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  1. Awesome, If I'm being totally up front about it I'd have usually spotted that but I'm tired today and as a result my dyslexia is in overdrive. Walls of text can be difficult.
  2. I don't know if this will help anyone else. I woke up to my server in dismay yesterday after an automatic docker update to binhex-delugevpn and I see its hot topic atm. I currently have sonarr and radarr set up in bridge mode and feeding traffic through the binhex-delugevpn privoxy. The tightening of the IP tables resulted in sonarr and radar unable to talk to deluge or jackett. To fix this I entered the server's own IP address (e.g. 192.168.xx.xx) into the "Ignored Addresses" field under proxy settings in both radarr and sonarr so that jacket and deluge URL's can resolve locally outside of the privoxy proxy. This seems to have brought everything back to life, just wanted to check with @binhex himself that this isn't opening up any massive security holes and if not hopefully this might help others in the same situation.
  3. Cheers mate, I'll check this in a bit.
  4. I've got a strange problem going on. I use qBitorrentvpn and radarr, both from binhex. I'm having an issue where radarr can't import movies from the qBitttorent download folder if it has square brackets in the name. So... Movie.Film.2020.1080p.WebRIP.x264-RELEASEGROUP ...gets picked up and imported just fine, whereas... Movie.Film.2020.1080p.WebRIP.x264-RELEASEGROUP[releasegroup] ...will not. It will fail with the following log error... Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Radarr: /data/Movie.Film.2020.1080p.WebRIP.x264-RELEASEGROUP ...and as you can see, it can't find it because its cut the brackets off the end whereas the folder will still have them. If I manually remove the "[releasegroup]" part radarr suddenly see's them and imports them. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do about this. The tracker I use attaches thier name to half the torrents they have on the site and I currently have ~100 releases sat in my downloads folder refusing to import.
  5. Hi there, First of all, thanks so much for your contributions here. You're awesome. Secondly, I'm having some issues and I was wondering if you might be able to help, I'm probably doing something silly but... I need to add those lines to my conf so I... 1) Stop the delugevpn container 2) Open core.conf in Visual Studio Code 3) Add the following lines: "enable_incoming_tcp": false, "enable_incoming_utp": false, "enable_outgoing_utp": false, "rate_limit_ip_overhead": false, 4) And run the containter again This is where things get screwy though. When I start the container it reverts core.conf back to before I added those lines. I'm confident that this is the fix I need as I used to have to set similar settings back when I was running a Windows box with qBittorrent. Any help you could give in getting those settings to persist would be greatly appreciated - A
  6. The installer seems to be a bit picky on Windows. I had the same problem with a SanDisk Ultra Fit 32 GB USB 3.1. Formatted as FAT32, renamed it to "UNRAID" and then UnRAID installer just refused to see it. However. Moved over to my Macbook, refortmatted using the Disk Utility, started the UnRAID installer and it popped up straight away. Installed no problem. This is not the first time I've run into problems with FAT32 partitioned disks and Windows 10 either so it could be an issue on M$'s side. Go figure. 🤷‍♂️