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  1. I recently started getting the error "Share " " contains only spaces which is illegal Windows systems." and the button to "Ignore error" is not responding when i click on it. tried in both edge and firefox and to be clear the share is created with alt+0160, not spaces, so windows does not have an issue with it. Not sure if you are able to differentiate that in the plugin.
  2. As i said this issue is intermittent as in sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't and i haven't been able to find a way to consistently reproduce this as of now. I guess I'll close this report until i can figure out what is causing it.
  3. still an issue in firefox 100.0.1 and unraid 6.10 The notifications are changing order where the top notification goes to the bottom and pushes every other notification up. refreshing the page fixes the issue temporarily.
  4. I have the WebUI open in 2 tabs in a firefox window, i've noticed that sometimes i cannot access terminal or logs if i have another WebUI tab open at the same time. As soon as i close the other tab i can open terminal/logs on the other tab with no issue. If i have both tabs open and try to open terminal/logs, the popup window will flash open as a blank page for a split second and then close. I would assume it has something to do with the new log/terminal pop-up window. ideally i would be able to have both WebUI tabs open. Sometimes it doesn't work instantly after i close the other tab, but if i shift+refresh it usually works right away. WARNING FOR FLASHING IMAGE Firefox: 100.0.1 This issue happens intermittently and im not sure what causes it. right now as im typing this i have 2 tabs open and i have no issue opening the pop-up window. but 10 minutes ago i did have this issue with the same tabs open.
  5. updated my main server to 6.10 and the issue with RSA is still present. changed to ed25519 and the problem went away. i believe this topic can be moved to if it is still perceived to be a problem.
  6. C:\Users\MammothJerk>ssh-keygen -t rsa Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter file in which to save the key (C:\Users\MammothJerk/.ssh/id_rsa): snorlax2_rsa Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): Enter same passphrase again: Your identification has been saved in snorlax2_rsa. Your public key has been saved in The key fingerprint is: SHA256:Lc5lmQK/eWJJeYJ6ozHTK9P9r23DeMx+PWRyi4l3NS0 MammothJerk@PUPITAR The key's randomart image is: +---[RSA 3072]----+ | | | | | . | | + o o | | . S B .| | o + @ .E=o| | =.+.O .=. Bo+| | o*.+.o.oB+.+.| | .o. .o*=o. .| +----[SHA256]-----+ i then use PuTTYgen to convert the OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY to a .ppk for use in PuTTY. in putty i add root to username under Connection>Data i then add the .ppk to the connection>SSH>Auth>file field i add the public key to "SSH authorized keys" under user root and hit save. I was curious so i also tried DSA and ECDSA. ECDSA worked, DSA did not. I sanity checked myself and tested DSA again and it did not work. and again i created an ED25519 key and it worked on the first try. ECDSA and ED25519 work, RSA and DSA do not work. Running rc8
  7. i don't have this issue but i was curious so i checked my web.conf as well. i have 25,000 lines of session entries but the file is only 883kb. for your file to balloon past 40mb means you've got over 1,000,000 lines of session entries. that definitely sounds to me like there's a different issue somewhere rather then it just being the active sessions never being cleared.
  8. I'm playing around with the console trying to set up some execute scripts and in trying out a couple of commands i keep getting the same error. trying to resume a torrent that is currently paused i'm sending in the console deluge console resume oertbgoyertboy792345796yg and deluge-console resume oertbgoyertboy792345796yg gibberish being the hash or $torrentid in the execute script both giving me the error message Could not connect to daemon: Password does not match am i using the correct commands here or am i missing something?
  9. I tried from scratch 4 times using the rsa algorithm in ssh-keygen with no success switched to the ed25519 algorithm with ssh-keygen and it worked on the first try. This is the guide i used couple years ago when i setup my server. (i believe it's the one i used since it looks familiar but not 100% if i did something different) any reason why this would no longer be working in 6.10.0?
  10. Yes that does indeed work! I only recall having to mess with VPN_INPUT_PORTS and was not aware of the VPN_OUTPUT_PORTS variable as well. Thanks!
  11. i have the exact same issue, trying to run execute plugin calling another docker container but the request is timing out
  12. i have no issues in 6.9.2 but as soon as i upgraded to 6.10.0-rc4 i started having this issue. Trying to connect to SSH via Putty gives me this error Using username "root". Server refused our key Keyboard-interactive authentication prompts from server: | Password: I tried twice recreating the private/public key pairs in puttygen, changing the .ssh/authorized_keys file in unraid, and changing the auth in Putty on my PC. No change. I've tried to change the authorized keys field in the root user but it always tells me the syntax is incorrect. the key has no line breaks and there is a space between ssh-rsa and AAAA