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  1. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    @H2O_King89 Well, lets try another way. Please install the modified plugin from here: http://sdevel.de/ProFTPd.plg Does this work?
  2. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    Another try on a fixed compile for RC5. Who wants to try it, please copy this file to the proftpd plugins directory on the flash and change two lines in the ProFTPd.plg file to: <!ENTITY dependencyFILE64 "&name;-&author;-Dependency-1.7_x64.tar.gz"> <!ENTITY dependencyMD564 "0f72b8f09879a1b3445f0565c5d85bb2"> Afterwards please report if it works. I'll then upload a fixed interims version of the plugin and start working on a rewrite. Probably dropping the v5 compatibility in the process.
  3. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    @Abigel Which unRAID version are you on? The plugin is at the moment not compatible with the newest RCs. Please stay on 6.6.7 if you want to use the plugin. Also after uninstalling, removing all your changes to config files not related to the plugin and rebooting, there should be no traces of the plugin and no error left on your system. Your description of what you did, to enable the plugin is rather vague, so I can't guess what went wrong. You should always try to get the plugin working in its stock settings and pure ftp first, before trying to setup sftp or other more secure transportation protocols.
  4. Thank you all for your responses. Due to the tip from @itimpi I was able to add the stick with the license from my backup server to my main one and have now a working development VM. For the moment that will help me to fix the problems of my proftpd plugin with the RCs. Later on I'll have to setup a new backup server.
  5. @trurl Thank you. It seems to be a problem with my adblocker. I disabled it now. @itimpi I'm very interested in the changing of the unraid label for the second stick. I tried passing through an usb controller but I get a segfault on boot, so I must be doing something wrong and have to investigate further. But it might be easier to only passthrough the second license usb drive.
  6. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    Thank you all for this tests and reports. I'm in the process of repurposing one of my licenses for development. It will take some time to merge my two servers into one and free one of the licenses. With a stock installation I hope then to be able to replicate and solve the problem.
  7. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    @H2O_King89 You downloaded the file I linked to the plugins folder on your UNRAID usb drive and changed the hash in the ProFPTd.plg file and the plugin doesn't even install anymore? Any errors in the log? I would really like to know, what is different on my machine. I can switch around between the versions 6.6.7 stable and 6.7.0-rc5 and it works fine. 😕
  8. I'm a bit sad, that this got ignored completely by @limetech. Even a simple answer like. "We have thought about that, but decided to not do something like this.", would have been helpful. @itimpi, @CHBMB How exactly are you using your spare licenses for development? Do you have two usb drives with two licenses connected to your server and passthrough the spare to a vm or do you have it on a separate machine or do you switch the the drives around, needing to reboot the machine every time?
  9. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    @kricker Sadly I found no proftpd solution to this problem. It is possible however to run a cron job, that sets the ownership and permissions of new files from time to time. Or, probably better, setup an inotifywait to do this when new files are created. Either in the go file or in the mountscript.sh of the proftpd plugin. inotifywait -m /mnt/cache/FTP -e create -e moved_to | while read path action file; do logger "FTP upload of '$file' detected in directory '$path' via '$action'. Changing ownership and permissions." chown nobody:users "$path$file" chmod 666 "$path$file" done Just change the directory and permissions to suit your needs.
  10. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    Well without a reboot the old version will probably still be used. Please try it and report once he the rclone process is finished. Thank you very much for testing.
  11. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    I recompiled proftpd on RC4. It works for me, but the old version did, too. Can someone with the problem on RC4 please copy this file to the plugins directory on the flash and change two lines in the ProFTPd.plg file to: <!ENTITY dependencyFILE64 "&name;-&author;-Dependency-1.6_x64.tar.gz"> <!ENTITY dependencyMD564 "ee50a2610214cc18053fc08dcb37381a"> Afterwards please report if it works.
  12. Well I wanted to keep the drives as small as possible, to make the version uninteresting for normal usage. But larger sizes like 8GB up to 50GB should still be enough if only one data drive is possible.
  13. Would it be possible to create a developer trial version/license? A version, that supports only 3 drives (e.g. 1 parity, 1 drive and 1 cache) of a max size of 1 GB each and is not bound to a flash GUID? Even without parity and with even smaller disks would probably be okay. This should prevent normal users from not paying for licenses but it would enable plugin or docker developers to work on their projects in a VM without using their productive unRAID machines. I have two unRAID Pro licenses myself, but those are productive machines and I don't really like to do dev work on them, as it could corrupt something. And switching between versions to check plugin functionality is a major hassle, too. Just now I have a problem with my ProFTPd plugin, where it runs fine on my 6.7.0-RC4 machines, but seems to do not on a clean RC4 installations, as some users report. I tried to setup a clean version in a VM, but I am not able to get a trial license, as the VM does not provide a valid GUID. As I have not enough money or old hardware at the moment to setup a pure development machine its really hard to find out what is going wrong. A helpful hand from @limetech to all developers would be really appreciated. I can't image I'm the only one with such problems. Many thanks to the unRAID developers for the great product. I really love it!
  14. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    @Ruthalas I think FileZilla does this automatically. Just open Settings and there is a SFTP item where you can import the private key.
  15. SlrG

    ProFTPD Plugin for unRAID v6.3.5

    @Cessquill I'll have to check again. Do you have a stock proftpd.conf or a modified one? Can you please pm me the content if it is the latter?