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  1. Sorry I didn't get a notification for your update/edit. I'll have another look at this. I've read that with some motherboards you have to make sure that an HDMI cable is plugged in and connected to a monitor (or use a HDMI dummy plug) for QSV to work.
  2. The tdarr_aio:dev tag container should have qsv HandBrake enabled if you want to give it a try.
  3. Thanks, it’s not possible to use quick sync at the moment. I’ll have a look at implementing it 👍
  4. From the ‘Libraries’ information button: Quick health checks are done using HandBrake's --scan feature which checks file headers for errors. Thorough health checks are done using FFmpeg to go through all frames in a video file.
  5. Sorry about that no idea what could have gone wrong. Somehow the database must have become corrupted during the update for you. I'll have a browse to see what might have caused this. At least if this happens again you can go to the 'Backups' tab, hit 'Restore' and then do a 'Find New' scan to get everything back up to speed quickly.
  6. Hi nick, that's unfortunate, even more so considering the new version has a backup and restore feature. When was the last time you updated the container? I haven't had any other reports of this so perhaps it may be to do with updating a very old version directly to the newest version?
  7. >The "done" tab said the movies in my output folder had been transcoded. There were some issues with the folder to folder conversion which have been fixed, will be in the update to day. However, what you describe is how Tdarr normally operates. The transcode success/error tab will show the file-path of the output file, not the input file which was transcoded. For example, without plugins, the transcode process will be: Source ---> Cache ---> Output Finish With plugins: Plugin 1: Source ---> Cache ---> Output Plugin 2: Output ---> Cache ---> Output Plugin 3: Output ---> Cache ---> Output etc Finish I didn't make Tdarr for folder to folder conversion as there are many programs which can do that already. Tdarr is meant to be a library manager which directly monitors your library. I added folder to folder conversion as a small extra for those who really want it but it's not the way Tdarr is set up for. >Lastly, you were talking about adding aac audio. Did you mean this can be done automatically? Yes there are already some plugins which transcode audio tracks automatically and I'm working on an option in the plugin creator so you can customise it. To be clear, it transcodes existing tracks, it does not grab completely new audio tracks. >This would be really cool if this is also possible with subtitles For subtitles you should use Bazarr. Tdarr only converts/removes subs, not add new sub tracks. >is it normal that the transcode is only using about 60% of the CPU and GPU If you're using NVENC with HandBrake then it varies but is normally around 90% for GPU. CPU is also high because "only video encoding is performed by the hardware encoder. Every stage prior to and after video encoding including decoding, filters, audio/video sync, audio encoding, muxing, etc., is performed by the CPU. As a result, it is normal to have high (even 100%) CPU utilisation during encodes." FFmpeg does not have this issue. If you use multiple workers then of course the transcode time per file will increase but rate of transcoding will increase which will also put more stress on your system and make it more sluggish so it depends what you're after.
  8. Yes that's normal, Tdarr doesn't compare the new file with the old file. Keeping the original file if the new file is larger would introduce all sorts of problems - for example if someone is adding aac audio to a file then the new file will always be larger (due to the extra aac track). What types of files are you transcoding? If you're doing h264 to hevc then there must be something not quite right with your transcode settings if the new file is larger.
  9. Let me know if your files are actually transcoded even with the filter settings.
  10. The filters you have selected are not related to the files which are scanned. The filters are to do with which files will be transcoded. So all files which you scan will appear in the transcode queue but if they do not meet the filter settings then the files will be moved straight into the ‘Transcode: Not required’ tab without being processed.
  11. Glad it’s working! Yes the GUI is still an early version however I am keen on keeping the plugin creator as modular as possible. That way it’s easy to mix your local plugins with community plugins depending on what you’re wanting to do with your files. Wanting to try a lot of different things out though.
  12. I think this is due to the imported preset bug with HandBrake, please see this: https://github.com/HandBrake/HandBrake/issues/2047 Removing '"PictureRotate": "0:0"' from the JSON preset resolves the issue hopefully.
  13. There's a new community plugin for you. Give it a test. 5.1 and 7.1 audio not in ac3 will be converted to ac3. ID:Tdarr_Plugin_b39x_the1poet_surround_sound_to_ac3 Desc:If the file has surround sound tracks not in ac3, they will be converted to ac3.