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  1. Took a bit, had to take drives out and bring case out of attic, but got the controller firmware installed. Installed drives and Unraid saw them all. Thanks you all.
  2. Toggled settings with no affects. I would guess I should flash the 9300 with the 9305 firmware. Correct. I haven't found any updates to the 9300.
  3. Thank you. I added a pic of when I choose from the drop down menu. Same disk but still states it as wrong. tower-diagnostics-20190819-1656.zip
  4. Just as the title states I replaced the HP controller with the lsi 16i and most disks are now missing.I do have a snap shot of my assignments before the replace. All disks are shown in the unassigned devices. My parity disks are ok and mounted. Should I mount all the disks and then unassign my parity drives, start array , stop array and then mount my parity disks back in and let parity rebuild. Or is there a better way?
  5. Sorry You know you focus so hard on what your mind set is, you forget to see what is right in front of you.
  6. I mean my plex server running now I transcode the files local , on the cloud the clients would be transcoding or direct stream of those same files not my server local. Why would my upload speed affect the clients? They would be downloading from the cloud. My files would be on that cloud, What would I be uploading?
  7. One other thing, will a plex pass be needed for setting this up?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I use Kodi for my front end and would like to keep my files but with setting this up, I imagine I would have less buffering on my server once all files are on cloud and family members start to access those files instead of on my server. Missing the steps in here for set up and skipping to my concerns. In order to preserve my files I could just copy them to the upload folder correct? Then point Plex to the cloud drive. This would then take the load off of my server and place it on the clients. Correct on this?
  9. Just finished reading every post in this thread and a big thumbs up to @DZMM for creating these scripts. Before I start on this a few questions: 1) Since Plex is running on your server, and you might share your content with family members, the path in plex goes to your google drive, does that mean that your family members now will get the content from the cloud share or does your server download it first and then send it to the family members? 2) If the cloud drive downloads right to the family members, couldn't they set their own Plex up if you gave them access to the shared folder? 3) Would trans coding be a thing of the past, since everything would now becoming from the cloud only dictated by family download speeds? I /myself might not use this but is very interesting for a combining of media on multiple plex servers.
  10. I installed this yesterday and after a few hiccups am now scanning my music dir. on the server. Here are some screenshots of my docker. Had to edit the music dir to show absolute valve of where it was. So putting i my lan address where all my user shares are shown worked. This does work.
  11. Thanks Johnnie, I had been looking on server supply website and came across that one. Little pricey but I can then sell both my other cards.
  12. Wondering is @johnnieblack would have any recommendations on a card
  13. Do not have a card yet. Do you have a recommendation on a good one? Thanks
  14. Thank you for that info. I guess I will go and find out. Will post some info once I have everything re-adjusted to the new controller.