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  1. That is what I had, and the fix in my case was to swap to the BFQ Scheduler. I also don't know exactly why that change fixed the problem, so it may very well not be applicable in every case 😞 I think rutorrent might not like the layered FS that unraid uses. I've tried saving directly to cache and letting mover handle moving the the array (using /mnt/cache/sharename in the rutorrent configuration) but that hasn't alleviated the other problems (The request to rutorrent has timed out) I have seen. I do no longer get the 504 gateway errors though.
  2. This is fine, but it honestly has me reconsidering unraid as a viable platform for me. A bit too late in the game now as it will require substantial financial resources to migrate to a different platform. I know you, nor CA is affiliated with Limtech or Unraid, but its a pretty integral part of the user experience and its now tainted. And it's taken since last wednesday for me to come to this decision as a result. Hence the long gap between the event and me posting about it. I realized it happened. I had to think long and hard about how I wanted to proceed.
  3. I'm not sure which application in the Community Apps library was responsible for the popup alert about COVID-19 support, but I will be uninstalling all CA packages as a result. It was invasive and I'm not okay with that. I get it was a good gesture, and its got some serious circumstances behind it - but I like it when other people aren't touching my systems. I'm even okay with pinning the apps to the top of the list like they are. Just not the invasive nature of the popup and warning banner. Felt like I was visiting a webpage with my adblocker off.
  4. For users of the r8168 devices that are testing this - can you comment on network performance? I'm interested in seeing if the in-tree drivers for the 816x devices have improved to usable status or not haha.
  5. I'll need to see if I can come up with how to replicate this once the currently running parity check completes. I'll update and reopen when I do. So when I last rebooted the server it wanted to do a parity check, even though it was a clean reboot. I had to enter my key to mount the drives as usual and it started the parity check. It also started my dockers - but the docker page is broken and loops like this: 6455534e1b843378b87e06fc01c918e6.mp4
  6. If your issue was (500, [error,getsettings]) And not (50x, [error,getplugins]) It probably doesn't match the symptom I was depicting. I outlined very specifically when the scheduler change would be applicable.
  7. Android running on Emulated ARM hardware would probably run worse, FWIW. This would be a use case for it then. You could however, set up a PXE boot SD card and store your development/testing images on a PXE server for the PI. This way you aren't constantly writing an SD card and your changes to the image can happen quickly.
  8. Set the LANCACHE_IP to AND DNS_BIND_IP to Has to be the same as the Container IP. With it set to the Unraid IP it is trying to bind which is going to try and bind which is already in use by the Unraid WebUI. Can't have to services on one port so you get the error and it dies.
  9. Why not run Unraid on that 10gbe nic? Then all of the containers can share that 10gbe bandwidth, lancache included. Significantly reduces the level of complexity, as well. Also the error you are getting right now is due to trying to bind which is already in use by Unraid in this case. You should be able to use the container IP ( instead of but I'm not sure how to do that with this container.
  10. If you have a desktop or laptop that was (or is) running Windows 7 of any variety - you can use the OEM key from that device to obtain the ISO from Microsoft. The key should be on a label on the device. If there is no label, and it has a Windows 7 sticker on it - it used a SLIC for the licensing - there are tools you can use to extract the key from a SLIC install as well. We used to have MSDN whcih had the ISOs available easily, and then we had Microsoft TechBench. Both of these have been discontinued, sadly.
  11. Make sure that EuP is disabled in the bios. I Note that you are using an Asus board - and EUP would be present on their boards.
  12. Microsoft: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7 Microsoft is where you get a reliable copy. This is the only 100% legitimate means of obtaining the ISO. Any other discussion would not be fit for the unraid forums.
  13. Also worth noting what threw the exception: cpuidle_enter_state If it continues, try disabling "AMD Cool&Quiet" in the BIOS and see if it stops happening. If it does - try updating the BIOS and see if it persists. It's possible there is a cpufreq issue with the AMD frequency scaling when switching power states; this has happened in the past with new platforms and new power management features with Linux. EDIT: Many users are reporting kernel panics with "cpuidle_enter_state" on Ryzen platforms, Google will reveal. Seems to happen on kernel version 4.7x+ Stems from the way Ryzen generates random numbers. See this ArchLinux forum thread: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=247900 Adding "nordrand" to the kernel parameters is a band-aid workaround; but AMD has supposedly issued fixed firmware to all motherboard manufacturers. I would update the BIOS and see if the issue persists.
  14. Try: #!/bin/bash DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" >/dev/null 2>&1 && pwd )" $DIR will then contain the folder the script was ran from.