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I'm getting this for some odd reason. I can't admin my server locally and now I'm sitting at a black screen because I'm trying to use the GUI. 

Is there a way to disable all this temporary so I can admin my machine with a browser?


When I type in my URL I get the above even on my local network. Do I have a setting turned on or is there a way to disable that. 


I finally was able to login using GUI no plugins, but I can't disable the plugin since its not installed. I just want to get rid of that bizarre URL that isn't allowing me to manage my server until I figure out what is going on. 


Update turned off Strict so I can resolve the URL and connect internally. Was finally able to get in via no Plugins using GUI. 

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I'll look into it again. This weekend was a 4 day and if it could happen it did. Server was acting wonky, my kid backed out of my garage and wrecked the garage door, Thanksgiving everybody was late. Lol


Thanks I'll look into this again. I really enjoy remote access and security. Not sure why I started having a few issues when its been running flawlessly for months.  Didn't help that I have ssh and telnet disabled and at the time my monitor wasn't connected. Lol


Ah you can temp disable via console. Nice I was hoping for a pseudo back door in. 



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4 hours ago, ljm42 said:

Sorry I can't help with the other stuff :) 


PFt..... I'm taking you out of my will then. lol

Nah I just wanted to give you some context of my above frustration. I know sometimes text doesn't convey feelings/body language and I honestly didn't check to make sure I didn't come across as overly aggressive or annoyed in my Original post. 

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On 11/30/2022 at 11:29 AM, JonathanM said:



I'm guessing that wasn't what you were looking for.


Lol No. I was hoping for something in unraid not my garage. All fixed now.  Well the garage is. I haven't restarted MyPlugin. I'll tinker with that this weekend.

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