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  1. i emailed the unraid support as well but they said they dont support docker lol.
  2. read other issues in this subforum and found my solution && docker exec containername sh -c 'rm /storage/file.txt' So apparently this script only runs when the container is rebuilt, and not on start/restart So i'm still looking for a solution
  3. I'm trying to get a specific container to remove a file before the container is started. but i can't quite seem to get it to work running "rm /mnt/user/storage/file.txt" from outside the container in the unraid temrinal works fine, and running "rm /storage/file.txt" (where /mnt/user/storage:/storage) from inside the container console both work fine. but i cant seem to get the logic in the docker container settings. i've tried both commands in the post arguments box but neither seems to run so i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do here. Thanks!
  4. It's likely you need to change "data_units_written" to "total_LBAs_written" and add *512 to your math function. not all SSDs have the same names. you should be able to click in the data_units_written field and in the dropdown you should find a synonym
  5. i seem to have commented out the "attributes=true" flag under diskio while comparing the telegraf config of my two servers. this appears to have been the issue. i still have some issues with my SSDs though sdl and sdk are both missing some info, and sdj still has a duplicate for some reason. sdl, sdk, and sdj are all SSD's, where sdl is a mounted unassigned device whilst sdk and sdj are both part of different cache pools. I cannot find anything specifically about SSD's in the telegraf config or in the first post so im stumped. also did you get a chance to look at my post from earlier? ๐Ÿ˜
  6. i have an issue with my smart health overview where every drive shows up twice (and my SSD cache shows up thrice) as you can see the duplicate row only has the "health ok?" info which the other row is missing, and they both have the same device id.
  7. awesome job on 1.6! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Couple of comments i have: the installing of dalvany-image-panel seemed kinda strange, i had to install about 3 times before it actually started working even with restarts in-between. Not sure what was up with that The "array status" field $.['servers']['']['serverDetails'].arrayStatus needs to be edited to match your own server ip. Or i think the entire field can safely be changed to just $.['serverDetails'].arrayStatus i did not have to login again when i changed the vm/docker base url, it just worked straight away. but since you are using SSL then that would be the difference most likely. For people running without SSL the base url should just be the unraid server ip. you should be able to grab it as a variable from the unraid api source maybe? The SSD variables are not universal and might have to be tailored to your specific SSD vendor as well. i have a kingston A400 SSD and i had to change the Data_Units_Reda/Written to Total_LBAs_Read/Written and then add *512 to math to get an accurate reading. I'm not sure how many people use "Anime Shows" as their plex library name, i would've thought it'd just be "Anime" that's just my opinion though. For me i had to change the regex in RAM DIMM temp to actually match mine which then became /dimm.._temp/ it's possible theres a better regex to match most dimm temps rather than just /..-dimm/ but i wouldn't know most naming schemes ๐Ÿค”. Why is there a currency suffix variable that is unused? i have to enter the three UPS panels and change the Field->Unit->Currency to my locale and the top variable seems to do nothing? i suspect it was supposed to be integrated at some point but just got missed? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Again, Great job @falconexe!
  8. If i am force rechecking hundreds of torrents some of them will sometimes start downloading for a split second EVEN THOUGH theyre PAUSED. This sometimes overwrites the already correct download with a new file and i'll have to download the entire thing again any way to fix this? when force rechecking it should NEVER start downloading if the initial state is paused.
  9. 1. I'm only using the delugevpn privoxy for sonarr. 2. and my server address is 3. sonarr and delugevpn are both running bridged. delugevpn settings: Sonarr settings With the latest delugevpn container sonarr can only connect to deluge download client if the host is set to localhost or does NOT work. Same story with the proxy under general > proxy. downgrading to the previous container i have no issues.
  10. Wait so to clarify: for dockers to make use of the delugevpn privoxy (and even the download client for radarr/sonarr/lidarr) they must have "--net=container:Binhex-DelugeVPN" in their extra parameters?
  11. I had to install the grafana-worldmap-panel and the grafana-piechart-panel for those specific panels to show up under my plex section. Just paste these 2 commands in the Grafana docker console and then restart the container ๐Ÿ˜ grafana-cli plugins install grafana-worldmap-panel grafana-cli plugins install grafana-piechart-panel Great progress in 1.5!
  12. This seems to be it. I unplugged the Commander Pro from its USB header and started the server again and it instantly connected to the APC UPS daemon with no problem. Now the only issue i have left is not getting the relevant realtime UPS load, but as you say it's a hardware limitation so i would have to upgrade my UPS in the future ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks a lot for your help!
  13. Whats throwing me is that other than the UPS load information not updating in realtime - NUT works without any problems. It would seem that the issue is on the software side edit: quick response ๐Ÿ˜, ill try disconnecting iCue and get back to you
  14. im using the same cable that came in the box with the UPS so i would assume its official. Yes it is RJ45/USB