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  1. 3 more for sale .https://www.ebay.com/itm/193394047018?ViewItem=&item=193394047018
  2. Harro

    New tower case

    I started with 2 HP 200 cards and last year changed to a LSI 9300-16i. I am using 12 of the 16 lanes on the LSI with the additional drives coming from the sata on motherboard. With this combination my parity checks have been running over 150 MB/s and taking about 18.5 hours. I am happy with these numbers seeing as I have 150TB to check when I run parity.
  3. Harro

    New tower case

    I use the Norco cages in my main server and also use an Icy Dock in my back up server. Here is my main server with the Norco's. The cooling on the Norco have kept my drives pretty steady at between 19-41c depending on the time of the year. The fans are loud and I had switched them out for quieter ones but the temps on drives went up too much, so switched back to the factory fans. My server is in my attic and it does get very hot up there and during the summer I have an oscillating fan that blows on the front of the cages. This has kept all my temps down, even while a parity check is running. I like the Norco over the Icy Dock but from a quick search on google haven't found any available. Norco uses sata power and the Icy Dock uses Molex connections for power. Also the Icy dock needs a drive in all the slots in order to power up . At least it did with mine. The Norco will power the drives even if the cage is not full. Not the prettiest wiring but it works. I also added an extra 2 drives in the inside, which I now use as parity.
  4. Harro

    New tower case

    I have a Cooler Master 590 with three 5x3 cages that I use. If this case is enough here is an ebay listing for one. Not mine but similar. Cooler Master 590
  5. This is really tempting. I just do not know how much I would gain by upgrading my one large server. I basically use just as for media storage but do run a plex server with no more than 2 ppl on it at any one time. No VM's but have had the idea to tinker with them. Will continue to monitor that ebay site.
  6. Updated both servers without any problems from 6.8.2. Thank you all for your continued hard work on improving Unraid.
  7. Another tool to help you see what is going on with drives and connections would be @jbartlett disk speed docker. By using this docker and gradually replacing smaller drives with larger ones I decreased my parity time from 1 day, 7 hr, 57 min, 11 sec @34.8 MB/s on Feb.2017 to 18 hr, 29 min, 10 sec @150.3 MB/s on Feb 2020. I am quite happy with how everything is running.
  8. Harro

    Share Your Banners

    This would make perfect sense. I have made some sound absorption panels that are 2x4 ft with custom photo's I had printed. In order to get my photo's to look really good printed to this size I need to increase the dpi to a huge number of 600 dpi, which in turn created a whooper of a file size of close to 1 gig. But my printed panels look excellent. Getting to the point that banners may need different dpi according to resolutions of monitors. Not that we need a huge file size for a banner. But with a higher dpi the stretch would decrease the look of distortion of the image.
  9. Harro

    Share Your Banners

    Let me try something else. What size is your monitor?
  10. Harro

    Share Your Banners

    what height do the banners need to be? here is one 3440x90
  11. Upgraded both servers with no problems at all. Thank you.
  12. I have been looking at a new router also. Went on amazon for the neatgear router and wondering how do they interpret the amount of devices. Is this just for the wireless devices or for all connections?
  13. Upgraded 2 servers and all went fine. Thank you for your continue support.