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  1. You can use the data: format, in fact in the site you provided the download button has the right data uri to use with the img tag. All that remains to do is right-click the "Download SVG" button and copy the link. data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8, It isn't encoded in base 64, but the img tag accepts it. Side note, what you did is not wrong, but if you are using a custom theme or have created one of your own this could mess it up.
  2. This plugin support only unraid 6.12.3 or newer, for unraid 6.9.x you should be able to use the old docker folder plugin.
  3. With the stock plugin it is not possible, but you can use the custom scripts/CSS to make it possible.
  4. This is my last idea, if this doesn't work, I don't know what to do. Made a new version, if you want to give it a try you can.
  5. I just looked at the code, I put the new code on the docker side and not the VMs, sorry, if you want you can give a try with the new version.
  6. I don't really know what is going on, I tried to replicate your setup and for me, it seems to work, I saw a single difference in your debug file, so I tried to fix it. You can try to reinstall the plugin and see if it works.
  7. I run a couple of tests with the debug file you gave me, I didn't find any problem, I see that you have other plugins that change the webui of the vm folder, maybe is that. What I can say with what I have is that the plugin expect to find your VMs in this order.: Windows 11 Fast Tools Stardom HA Dev SimaticTIA17Pro Home Assistant HAOS GeoSCADA2020 Macinabox Catalina CodeSys T11 SimaticTIA17Unified Geo SCADA 2021 Centum_FT StardomT11 Windows 10 Gaming Tiny11_2311 Potentially the other plugins you have changed this order and if they do so it can lead to issues, I can advise making a backup of the config, uninstall folder view and see if the order match.
  8. I need the debug file (first post for instructions)
  9. If the CSS uses my custom classes only, I think you might be able to use it in the VMs tab, but in this case I think it's not that simple. You need to make some changes because of the different layout of the VMs. If you want, here you can find the template for the VMs and Docker. If the file is the same you add the -vm, if the file is not the same I suggest replacing the .docker with .vm, because you might want to affect the VMs tab and not the docker tab.
  10. This feature was introduced because folders being only client side, it wouldn't affect the real order of the containers, this is not a problem normally, but it is a problem when you enable autostart, to fix the problem reorder one container/folder and refresh the page, the color of the icon won't change if you don't refresh.
  11. You can't move folders when they are expanded, and you can't move the containers in the folder when the folder is expanded.
  12. The plugin only adds a class to the folder root element to make them sortable, if there are no error in the console I can't do anything, you can check if your folders have the sortable class. They should have it, if not I suggest backing up all of your config and uninstalling and reinstalling.
  13. The plugin don't make changes to that, if you have any ad blocker disable them, than you can check the browser console for errors.