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  1. True. I'm aware of that. I still need to figure out what brand/model i should use. 1TB is more than enough for our needs. We currently have 250GB of docs and pics and just over 2TB of video's/movies. One might say unraid is completely overkill for our needs
  2. Hi there, Now that i know what i really want and which dockers/plugins i really need, it is time to reorganize my array. This is what i have: As you can see we don't need muchos TB's to save our data. Currently all data is stored in the array. (with the exception of docker appdata and vm's) 2TB of the total 3TB are movies. The rest are documents and photo's. I have backup scripts running every night. Now, these are the dockers/VM we use: dolphin filemanager emby nextcloud mariadb duckdns letsencrypt win10 VM And now for the first question: This is what i had in mind: Array: - 4TB (parity) - 4TB Cache: - 1TB ssd - 1TB ssd UD: - 1TB (nextcloud only) - 1TB passthrough for win10 VM - 6TB Backup USB I was thinking of moving the docs and photo's to the cache and leave only the movies in the array. We are constantly browsing/copying/reading/writing through our pictures and documents every day so i tought it might be beneficial to have them on an ssd. Am i right here or is this complete bullsh*t? Thanks in advance. Aran
  3. 🤔 I hope Spaceinvader One doesn't read this...
  4. 👍 Thanks. I couldn't get Duplicati to work with shares bigger than 10Gig's so I will use this method for now.
  5. Hi, can any of you please confirm if i'm right about the difference between the next two commands? 1: rsync -a -v /mnt/user/ISOs $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 vs 2: rsync -a -v --delete /mnt/user/ISOs $MOUNTPOINT/ 2>&1 The second one deletes files from the target that were deleted from the source, no? The first one is more like a real backup. Wich is what i'm trying to accomplish... Thanks, Aran.
  6. Yeah, i know... I'm planning on upgrading to 6.6.7 this weekend but i need to get it all sorted out first. [edit] did the update and i'm running 6.6.7 now
  7. Hi, i'm figuring out on how to plan automated tasks done by unraid itself. For instace, I think it's wise not to excecute the mover and parity check at the same time. Our array is only 4TB small with a 2TB parity disk so it doesn't take much time to perform the parity check. I don't have cache parity (yet) so i'm running mover daily and gave it a 30min time. SSD trim plugin every 2 weeks with 30min time (is this even still needed in Unraid 6.6.7 ?) Parity check is planned every 3 months with a 5h time. Then i have daily backups for all my data shares: Documents - 30min ISO's - 30min Music - 30min Pictues - 45min Videos - 1h This is what i planned so far: As you can see most of the work is done at night (when the server sits idle) except the parity check. Is this a the 'right' way to do it or do i need more time between tasks to save the disks (temp., reads/writes)? Any input on this is welcome.
  8. I think there is a misunderstanding here... There are ton's of remote apps to control kodi but none of them have a decent layout to control the music library like mediamonkey, foobar, wmp, aimp, vlc, winamp, etc... I use Yatse to control kodi from my smartphone and that's a great app but i need one for a windows (or linux) desktop. Yes, they exist but only have basic controls. Are there other webui's for kodi like chorus but with a better library? I bypassed the problem by using WMP on my (already existing) windows VM and RDP to it. So i have access to wmp's music library with all the options and i can shut down my pc without stopping the playback.
  9. There is a sonic plugin for kodi. I tried it but it's no what i'm looking for. When i'm on my desktop i can stream audio to kodi from several ways, even with the standard WMP. But when i close WMP the music stops (obviously). I'm looking for a music player on the server side that i can control on the client side. So that the audio is coming from the server. We have a 19" rack in the basement with the receiver and unraid server.
  10. But then the audio is coming from your android device no?
  11. Ok, right now i have Openelec installed as a VM and i use the Chorus2 webui as a remote to play/stop music from my desktop but i'm looking for 'something else' with more options. (English is not my native language so i'ts difficult to explain what i want but i'll do my best) When i'm behind my desktop i would like to have a program: with a decent music library that can stream to kodi VM (that is connected to my receiver) is also available as mobile app use it with unraid (a docker maybe) that doesn't stop playing when closed About that last request... When i'm done reading/working/searching and shut down my desktop i would like to keep the music playing. So what i'm probably looking for is a music player with a music library that i can access remotely. I tried Subsonic but it doesn't really do what i want. (i think) As a last resort i can always setup a windows or linux VM, passthrough a video card, install winamp, or whatever, on it and use a RDP. Kodi can be installed on that VM as well so i doesn't have to switch the receiver's input all the time. Anyone else have that problem?
  12. Aran

    Automatic file mover

    Okay, it took me a while to figure out how this works but i got it up and running! Behold, my first script: #!/bin/bash echo "Moving all jpg files to local array..." mv /mnt/user/Documents/Dropbox/Camera-uploads/*.jpg /mnt/user/Fotos/Mobile_uploads/ Yes, i'm a newby... but a happy one
  13. Aran

    Automatic file mover

    I know. But i would like to automatically move files from my dropbox folder to another share without the need of a vm.
  14. Aran

    Automatic file mover

    Hello and allow me to explain my question. I use dropbox as a 'bridge' between my mobile phone and my windows VM to move my pics taken with my phone. A small windows program called 'DropIt' moves any *jpeg file detected in my dropbox folder to my unraid server. I works but the windows VM needs alot of recources just for moving around a few files. There are many SYNC tools in the CA but i can't find any simple automatic file MOVER. I need to MOVE (not SYNC) them because the free dropbox folder is too small in terms of GB's. This can probablly be done by a simple script but i'm not familiar with the cli. Is there a docker or plugin that i overlooked? Or maybe another way to do this? Rsync perhaps? Thanks in advance. Aran.
  15. Pics please! I decided not to use pfsense as a vm because when your server is down, you lose your internet connection.