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  1. You can automate this with a simple mv command in the 'user scripts' plugin if you like.
  2. Yes i can. And it has nothing to do with the My Servers plugin so i will delete this topic. I don't know why but my DNS ip was set to some weird IP adress. Strange because i didn't touch my server for 3 months/19 days/17minutes. Anyway, thanks for the very quick reply! Problem solved.
  3. Hi, well, ... i have THIS problem 'My Servers' plugin is not supported for 6.9.2 and i didn't update in time. How should i proceed?
  4. Bij mij lukte dat door de naam van uw docker container te veranderen tijdens de installatie.
  5. UP Sorry to hijack your thread but i'm have the same problem. I moved from a 'homeassistant-core' docker to a VM and i cannot get remote access through HTTPS working. HASS config: http: use_x_forwarded_for: true trusted_proxies: - I cannot figure out if i have to look in homeassistant or NPM or maybe a unraid setting that's wrong. Port forwarding in pfSense is setup correctly. [SOLVED] Ok, so i stumbled upon a topic in the Home Assistant Forums with some very usefull info. The home assistant logs tell you where the request is comming from. Look for this line located in the home assistant config folder, named like 'home-assistant.log.1'. I opened it with notepad++. ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.forwarded] Received X-Forwarded-For header from an untrusted proxy Note the IP adress at the end of the line and copy that in the home assistant configuration.yaml file. http: use_x_forwarded_for: true trusted_proxies: - It all makes sense to me now Note: i use home assistant as a VM so my ip is in range of 192.168.#.### . If you use the docker version the IP may be more like .
  6. What docker have you installed? Config files are usually located in the appdata folder at /mnt/user/appdata/homeassistant
  7. I have 2 of them and i think they do not support wake on lan but i might be wrong. I have to double check. edit: I checked asus website and they say it DOES NOT support wol.
  8. Have you checked the url in seafile settings itself?
  9. Found it: Set 'Host access to custom networks' to 'Enabled' from the docker settings page. When greyed-out, stop the docker service => enable host access to custom network => start docker again. 🙄
  10. BUMP I was playing with NC and FileRun and encoutered the same problem in both those dockers. So i don't think it's NC related. When the network type is changed to custom:br an given a different ip, it cannot connect to the database. Still, the ip's are within the same subnet. It does not matter if the databasehost is changed to localhost or 123.456.7.89 . To make it more rare, the problem only exists in my backup server. The NC docker on my main server is configured with custom network type. Both servers running unraid 6.9.2. What am i doing wrong? Please, enlighten me.
  11. Dude, i feel your pain. We use Nextcloud at home to sync our 2 smartphones, a desktop and my parents' smartphones. It works well most of the time but i actually want to get rid of it and replace it with something simpler like 'File Browser' f.e. Anyway... Before nextcloud, I used a free dropbox account and scheduled a 'move' script to move the synced images from the dropbox-share to the array. It worked very well and i regret the day i moved away from it.
  12. I don't know much about Ubiquiti but i think the Ubiquiti NVR is based on an ARM cpu so that's a no go.
  13. Difficult to answer if we don't know the model of your second hand mini-pc. For example, does the motherboard have a sata-type power plug on it or not? There are also itx motherboards that power from 19v laptop-style psu's. Like this asrock J4005DC-ITX. Yes, you will need ram but these are cheap. Same for the 19v brick psu. Look for 'DC' in the model name. But yes, you will need ram, power brick and case.
  14. Welcome. If all you need is streaming media content and storing personal data, then you don't need the newest hardware for your goal. I'm not an expert in 4K streaming with plex but i think a decent 2nd hand Xeon will do fine. Other forum members can give more info on this. Just to give you an idea, I'm running two servers with and 'old' i7 6700K with 19 docker containers (including Emby for streaming and transcoding 1080p over WAN), a pfSense VM and a win10 VM. That's a 6 year old cpu. Basic questions you want to ask are: do i need VT-d/IOMMU? If yes, check your mobo/cpu specs. Trust me, you WANT vt-d/iommu for hardware passthrough. how many sata-ports do i need, now or in the future? how many add-on cards do i have/want/need, now or in the future? do i need an nvme drive, now or in the future? If yes, then you need an pci-e M2 slot. I don't know what filesystem is used by synology but you need to format and preclear all your disks before adding them into your unraid array so you need to backup your data first. You can/must use the biggest/equal as your biggest array disk (12TB in your case) as a parity-drive (this is NOT a backup) in your unraid array. The SSD is commonly used as a cache-drive and to store dockers, VM's and system files. A boot drive is not needed as unraid boots from usb. Regarding your TV setup, you can setup a Kodi VM in unraid but then you need to passthrough a gpu so your mobo/cpu need to have the iommu/vt-d feature. I did this for 2 years but ended up buying an Nvidia Shield. 1gb is more then enough for home use media streaming. As for cases, that's a personal taste but yes, buy from a decent brand with good cooling. Have you watched SpaceinvaderOne or Ibracorp video's?
  15. Het probleem is deels opgelost. --> 'Host access to custom networks: Enabled' aangepast in de docker settings en het werkte. Nu heb ik enkel nog een probleem met Home Assistant. Daar staat het netwerk type op 'Host' maar als ik deze op br0 zet en een IP toewijs kan ik deze niet bereiken via home assistant config: http: ip_ban_enabled: false use_x_forwarded_for: true trusted_proxies: -