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  1. I decided to do some more testing and removed all VLAN setups I had made before the ipvlan (replacing macvlan) docker setup was available in 6.10.x I removed it from any remaining containers and removed all VLAN traces from the network config and manually ran a CA appdata backup and everything now came back up correctly. I'll see how it goes next weekend, fingers crossed!
  2. 4th week in a row and same issue. System log itself starts repeating that it's trying to backup my flash w/ the MyServers plugin over and over and it doesn't seem to have connection. Whatever is happening seems to be affecting my entire servers network access somehow and I can't seem to track down why. It only ever happens when I use CA backup, it's fine until Sunday at 3AM when it kicks off, then it doesn't seem to want to come back properly after that until I reboot. I'm at a total loss for what this could be and how to check/prove/fix/etc.
  3. Interesting, i haven't touched newperms on anything at all.
  4. Bumping w/ my own post to see if it gets any attention - would love to try something to see if it fixes it before the scheduled run this weekend. Any advice is appreciated at this point. I'm not sure what to do.
  5. FYI for anyone in the future, I figured this out. i needed to change the /appdata/linkace/logs folder to be RW/RW/RW permissions. I had to turn on APP_DEBUG=true in the .env to figure this out, but the debug console helped point me to the issue
  6. I'm not sure what the heck I am doing wrong but I cannot get LinkAce up and running. Logs also really don't show much. Just basic/default config, using MariaDB container, but the database never gets populated w/ any data. ## LINKACE CONFIGURATION ## Basic app configuration COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME=LinkAce # The app key is generated later, please leave it blank APP_KEY=base64:redacted= ## Configuration of the database connection ## Attention: Those settings are configured during the web setup, please do not modify them now. # Set the database driver (mysql, pgsql, sqlsrv) DB_CONNECTION=mysql # Set the host of your database here DB_HOST= # Set the port of your database here DB_PORT=3306 # Set the database name here DB_DATABASE=linkace # Set both username and password of the user accessing the database DB_USERNAME=linkace DB_PASSWORD=redacted ## Redis cache configuration # Set the Redis connection here if you want to use it #REDIS_HOST=redis #REDIS_PASSWORD=ChangeThisToASecurePassword! #REDIS_PORT=6379
  7. So this is the 3rd week in a row -- my docker containers went down at 3AM on Sunday morning and I didn't get notice that the website served by reverse proxy came back up until 1PM, so for 10 hours it was down. Not sure what to do or where to look. I have a few screenshots that may or may not be helpful of a few containers that don't have proper access to things after a CA appdata backup and restarting the containers. Notably my CloudflareDDNS container doesn't start up properly and homeassistant can't actually communicate w/ sensors Seems like a networking issue somehow after the 6.10.x updates. All I've done is change to ipvlan instead of macvlan as suggested to avoid crashes (which I was certainly experiencing on macvlan w/out a docker VLAN setup separately) Any assistance or advice here is appreciate, or what I could possibly check for in logs to find out what is happening. Thanks in advance.
  8. This is beyond the scope of unraid-specific support, you'll likely have better luck posting in their project page/github for assistance with this one, sorry!
  9. I removed the memory limit on that container and it seems to have resolved this issue. Fingers crossed!
  10. thanks, I just tried setting up a brand new container of AMP as well and see the same thing. @MitchTalmadge are you able to see what might be up for deploying brand new containers w/ the :latest image? It no longer seems to be working, can't get web UI to load. thx in advance! Note to @xXMrZombie20Xx if Mitch doesn't reply here within a few days it might be best to post these logs on his github for the project here:
  11. Did you have another automated backup that worked correctly? I've only had two fire off and both have caused the same issue so far.
  12. Two weeks in a row now I have experienced a really strange issue. CA Backups run just fine and my tarball is created at the size I expect, but after the backup is completed my containers restart but many of them end up without any real Internet access, it is very weird. My reverse proxy stops serving my hosts outside my home, pihole stops being able to fetch DNS requests from the outside DNS servers (like, it's very strange. I have fixed all the odd issues both time so far by just rebooting the server, however I feel like something is wrong at this point since it's happened two weeks in a row. I did NOT happen ever on 6.9.X, but it is now on 6.10.X Any help or advice appreciated, my config is attached.
  13. Thanks for the info -- I actually no longer use that nextcloud share, I will just be getting rid of it entirely. problem solved w/ the odd permissions then Regarding the out of memory error, if it's possible that it's caused by a docker, then I think it is the 1GB docker limit I set on Nginx Proxy Manager I am seeing this in one of the lines of the logs. memory: usage 1048576kB, limit 1048576kB, failcnt 12250 That kb count equals exactly the 1GB limit which I had set on this container. I have now changed it to 2GB for now, but I may remove the limit entirely I guess, as I have 128GB of RAM, so plenty to spare. This template came this way from CA w/ the 1GB limit, so I left it, but I may be using it a bit more heavily than most others...
  14. Here's my setup - I must have moved it originally thinking that the system share was always going to be cache-only or something? Here's the ls -al /mnt/user/system/docker as well