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  1. Ladrek


    I lost my unraid USB during my move how'd I reset my key so I can put it on another one?
  2. Ladrek

    Lost USB

    it'll be brand new array
  3. Ladrek

    Lost USB

    i found the email will this help me in anyway?
  4. Good Afternoon, I lost my USB with unraid on it how'd i recover my account?
  5. Does unraid work well with AMD system Future build within next 10 months -> Going with the AMD 5k series once it released, CPU on the list is just a place holder AMD 5k series November 5, 2020
  6. anyone having issue with VM on 6.8.0rc9 not passing thru usb mouse/keyboard and headset usbs
  7. Everything has full access - i even changed the permission via unraid terminal and terminal on the container as well
  8. I keep getting 403 Forbidden ive changed folder permission then restart the container and still get 403
  9. Hi Guys, I found a work around for sonarr and raddar sqllite database corruption issue. I mounted a USB Stick that isn't apart of the array and put sonarr and radarr on it and i haven't had any sqllite database corruptions for the pass few days. Thanks, Ladrek