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This is a great tool! and really happy to see a GUI.
I assume this is a work in progress, after the hash process is done it gives a horizontal list of files that will be deleted and so runs off the screen.
excited to use it once the UI gets an update.

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Is it Safe to use, is it going to cause any data loss?, I used to dedup my data on windows server box, when I specify a drive it dose dedup on that drive, if you copy data out the drive it will undo the dedup it uses chunk store to do the dedup, sorry if my question sounded stupid since I am a windows guy and a total newbie to linux and unraid and I just built and migrated my data to the unraid box and I saw this docker today and decided to use it but wanted to make sure this will not cause any data loss, I am currently targeting multiple folders by manually pointing the docker container to it to scan, wanted to make sure it is configured correctly.

/Familyscan to /mnt/user/Family/
/appdata/mnt to /user/appdata/deduper
/software-2scan to /mnt/user/Software-2/
/MediaServerScan to /mnt/user/MediaServer/

please advise.


Thank you!


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