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  1. From my searches, the new Memtest86 needs to be purchased. I'm fine with that if I'm downloading the correct version.
  2. I'm running Unraid as an Emby Server and it is crashing more than once a day. I often get overheating warnings on my SSD 1TB cache drive. It happened when I was loading about 1/2 TB of media through the network last week. I'm assuming that all of that was going initially to the SSD and Unraid gave me a heat warning on my cache and then crashed. I don't feel that I need to use a cache drive anyways and I'd like to just remove it. Is it required for Unraid? I've turned the cache off for all of my shares except I'm afraid to for the 'appdata'. I just recently set it to 'Prefer : Cache' because I tried 'Only' and I get errors telling me: "Default docker appdata location is not a cach-only share". I've tried to run 'Memtest' from the boot menu and it just restarts the computer.
  3. I'm still trying to find a work around where I don't have to be too familiar with linux command-line. Right now I have access to my Array through a drive mapping on my Windows computer (this one). Is there a way to also map a drive to an unassigned device, such as my external 14 TB USB-connected drive (dev 1)? Then I could at least copy files easily through Windows from my Array to my backup external USB drive?
  4. Thought I had Emby humming. There always seems to be something else broken with Unraid. I'm starting to wonder if Krusader is linked to many of the ailments. I get crashes when Krusader is running. I also got an error telling me that "Docker application Krusader has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option" Why is it than nothing ever works right without something else needing to be changed? I guess the real question is, now that I have all of my media on the array - What is the best tool to use to copy/backup my media files to an external USB drive?
  5. I just saw another suggestion to set it to "Prefer" and then run the mover to pull the data back onto the cache. Then change it back to something else, I'm not sure.
  6. I've read it many times and am still confused. I've now set it to cache-only but I'm not certain that's what it's telling me to do.
  7. No idea what might fix this problem. The cache is set to "Yes". embyserver-diagnostics-20220122-0702.zip
  8. Finally got Emby humming along. I just installed an external USB 14 TB drive for backup. Is there a preferred App/Plugin for media backup? It would be best to have an active sync running so that I don't have to use Krusader and do a manual copy to the external drive. I'm assuming that any synchronised backup of my media folders would be done outside of the Emby Server.
  9. I just checked my shares on Unraid to add cacheing to my appdata and domains and saw that they already had their caches turned back on. Apparently, when I reformatted and mounted the SSD cache drive, it automatically turned the cache on for several of the shares. I'm still debating whether I want to use it for media library. I'm also a little bothered that it turned all of those shares to "Yes : Cache" without my doing so. So far, it has been running smoothly though.
  10. Reinstalled the Emby Docker and re-set up the media categories and everything appears to be working well. All of my 4,000 movies and series seem to be in tact. The Unraid server has also been running solidly. I then formatted the 1 TB cache but have not enabled it for any of the shares. I think that the cache was at the center of most of my problems over the last couple of weeks. I'm going to run the system without the cache for a while before starting to use it again. I'm still curious what performance improvements I might see while streaming.
  11. I think that I'm too green of a linux user to understand your instructions. Maybe the best question might be, do I have any data that should be restored from off of the SSD. This is a new install and the only data that I really care about is already on the drive array. The cache was just there for performance. Apparently, the SSD cache drive had information about the dockers also (Emby and Krusader) and that's why the dockers have disappeared. I made sure to store all EMBY meta data for my movies in local nfo files in the actual media folders along with associated artwork so I don't think that I'd have to re-massage the media files. I may have lost some Emby configuration and setup informtion, but I'm not sure. It seems odd that Emby would store that information on the cache. I thought that everything stored on a cache drive was just temporary. Can I just reformat the cache and re-install the dockers? Do I really need the cache? Can I add a cache SSD later after successfully setting up Emby again? Or, should I see if there is something worth salvaging on the cache SSD? I know that's a lot of question but I just want to get Emby up and running finally on Unraid. I'm still running it on my old Windows server until this is ready.
  12. That sounds so easy, but I don't see a 'scrub' option. Could that be because the drive is "Unmountable: not mounted"? Under the "Scrub Status" the 'scrub' button is greyed out with a statement that "Scrub is only available when array is Started". The cache SSD is not part of an array.
  13. Problems of being a noob, but, how do I scrub the cache drive? Please believe me, I've been searching all over.
  14. I'm starting to wonder if I even need a cache drive to help out my Emby performance. I've now got all of my media moved over to my array and I'm not worried about any performance issues while moving more data to the array. What bothers me most right now is that my Emby docker disappeared and I'm not sure if I'll have to reset all of my Emby configuration back up.
  15. So, after running memtest, I don't see any log file created but on the screen I see BTRFS: errors. Is this fixable like a chkdsk/f, or is my new Samsung 1 TB SSD toast? Or do I reformat it?