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  1. Heb idd gewoon de /linuxserver template gebruikt. Werkt perfect nu. Bedankt alvast.
  2. Het storage pad was geen probleem. Dat werkt. Chevereto zelf werkt ook, zelfs achter een reverse proxy. Het enige dat ik wil aanpassen is de max_upload_size. Deze staat nu gelocked op 2MB. Via de settings in de website zelf kan ik deze verlagen maar niet verhogen. Dat moet via de php.ini file. Maar blijkbaar bestaat die file niet en moet alles via de database gebeuren.
  3. Bon. ik probeer /config te mappen naar /mnt/user/appdata/chevereto/config maar dat werkt niet. Ik vrees dat /config niet het juiste pad is binnenin de container. # php -i | grep 'php.ini' Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /usr/local/etc/php # Ik heb met dit pad ook geprobeerd maar ik vrees dat mijn kennis daar stopt. [edit] Owkej, dat is dat... ik heb geprobeerd om de database aan te passen via phpMyAdmin maar dat haalt de volledige database overhoop.
  4. Dat was mijn laatste optie Maar het zal toch moeten vrees ik. Bedankt.
  5. Hoi, bij het installeren van Chevereto docker ben ik vergeten om /config te mappen naar de Appdata-folder. Ik vraag mij af waar ik deze dan kan terugvinden. Bij de template was die optie niet aanwezig (Ik heb 'Selfhosters Unraid Discord Repository' gebruikt ipv. 'linuxserver's Repository') dus heb ik deze NADIEN gemapped naar /mnt/user/appdata/chevereto en de container herstart. Helaas zie ik daar nog steeds enkel mijn map voor de uploaded foto's. Ik zou de max_upload_size willen aanpassen in de php.ini file maar ik kan deze dus nergens terugvinden. Ie
  6. Gebruik de users-script plugin met 'poweroff' of 'shutdown' command? Ik heb horen zeggen dat de 'poweroff' cmd niet meer werkt in 6.9.2 maar dat kan ik niet bevestigen. #!/bin/bash echo Server uitschakelen /usr/local/sbin/powerdown Om terug op te starten moet je zien of je bios/moederbord deze functie ondersteunt. Zoek in je bios naar iets als 'Power on by RTC' bvb.
  7. Looks like i have the same problem: I deleted the nextcloud.log (+5MB) file yesterday and my disks went idle. Today a new log file popped up in the data share. The info inside the log-file is about 'mail, smtp settings error'. I forgot to copy before i deleted the file...
  8. Try adding 'pm.max_children = 120' in the 'www2.conf' file. It is possible that this should go in the 'php-fpm.conf' file instead but i'm not sure. -------------- Can anyone confirm better performance when the /data path is located on an SSD ? I love the multiple pool feature that came with the latest unraid update and want to reconfigure my server. We use nextcloud to sync all our devices and it works great but browsing images is somewhat slow. I have a second unraid server running for backups but the remaining sata-ports are sata2 and i dont have spar
  9. Same here. Nextcloud + mariadb + swag + nginx proxy manager. I think these are the basic docker containers you need to be able to connect outside LAN safely. If you only need to sync inside your LAN network then there are other (maybe more simple) solutions like eg. syncthing. Browsing images can be a bit slow but the Nextcloud mobile app works very well. It never missed an upload and it syncs a second after a picture is taken. No complaints there.
  10. I think he's talking about pictures taken from documents. You need some sort of AI software like face detection f.e. I know photoview can detect landscapes, cars, bicycles, faces, ... Maybe documents too.
  11. Aran

    backup to a nas

    It is. There are several ways to do that. You can mount a remote share from your nas as an Unassinged Device in Unraid and start from there. Then u can use a script or a docker app. I myself use Syncthing (with file versioning) to make backups but there are other good docker images.
  12. And what do you u use as alternative?
  13. Hi there. I'm trying to install the Cozy docker but it has no 'official' unraid template. There is some basic info on the Cozy website but i don't really know on how to proceed next. Has anyone tried running Cozy Cloud on Unraid before?
  14. This: Backing up your mobile pictures on the fly is easy. There are multiple ways to do that. But in assume you want to access all these pictures over the internet from your mobile device as well? We use a combination of nextcloud and emby. I know you said you had a bad experience with nextcloud. For me it's actually the only mobile app that works very well for auto uploading images. I have nextcloud data mapped to an UD. A script copies the new uploads (every 4 hours) to the array in the 'images' or 'video' folder. I use Emby to access them from my mobile dev
  15. I feel your pain. I'm also looking for a complete self hosted photo solution and not just for storing them. I want to go a step further and also would love: - a self hosted website for viewing photo's and albums - sharing options - the option to resize images when i upload them - a compatible android app with auto upload function. Basically a self hosted google photo's -like system but with a compatible mobile app. There are enough options but i miss the mobile integration. ios/android. (don't tell me about nextcloud!) I tested photoshow, piwigo, filerun,