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  1. I have 2 identical VM:s running because that way, me and someone else can game at the same time, for example me and my brother. We both connect to the server using parsec. I have 2 GPU:s, one for each VM. I am well aware of how vdisks work, I have several VM:s running already. I would like to avoid copying the vdisks because it will use twice the space and all updates and new game installs need to be done on all disks.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I would like to try this. How can I implement iSCSI on unraid? Will this allow for me to share the same game data between several gaming VM:s? Can the VM:s be on at the same time?
  3. Hi! I have 2 gaming VM:s with two GPU:s passed through to them (one for each). I would like to store all games on a single virtual disk and clone the disk for the other VM, so that I do not have to install all games twice, and could thus save space. Preferably, one disk would be the "master disk" and when games are added or updated on that one, it would be nice if these updates could be easily propagated to the other VM. - However I am not sure how this would work with game saves etc. Both VM:s already have an OS drive (virtual), that I am thinking I should keep, and where save data etc could be saved, but I am not sure if game saves can be easily separated from the game files (I am using steam and blizzard games at the moment). Before, I used btrfs and the "cp reflink" function, but the disks go corrupted after a while. Maybe btrfs is not stable enough to do this? So I thought that zfs could perhaps be used instead? However, I have never used zfs before so I would like some advice on how to set it up. I have a 1 TB SATA SSD that I am planning to use for this. And I have installed the zfs plugin for unraid. Thank you in advance!
  4. +1! However, I have a feeling that this feature is not possible for the unraid devs to implement
  5. No ideas? How do you all create your VM:s? I am looking for expert tips...
  6. VM creation takes a lot of time... 1. Using the GUI to set the number of cores, RAM, create vdisks etc 2. Running through the OS installation 3. Install necessary drivers, programs etc and adjust settings This is a hassle when you want to create a VM just to test something new... Is there a way to speed this up? Lately I have started using reflinks since my VM disks are on btrfs pools (cp --reflink /path/to/old/VM/vdisk1.img /path/to/new/VM/vdisk1.img). This saves HDD space and gets rid of the need for step 2 and 3, but I instead need to have base images that I can clone from. Is there a better or more accepted way to quickly create VM:s? Are there pre-installed vdisks available for common OSes like ubuntu/centos/windows10? Cloud providers let you create VMs by clicking a button in the web GUI and wait a minute or two but I guess unraid was not designed for this... Happy to get any suggestions!
  7. Awsome work!! Got it to work with Radeon Rx580 passthrough as well. Nice to be able to explore the new win11 however I can not say that I am very impressed with the new features so far. It looks mostly like a pretty skin on windows 10 and microsoft trying to steal more of my privacy.
  8. You saved the iso in /mmt/user/isos/ but you look for it in /mnt/user/ISO…
  9. I agree this is a cool idea to try out. Both proxmox and unraid uses kvm so it should be possible?
  10. Same error for me today. Could not even download diagnostics until I restarted nginx.
  11. Wow this is awsome! Great work crenn! I had lost all hope of solving this problem… I have upgraded my system and sold the huananzhi board already but I will save this post in case I decide to build a second system in the future. /Erik
  12. Rebuild worked fine. Lets hope that the CRC errors do not rise further. Thank you again for the quick support.