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  1. If you use the tdarr_aio qsv container it should now work. Make sure your server is set up correctly:
  2. Sure, I just need to finish working on some bugs/features and will then begin working on integration.
  3. FYI I have to take a 2 week break from my projects. Sorry for the inconvenience but happy holidays! Back again!
  4. Very pleased that resolved the issue. Great, yeah have a play around on some test files etc
  5. Yes that's possible with a custom plugin. And you can convert all audio streams to AC3 by creating a 'Standardise audio streams' plugin in the plugin creator.
  6. Sorry I didn't get a notification for your update/edit. I'll have another look at this. I've read that with some motherboards you have to make sure that an HDMI cable is plugged in and connected to a monitor (or use a HDMI dummy plug) for QSV to work.
  7. The tdarr_aio:dev tag container should have qsv HandBrake enabled if you want to give it a try.
  8. Thanks, it’s not possible to use quick sync at the moment. I’ll have a look at implementing it 👍
  9. From the ‘Libraries’ information button: Quick health checks are done using HandBrake's --scan feature which checks file headers for errors. Thorough health checks are done using FFmpeg to go through all frames in a video file.
  10. Sorry about that no idea what could have gone wrong. Somehow the database must have become corrupted during the update for you. I'll have a browse to see what might have caused this. At least if this happens again you can go to the 'Backups' tab, hit 'Restore' and then do a 'Find New' scan to get everything back up to speed quickly.