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  1. thanks for this, I'll add it to the first post and credit you for this
  2. Glad you have things working for you - I'm actually not the developer and have nothing to do with the development of this app, I just created the docker container template for unraid to bring it to unraid users easily. You may want to check the developers github page to see if they have this as planned features or ping them there to see. Good luck!
  3. That would work with the variable for sure, and I look forward to the rest of the customzations going live, I think this will become out go-to option once those are all finished, thank you!
  4. Thanks for all this! I really like PWPush! I ended up using another option in production (OneTimePassword) because the container I used has CSS/logo customizations, etc, and we needed it to be branded, but I would definately reconsider once PWPush has that feature. I REALLY like the audit logging too, thank you for that. If I could request one more feature it would be the days/views and use "1 click password retrieval" to be an option to set somewhere too so it's a global default. Our whole team would need that set. Ideally a way to let it NOT be overridden too, e.g. our team ONLY sends passwords that can be viewed ONCE and that's it for safety reasons.
  5. I don't use SWAG because of this, I have had so many issues with apps not working behind it without extensive confirutation changes. I have UptimeKuma running in NPM (NGINX Proxy Manager) without any additional changes or config for what its worth... Works great!
  6. Excellent, glad to hear it! I have had weird bugs since 9.6 and that was one of them. Implemetning VLANs though for my custom IP containers fixed everything. I had the necessary hardware to support VLANs already so it wasn't a big deal for me to change. Glad it's working now though, enjoy!
  7. I do have an idea, have you ever experienced a crash of the system since upgrading unraid to 6.9.X? If so I had an issue (currently logged as a bug w/ limetech already) where after a crash, my host access to custom docker network would stop working (despite showing enabled). I had to stop docker enlgine, turn the acces off, save, and turn it back on, save, and then start docker engine again for it to actually work. I'd say it's worth a shot! If that does fix it, you'll need to remember to do the same thing after any other crashes. I was able to personally avoid any furhter crashes by moving from br0 to br0.10 (putting it on a VLAN) For more info on the crashes/vlan issue, see here:
  8. That is odd, I'm not sure exaclty how to help with that off hand, I CAN ping my PiHole br0 IP address from my unraid command line. Only difference between our setups is my PiHole is on a br0.10 (VLAN 10). Might be a good opportunity to start a thread in general unraid support and bring up that you have a custom br0 docker container and the unraid command line is unable to ping it - I'm sure someone can help point you in the right direction. Once you have that resolved, the UptimeKuma ping to your Pihole br0 docker should work successfully
  9. I have a similar br0 PiHole setup, just tested and working for me to ping from Uptime Kuma, so I'm not sure what issue you'd be running into. From the command line of unraid server, are you able to ping successfully?
  10. You need to turn on communication between docker host and macvlan networks to allow the to communicate. Try turning off docker engine in settings then the option to turn that on should be there, then enable docker engine again.
  11. Currently (info gotten from GitHub) is that it only passes on a VALID SSL cert, and if it's a self-signed or epxired cert it will fail the check, so for now it's checking validity. The dev did mention he plans to add a toggle to ignore invalid certs though in the future too.
  12. Uptime Kuma is a status monitor, similar to Uptime Robot that supports multiple notifications systems. Docker is based off official container, very simple and easy to use! If you have issues with the software, please contact dev on his github page here Post here if your issue is specific to unraid setup/docker implementation for Uptime Kuma.
  13. So it looks like they changed the port number for some reason from 5000 to 5100... try changing these manually. I'll edit my templates and push updates to CA After I edited everything to 5100 it works. REMINDER: Toggle advanced on and edit the WebUI port as well to 5100
  14. Can you describe what you mean about the path before installing? Perhapsd a screenshot will help? Also, if you're interested in another container, I personally run OneTimePassword istead of Password Pusher now, both are good options though!
  15. Perfect, was waiting for this. I'm going to migrate over to the official docker container this weekend (time permitting) Appreciate you putting this together for us.
  16. Thank you for continuing to update everyone on this, I appreciate it even though I've been able to work around the issue with a VLAN. My only "fixes" are workarounds for now - I'm only sharing them here to help people who are frustrated by the crasahes to do something free or at least very cheap (add a $15 NIC for another interface) to get around the issue. hoping someone here has real answers at some point though, that would be great! If there's anything else I can provide from my system please let me know, happy to keep providing logs/diags/etc.
  17. What service is it? Out of curiosity at this point really. What about adding another NIC (if your motherboard doesn't already have 2 or more LAN ports?) That could be a very cheap $15 card for a gigabit NIC. (referral link) I beleive that way you could keep the same IP address, but give it its own network interface instead?
  18. Is there a reason you can't run a VLAN? (hardware doesn't support it?) Alternatively, you could add a 2nd NIC into your server and run it on a separate IP address from that I believe? I don't know the specifics of this exactly, but I think that would work so it's not assigned to br0 anymore? Also, are you able to simply not run that container on its own IP? I don't know of any other way besides those two options personally that will fix this. I had success with the VLAN method, and implemented it in less than 10 minutes total.
  19. To each their own, a single vlan for Dockers is easier than setting up ESXi IMO. Well I agree, I didn't want to complicate my home network any further either, it was an extremely simple process that took me less than 10 minutes to complete. In my eyes 10 minutes to avoid crashes was definitely worth it. I've already linked to post somewhere in this thread that goes over the details of adding a docker VLAN, complete with photos!
  20. Not a dev, but as noted in this thread a few times it's your br0 ones causing the issue. Not bridge vs host. You probably need to put those on a separate vlan. This is admittedly a workaround, but one that's worked for me. Stable with zero crashes since doing it over a month ago
  21. So I would actually strongly recommend against using SQLite. SQLite in photo apps like this scales HORRIBLY and is bound to cause you all sorts of slowness, issues, and headaches. You would probably need to specify sqlite as a db driver tho. see here: PHOTOVIEW_DATABASE_DRIVER=mysql is the default. I would really just suggest spinning up MariaDB though, it's not difficult to do.
  22. You can, or you can just create multiple databases inside of one MariaDB container. Choice is yours
  23. @limetech Is there work being done on this still since it wasn't resolved as previously thought?
  24. It's case sensitive, try /photos in the container, no capital.
  25. New send container is working, however I cannot seem to get passwords to work, I enter something easy like "test" or "test123" as a password and it then tells me later the password is incorrect. EDIT - Disregard, once I actually set it all up via reverse proxy, it seems to be accepting passwords now. PS you do need some Redis persistence. I have mine setup like this, databse saved to appdata, and AOF disabled, to keep the Redis database extremly small (given it's expiring nature)