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  1. I just ran into same problem. Instead of downgrading I just added this to my /appdata/qbtorrent/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.conf file WebUI\HostHeaderValidation=false Then it worked after saving that and restarting the container Hope this helps! SOURCE: https://github.com/guillaumedsde/alpine-qbittorrent-openvpn/issues/32 & https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/issues/8095#issuecomment-472740702
  2. Thanks! I do believe Ih ad this working where you mentioned actually, however I ended up going with an actual database instead of SQLite for mine.
  3. So from the main Cookbook page, click the three "..." icons next to search page and you can import from webiste there.
  4. You could either fire up a TFTP port as described above in the thread, or just use something like Krusader or Dolphin (both available as docker containers) to move files, they should run as root and have full access to all the files, then you can copy/paste them out of the appdata directory and back them up elsewhere. I always keep Krusader and Dolphin installed for managing files, docker permissions get tricky sometimes and I can pretty much always do what I need to do with one of those and never have to touch the command line. Hope this helps! If not let me know, I'll see what I can do to more directly assist w/ screenshots, etc later. EDIT: If you're not running anything that needs to be saved then go ahead and just blow the whole thing away. For example if you're running a Minecraft world that nobody has really started using yet, you might as well just start it over fresh IMO.
  5. Off hand, I don't know how to fix this short of wiping the container's data out compltely and setting it up again with a static MAC address that it needs from the very first launch. It sounds like having a differnt mac after you first launched it is what caused this. You can (and should) of course backup your game server data first, so you can just restore it once you get AMP set back up and re-activated.
  6. Thank you for popping in and supporting your creation here too! Much apprecaited. You would need to edit the container and add a new port if you want to run more than one port open to AMP, yes. Pretty easy to do, if you need help with that though let me know and I can take some screenshots to show you later! Are you running with a properly generated MAC as this thread describes? Failure to have a consistent MAC address would result in it being deactivated for sure.
  7. This is going to be an issue of AMP-Dockerized, and not specifically running it on unRAID. See GitHub Page here: https://github.com/MitchTalmadge/AMP-dockerized
  8. Squid was right, the container kept recreating that path with it mappedl like that. Remapped /boot to /flash in the conatiner and setup a separate backup job and we're good to go. deleted /mnt/user/flash folder, restarted container, and re-rean fix common problems and the issue now. Thank you everyone
  9. I agree, but it's the way Duplicacy web UI lets you select a top level folder and only add exclusions from there as a backup job, was trying to get my important user shares, plus flash drive all done in one backup job, but I can easily split this off into its own folder instead of being a subfolder of the other mapping since it should fix the issue. Will test and report back
  10. Not really, I thought it was always there and empty for quite a while now, because I remember seeing it when setting up Duplicati backups on my /mnt/user share. I DO have Duplicacy setup now for the following paths. Host /mnt/user/ > Container /data/ Host /boot/ > Container /data/flash/ So to the CONTAINER this shows up like /mnt/user/share but it's only because I have it mapped that way. This shouldn't actually place that folder in the /mnt/user share should it? I can easily mount it differently and edit the backup jobs pretty quickly if needed. Since the folder is empty can I just rm rm -rf /mnt/user/flash And then restart the Duplicacy container and see if that re-creates it?
  11. So here's some screenshots to show my current config first. Diag also attached though! Flash Device itself - note SMB share is "flash" Then my user/disks shares Note you can see none of these start wth "f" so none are named flash. No disk shares exist. But if I browse to /mnt/user/ there's a folder there called flash which is empty? I'm guessing this is actually my problem? If that's the problem as I safe to just rm -rf /mnt/user/flash/ ? Thanks. PS - I've also attached my diagnostics zip file if that's still needed beyond these screenshots. server-diagnostics-20201108-1319.zip
  12. I received this notice during fix common problems nightly scan last night. On my main unRaid Web UI if I click "flash" it's shared out as flash via SMB with a specific user having read/write access to it. I do not see anything relating to a disk share called flash so I'm lost The description says to come to the forums for assistance too!
  13. You can just chmod the folder to gain access, or if you're not comfortable with a command line you can use something like Krusader or Dolphin docker containers to modify permissions to give yourself access too short of SFTP, but yeah you can certainly use SFTP if you'd like to!
  14. Yep, you'll need to verify evertyhing when importing anyways as the import from URL parser doesn't always get everything perfect anyways, but for now you'll need to convert manually for fractions. This is an ehancement/feature request to support fractions. I'd suggest logging a comment to show your support for wanting fractions as well. https://github.com/vabene1111/recipes/issues/142
  15. Yep this is pretty normal. I hoenstly didn't even know it had TFTP support since I figured most users would have full access to their unRAID filesytem, so never thought to add 22 to the port list there. Same with games, the defualt game port listed is Minecraft, but if you want to run another game or multiple games you'll need to edit the container to add more ports. There's no way I could add every port for every game into the template, and thought Minecraft would be the most popular choice for running AMP so I left that as the one I added as an example port.