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  1. Why aren't you running for Unraid Team? Team 227802 Need help we are losing spots. Went from 116 to 118 now. https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=227802
  2. I do not trancode with igpu or with a card. As far as I know transcoding can only be done with the Intel igpu or with a Nvidia, or AMD card. The on board igpu on the APU's are not supported as of yet.
  3. You could look into jellyfin. That would load in a browser and also could transcode.
  4. I am with Squid on this. I use an Odroid N2 loaded with Kodi and is flawless for local streaming.
  5. Will your server hold your media and will the server be on your local network? If you answer yes, then why need Plex at all? I use an Odroid N2 with Kodi for my media streaming from my Unraid. Works perfectly from standard def to 4k and everything between.
  6. Recently switched over to binhex sabnzbd and I now am seeing this after download of a tv show. Any idea what I did wrong? " b"Unable to figure out what folder to process. If your downloader and SickGear aren't on the same PC then make sure you fill out your completed TV download folder in the PP config." b"Unable to figure out what folder to process. If your downloader and SickGear aren't on the same PC then make sure you fill out your completed TV download folder in the PP config." Thanks
  7. Actually I think it is the 1800 seconds (time on battery before shutdown) which equals 30 mins. Mine is left at 0 and relies on the battery level and runtime of 10 minutes. I also think @Frank1940 is correct that there is a routine to follow to re-initiate the battery.
  8. Ok at office. I have just recently had the thoughts of MadVR on my Unraid server if I added the GTX 2080 in my build. link------> htpc for MadVr After asking the questions on my mind, I came to these conclusions. 1) Spend about 2k for a new comp that would handle madvr and do gaming on with the GTX 2080. 2) Spend 500 dollars a year to have my JVC projector re-calibrated 3) Install a GTX 2080 in my unraid server and hope all the hdmi runs to avr and projector work, along with wireless keyboard and mouse. 4) Build a htpc that would handle madvr and do gaming but with a less expensive graphic card. And then upgrade card when new cards come out. 5) Spend around 4-5k for a used Lumagen for tone mapping 6) Sell my JVC RS540 and buy a new JVC RS2000 will have better tone mapping and HDR capabilities. 7) Be happy with what I have now. My server is mainly a file server with dockers and plex running. I have had 4 family members all in different states on plex while I watched on my Kodi without a hiccup.I do not have a plex pass, so all transcoding is done on cpu side. In my theater I run Odroid N2 ---> AVR---> Projector. This will let me play anything I have including 4k rips. All audio formats are passed onto AVR including ATMOS but not Dolby Vision as of yet. I have not done anything yet that involves madvr. So do some research on it all and figure what will be important.
  9. i have thoughts on all this and will response with an update to this when i get to my office computer. Too dark in my theater to type.
  10. If it were me I would purchase new. If it were me I would purchase new, especially the hard drives. Do not want anyone else's problems. You could always look at shucking new external drives of larger capacity. Larger drives will mean you do not need to use as many for your purpose. Less drives less headaches. I have shucked drives with good results in my Unraid servers.
  11. The original listing has been modified. The new listing is less the 128 NVMe but increased the ram to 64 with option to upgrade to 128. I still feel it is a good deal. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-ASrock-E3C246D4U-Server-Xeon-E-MB-w-2288G-CPU-64GB-ECC-RAM-2x32G-QuickSyn/193504246858?hash=item2d0dc07c4a:g:vYcAAOSwggJe3Ui2
  12. This will be my last reply. I can see you would like to troll me for an argument, when I was only voicing other options that could be taken into account. I wasn't trying to convince OP to change his strategy on backup. As I had said to each their own.
  13. I was thinking about the OP and if that music data increased over time the cost per month increases. Whether that be icloud, google , backblaze, etc. So when does the cost of cloud storage become detrimental compared to say setting a 2TB drive up at another family members home and using sync? If this was done just a cost of hard drive and setup would be incurred, plus you have the advantage of increasing storage at your will. Just my thoughts since a 500GB music storage seems it could be accomplished without a cloud base, but to each their own.
  14. So after a year, how much data do you figure will be saved in the Google archive? And will the price then be tiered or flat fee type?