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  1. since the last update the first 2 icons on the bottom stopped working. i have uninstalled and reinstalled, but get the same, the shares, dockers, vms and system info all pull up my server data, any suggestions, SS attached from app. the parity just has spinning circles, the 2nd one - no data at all, used to be there, also do not see any info in the log file on the server. Is there a limit on # of drives so it might be failing there? I have a total of 41 drives in the system, but it was working with that many before. Thanks
  2. Do any of you use the HD location bash script that blinks the hd light to find the drive? Since adding a expander case, some of my drive devices are 4 character long instead of three ex sdg vs sdg1 and it no longer sees the 4 letter variants, any suggestions?
  3. small request (hopefully), is there a way to make the running window height draggable or something? It would be nice to see more of what is going on in the run window. Thanks for your consideration.....
  4. Am looking for top cover on a Norco 2420 Thanks Myk
  5. under new ip method, vnc does not work from the VM list, but if I access server from its direct ip it does
  6. updated plugin today and now get following error: Apr 20 16:19:46 Tower unassigned.devices: PHP Warning: parse_ini_file(/tmp/unassigned.devices/config/unassigned.devices.cfg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php on line 924
  7. any update on be able to do this yet?
  8. ok, i am not a bash script person at all, this should be simple but i am at a loss I have a expander attached, so some of my drive devices are 4 characters long, 5 with partition number added need to know how to modify the following code: load_drives() { ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/ | egrep 'ata\-' > ${TMPFILE} # rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Apr 20 08:04 ata-Hitachi_HTS722020K9SA00_071007DP0400DTG101HA -> ../../sdf # lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Apr 20 08:04 ata-Hitachi_HTS722020K9SA00_071007DP0400DTG101HA-part1 -> ../../sdf1 # I know it's inefficient. # but piping mount into loop creates a subprocess # whereby the export inside the loop never gets # back to the parent. i=0 while read PERMS LINKS OWNER GROUP XX MONTH DD HHMM MODEL LINKER DEV do # ${parameter:offset:length} NAME=${DEV:6:4} # Save Whole Drive DEV=${DEV:6:3} # Remove Partition # if [ ${DEV} != ${NAME} ]; then continue; fi for OMODEL in ${OMIT_MODELS[*]} do length=${#OMODEL} if [ ${MODEL:0:$length} = ${OMODEL} ];then OMIT=1;fi done if [ ${OMIT:=0} -gt 0 ] then OMIT=0 continue fi DRIVES[$i]="/dev/${DEV}" MODELS[$i]="${MODEL}" CHOICE[$i]="/dev/${DEV} ${MODEL}" ((i++)) done < ${TMPFILE} rm -f ${TMPFILE} } in the NAME and DEV i changed the length to 5 and 4, but that still gives me listing with the partition number any assistance? thanks Myk tmpfile
  9. is there a guide to setup correcly PIAs next gen setup, I want to go back to VPN, but it cant download the payload file thanks
  10. 4U Supermicro Storage Expander 3.5" 45 Bay Server JBOD CSE-PTJBOD-CB2 and take that back its a 45 bay, 24 on front, 3x3 and 3x4 on the back, dual ps take up space of 2 bays
  11. Also remember, unRaid is limited to 30 drives for primary array, I have a 20 bay and a 36 bay expander, and can not use all the drives in the expander in the main primary array, unassigned yes
  12. have the latest version of extraputty, what else can i do, my keys no longer work after this upgrade
  13. need help in finding the .pem file @brute-force Thanks for the fix. @ALL For your convenience I've prepared fixed cacert.pem: Please download it using your web-browser and put it over existing file in nzbget installation: On Windows: under C:\Program Files\NZBGet; On Mac: /Applications/; On Linux if you use installation package from nzbget download page: in nzbget installation directory, the file is near nzbget executable; On Linux if you use Docker: inside docker container in nzbget installation directory, the file is near nzbget executable. When downloading the file please make sure it was saved as cacert.pem, some browsers may change file extension. After replacing cacert.pem you need to reload nzbget via Settings->System->Reload or just restart the app. Alternative you can instead disable certificate validation via option CertCheck in Settings -> Security. @wolrah At the moment file provided by still includes the outdated certificate. Using it shouldn't have helped with the issue. The manual editing of the file is necessary. I'm going to provide an update for NZBGet ASAP... but you will not be able to install it via NZBGet web UI. What a joke. BTW, if someone with sed/awk/grep skills can code a command which would remove this certificate from cacert.pem - that would be a great help. I need that command for the build script. Thanks. Thanks Myk