmware. thanks for your advice
  13. I have been looking around and I found the following link URL but I am having issues getting it to work. as it stops at the following screen. and here is my VM Set up any ideals ?
  14. before I go ahead and do this, I would like to check a few things, the VMware Environment is only going to be used for testing and learning the environment, and will only be up - as and when I need it. I current have a B450 Tomhawk motherboard with a RYZEN 7 2700 CPU @ 3200Mhz and I current have 16 GBS of ram @ 3200Mhz, which I am planning on expending to 32GB what I would like to know: would I be able to set up a private environment that will allow me to create a heartbeat, VMotion and Storage Ip Ranges - Ref Image so that I can walk through my course and also create and test the my knowledge.
  15. OK I see the problem I was getting my VPN IP Address and not my ISP external IP address. I found the course - it was my kill switch within PFSENSE that was the problem, I had it before my plex Alias all ways the little things