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  1. @dmacias thank you for this great plugin it works brilliantly. My mercer 2 KvA just recently died on me and I see talk of a lot of Eaton 5E's so went and purchased one, only to find out it's a surprisingly bare bones but well built UPS. Please see attached my auto detect from your brilliant plugin and any advice from fellow Eaton users if I should make a change to the config? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. You just made it one...!! Please STAY ON TOPIC. This is about energy grids and NOTHING else so if my commented offended I will remove it if the admins ask me to.
  3. That was gonna be my next question is there a plugin as I only have 6 sata ports and HDD's are not really cheap here so I don't run docker's or VM's would love too but don't only plugins. So @squirrellydw if you so use the plugin some guidance as to how/if you got it right please. Thank You
  4. Thanks for replying much appreciated but if it's not to much invasion of privacy [I heard the internet hates that sort of thing :)] can you guys tell me which country your talking about and if multiple energy providers country/state.
  5. absolutely brillliant my server is called terok nor and my back up empok nor
  6. Hey Guys I wanted to do a poll but decided to do an open question instead. My point is we sometimes have up to 9 hours of no power during some days as it's on a rotational schedule according to area.. How is your countries power grids? Look forward to your answers. Thank You for your time.
  7. pasted in wrong forum sorry.. terok-nor-diagnostics-20190101-1405.zip terok-nor-smart-20190101-1228.zip terok-nor-diagnostics-20190101-1155.zip terok-nor-diagnostics-20190107-1035.zip
  8. Hey all On Jan 1 i got a nice new year's day pressie.A 3TB failed drive on the start of my parity check. SO The usual panic mode set in switched off everything and ran seagate tools and western diag tools and both say no problems found with drive long and short tests. I read a post that you can trust a disk and then carry on with a parity rebuild which I did and it was fine for a while and then another drive in my array failed so NOW I'm really panicking and I switch off again thinking I have now definitely lost some info. I then bough the machine to work and did a clean with a blower and reset everything. I have a log file of now as the array is just showing one failed drive just the 3TB and not the 3TB and 1TB like before so now I want to trust my 3TB and do a rebuild but I just thought I would throw my experience out there and ask if anyone has any advise. So please find attached the current logs Any news or help would be great thanks terok-nor-diagnostics-20190107-1035.zip terok-nor-diagnostics-20190101-1405.zip terok-nor-smart-20190101-1228.zip terok-nor-diagnostics-20190101-1155.zip
  9. Thanks for the answers they are the exact advice I was looking for. Thank You.
  10. Hey Squid Thanks for the quick answer but what i actually am hoping for is to use MC as much as I use Total Commander on windows. Reason being I have only one r/w share on my whole unRAID setup and I would like to manage my media library through MC as root user, this allows only me to make mistakes [accidental delete's, ransomware etc...]. MC has a config file that can be edited to have various different options [different startup directories,different default editors and compression utilities etc..]. So I would like to find a way to have a persistent config file for MC and am wondering where I would keep this so it could survive reboots. So I am looking for some help on this if it is possible at all? It currently lives in /root/.config/mc/ini and would like to know how I can get this to survive reboots and get applied to MC every time I start MC up. I do realise that this is not what the unRAID filesystem is meant for but I would like to do this if it is possible. Any advise anybody?? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and any advise would be appreciated even if the answer is that it is not possible then I can just move on.
  11. Hey all Hope everyone is well in the unraid 'verse.. I would just like to know is there a config file somewere in the unraid file system on the usb stick that will save my defaults and survive reboots? thank you
  12. recently changed the config of my network around and the default gateway was changed ... forgot to update THE most important network device in my network SORRY TO WASTE EVERYBODY'S TIME thanks all for helping and taking the time to read.... appreciate the best BEST community on the interweb... {should I delete my posts?}
  13. THANK you did not even factor in my brain...