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  1. Make sure to put this community plugin at the top of your plugin stack: Tdarr_Plugin_lmg1_Reorder_Streams Most plugins expect the video stream as the first stream in order work correctly
  2. Make sure to set the user/group in the Docker config: https://tdarr.io/tools/, (99 and 100 on Unraid) Also try setting your transcode cache as /temp in the container.
  3. No it’s on the same one (I update both tdarr and tdarr_aio even though they’re the same). Just make sure to pull the latest haveagitgat/tdarr_aio container (unraid should do that automatically when you check for updates)
  4. Hi sorry I have updated that message for the next version so it will show "Item was cancelled automatically by the worker stall detector as no progress was detected for 5 minutes. You can disable this on the Options tab"
  5. Hi all, I released a pretty big update yesterday and have added some small bug fixes since. Make sure to use 1.2068 (latest on all containers). There are still issues with the output folder option (would recommend turning that off for now unless it's working for your setup). Beta v1.2068 release [19th September 2020]: Fix for 'File is not a video' issue Beta v1.2067 release [18th September 2020]: Removed 'General' workers Beta v1.2066 release [18th September 2020]: Hide 'Low CPU Priority' toggle if running in Docker (prevent bug "pgrep cannot allocate 4611686018427387903 bytes" - https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=955697) Reduce worker slider limits automatically when shutting down worker/s Some UI changes Fixed worker launch bug Fixed FFmpeg worker percentages not showing in some cases Fixed CCExtractor dependency error Beta v1.206 release [17th September 2020]: --------IMPORTANT---------------- New lean database to reduce RAM usage. Files are only scanned with FFprobe (and optionally CC Checker) during a library scan - the initial scan time is now much faster This scan data is then stripped down to contain only the necessary data which Tdarr needs Files are then scanned more thoroughly before plugins are executed so that full FFprobe and ExifTool data is available Revert queue building being in separate process (reduce RAM issues) Fixed bug whereby plugin validator wasn't running when toggling between "Community" and "Local" checkbox Now no need to refresh plugin stack page after adding a new Local/Community plugin to the plugins folder. Now no need to refresh page when saving an edited plugin on the "Plugins tab" Now no need to refresh page after pressing "Copy to Local" on a Community plugin Now no need to refresh page after creating new plugin in Plugin Creator Some styling changes to pages to make more use of space (For example the library nav bar has been moved above the settings to give more width for the plugin stack and schedule) Schedule now highlights current schedule block to make scheduling easier Added warning if library source folder or transcode cache are empty ---------v1.2061 Click on file name on any of the tabs on the Tdarr tab to show full file details (on-demand file scan is carried out) ---------v1.2062 Fixed bug with worker percentages during FFmpeg health check ---------v1.2063 Fixed 'Scan on start' file scanner bug Fixed RAM displaying incorrectly ---------v1.2064 Fixed slowness bug when 'Library prioritisation' enabled MediaInfo scan re-added Beta v1.2051 release [6th September 2020]: Add 2 second delay before deleting/renaming/moving files to prevent 'lock' permission errors after transcode Add worker spawn delay Prevent transcode workers from requesting item while queue is being built Beta v1.205 release [20th August 2020]: Clean-up/reduce size of files' log and history on start-up Add resource stats to dashboard for process and OS used/free memory as well as OS CPU% Beta v1.204 release [10th August 2020]: (NVDEC) FFmpeg thorough health checks now show percentages and ETA Quicker chown when first starting Docker container Fix file scanner not exiting when finished (due to new cancel scan button) Fix workers temporarily running out of items when doing quick health checks Beta v1.203 release [9th August 2020]: FFmpeg thorough health checks now show percentages and ETA Export txt file of files which have failed health checks Button added to cancel a scan Fixed schedule bug (Tdarr not processing files when library is in schedule) Fixed FFmpeg and HandBrake processes not exiting when shutting down a worker Fixed worker percentage bar sometimes disappearing/reappearing Some UI changes (nav bar collapases earlier when compressing screen) Beta v1.202 release [8th August 2020]: Sort queue by codec Fixed queue sort UI bug where selected sort doesn't show correctly Removed old FFmpeg binary (3.4.5) and removed switch on Options tab to enable it - can no longer use due to FFmpeg dependency update for 4.2 Updated FFmpeg and HandBrake binary paths - can now set own binary paths using env variables (FFmpegPath and HandBrakePath) Some UI changes (Logout button, release notes, plugins, workers) Health check option with nvdec Beta v1.201 release [5th August 2020]: New authentication system (can now log in with Discord if you have the 'Patreon: Supporter' role) New container (thanks to Rox) - testing this week Container features: Much smaller: 1.9GB to 0.61GB (Compressed) Can set PUID/PGID FFmpeg supports vaapi, quicksync, nvenc, npp and cuda Beta v1.200 release [30th July 2020]: Queue builder moved to own thread (now 4-5x faster) More robust stat and queue building process Worker UI (Key elements highlighted in worker details + tidier process reasons) MediaInfo added to file scanner (best option for bitrates, accessed at file.MediaInfo) Priority Tdarr container for Patreon supporters Fixed bug with Tdarr tab tables 5 video tutorials
  6. Beta v1.1091 release [24th May 2020]: All containers are now the same (tdarr, tdarr_aio, tdarr_aio:qsv) and are based on the tdarr_aio:qsv container which supports NVENC and QSV hardware transcoding. tdarr_aio and tdarr_aio:qsv users, you can continue using those containers as normal and will receive updates. You don't need to do anything. Users who were previously using the tdarr container will need to set up the container again and restore from a backup. There is now no need for a separate MongoDB container. Please see the following for help: http://tdarr.io/tools https://github.com/HaveAGitGat/Tdarr/wiki/2---Installation
  7. Are you using handbrake to transcode? Handbrake only encodes using GPU, not decode, so perhaps that is why it is showing 40-50% as the hardware is not being maxed out.
  8. @renedis1 @shaivera Would you mind posting screenshots of your Docker container settings? It seems you might be missing one of the NVIDIA settings such as `--runtime=nvidia`.
  9. Have you tried flicking the FFmpeg version switch on the Options tab? I didn’t change anything with FFmpeg 3.4.5 in that version so not sure what it could be. As you can see, all the nvenc dependencies are enabled^.
  10. Which plugin are you using? If it’s a Handbrake one then that only encodes with the gpu, not decodes so that could be why it’s only being reported as 50% (even though the gpu encoder is working at 100%). Not all the FFmpeg nvenc plugins include gpu decoding. Migz’s and iDrake’s do so could try them.
  11. Hi, do you have the `Tdarr_Plugin_lmg1_Reorder_Streams` plugin as the first plugin? Sounds like the video stream in some of your files is not in the first stream so is not being processed correctly.
  12. No the container will make use of all resources made available to it so I can only assume it’s a bottleneck or setting limit outside of the container.