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  1. @fluisterben As you can see in the default proftpd.conf I'm not additionally limiting the max users in any way. So if they are, this is a ProFTPd default setting baked into the server itself and not changeable by me. It is probably a security precaution to only allow one login per user. If you want to change it, you can use the MaxClientsPerUser number|none directive.
  2. It seems the download of the plugin control files fails from github. Please download them manually from here into /boot/config/plugins/ProFTPd. Manually create the directory if it does not exist. If the dependency download fails too, download the file manually from here. Afterwards the plugin should install I think. If not, please report again.
  3. It has been discussed before here and people have private lives and do not check this thread every hour around the clock. Please be patient if you post something for an answer to be given or try to read the thread or other sources as your answer may already be there. You can check the following posts: Using tls might give you problems when connecting internally (from inside you home network) with FileZilla and TLS while externally is fine and if you are using FireFTP it might work internally but not externally. Other clients might have the same problems. If you prefer to setup SFTP instead please read here: Please be aware, that there has been a problem with keyfiles generated on unRAID like described. It always kept asking for a password when connecting and then failed. I don't know if this was fixed by a newer unRAID release. The solution was to generate the keyfiles on another linux system or VM and not in unRAID itself. Also there was an user who reported crashes of proftpd when using sftp, but I was not able to replicate this on my system. Disclaimer: Normally I don't recommend to connect the unRAID server to the internet directly. It is better to use a VPN to have encrypted access to your home network when on the road. Then it does not matter, that the FTP connection is unencrypted itself. If you want other persons to connect, you probably don't want to give them full access to your network by VPN and will need to use one of the above ways to let them connect. This is not recommended and not supported, however!
  4. Argh.... Sorry. I found the problem and will fix it asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. @RoderickBasinB The url for the beta plugin is different, as I didn't wanted it to show as update until 6.7.0 was officially released. The beta plugin looks for updates at the same github url as the normal version or CA. Once I pushed the beta version to github as new official release yesterday, it got made available as update in the plugin settings (no matter if old or beta) and it is now available in CA or for manually installing it from github https://github.com/SlrG/unRAID/raw/master/Plugins/ProFTPd.plg. The beta version link is now obsolete. It provides the now old beta version with old version number, which is essentially the same as the new official version with a new version number. I guess when you tried to install from CA it was before I pushed the beta version to github as new official release and so you got the old version still. I hope this explains what was happening.
  6. @RoderickBasinB Thank you for testing and reporting. But I can't replicate the problem. For me, it works fine with both installation types. I had once a hiccup, where the download of the dependency files from github got broken and the installation failed because of that. But simply trying again worked fine afterwards. If it still doesn't work for you, can you please post the log messages from the installation window?
  7. The new version is now available as official update. Be aware, that it will probably break the compatibility with older unRAID versions. So don't update, if you plan on staying on the old version for now.
  8. @Kristijan That would work like this, I think: <Directory /path/to/dir> <Limit WRITE> AllowUser UserName DenyAll </Limit> </Directory>
  9. @Kristijan JaY_III uses the limit clause to create read only directories. You need to do that, too. But instead of DenyAll you will need to set DenyUser UserName. #File Permissions <Directory /path/to/dir> <Limit WRITE> DenyUser UserName </Limit> </Directory> Check here for more explanations.
  10. @Kristijan Please check Jay_III's excellent post on how he sets up his system. He is describing how to make a directory read only, too: To restart proftpd from the command line: /etc/rc.d/rc.ProFTPd restart
  11. @188pilas For 6.7.0-rc you need to install the beta version plugin from here: http://sdevel.de/ProFTPd.plg Once 6.7.0 is released, I'll work on a new version of the plugin which should be available as normal update.
  12. @dgwharrison I think to really test it, you should disable cache dirs completely. If the disks stop spinning up, it was the culprit, if not you will have to look further. Media serves like plex could also spinup disks, disable dockers and vms one by one, to test further. Also make sure you have not turned on turbo write mode in Settings -> Disk Settings, and look for Tunable (md_write_method). This would spinup all disks on every write if activated.
  13. Well I have and I made the aliases to always use the -g switch too, as I really like to be able to view the progress of those operations. But I left that out of the plugin, so the users can decide for themselves. My aliases from my .bash_profile look like this: alias cp="gcp -g" alias mv="gmv -g" alias n="sudo -u nobody" alias ncp="sudo -u nobody gcp -g" alias nmv="sudo -u nobody gmv -g" The last three allow me to run commands, copy or move files from a root shell as user nobody, which is the default file owner on unRAID. Otherwise the new files will have root as owner, which might cause problems later on.
  14. advCPaMV Support the plugin? This is my Advanced Copy and Move Plugin for unRAID v6.6.7 and later. Please feel free to test it and report back if there are problems. To install it: v6.6.7 and later: Install it using CA or in the unRAID plugin manager by installing from github: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SlrG/unRAID/master/Plugins/advCPaMV.plg Description: This plugin provides advanced cp and mv shell command alternatives named gcp and gmv that were created by applying the advcpmv-0.7-8.25.patch (from here) on the coreutils version used by unRAID. But what does it do? gcp and gmv are the normal cp and mv shell commands extended to support the parameters -g or --progress-bar, which will show the progress of the copy or move commands. It will look like this while in progress: gcp -rg temp/ temp1 2 files copied so far... 3.0 GiB / 5.0 GiB [================================> ] 60.0 % Copying at 2.6 GiB/s (about 0h 0m 12s remaining) temp/file2.txt 1.0 GiB / 1.0 GiB [=============================================================> ] 99.9 % And afterwards it will show a summary of the copy process: 5 files ( 5.0 GiB) copied in 44.5 seconds (115.2 MiB/s). SlrG
  15. SlrG

    Checksum Suite

    Well, I use corz and dynamix file integrity. But I like it, that your plugin watches my shares and creates corz compatible hashes automatically, when new files are created so I don't have to do this manually. Dynamix file integrity is cool also, but as you know it, uses the extended file attributes which don't copy over when working with other non linux systems and exports them only to the flash where I would have to manually copy them if needed. So no, I think your plugin is irreplaceable. I understand however you are not supporting it any longer if a problem doesn't hit you personally. I just wanted to ask in case you had this problem before and would know a quick solution. If anybody else runs into this problem: I was able to get it back to a working state, by creating the share watches with md5 as algorithm and manually editing that back to blake2 in the config file on the flash. It still shows as md5 in the GUI but it will create the blake2 hashes I need, so everything is fine. Oh and I'm now using your CA Backup Plugin, too. Don't want to restore my plugins and settings manually ever again. 😭