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  1. Honestly not even sure where to start with that one so will probably just leave it be (haven't seen one like that in the 2.5 years on here). Instead of jumping in the Discord for a few mins to correct his improper config he decided to post that on here but hey ho, just the way it is sometimes unfortunately.
  2. The Docker images were updated at the same time as the packages so try repulling or force repulling the images. https://hub.docker.com/r/haveagitgat/tdarr/tags
  3. Seems to be related to NVIDIA drivers/settings, have a look here: https://github.com/NVIDIA/nvidia-docker/issues/1225
  4. Just a heads up for anyone updating to .15 on unraid, you may need to delete a second 'nodePort' variable in your container settings. It was removed in the template last week but for some people unraid still keeps that variable in for some reason.
  5. I did create a PR for removing that a while ago but wasn’t sure if it would break things for some people. Have a look at this: https://github.com/HaveAGitGat/Tdarr_Plugins/pull/223/files For the new file size check, have a look at this plugin. Tdarr_Plugin_a9he_New_file_size_check Add it anywhere in your plug-in stack.
  6. It was most likely due to this update with FFmpeg: https://github.com/HaveAGitGat/Tdarr/issues/555 I've rolled back the FFmpeg version so if you pull the latest image ( then it should work as before. Let me know if you have any issues.
  7. Yesterday was 2.00.14 which uses the same FFmpeg as 2.00.15 today, you can see the Dockerfile here: https://github.com/HaveAGitGat/Tdarr/blob/master/docker/Dockerfile So if it was working before it should be working now too. The FFmpeg update was mentioned in the 2.00.12 [12th December 2021] notes. I’ll check with Vodka about that plug-in. I think you can remove the vbr_hq from that plug-in to make it work.
  8. Which version did you update from? The issue is the the FFmpeg version was updated in December and the syntax is slightly different for some things.
  9. There was an issue with the template last week which was fixed last week. You can see template here: https://github.com/selfhosters/unRAID-CA-templates/blob/master/templates/tdarr_node.xml Not sure how the unRAID template updating works but seems you still had an old version I think.
  10. Ok let me know if you have the same issue on 2.00.15 (out a few hours ago).
  11. Ok good that it's working. So was it just an issue with your local template or does the main template need updating? (I'm not unRAID myself): https://github.com/selfhosters/unRAID-CA-templates/blob/master/templates/tdarr_node.xml
  12. What did you change the node name to? Also try restarting both the server and node.
  13. The Docker deps and ffmpeg being used is the same as before, no changes have been made to that. Make sure you pull the latest image, sounds like you might still be on the old one with the internal node causing interference. https://github.com/HaveAGitGat/Tdarr/issues/562
  14. Yeah if you’re running the server and node on the same machine then you can just use Tdarr_Server and set internalNode=true. There’s a PR to update the unraid template: https://github.com/selfhosters/unRAID-CA-templates/pull/317
  15. It's not broken. The new Server image contains a Node so you most likely have 2 Nodes running on the same port which are interfering with each other. I've just released a small Server image update so you now have to set internalNode=true to enable the Node in the Server container. So pull the latest container and enable the internal Node as you see fit. Leaving it disabled should mean things run the same as before. https://docs.tdarr.io/docs/installation/docker/run-compose/
  16. Have you set up the GPU variables? https://docs.tdarr.io/docs/installation/unraid https://unraid.net/de/blog/unraid-6-9-capture-encoding-and-streaming-server You need to use the Nvidia Driver package:
  17. This was fixed shortly after it was first reported. Should be working fine now.