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  1. It's case sensitive, try /photos in the container, no capital.
  2. New send container is working, however I cannot seem to get passwords to work, I enter something easy like "test" or "test123" as a password and it then tells me later the password is incorrect. EDIT - Disregard, once I actually set it all up via reverse proxy, it seems to be accepting passwords now. PS you do need some Redis persistence. I have mine setup like this, databse saved to appdata, and AOF disabled, to keep the Redis database extremly small (given it's expiring nature)
  3. Sorry, I'm not using custom scrapers, but is there a config page that you have to tell it where the scrapers live? Would need to make sure that it matches up with what the container expects so the container path and your appdata for scrapers line up. Maybe someone else with Scrapers enabled can chime in here?
  4. In the container template you need to pick "Show more settings ..." at the bottom and configure all your Postgres stuff there. the /data/recipes.db is the default location of the SQLite database. If you're using postgres that should just be a database name like "tandoorrecipes" Here's my config as an example, with password redacted
  5. Bottom right, you don't need a business email. Just use your personal email account when you pay.
  6. So that was just merged into develop branch 4 commits ago, it's likely not live yet and not in the container yet unfortunately.
  7. This is likely a question suited for their github page or more direct contact w/ the developers, this thread should be used for unraid-specific releated issues/support.
  8. I don't beleive so, this container would have no way of communicating with that file.
  9. Unraid-specific support for Pastey, please post here. For Pastey-related issues, it's best to contact the dev on GitHub
  10. You still need to have something automatically checking for upates. I would definately suggest using CA Auto Update for this. Yes, I am on Current Version: 0.15.1 There has been updates the past 2 days.
  11. Do you have ca auto update installed? It will check for updates and install per your config.
  12. Ok, so I came to post about this (FTP server running). I deleted the /boot/config/plugins/fix.common.problems/ignoreList.json file completely, rescanned and saw that error, ignored it, resacnned again and it's still showing up like this (listed both as an active one, and an ignored one) Version: 2021.03.30a
  13. It should stay like that now that you've manually activated, you should be able to stop/restart the docker, and do "force update" and verify that it still works after that.
  14. In settings - amp core, make sure startup mode is "start the application" This actually causes it to start the instance AND startup the server. Also make sure your instance itself is set to start on boot too.
  15. I was able to get pings to work by chaning --user 99:100 to --user 0:0 in advanced config of the template. this lets ping work it seems. EDIT: Then it was stuck in setup mode, but I fixed that too. Went to console on unraid, and did the following commands. cd /mnt/user/appdata/statping sudo chown root:users . Restarted container and it's running as root now, reads/accepts the config, and ping tests work in StatPing as expected. PS - For what it's wroth, it seems the SQLite database gets corrupted all the freaking time. Haven't had the i