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  1. unRAID is now having libevent-2.1.11-x86_64-1 installed by default. Preclear plugin is downgrading this to libevent-2.1.8-x86_64-3, please see below. Not sure from which unRAID version libevent is included, but could you please remove the downloading and installation of libevent for unRAID v6.8.0 for sure? Thank you! Dec 6 09:59:05 Tower root: +============================================================================== Dec 6 09:59:05 Tower root: | Upgrading libevent-2.1.11-x86_64-1 package using /boot/config/plugins/preclear.disk/libevent-2.1.8-x86_64-3.tx
  2. Should this work regardless of what network protocol is being used? I had parity check running and streaming a movie was completely impossible via NFS (I believe this was even possible without this feature before...). Haven't tried via SMB yet, just wondering whether if this feature protocol dependent or not.
  3. Apologies for the late response. Didn't expect an action and I just saw your reply. So I just tested the latest version and it indeed fixes the issue. Thank you very much for your attention and quick fix! Great support, I do really appreciate it!
  4. It's an onboard NIC Z270M Pro4 NIC is: Intel® I219V. Fair enough, I am not forcing anything. On the side note: I never had this issue pre v3.8.0, so it pretty much seems to be v3.8.0 specific. Subsequently, potentially more feedback like this will come when stable is released and more users are upgrading.
  5. @dlandon, I believe you misunderstood the case. It is not the disabling itself what is causing the issue, but the moment tips and tweaks applying those settings. My setup is working with having these two settings disabled for ages. However, with unraid v6.8.0 there is a race condition issue at the moment of the plugin is applying the settings and docker to detect custom networks. When the plugin applies the NIC settings, the NIC gets disabled for a sec or two (I guess) and that's the same moment when docker is trying to detect custom networks. As a result of t
  6. OK, I close it here, I continue with dlandon in the plugin thread. Thanks for the attention.
  7. I have no hard reason, I was just following the recommendation of a trustworthy plugin author kind of blindly I presume this should be handled somehow (maybe a warning in the plugin could be enough), because I don't think I will be the only one with this issue, especially when 6.8.0 stable gets released.
  8. Hi @dlandon, Could you please have a look at this thread? Bottom line is that there is a race condition between custom network detection for dockers and tips & teaks plugin applying nw settings. What is your position on this? Thank you!
  9. Thanks @bonienl! So I guess this is something for @dlandon to address in the tips and tweaks plugin?
  10. @bonienl @dlandon OK, I think I've got this figured out and it looks like this is caused by a race condition between detecting custom networks for dockers and the tips & tweak plugin applying "Disable NIC Flow Control" and "Disable NIC Offload". If I have tips & tweaks on default settings then custom networks are showing up for dockers, if I set the above two options to yes, then customer networks are not detected. Does this make any sense to you?
  11. I attached two new diag packages. The zip with the earlier time stamp is the one after a fresh reboot and having "custom : br0" disappeared from docker nw type. The later zip has grabbed after re-applying settings and having "custom : br0" showing up and dockers (failing to start after boot) autostarted. tower-diagnostics-20191015-0932.zip tower-diagnostics-20191015-0953.zip
  12. Spoke too soon. While re-applying network settings helps, but after a reboot "custom : br0" disappears until I am re-applying network settings once again. So I need to re-apply network settings after each reboot for some reason to make custom nw available for dockers. Do you have an idea why is this? Shall I provide another diags?