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  1. I have no idea how you do that. Managed to do it instead with krusader docker
  2. Some recommend turning on HTTP2, but how do you do it? I havent found an actual guide I understand to do so, or if it is already? Edit: Inspect website says Protocol h2 so I am guessing its enabled already, maybe it only wasnt on older versions.
  3. Anyone know how to get Nextcloud Talk working with the docker?
  4. Maybe I should just give up and conclude that Nextcloud just got issues that is not fixable for me
  5. So after longer time than I wanted I set up preview generator for thumbnails. Its working fine for images that stored in Nextcloud itself. But for storage added as external storage, the previews are created, but neither web Nextcloud or the app actually uses the previews created. Nextcloud is instead creating new thumbnails instead for some reason. Anyone know why?
  6. Dont know F but its probably a sensor that isnt actually there that it shows
  7. Oh, ok, will do once a week now then, have only one data disk (and one parity) so the same one will be every week until I get more when that happens. Btw I noticed I had it on once per day, I remembered that one person told me that is what I should do. But don't remember why and seemed little bit too much and cause unnecessary drive head movement. So I asked that here, will put it on once a week or something or less
  8. I run parity once a month, and this once a week, is that fine?
  9. Any way to figure out about how much memmory it will use or is the only way to turn it on and see?
  10. Just a question, is there any point having Cache Dirs plugin if you keep your HDDs spinning all the time? Would it for example still cause less HDD head movement both with and without cache SSDs?
  11. For fun I tried https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest And this showed up, anything I should or should not do about that or is it just to ignore?
  12. Updated to 17.0.1, can still not add exsternal storage anymore, still shows an Red ! without telling me what the error is