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  1. In the future, will the grandfathered and subscription versions of UnRaid be identical, encompassing not only patches and updates but also capabilities and development? There are no plans to establish two separate tiers for UnRaid, correct? I inquire because I previously experienced a situation with an automation software, Indigo, which transitioned from a license model to a subscription model. Following this transition, the new app version was excluded from the grandfathered option, leading to the creation of two tiers where the grandfathered tier ceased to receive further developments or enhancements.
  2. Upgraded 2 systems, smooth and no problem at all
  3. This is a *unix system after all so at least it should mimic same basic security principles I don't think that's asking for too much. After all is *unix that invented the security principles and not Al Gore
  4. So far stable after these changes. Lets hope it stays that way. Will keep reporting
  5. LOL I think you're ready for your CISSP now. Monkey see, Monkey do
  6. LOL, keep talking, keep digging, and get a troll mirror and take a look at it. Since you din't get the hint the nice way, let me try another way. Your rubbish is just bunch of rambling non-sense and please stop polluting everyones time and availability. MOVE ON mate, please. Get TrueNAS, get BSDI or SCO or Solaris for what I care, get even KALI on a CD if it makes you happy.
  7. Sorry mate but you're a child. I would be scared to hire you in this filed even as an intern. That being said I disengage from your nonsense ranting. I politely asked, show me the money and you kept on ranting. Unless you have objective proof take the backseat and you may learn something.
  8. But of course you had a rebuttal So that leaves my UnRaid vulnerable / flying blind at SSL mercy. Enlighten me now what's the worse can and will happen with my UnRaid over SSL. Keep the facts objective, quantitative and not what you read or what you heard I have no need to hear what could potentially happen. Hard facts strictly related to UnRaid which you claim is unsecure but have no data or evidence to offer. By the way Nessus will use the same scanning engines / plugins as the nmap ones, which really tells me how well versed you're in the world of cybersecurity if you don't know the difference. And I don't believe you're grasping the concept of defense in depth. What the hell is "vulnerability and hardening in the host is also defense in depth."
  9. My stuff is behind the firewall and in a DMZ. Nothing is allowed inbound including the UnRaid cloud plugin. My IPS/IDS can and will see and block anything inbound/outbound. Is called defense in depth, multiple layers of defense. That being said I am to lazy to do this but have at it and report back: nmap -sV --script=vulscan/vulscan.nse www.example.com nmap --script nmap-vulners/ -sV www.example.com https://securitytrails.com/blog/nmap-vulnerability-scan
  10. This argument is dead in the water from the beginning Says who that UnRaid is not secure nor stable? I would start with that first Nothing to see and nothing to debate here, end of story.
  11. I changed my setting to this so we will see if it makes a difference? My setup has: NFS Disable and Tunable (support Hard Links): 0
  12. My shares are gone AGAIN this morning. Not cool as I am getting annoyed by this bug. How can we troubleshoot? What do you guys need besides the diagnostic file? nas-unraid-2-diagnostics-20231006-0758.zip
  13. I guess I need to write a script and when the shares are no longer available do a reboot
  14. Thanks Jorge, indeed the reboot fixed. Will this permanently be fixed or is one of these things?