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  1. Which one is more current now I see the Beta but I also see a 4. 11BI think it is now in another thread?
  2. Here is edit in docker with no theme changes. Thanks
  3. Weird I install the old one and they show up just fine
  4. Actually the text is there it's yellow on white and can't be seen
  5. Are you watching if your server actually shuts down before the UPS runs out of battery power? Pull the plug on your UPS and watch what your server does you should see it shutdown, that's what mine does and then I have the bios set to always start backup when power is restored
  6. Also need to do some more checking, but the file listing selector windows no longer show up in this version on my samsung tablet. Keep forgetting to check web browser in desktop. Only thing I see is folder icons
  7. There are many options for auth before reaching destinations using cloudflares tunnel option built into it, one option I use is auth keys to email setup for a specific email only, google auth app is another
  8. Is there a way to see verbose during backup in the running window?
  9. When I set the schedule to weekly on a Monday it asked what day of the week I think it should not be asking that?
  10. i just had the same thing happen to me 1st time. shutdown the array did a rc.nginx stop, wait it to shutdown the service and API, did a start and at the moment not getting the error anymore for the time being. i did have the red triangle ! on the myserver, I disabled it, went to work and come home and it was reconnected to the API, restarted it and all seemed well and it did a flash basckup. and yes everything is updated
  11. OK I uninstalled this then decided and reinstalled but now it will not save the settings anywhere to look
  12. anyone else getting this overlap, fresh win11 install as C drive puked Google Chrome Everything upated Thanks Myk
  13. Can't select any time zone except for Africa