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[Plugin][BETA] Appdata.Backup

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Appdata.Backup BETA

Support Thread

Here we can discuss about beta testing results.


Please note, this is the BETA/TEST version of the plugin and should not be tested on a productive server!

If you search the stable version: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/137710-plugin-appdatabackup/


Install beta plg via:


(or via CA Apps)

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I just installed the beta version - when clicking the "Save" button under "Some Extra Settings" -> "Done?", the "Scheduled Backup Frequency" reverts to "Disabled" (I selected Daily) and also the "Skip?" defaults to "Yes" for each Docker container.


Downloading the logs results in a 19 byte file that says no log found. Able to help any way I can to troubleshoot.


Finally decommissioning the v2.5 version to jump to a beta version that doesn't appear to migrate any data automatically is a bit rough - wish there was an export/import or something.

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Thanks for testing :)

15 minutes ago, xaositek said:

the "Scheduled Backup Frequency" reverts to "Disabled" (I selected Daily) and also the "Skip?" defaults to "Yes" for each Docker container

Cannot reproduce. Just installed it fresh again, just giving it a source and the daily option (and set one container to Verify: no) -> Saved, Page reloaded: My cronjob settings are as set. The per docker setting "Verify?" is still no, as set. Could you share your /boot/config/plugins/appdata.backup.beta/config.json file?


15 minutes ago, xaositek said:

doesn't appear to migrate any data automatically is a bit rough

There are just a few things I can migrate so I currently chose to migrate nothing. The base settings are a good start, you just have to set a destination. Since fine tuning on the containers is needed, I did not added some migration (yet).

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17 minutes ago, KluthR said:

Cannot reproduce

False. I found an issue regarding the defaults for containers. Please update and either remove the mentioned config.json and start again or set their values back to "Uwe default". The settings should no longer switch back to the real default values. Sorry!


But I still cant reproduce the schedule-resets-itself issue :/

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Thanks for your input ;)


Thats smells like an issue during apply settings back to their fields. Thats done via JavaScript.


I bet, if you press F12 (browsers dev console) you can see some red errors. Which broser are you using? Just tested with FF and Edge

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Just now, KluthR said:

So, you use safari then? Hmm, I cant test that here, maybe my iPhone can shed a light. Let me try.


But I dont see any JS errors which could have prevented the process.


Sorry yes it is Safari Version 16.4 (18615. on macOS Ventura 13.3 - omitted an important word, apologies. 

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I was able to kill the process, here's the logs.


Edit 1, Also, forgot the name but it ended in a .php for the process.


Edit 2, looks like it didn't kill the process and it's just eating up space now, Gonna reboot and delete the backup.image.thumb.png.46c6d9b02fb02efadf70a09879b58688.png



Edit 3, So had to force shutdown with the power button, that was fun (she lied) lol, hope my info helps get things working, love the plugin!

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Super sized backup of a super small Docker.
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I manually excluded the non appdata volumes, and set it to verify backup = false but it's still failing with errors and this causes all the files to be deleted from the backup directory. Before the backup is complete, if I look in the backup directory I can see that all the files are there. logs attached. 


Edit: was able to kill the process using  fuser -km /mnt/user

ab.log ab.debug.log

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found the way to kill the process
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For all who are facing issues with too large backups (hey, better than nothing :D 😞 Stay tuned, Im working on that.


8 hours ago, MyKroFt said:

When I set the schedule to weekly on a Monday it asked what day of the week I think it should not be asking that?

You are right, but the setting would have no effect. I just did not disabled the input field yet. The logic is created the right way in the background.

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6 minutes ago, mjorud said:

The old version of the backup plugin required the CA Auto Update Applications plugin to be installed (if I remember correctly). Do this new version also require that plugin?

No. Any Auto-Update is done via the native unraid way, no other plugins are needed.

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2 hours ago, KluthR said:

Released an update, please give it another try.


@xaositekSafari should work well now as well ;)

Confirmed working now!


Found an interesting issue though - I clicked Abort but it appears the gzip stuck in the middle of running so I killed the gzip command at the CLI level. It's now stuck thinking the backup is in running mode; but it isn't as you can see on the screen. 


Edit: it did finally recognize the backup had finished; I just jumped the gun.


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