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  1. dcruff's post in Emby on Unraid keeps shutting down external access (outside of my LAN) was marked as the answer   
    It does appear that the problem is solved.  I had to reboot the Netgear router and the Unraid server and now it has stayed up for a few hours, much longer than before.
  2. dcruff's post in Syslog filled up 100% - Suggested reboot and forum support was marked as the answer   
    Well, since rebooting, the Log file is at 1%.  Hopefully it was a one-off.  And, I just updated the Emby Docker.
  3. dcruff's post in Cache SSD is Unmountable: not mounted was marked as the answer   
    I just checked my shares on Unraid to add cacheing to my appdata and domains and saw that they already had their caches turned back on.  Apparently, when I reformatted and mounted the SSD cache drive, it automatically turned the cache on for several of the shares.  I'm still debating whether I want to use it for media library.  I'm also a little bothered that it turned all of those shares to "Yes : Cache" without my doing so.
    So far, it has been running smoothly though.