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  1. I had 2x 500GB SSDs running cache, however one has been failing and blinking offline all the time no matter the backplane slot, so it's going back for RMA. Is there a clean way to remove that one SSD from my cache for now and use the live data left on the other drive w/out rebuilding everything? Then after the new drive arrives am I able to cleanly add it back in? Or would I need to destroy and rebuild the cache each time? Trying to find the best way of doing it. Right now the server knows the drive is missing so /var/log is 100% full and I don't know how long it will be before a replacement drive arrives.
  2. Entering! Thanks guys. Almost 2 years user now. I love having all the docker containers in one place ran by an amazing community. Plus of course all that file storage!
  3. Yep, I am, just thought it was odd that it was the only one showing that error - the rest of the scripts I have exit cleanly. I'll go ahead and schedule that for hourly runs. I created a scrub script and a script to reset error counts incase this happens again. the SSD is on a backplane so I can't really change any cables, and it hasn't happened for over a year until now. I'll be prepared this time though with the new scripts added incase it happens again. Thank you again for your time and info!
  4. So I'm working on setting up the scripts for ease of use and the one that generates a warning seemed to work once, but now it's not, I had deleted the script to create them with better names/descriptions (and so the folders would get named correctly in /flash/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/) Now when I copy/paste your script in I get the following error, and it doesn't actually generate the warning. /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/Cache - Error Check/script: line 4: syntax error: unexpected end of file The script is only 3 lines long, so there's nothing on line 4. Is there a way I should be closing out this script to run cleanly?
  5. Awesome, good to know I can at least get back to normal work-mode today for now, I'll circle back on the scripts in a few hours. Was awesome waking up to the fix - thanks @johnnie.black -- you've helped me before in the past as well, much appreciated!
  6. Scrubbing didn't take long, but now btrfs dev stats /mnt/cache shows corrupt errors now when it didn't before the scrub. Not sure what to make of this.
  7. Thanks, the NOCOW was key, my /system/ and /vms/ shares are NOCOW (both were this way by default from what I recall). docker.img rebuilt and running btrfs scrub start -B /mnt/cache/ now -- so far no output, not sure how long to expect it to take, or if I can continue to rebuild docker containers while this goes. The odd thing is this same disk blinked offline before, but it was OVER a year ago (early April of 2018). Strange....
  8. Got an alert that one of my cache drives was missing, but it showed as an unassigned device. I rebooted server and it's detected as part of cache again but docker service is now failing to start. What's the proper way to solve an issue like this? Is the rest of the data in cache pool likely to be corrupt?
  9. Thanks, I put in linuxserver/deluge:5b398f77-ls22 I honestly picked 146 at first because I wasn't completely following which arch I should pick on the newer releases, didn't realize that 5b398f77-ls22 would have automatically picked the proper one for me. I see my mistake now. I was just looking to go back to the release numbers I had recognized the last time I had a small issue, (back then I went to 135) -- that's why I ended up trying to go back to 135 again this time, just familiarity. I'm on 5b398f77-ls22 now though, restored from backup from last night before the update happened, all back up and good to go! All torrents back and appear to be where they should be now! Appreciate the assist @CHBMB!
  10. Thanks, I did this in the meantime, after I noticed none of my torrents were seeding, (client not on whitelist) and I tried pulling 146 but it failed to open the WebUI after that. I went back to 135 and now Deluge opens but none of my torrents are there - everything is cleared out. Do you know of a way to fix that? I had many on very different paths and labels, etc.
  11. With this latest update (2.0.0 it seems) I can no longer connect with the daemon from Deluge installed on a Windows machine. Deluge 1.3.15 is all that seems to really be available on Windows still at this time. The connection manager now shows the server as down all the time. (This is from 1.3.15 on Windows) (This is from WebUI on Unraid) Any advice on how to get this back up and working would be appreciated. I actually use a lot of features in the full version on a Windows machine (such as renaming individual files before they download, etc) Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks, I think i had messed with that because of the www aesthetic I wanted but I can certainly live without that as long as it properly works. Just updated this and it seems to, although I think the 301 redirect on my PC was working for a while and I didn't notice it until I tried from another device. Will do more in-depth testing with things set back to default. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I've recently started having an issue where HTTP traffic is not auto-redirected to HTTPS, I'm not sure exactly when this issue started happening, but the code I'm using to do that hasn't changed in my config, and now I'm finding that it's not working. # REDIRECT TRAFFIC TO HTTPS server { listen 80; server_name www.domain.com; return https://www.domain.com$request_uri; } I've tried this both with and without the www. in the server_name entry. For aesthetic reasons I like the redirect to always be https://www.domain.com. Is there some other way I should be doing this redirect?
  14. This was perfect, thanks! I had searched for "Emoji" figuring I'd find someone copy/pasting the error but go no results, appreciate your fast reply, back as an A+ rating with no warnings in Nextcloud now Thank again!
  15. Having a new issue with the latest 15.x release. I'm running MariaDB container as well for my nextcloud database. MySQL is used as database but does not support 4-byte characters. To be able to handle 4-byte characters (like emojis) without issues in filenames or comments for example it is recommended to enable the 4-byte support in MySQL. For further details read the documentation page about this. https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/15/go.php?to=admin-mysql-utf8mb4 I do however find that documentation page lacking as I'm not super well versed in SQL/MariaDB. Is there any guidance available for exactly what I need to do in order to run these commands to fix this issue? Thank you in advance!