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  1. Updated both servers. All went smoothly. Thank you
  2. -L without the -n Should look through the file system and find the superblock
  3. -n will just show a report -L "as per the wiki" Force Log Zeroing. Forces xfs_repair to zero the log even if it is dirty (contains metadata changes). When using this option the filesystem will likely appear to be corrupt, and can cause the loss of user files and/or data.
  4. Which command hook did you use. xfs_repair -L
  5. Back on sale for 159.99 WD Elements 10TB
  6. My server at the moment is running on all shucked drives. 15 data drives and 2 parity drives. These are all 8TB and 10TB drives. No problems with them. My thought is even if warranty is voided the cost savings is the most beneficial. I bought eight 10TB drives at 150 @ piece while the standard drives are close to 300.
  7. Newegg has a special on these for 79.99 with promo code EMCUTTU38. 4Tb External drives Should be easy enough to shuck the drives out of the enclosure.
  8. Harro


    Ihad the same issue as you starting out and used TeamViewer to access my computers from outside my network. I have 1 windows computer running all the time, so adding TeamViewer to it was pretty easy, I could access my home network, other computers on the network and my Unraid server. This way I could read write everything as I was at that computer. It is just a thought and does work but I am sure there are easier ways in Unraid to set dockers up for your purpose. This worked for me since I needed access to the 1 windows computer when on the road.
  9. Found this on the Plex forum. error 4 in libcrypto.so.1.0.0 and one person said that this solved it for him. set up callback locking for openssl
  10. Check your cables. I just went through something similar and replaced all my cables. That solved my problem.
  11. -n is just a check file system but the -L will force log zeroing, which will then look for the next super block. May lose some meta data but if successful you should be able to mount your disk again.
  12. I know you did the xfs repair but with which command? xfs_repair -L /dev/device? Or xfs_repair -n /dev/device?
  13. Wow that is a new one I have never seen. I was thinking you had gotten in changed but could still access it. But this I have no idea...sorry