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  1. It looks to be ok without a deep search on all items. I would use the ssd as your appdata (dockers) drive. On this drive, Plex can run along side other dockers I am sure you will want to play with. Even Folding@home is on a docker, so no need for a VM. I don't have much of anything else except have fun and enjoy Unraid.
  2. LOL I should have them pony up 100.00 dollars for the server upgrade. Thanks for the fan info, will take a look at the Arctic Freezer coolers. I don't use plex. Kodi through my network. Picture taken behind my seating on a 110" screen. Picture quality, 4k
  3. The reason I have finally decided to upgrade, is from the stupid covid-19 has got all my nieces, nephews, sisters and other friends now using my plex server almost all the time. This leaves me once work is done with interruptions when I want to watch something. My i5 just can not handle it all. I can watch my cores hitting 100% until the stream buffer is done. With this upgrade I should have a lot more head room.
  4. Thanks Hoopster. I brought the other quotes from Good Deals thread over here to try and keep that thread somewhat on topic. The reason I would get the bigger Noctua cooler is for the reason my server is in the attic. My temps during a parity check have never gone over 42c for my drives and with a larger cooler for cpu I would hope to not add any more heat inside. I live in TX and things do get HOT here but my attic is very well insulated keeping the outside temps from invading the attic space. Even though I have recorded temps in the mid-high 90's F up there.
  5. Now that I have this board and cpu and wonder how many 1080 transcode streams can it handle. With my server in sig, I can do two transcode streams. I don't have a plex pass so the igpu is useless unless I go to jellyfin docker instead of plex. Also with 17 drives, 15 data and 2 parity, will my 750 psu be enough. I don;t have any VM's as of yet and only 6 dockers running.
  6. So I am assuming that the larger the cooler the better off I would be. I may order the Noctua NH-D15 and hope it fits. Have my server in attic and will not break it down until combo arrives. After thinking about what you have posted I am wondering if my silverstone 750 gold will be enough power with all my drives and new cpu.
  7. That is a monster cooler, I will need to check clearance, but it looks good. Thank you
  8. Finally broke down and ordered. Which coolers has the best performance for cpu cooling? I have a coolermaster 590 tower. And the inside;
  9. As of May 4th (4:38am EST), there are 588,162 total downloads Team Unraid on Folding@Home just broke into the top 150 teams. Congrats to all that are helping out.. Team Unraid
  10. Out of ideas except you could try using unbalanced plug in and manual move or at least see where the folders are residing.
  11. Try splitting your top 2 levels instead of 3 and it should move the file to 6.
  12. Your minimum free space is 4GB while disk 3 has only 16.2 available. With a 16gb mkv to move, you will need to set free space a lot smaller.
  13. I found this vid very informative about the folding at home process.
  14. 3 more for sale .https://www.ebay.com/itm/193394047018?ViewItem=&item=193394047018
  15. Harro

    New tower case

    I started with 2 HP 200 cards and last year changed to a LSI 9300-16i. I am using 12 of the 16 lanes on the LSI with the additional drives coming from the sata on motherboard. With this combination my parity checks have been running over 150 MB/s and taking about 18.5 hours. I am happy with these numbers seeing as I have 150TB to check when I run parity.