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  1. @MJA Inc. The second install option from the first post should still work, I think. @all If anyone want's to pick up my work, you're welcome! It is open source, feel free to use it.
  2. @kricker Please let me know, if you find anything unusual.
  3. @kricker I would guess that if it crashes because of heavy access over the net, it would crash locally, too. If you hammer it locally and there are no issues, I would suspect the internet connection drops. Do you use a vpn to access your server? Goes this tunnel down, too and if not, does your server itself stay up or does the whole unraid server crash? By default proftpd logs to the syslog, so in theory you could look there, if there is anything unusual.
  4. @Thulsa Doom You don't need the Webserver functionality to setup a FTP server. It was used to edit the proftpd.conf and configure the FTP server from the plugins settings page. Some unRAID security updates broke this functionality a long time ago and it has been broken since then. I have sadly no time to work on this plugin any longer. If you want to use the FTP server, only the first setting you have already enabled is relevant. Just edit the proftpd.conf from the shell using vi or nano or by accessing your boot drive from any linux, windows or mac system you have, where you can use a text editor of your choice. Afterwards don't forget to reboot the FTP server, so the new settings get activated. Read through the thread to find how to error check your config and how to enable encryption. Be aware, that as FTP is by default an unencrypted protocol, it is not recommended to expose it to the internet. @all I stopped using unRAID myself so I can't support this plugin any further. If other developers want to take over, feel free to use my code. Thank you all for your support over the years. ❤️
  5. @Renegade605 The short answer: No there isn't. The long one: A bit more of the inaccurate numbers were fixed upstream but it still wasn't a complete fix. Also since v9.0 the coreutils developer team introduced a new kernel space copy mechanism to the original cp and mv. Since then it is no longer possible (at least to my knowledge), for the patch to track the progress of the individual file copy. It jumps from 0 to 100% and back to 0, ... for each new file, whenever the new method is used (most of the time). As there is no solution, this basically killed the upstream project. No one is able to work on this patch anymore and time seems to be another limitation. Without a real upstream fix, it doesn't make sense to update the plugin.
  6. @PlanetDyna Looking at your config and the error message a bit more, I would try to add "RequireValidShell no" to your virtual server config, as the global one probably doesn't carry over. Also following proftpds example sftp conf from here, I would try to remove the "SFTPAuthMethods publickey" clause and add "MaxLoginAttempts 6".
  7. @PlanetDyna That looks as if you didn't add the keyword "ftpuser" in the comment field of your user test, or didn't restart the plugin after creating the user. The plugin prevents "normal" users without the keyword from logging in via FTP by assigning an invalid shell for security reasons.
  8. @kricker I'm glad you got it working. 😀 The number of ports in the range should match the range of ports opened in your router. Of course it would be possible to open more ports than proftpd needs, but that wouldn't really make sense. And going the other way round and declaring ports as open, that really are not, is not advised either. It increases the chance the connection fails, as AFAIK the passive ports are opened randomly and not in order starting with the lowest one.
  9. @solomonshv Thank you very much for your kind words. 🥰 I wish I had time to work on the plugin and remove the old and broken webserver based configuration functionality. I'm very happy it works for you as it is.
  10. @postboy99 It's possible to check if there are users connected and what they are doing by calling /usr/local/SlrG-Common/usr/local/bin/ftptop from a shell.
  11. @bonienl Thank you very much, for answering my request. I'm not set on fork awesome in any way. It was just an example of what could easily be used as open source alternative. If there already is a special font the gui uses, I would really like to apply for the proftpd font icon I designed for fork awesome to be included. I have the permission of the original proftpd author to use it. If there are any changes needed or source files I could supply or a place for me to supply a pull request, please let me know. Or do you know an alternative how I could include an icon in my plugin which is compatible with all available themes? As you already did, I don't want to tag @limetech or @Mex again at the moment. I hope they see this and I get a response. If not, may I ask you later to ask them in my Name if there is a chance? @Squid Thank you for testing. Please see my answer above. Of course I don't want to degrade the unraid icon quality. I would have liked for font awesome to include a proftpd icon, but their prices are insane for me as hobby developer with a non profit plugin. 😢 So I'm searching for alternatives.
  12. @limetech@bonienl I would like to kindly ask for an official answer regarding my feature request: I really think Unraid would benefit from having its own icon font. Maybe it doesn't even need to replace Font Awesome, but could complement it.
  13. @Mr_Jay84 You don't. The functionality is sadly broken since a long time. But you don't really need it anyway. Just use the shell editor of your choice (nano, vi or mc's editor) to edit the proftpd.conf directly. nano /etc/proftpd.conf Check the changes by running: /usr/local/SlrG-Common/usr/local/sbin/proftpd -t -c /etc/proftpd.conf Which will look like this, if no errors are found (the mod_lang message can be ignored). Checking syntax of configuration file 2022-02-09 17:42:39,824 lafiel proftpd[18318] mod_lang/1.1: unable to scan the localised files in '/usr/local/share/locale': No such file or directory Restart the ProFTPd server afterwards in the plugins settings or from the shell for the changes to take effect. /etc/rc.d/rc.ProFTPd restart
  14. @eFrame You seem to be establishing a connection in passive mode. Please make sure you define a passive port range and make sure the firewall on your router opens the passive ftp port range to your server, too. Also you probably need to set a masquerade address (your dyndns hostname or static external ip). Also my usual "disclaimer". I don't recommend for the unraid server to be directly accessible from the internet. IMHO it is better to create a VPN connection to your home network and then using that to connect to your server. Then the VPN handles the encryption and FTP can be used unencrypted. This works only for your own and family devices, however and not if you need other "clients" to connect., too.
  15. @Gee1 I think this is not possible. To be absolutely sure, its probably better to ask in the proftpd forum.